Monthly Surf Report, Серф Прогноз месяца

Серф Прогноз Солары на Декабрь 2017 — Точка Входа в 2018 год

December will give us a clear look at where we now stand. It will also give us the opportunity for huge shifts, if we so choose. It’s a month of multiple possibilities in which everything will be culminating. With this comes a welcome opportunity to take a good look at all aspects of our lives. Everything will escalate in 2018 ~ the chaos and the New. It’s all up to us. Where do we focus our consciousness? What do we believe to be possible? What is real? What do we choose to experience? Which reality are we going to inhabit?

Monthly Surf Report, Серф Прогноз месяца

СЕРФ ПРОГНОЗ СОЛАРЫ НА НОЯБРЬ 2017 — Выравнивание с Истинным Направлением

November is a month of RESET and Rebirth in which many of us will experience Quantum Leaps on numerous levels which will enable us to free ourselves from the snares of duality like never before. Some of us are going deep inside our inner control panels to finally dismantle our fear mechanisms. It’s so important that we don’t carry these old fears with us anymore. We will also be dissolving false limitations and expired beliefs. We are also resetting our entire relationship with money in order to attune ourselves with greater abundance.

Monthly Surf Report, Серф Прогноз месяца

Серф Прогноз Солары на Октябрь 2017 — Когда Это Происходит с Одним из Нас, Это Происходит со Всеми

Old structures continue to break down, bringing much confusion and chaos. At the same time, the New Reality becomes noticeably stronger. New values and new priorities are becoming increasingly visible. The extensive fallout from all the hurricanes, wildfires, earthquakes, floods and volcanoes we’ve been experiencing will have profound impacts for many months to come. These events are stripping away layers upon layers of all that is untrue and bringing us a major shift in what we have previously considered reality. This is unleashing massive change.

October is full of amazing opportunities for profound transformation. Not a stone will be left unturned as we make it through the final months of this year. It is incredible how much is shifting every single day. As we make our way forward into a New True Reality through the obstacle course of these super challenging times, everything built on a false foundation is crumbling.

Серф Прогноз месяца

Серф Прогноз Солары Август 2017 — Кованые в Огне Трансформаций

August is a major Turning Point of NO DOWN — NO RETURN. Many of us will realize that we’ve reached the obvious end of a long cycle and can’t return to The Way Things Used To Be. This will cause everything we’ve known to undergo an immense restructuring and will require us to make lots of internal and external adjustments. Every so often, we may encounter sinkholes when segments of what we used to believe as true suddenly drop away.

After August, nothing will ever be the same. It’s funny how more and more people are becoming internally free, while at the same moment, we have less and less external freedom. This perhaps, should disturb us more than it does. I myself have the feeling that we will grow too big to fit into the confinements that are being imposed upon us and will burst out of our illusory shackles. Vast beings like us cannot be contained. It’s like trying to put handcuffs on empty clothes.

Серф Прогноз месяца

Серф Прогноз Солары на Май 2017 — Прибытие на Вершину

This month brings us a powerful infusion of the New Reality of AN. This will open the floodgates of the New Paradigm. Once the Tower of Light of AN is activated, it will open our access into previously unseen worlds. This will create a profound RESET which will more fully align us to the Blueprint of the New Reality and move us over to our new operating system.

Серф Прогноз года

Серф Прогноз 2017 Года — Включиться и Жить Истинно

2016 был определенно годом Огненной Обезьяны! Он многое поднял на поверхность. Огромная волна людей покинула планету, включая дорогих нам, которые сыграли ключевую роль в нашем процессе пробуждения. Многие прошли важную ПЕРЕЗАГРУЗКУ на Истинность. И хотя мы пока этого не видим, произошел огромный сдвиг! 2016 был очень напряженным, мощные параллелные реальности конкурировали за наше внимание. Это […]