Monthly Surf Report

Solara’s December 2018 Surf Report – Exploring our New Dynamic

In December we step deeper into the new Timeline and enter a completely new dynamic. This is no longer the time to follow our old pursuits and expired dreams. A whole new world and an entirely new way of living is right in front of us. Touchstones of the New Reality are already appearing in our lives on a very tangible basis and many more are coming. These touchstones are not just simple decorations ~ like hanging up a Sun-Moon symbol; they are much more than that. They are creations which did not exist before, which are being birthed directly from the Invisible.

Monthly Surf Report

Solara’s November 2018 Surf Report – Monolithic Shifts

November brings us Monumental Shifts. For those who welcome change, it’s full of amazing opportunities and rarely experienced 11:11 frequencies as well as stunning 360′ shifts in perception. For those who still avoid change, it will bring numerous hard knocks until we respond to the Wake Up Calls. No matter what, it’s an exceptionally powerful month full of OPEN DOORS and Quantum Breakthroughs. It is a life changing month that can lift us totally out of our old stories and deposit us into our New Timeline within the New Reality that is full of wondrous new experiences.

Monthly Surf Report

Solara’s October 2018 Surf Report – A New Doorway Opens

A Door opens just by unexpectedly seeing something or visiting somewhere we haven’t been before. It could be the reawakening of an old dream that we gave up on or the activation of a dream which we never knew we had. But suddenly this Open Door shows us that this dream is now possible. When this Door opens, we are immediately propelled to go through it. There’s no thinking about it or hesitation; it just happens. We instantly feel expanded and empowered. We are inspired to be creative in wondrous new ways.

Monthly Surf Report

Solara’s September 2018 Surf Report – Moving into a new Timing Chain

The month begins with some surprising outer changes ~ some of which are to our liking, while others are not. Surprisingly, the changes which we don’t like aren’t bothering as much as they would have in the past. In addition to the outer changes taking place, we ourselves are also initiating profound changes ~ completely changing the way we do things, altering our attitudes, dismantling artificial limitations and expired beliefs, seeing beyond duality-based mindsets, aligning ourselves more deeply with the natural flow, incorporating more of our vastness and becoming much more REAL. So much is going on, on so many levels that this makes us get easily tired, needing more quiet and less input than usual. That’s why we get so exhausted by too many interactions with people.

Monthly Surf Report

Solara’s August 2018 Surf Report – Reshuffling the Decks of our Lifes

On the very first day of the month, there was the entrance of a powerful cosmic shockwave. This was followed by a series of aftershocks, much like echoes. These cosmic shockwaves are still coming in, although they are slightly diminishing. For those who felt this cosmic shockwave, it has been extremely flattening. When you feel it, it propels you into a cocoon-like, almost trance state in order to work on a pure essence level with the incoming energies.

Monthly Surf Report

Solara’s July 2018 Surf Report – Walking with New True Steps

July begins with a fresh burst of energy from the Winds of Change as we enter the second half of 2018. Now everything is being put ON THE LINE in unimaginable ways. There is a sense of urgency to finally align ourselves with our True Position and our True Purpose. We are now realizing that there is nothing to wait for; there is nothing more to postpone. It is not time to wait for anything or anyone. We are ready to make our First Steps in a totally New Way. We are ready to walk with True Steps!

Monthly Surf Report

Solara’s June 2018 Surf Report – Transformation in the Transition Zone

All month long, we will feel the waves from the 11•11•11 RESET spreading outwards and inwards, affecting absolutely everything. When the waves are going predominately outwards, we will be propelled into action, wanting to get many things accomplished. And when we feel the waves are going inwards, we will need quiet time for contemplation so we can check our internal compass to make sure that we are still following our truest coordinates.

Energetically, June is going to be an intense and strong month, holding us strictly accountable. For every good person who gives up or leaves the planet, we must renew our determination to see it through. Every time we choose Love and Trueness ~ through our thoughts, emotions and actions ~ we put another log in the fire of transformation.

Monthly Surf Report

Solara’s May 2018 Surf Report – Insertion Points of the New Reality

May brings us a great acceleration with many Breakthroughs, major Turning Points, some shocking events and numerous opportunities for Quantum Leaps. All of these have the potential to greatly alter our direction and reroute us into our True Position. May is a momentous month which presents us with an open doorway to an expanded level of the New Reality which is now ready to be entered and explored. Our True Path has been cleared and the Green Lights have turned on. We have moved onto the Fast Track.

Monthly Surf Report

Solara’s April 2018 Surf Report – Clearing the Path into our True Position

Many elements are in a state of heightened movement as they shift into their True Positions. While this is exciting, it also brings occasional chaos. Some things might show their true face. Sometimes this will be beautiful and inspiring, while other times, it can be truly shocking. It may feel like a laser knife is cutting through all the crap and this is so refreshing. Nothing is predictable right now; nothing is set in stone. Everything is in the midst of great change. This heightened change makes it almost impossible to hold onto any fixed position. Openness and flexibility are essential components.

Monthly Surf Report

Solara’s March 2018 Surf Report – Shifting Timelines

March enters on a Full Moon and leaves on a Full Moon, making it a brilliant, breakthrough month. Many things will turn around into a new position. This will give us a totally new vantage point in which to see previously hidden elements of the New Landscape which we couldn’t see before. It will enable us to drastically revise our priorities and realign ourselves with our true coordinates. The energies are building up for something massive and life changing for many of us.

March begins with a noticeable power surge as we continue to shift Timelines and move deeper into the New Reality of AN. We are no longer afraid to openly show who we are and we are bringing our inner Truth to the surface for all to see. This brings many positive changes into our lives.

Monthly Surf Report

Solara’s February 2018 Surf Report – Emerging through the Eclipse Doorway

This Eclipse Doorway can be more challenging than the Full Moon Doorway we passed through in January. This is especially true when remnants of old residue which we still carry inside us are magnified. When this happens, we may suddenly feel heavy and clunky, like walking with heavy weights on our feet. The good thing is that once we discover where the residue is, we can take steps to get rid of it.

February brings a storm surge that shakes our foundational realities. They shake, but they don’t yet fall. Our challenge is to evolve sufficiently so we can meet these surges in a new way. There are many who are feeling confused because the old outer navigation points from our old Map are gone. To navigate a space with no outer signposts takes deep trust in our Heart’s Knowingness.

Monthly Surf Report

Solara’s January 2018 Surf Report – Ice Skating on a Blank Canvas

The New Year begins with a strong pause. There’s an overlay of stillness covering us like a heavy blanket. On the surface, it may feel that everything has stopped, but this doesn’t mean that nothing is happening. There is monumental movement taking place within the depths and the ice is cracking under our feet. We are building up to a big acceleration which will start being visible around the middle of the month when movement and change begins.

Year Surf Report

Solara’s 2018 Surf Report – Living Our Mastery

This is a year that will require all our Integrity, Trueness and Mastery as we take full responsibility for the state of the planet through decisive action. We have to continually place our focus on strengthening the resonance of the New Reality, choosing LOVE instead of fear. Being a True One is something we have to do full time; it is not a position that we can only inhabit when we feel like it. To be True is to expand our beings beyond everything known, to make a complete surrender of our old duality-based lives as we know them and to embrace a totally new way of life with the participation of our complete being.