2014 Overview

2014 was a powerful year of Completion and New Beginnings. Instead of New Beginnings following Completion in a nice, neat linear manner, they happened simultaneously. Each Completion contained a New Beginning and each New Beginning contained elements of Completion, until we could no longer tell them apart. All year long, we were presented with a full spectrum of experiences coming from living in two very different reality systems while the New World was being born in the midst of the dying world of duality.

We were presented with the critical choice between these two, very different, reality systems. Our choice was vitally important for it determined what we would experience this year and beyond. If we stayed in our old duality-based lives, 2014 was a challenging one, as many people had the books of their old stories forcibly ripped from their hands. For those of us who moved into their True Positions in the New Landscape, it was a huge year of ‘A Mu’a or Going Forward to our True Homes where we started experiencing the fulfillment of our Wildest Dreams.

By the end of the year, the great divide between duality and the New Paradigm had undergone a noticeable shift. As the division grew wider and messier, increasing numbers of people slowly began a mass migration into the New Reality. As they became more true and real, a huge amount of old baggage was released. Hearts became stronger and truer. And the New World became more and more visible….


Once again, this New Year brings us a potpourri of extremely mixed energy. Many people still don’t fully see the seriousness of the time we are in. In many areas of the planet, the world situation has become like a bad dream. Whenever we are in the midst of a bad dream, it’s important to wake up quickly. Often, waking up isn’t enough as the energies of the dream linger with us. That’s when we need to change our environment by turning on the lights, getting out of bed, walking around, going to another room, perhaps going outside for fresh air. What we really need to do is to SHIFT WORLDS.

We can’t hide our heads in the sand and pretend that the vise of oppression isn’t tightening all around us. It is. Every single day, it is. With every single political and economic action in many countries, the vise is tightening. Our food supply is being poisoned, our skies are being laced with chemicals, our governments have been bought off and our police have become militarized. It’s important that we don’t ignore these happening in the world of duality. Otherwise, we might wait to act until it’s too late.

Huge waves of fear are occasionally sweeping across the planet. This is a nameless fear that cannot be pinpointed or identified. Even those fears that are familiar to us are simply a manifestation of this larger, more abstract fear. It’s like a huge beast that is sweeping its tail back and forth, fanning the flames of fear and insecurity. Sometimes, the tail of fear feels far away. And then it comes like an icy cold wind, momentarily chilling us to the bone. Then it goes away and our clarity returns, our steps quicken, our internal knowingness can be heard through the discordant static of duality fighting for its survival, our eyes sparkle, our creativity rekindles and we once again stand in our Trueness until eventually that sense of fear and dread returns again.

There are strong forces on this planet right now which are set up to sustain the beast of fear and powerlessness, to help it grow large enough to keep us imprisoned in duality. Even those of us who have spent most of our lives being relatively fearless can now feel the icy cold sweep of the tail when it passes over us. And this is a bit of a shock because we’ve never felt this way before. It’s easy to tell when the tail is near and when it is far away. It’s like the dramatic difference between a heavy hopelessness and a rainbow in a fresh sunny sky.

What do we do in such a situation? Do we close our eyes to the chaos and continue on with life as usual? Do we keep trying to pursue our expired old dreams? Do we focus on achieving greater success in our career? Do we try to blackout the fear by going numb? Do we allow ourselves to be seduced by the glittery enticements of money, possessions and glamour? Do we wait until our environment has been completely poisoned and more animal species become extinct? Do we wait until the fear devours us? Or do we SHIFT WORLDS and remove ourselves from the old paradigm so we can birth a completely New Reality?

The paradox is that the closer we become to truly stepping free of duality, the more it tries to grab onto us. We’ve seen this many times. People are drawn to come make a shift, yet when it becomes tangible, suddenly, their old life looks really good.

If we don’t completely let go of duality, we are still susceptible to its boomerang effect. It’s like a rubber band; if we don’t willingly cut the cords that ties us to duality, it will just keep pulling us back with a huge SNAP! If we try to hold onto beliefs that we know are no longer true, if we allow fears and insecurities to influence our actions, then in spite of how far we stretch ourselves into the New Reality, we will still snap back into duality again and again.

We need to SHIFT WORLDS to a totally New Reality to get ourselves free. This is the most important thing we can do in 2015. If we do this, it will take our full commitment and the participation of our full being, but the rewards will be great. We will be fulfilled way beyond what we ever imagined possible.

Right now, at this crucial switch over from duality to Oneness, there are many amazing, super aware, good hearted people that are frozen into uncertainty, insecurity and inaction by phantom fears and the fading illusions of the dying world of duality. They know in their Heart of Hearts what they really want, but they can’t bring themselves to follow their own inner knowingness. This is so sad.

It’s time to get ultra honest with ourselves. To see clearly where we are still hooked into duality. To take an honest look at where we are and to see why we are there. Are we living where we are because of our attachments to duality? Because of our reluctance or fears of leaving the familiar? Or are we where we are because we are already in our True Position?



The world around us is dramatically changing. The “Way Things Were” and the “Way Things Were Done” is not what the world needs right now. It needs fresh new creative thinking and that requires individuals to see the world differently and to challenge the status quo. To SHIFT WORLDS. We are in a time of massive transformation where we are shaking off aeons of false conditioning. People are tired of the old ways and are looking for lives that are more real and true, more in balance with the natural world.

We all know that the world needs to change. We want change in the world around us, but do we welcome it in our own beings? The reality is that the needed changes won’t happen without our full participation. We have to create the change. If we want a New World to be born, then we must begin living as inhabitants of a New World, at this very moment. If we want to live True Lives, then we must live our lives as True Ones, right here and now. By doing this, we become the midwifes of the New Reality.

In 2015 we are going to reach a tipping point as increasing numbers of people rise up for transparency, trueness and positive change. We are already seeing this with the actions of the Second Wave youth fearlessly stepping forward in countries like Mexico. This is because corruption, brutality and excessive greed are no longer acceptable realities and they can no longer be tolerated.

Of course, we cannot have real, in depth, change until we first make the needed changes within ourselves and then apply these internal changes to all aspects of our lives. To do this, we need to take a clear look at our old belief system to see if it still applies to us. Are our old beliefs still true? Were they ever true? What is true?

In 2015 we will happily discover that most of our previous resistances to change have dissolved. Change becomes surprisingly easy. Now, we can fully embrace change and anchor it deep within our beings. The more we step free of the old paradigm, the easier it will become to live in the New Landscape as a True One.

By the end of the year we will look back at 2015 and see it as a year of monumental change, because change is pressing itself forward all over the planet. Everything that has been unbalanced and resisted change is like a castle in the air, hanging there without any foundation to support it. The consciousness of Love and Trueness that so many are now embodying is having a radiant effect on the world around us and it shows how the work we have done within ourselves is now starting to have a powerful effect. And with so much ready to shift in such a very short time, balance, neutrality and integrity matter more than ever before.


2015 is the Year of Shifting Worlds on every level possible. It’s like a huge mass migration is taking place all over the world. Although some will move to a new physical location this year, the main stage of our massive SHIFTING OF WORLDS will take place in our awareness. This will happen as increasing numbers of people abandon the sinking ship of duality and make a mass migration into the New Reality. Many of us will finally leave their old lives behind and start living True Lives in the New Landscape.

We all have the choice of leaving or staying in our current environment, job, living space, relationship or situation. If we choose to stay where we are, it needs to be a conscious choice, rather than a default decision. If it’s our conscious choice to remain where we are, this means that we feel that we are already in our right place. If we are going to stay where we are, prepare to be a much needed guardian to hold the beam for all around you. And for those who choose to step free from their old positions, you will inspire others to go to their True Position.

Many of us will move into our True Positions in the New Landscape this year and this is super exciting! As this happens, it will release the stale air from the balloon of duality, the air that has kept it aloft. Then, the balloon of duality will be revealed as a limp illusion that was kept alive by our belief in it.

Being in our True Position is essential right now for many reasons. If we aren’t in our True Position, then we are vulnerable to the tightening of the vise taking place in the outer world. The old life that we have been clinging onto is susceptible to collapsing at any moment. If we are in our True Position, ALL WILL BE WELL, no matter what happens in the outer world.

Our True Position is the place of our True Home where we can finally expand our roots down deep into the earth and far up into the sky. It’s the place where we can manifest our True Purpose. It’s the place of our Wildest Dreams where we will find the deep fulfillment we seek.

Our True Position may be in the midst of chaos in a city or it may be in a place of tranquillity. We may already be there or we might move across the world. It doesn’t matter where it is; but it’s essential that it feels right to us. That there’s a deep sense of comfort and a clicking into position when we are there which we don’t feel anywhere else.

As soon as we get into our True Position, we are able to find our True Homes and connect with our True People. Once we actually live in our True Home, it expands our awareness and brings us an entirely new set of experiences that were not possible until then.

This triggers off a massive, internal and external RESET. We SHIFT WORLDS and start inhabiting an exquisite New Reality, far more beautiful than anything we could have imagined. Layers upon layers of old energetic residue fall away from our beings and our true core being emerges. And once we are consciously in our True Position, we can start serving as Sacred Pagodas….


The Sacred Pagoda sits high on the mountain.
Even when it cannot be seen, its presence is strongly felt.
It influences all the nearby landscape.
It embodies the resonance of Trueness
and is a continual reminder that

The Sacred Pagoda sits high on a mountain and reflects its light in all directions. Its calming presence affects the entire landscape, sending forth the resonance that ALL IS WELL. Even when it cannot be seen, its energies are strongly felt, even from a great distance.

Sacred Pagodas are found all over the world. Some are in the form of actual pagodas which are often located high on a mountain. Sacred Pagodas can also appear as ancient temples, mountains, Buddhas, trees and people. Sacred Pagodas don’t get drawn into the fear, insecurity and the sense of hopelessness that is felt during the collapse of duality. They embody the resonance that ALL IS WELL.

In 2015, each of us needs to become a Sacred Pagoda of Trueness. We must openly and courageously stand tall and true in the New Landscape for all to see. Embodying the resonance that ALL IS WELL. Emanating Pure True Love to our entire surroundings.



The Centers of the New Reality, (formerly called Islands of Light), are brand new conscious communities or centers that are specifically set up at this time to anchor and expand the concentrated frequencies of the New Reality. This is not the same as previously existing spiritual and religious centers and communities which were set up to work with pre-existing and sometimes, outdated belief systems.

Centers of the New Reality are where we can openly live True Lives as True Ones while serving as Sacred Pagodas, not only for our immediate environment, but for the whole planet. These centers are greatly needed anchor points for the the New and True that consciously serve as stabilization pinions during the shift over from duality to Oneness. They are Insertion Points of the Ultra Greater Reality and serve as direct transfer stations of energy between the Beyond the Beyond and the physical Planet Earth. This is because they are in alignment with a far greater, supra-normal reality.

The growing resonance of the Centers of the New Reality scattered all over the planet will become increasingly stronger and more visible this year. Many will be drawn towards visiting these beacons of concentrated Trueness so they can be deeply immersed in the New Reality, thereby becoming Sacred Pagodas themselves for others. At these anchoring points of the New Reality, we follow our Heart’s Knowingness and learn to do things in new ways. As others see these new ways of living and being, they will want to implement these new methods in their own lives.

As the year progresses, the worlds of duality and Oneness will increasingly separate. Centers where the New Reality is being anchored with integrity, such as the Heart of AN in the Sacred Valley of Peru, will become stronger as the outer world becomes even crazier and more destructive. As the New Reality is more strongly anchored, these Centers of the New Reality will become increasingly invisible to the world of duality.

On the outward planes all that is false will crumble and collapse with astounding swiftness, while all that remains true will stay firmly grounded and in the beam, serving as new reference points from which a wholesome and inclusive new world view can sprout and grow, seemingly overnight. Sacred Pagodas of Trueness are what is needed this new year in order to keep the world stable enough so the movement and birth of the New World can continue to manifest and flower.



The Sacred Pagodas of Trueness that are scattered all over the world are like an orchestra. Only this isn’t a normal orchestra. Many of the musicians have never met each other and never will. We have never made music together before. Together we create a totally new sound.

It’s the resonance of this new symphony orchestra playing the Song of One that will now spread over the planet, stopping the sweeping tail of the beast. For the tail of fear cannot go wherever the song is heard. The Song of One isn’t created solely by our voices or even with musical instruments. It’s created by our clear, decisive actions. It’s created with the Love of our True Hearts. It’s created by our joyously throwing off the rusty shackles of duality. It’s created by our Living True Lives as True Ones in our True Homes.

11:11 and THE FAMILY OF AN

AN is the remembrance of the Oneness that we all came from. It plays a leading role in the beginning of the New MUA (major new evolutionary cycle) that officially began on 11/11/11. A New World is now being born. In the beginning of this New Cycle, the Worlds within Worlds are reset onto a New True Foundation. AN is the manifestation of that Trueness.

AN is the energy of the Sun and Moon merged as One Being. The energies of AN were present on this planet long ago, such as in ancient Egypt where one of the earliest Gods was AN. AN is also the core lineage from which the Inkas and the Druids came from. After these ancient times, the energy of AN became misused and distorted on this planet by those who wished to block its true essence. After that, the pure AN energy simply disappeared and was forgotten.

AN has only returned to conscious remembrance in recent times as the Family of AN started remembering who they are. There is a deep connection between AN and the 11:11, for they are intimately woven together. The twenty year cycle of 11:11 Activations cleared the path for the Family of AN to re-emerge. At the First Gate Activation of the 11:11 Doorway in Giza, Egypt on January 11-12, 1992, the song, “Family of AN” by Matisha was played every hour throughout the thirty-eight hour ceremony. And at the final 11:11 Eleventh Gate Activation in 2012 in the Sacred Valley of Peru, the same song, “Family of AN” was sung by Omashar near the end of our twenty-four hour long ceremony. This wasn’t just a mere coincidence….

The return of the pure, true AN energies to planet Earth during these times of the collapse of duality is much needed. AN reunites all polarities, oppositions and separation into conscious Oneness. AN is LOVE in its truest, purest manifestation and originates from before the Beginning of Time.

AN calls us to our True Homes. These are our True Homes upon the Earth, rather than our True Homes in the stars. It calls us to reunite with the Family of AN, our True People AN represents the flowering of our successful journey through the 11:11 Doorway.

The Heart of AN Center in Peru

The Heart of AN is the central core of the AN energies and is being birthed by us in the Sacred Valley of Peru. It’s a template that will spread from here out into the World, recreating Trueness on all levels. For the past year and a half, we have been steadily creating the infrastructure of this much needed heart centerpoint of AN, for we know that the Heart of AN needs to be manifested on the physical in order for the Towers of Light of AN to be activated all over the world.

The activation of the Heart of AN reminds me of the bonfire scene in the third Lord of the Rings film, “The Return of the King”. A bonfire was lit high on top of a mountain to send forth a signal. It’s glow was seen by the next bonfire that was located at the furthest point that was still visible. When the second bonfire was lit, it triggered off the lighting of the third bonfire, and then a series of yet more bonfires…. The time has come!

In 2015, more of the Family of AN will remember who they are and realign with their True Purpose. We will weave ourselves together as One all over the world. As we do, we will send forth a powerful resonance of unity, Oneness and True Heart Love that will dissolve any calcifications of duality it encounters. And the New World shall be born as the fruit of our efforts.


2015 doesn’t really begin in full force until the New Moon – Chinese New Year on February 18 -19th. This is because we’ve been going through a four month MEGA RESET process that began in November 2014 and will finish at the end of February 2015. Last November was a nine month of Completion; December was a one month of New Beginnings. January 2015 is another nine month of Completion and February is a one month of New Beginnings.

During these four months, we’ve been ratcheting ourselves over a steel cable that stretches across the abyss which bridges our old lives and our True Lives. We go forward a bit and then it appears that we slide back slightly as we deal with another old issue. Then we ratchet ourselves forward again.

While this is happening, we might feel an occasional deep sadness that is both from personal experiences and from waves of the collective. Although we may find it hard to deal with, we fully accept it as part of the deep changes we are all going through. There is also profound gratitude for the entire journey and what has been shared between us all

This entire MEGA RESET process is actually a quite brilliant set-up that is preparing us to fully inhabit the New Reality. With its combination of our heightened core issues, deep challenges, the releasing of fears and insecurities and the magnification of what we need to change within ourselves, it has all the elements of an extended Perfect Storm and is being extremely effective in moving us out of our old belief system into an infinitely truer one. All of this takes time because it is so thorough.

Because of this, we might find the first few months of 2015 a bit challenging. These months will give us numerous opportunities that appear like cosmic set-ups, to clear out the past, dissolve obstacles, melt old resistances, deal with old issues, release old habits, recalibrate our beings to the New Landscape and take the necessary steps to get into our True Positions. After that, it’s full speed ahead into our True Lives!

There will be numerous “wake up calls” and shocking events throughout 2015. These will occur whenever needed, for now there is NO DOWN – NO RETURN to the Way Things Used To Be. It’s always much easier for us if we respond to the earlier, more gentle wake up calls, rather than waiting until we are flattened by a really big one. There’s no place left to hide. It’s time to fully emerge as True Ones so we can live True Lives.

2015 also brings us the end of waiting. We can no longer wait for something to push us out of our complacency. We can’t wait for something to happen before we act. We have to make it happen ourselves. It’s time for clear, decisive action based on our Heart’s Knowingness.

The dominos of the old paradigm are falling down, whether we think we are ready for this or not. The old is falling apart all around us, creating space for something wondrous beyond what we can presently imagine. We will need constant courage, to continually trust our Heart’s Knowingness and to let go of all preconceived ideas of how things are supposed to be or how they are supposed to turn out.

For many, life will be turned upside-down. For those willing to go with the new opportunities as they arrive, life will be adventurous and full of surprises. Be ready for the unexpected, but expect nothing and let come what comes, because it will come to you for a reason and a purpose.

2015 will definitely continue to stretch our awareness, our belief systems, our conscious capacity of choosing to stay True in the midst of new challenges. We will continually be called to maintain the integrity of our Being and to expand and deepen our Love. Yet, all the while, we will be surfing a massive creative surge that fills us with tremendous excitement!

It will feel so good to be stripped down to the core, so free, so real, so clean, so true. The real Magic is present this year, when trueness is growing so strongly, when things are becoming so transparent that nothing can be hidden. When we know that we have finally returned to our true selves. When we are at home in our True Homes….

Welcome to 2015!!!



With Loving Gratitude to these brilliant contributors:
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