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The Cards of AN


Announcing our deeply transformational
2020 ONLINE Master Classes for the Cards of AN
March2020: In ENGLISH
With Solara and Emanáku

(In GERMAN to be announced)

(More Information coming soon.)

Solara's Amazing Cards of AN!

A magnificent, living, interactive tool to anchor the New Reality which are extremely effective.
It's like having your own personalized Surf Report!

The Cards of AN come with a 152 page book, plus four unique Card Decks
which give readings of stunning accuracy on multiple levels.
All are packaged in a beautiful handmade bag of handwoven Peruvian bayeta wool
with a silk brocade lining and smaller bag for the cards. Available in several colors.

You can order them here:



Solara's Surf Report for 2020 - The End of the Detour

The AN•visible: The website of AN and The Heart of AN Center in Peru

The Nvisible Mercado: Music, Books, Meditations, Surf Report Subscriptions

The AN•Mercado: Solara's Cards of AN, Peruvian Treasures

11:11 Photo Journeys: Amazing Photo Journeys of all 11:11 Activations

The Nvisible: Solara and the 11:11

and on Facebook: The Heart of AN ~ 11:11 Doorway ~ Solara

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Solara is one of the true Visionaries of our time. She facilitated the twenty-one year cycle of 11:11 Planetary Activations in which hundreds of thousands of people participated worldwide. She has traveled all over the planet giving talks, workshops and special ceremonies to activate the True Ones, so we can live True Lives. Solara lives at the Heart of AN Center in the Sacred Valley of Peru.

She is the author of seven beloved metaphysical books: “The Star-Borne”, “11:11”, “The Legend of Altazar”, “EL•AN•RA – The Healing of Orion”, “How to Live Large on a Small Planet”, “Invoking Your Celestial Guardians” and the new “Cards of AN”.


  1. Dearest Solara,
    I have been following you since so many years from Geneva Switzerland and have always been waiting with great expectations for your Surf Reports , so grateful for them , thank you again and again !
    And now !!! Well I guess we all have to grow now ,become adults, take are own responsibilities and become … at last ….who we really are …. I know all that….nevertheless you have been such a marvelous support ….Cross the bridge of the 4 Stars !!! I don’t have Facebook , I prefer to live under the radar…but I’ll still connect trough your other sites and mostly through my Soul !
    Sending you Love Light Courage Excitement Inspirations on your Journey with your Higher Self +++
    I’ll try to do the same +++ so much is coming ….

  2. Thanks, love, regards n blessings❣️ Please keep my automatic payments for now as a donation to further support y/our work✌️

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