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Monthly Surf Report

Solara’s January 2020 Surf Report – Aligning with our New True Foundation

From the very beginning of January, everything feels greatly different than previous years. It’s not like we’ve entered a new year ~ but more like we have entered a totally NEW REALITY. There’s a new composition to the air around us that feels full of nutrients. Already our old, familiar landscape is beginning to transform into a completely new landscape full of wondrous, magical new elements, just waiting to be discovered.

January is the first month of our immersion into a New Reality and already so much is happening. We know from aeons of experience that when a New Reality finally anchors, everything that doesn’t resonate with it falls away. And what doesn’t immediately fall away gears up for its final fight for survival. This is when all the completely crazy stuff happens. This is where we are now.

Monthly Surf Report

Solara’s November – December 2019 Surf Report – Now It’s Up to Us!

The old pins of EL•AN•RA that long held duality into position are gone. Duality is now like a phantom without any real substance, trying to convince us that it is real. The only things that keep duality alive is its old muscle memory of how things used to be and by our collective belief that duality is still real. Our everyday choices, limited beliefs, attitudes, self doubts, actions and reactions based on fear are what keep duality alive. If we keep feeding duality and treating it like it’s real, then even though there is nothing holding it into position any more, it will keep appearing like it’s real.

Monthly Surf Report

Solara’s October 2019 Surf Report – Break On Through To The Other Side

Something is changing in the very Fabric of Reality. Those of us who have already anchored ourselves in the New Reality find ourselves occasionally doings things in duality, but we don’t go back and forth, like we used to. We are like travelers from AN who make forays into duality while not losing our connection to the New Reality. This brings us a new kind of acceptance of duality because it’s now become so small. Duality still appears real to many, but it’s not. It’s full of holes and is losing its grip upon us. We are feeling a new level of tiredness because we are now inhabiting an infinitely Greater Reality. We’re not used to this and it makes us feel uncomfortably overstretched.