2015 Overview

2015 was a major transitional year of massive change which expanded our perceptions, honed our discernment and dismantled our old belief systems, while strengthening our ability to stay True in the midst of numerous challenges and shocking events. All of this helped us to shift worlds on many levels.

As we shifted worlds, a mass migration started taking place all over the world. Hordes of homeless refugees desperately sought refuge. Much of our SHIFTING OF WORLDS took place within our awareness as increasing numbers of people abandoned the sinking ship of duality and began to move into the New Reality.

Throughout the year, we discovered that most of our previous resistance to change had dissolved. Many of us felt like caterflys or butterpillars, neither caterpillar nor butterfly, but some place in between. We were neither tethered in duality nor were we fully anchored in the New Reality. This gave us the feeling that we were neither Here nor There, but somewhere in between and still needed to take decisive action to fully emerge.

2015 also brought us our first immersions into the exquisite new energies of E Mao Mao from Beyond the Beyond. When E Mao Mao was felt, these fresh energies infused us with inspiration, excitement and newness, as we could tangibly see and feel the New World being born all around us.

The Year of Decision


2016 is a powerful Year of Decision. Many of us will make life changing decisions to finally step out of duality and start fully living True Lives as True Ones. These decisions will be much easier to make than before because we will either be supported to or forced into making these decisions. Any decisions that we try to avoid will only get harder to make in the future.

During this year, there will be many outer events, both natural and man-made, that will serve as powerful catalysts for change. Although some of these events might be traumatic in nature, they will catapult us out of duality into greater Trueness. They will shatter many illusions, deepen our love and compassion and stretch our awareness until we become authentic beings.

A few years ago, my partner and I made a conscious decision to stop celebrating the old holidays, such as Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving and Halloween. This does not include the cycles of nature such as the Solstices and Equinoxes, nor New Year’s Eve since it is such an energetic doorway. Although I used to love all the holidays, I didn’t want to remain pinned to the holiday schedule of duality, along with the overblown commercialization of these special days. I know that they all have a history behind them and some have a real sense of sacredness, but perhaps it’s time to create new holidays or simply to live a life where each day is sacred.

I know that many people are still very attached to these holidays and receive comfort from them, so have never suggested that they be released, unless this realization comes from within. Yet, I noticed how this year many people had Christmas devastated for them by natural events such as wildfires in Australia and California, tornados in the US and floods in England and South America.

When catastrophic events happen, everything flips over. People go from celebrating the happy holiday to a survival mode which is ultra, on the line, real. Priorities are instantly reordered. While this is unquestionably challenging and hard, perhaps they also receive a great gift of being freed from the mundane and become more aligned with what is real.

2016 is in many ways a Blank Canvas. We aren’t bound to what we’ve done before. We aren’t bound to our old habits, patterns and beliefs. We can create a completely new True Life if we want. We can move across the planet to live in a place where our heart sings or we can create a new True Life where we are right now. It’s our choice, and either choice is fine. We can choose to manifest our Wildest Dreams. We can choose to openly embody who we really are.

We can choose to walk away from unfulfilling jobs and create new ones that are aligned with our True Purpose. We can release old relationships that aren’t aligned with our True Path or those where people cannot openly communicate the depths of their love. Partners with a comfortable relationship may discover that they are called to live in different places, doing different things. This will give them the choice of either expanding their relationship to encompass the distance or releasing it. Some of us will choose to make a deeper commitment with our existing partner, taking our love to a deepened, truer level.

It’s vitally important that we make conscious choices this year, rather than remaining stuck in our old default decisions. If we don’t feel called to move, then let’s consciously decide to stay where we are! This is quite different than feeling like we can’t move and resenting that we are stuck in our current living situation.

This is also the year for collective leaps. Small groups of people may leave their boring jobs and come together to create an exciting new business or a group of kindred people may decide to move somewhere together to live in a completely new way.

Everything that we consciously choose to do this year will be aligned with our True Position and with the expanded vision encoded in our One Being. We are ready to serve with our full beings and leap into action within our collective purpose.

Every Step We Take


These diagrams show us what happens as we move from duality into the Ultra Greater Reality. In this drawing, we are the magenta circle. In Diagram #1, we totally reside in duality, not knowing that anything else exists. The Ultra Greater Reality resides in the Invisible where few can see it.

Next, the 11:11 Doorway created a Zone of Overlap between the evolutionary spirals of duality and Oneness. This process began in 1992. Diagram #2 shows that we have now entered the Zone of Overlap between the reality systems of duality and Oneness and are consciously moving into the Ultra Greater Reality. As we do, part of us leaves the sphere of duality.

In Diagram #3, we are leaving more of duality behind and stepping deeper into Oneness. In Diagram #4, we have completely unhooked ourselves from duality and are fully inhabiting the New Reality.

What’s interesting about this process is that it clearly shows that as we move deeper into the Ultra Greater Reality, we constantly step out of duality. In order to make a step forward into the New Reality, we have to remove our foot from duality. This is how it always happens. Whenever we experience a major breakthrough or a strong infusion of the E Mao Mao energy from Beyond the Beyond, the parts of us which were vibrating in the denser resonance of duality are released. We raise our foot from duality and as we step forward, we consciously place it into the New Reality.

Since this is the natural order of how it happens, we don’t need to turn our attention to unhooking ourselves from duality. Instead, we focus on moving forward into greater Trueness. When we follow the promptings of our Heart’s Knowingness, every step we make takes us into our True Direction. And every step we take into the New and True means that we take a step out of duality. And for every step we take into the New Reality, new tools, undiscovered skills and creative inspiration appear. We receive the support we need and ahead of us is a succession of shining Green Lights!



An in-depth repositioning is taking place this year. There is a major repositioning of perspective taking place, as well as a physical repositioning for some.

Our old lives are steadily metamorphosing into new lives. Completion and new beginnings are indelibly merging. Much of what was “old” is either leaving the planet or transforming into the “New”.

The platelets that formed our past are shifting. Not from the position of A to B, but more like from A to M to F to Q to X. When we look at the landscape of our past, it’s no longer laid out in a smooth, linear fashion. Huge chunks of our past have moved into entirely unexpected positions. When we see them in their new positions, it not only gives us a new perspective of our past, but it liberates us from it.

E Mao Mao


E Mao Mao is an ancient Hawaiian phrase for “Beyond the Beyond”. Since November 2015, we have been experiencing infusions of the pure E Mao Mao energy. These infusions are instantly recognizable since they feel so fresh, new and expanded. Even though we haven’t experienced it before, this energy from Beyond the Beyond feels extremely powerful and deeply supporting.

When we are infused with E Mao Mao, we are immediately thrust into the super deep silence from Beyond the Beyond. This is a deep stillness even in the midst of all the worldly noise, which soothes our beings in the most profound way. Our awareness suddenly expands and everything feel new, vaster and more real. The more we experience the energies of E Mao Mao, the deeper the calm we feel.

When we experience a strong immersion into E Mao Mao energies, we may feel nearly paralyzed by the need to be absolutely quiet. We are immediately pulled out of whatever is happening around us in the outside world and transported to a completely different reality. When this happens, all we can do is lie down, plug ourselves into the E Mao Mao energies and fully merge with them.

Here is felt a very deep love that embraces us with a sense of well being. This process of immersion into E Mao Mao also clears and heals us from the effects of the shockwaves around us caused by duality’s continuing implosion. E Mao Mao infuses all the cells of our beings with the energies of the New Reality. And even when we return to the world and get back to work, the energies of the Beyond the Beyond don’t totally leave us.

At times, especially when we are strongly infused with E Mao Mao, the old world of duality may feel extremely distant, like a thin layer that is far, far away. And even though there may be events that try to pull us back into duality, we know who we are and where we are; we know where we are going and we know what to do. We are the stabilization pinions of peace and love of the world and we can radiate this knowingness that ALL IS WELL to help make the transition from the old world of duality as smooth as possible.

These immersions into E Mao Mao take us to an entirely new, infinitely vaster level of consciousness. When it happens, we can tangibly feel the New Reality. We are filled with renewed energy and enthusiasm to manifest the New Reality. It enables us to do things that we’ve wanted to do for a long time. It triggers quantum breakthroughs on numerous levels. E Mao Mao helps us birth the New Reality into the expanded HERE AND NOW with joyous inspiration and creativity. And the energies of E Mao Mao are extremely effective in dissolving duality….

Reweaving our Reality System

Reality Systems, such as the Templates of Duality and Oneness, are like tapestries. We weave the threads of our beings into them to give them life. Together as One, our threads both create and hold together the design. The tapestry would not exist if it were not for our threads. The same is true of a reality system; our beliefs in it are its source of nourishment. We serve as its food and its lifeforce.

So here we have a photo of the Tired Tapestry of Duality. It’s a design that we’ve seen for a long time. There’s no sense of newness or inspiration from it, but there is a sense of familiarity which for some is translated into comfort. For others, it is just tired and dull, with no energy at all.


The Tired Tapestry of Duality.

The threads of our beings have been woven into the Tapestry of Duality for a very long time. We have kept duality alive and its patterns and beliefs intact. Until recently, that is…. This is when some of us realized that we no longer wanted to live in the reality system of duality. We no longer wanted to hold together the weaving of the tired Tapestry of Duality.

We feel the call of a wondrous New Reality that was waiting to be born on the physical Earth. It feels vibrantly alive, pulsating with fresh newness, brilliant colors and love beyond our imagining.

This is when we started carefully pulling out the threads of our beings from the Tapestry of Duality. Some of us started doing this many years ago, while others are just starting to do it now. But what matters is that increasing numbers of us are steadily removing the threads of our beings from the Tapestry of Duality and this is having a profound effect.

As we unravel the threads of our beings from the Tapestry of Duality, this is creating a massive change in duality itself. Not only are the old designs becoming indistinguishable, “Were those mountains or giraffes or teapots? I can’t remember what they used to be.” But most importantly, as the threads of our being are removed, this is loosening the entire matrix of duality until it can no longer hold together!

As increasing numbers of us withdraw our threads, our energy, beliefs and focus from the Tapestry of Duality, it unravels even more. Soon there will not be enough threads in position to hold it together and it will naturally collapse.

As we remove the threads of our beings from the Tapestry of Duality, we aren’t just setting them aside. Instead, we are carefully weaving them into the new Tapestry of Oneness, the sacred fabric of the New Reality.


The Glorious Tapestry of the New Reality.

As we do, we are creating the New, True World that we want to inhabit. We are creating True Lives in the midst of the dying world of duality. We are coming together as One Being and using all the most vibrantly colored threads we have – the ones that we’ve been saving for a long time for something really special. And this is how we weave a New Reality System into the physical Earth.

AN is the New Reality


The energies of AN – symbolized as the Sun and Moon as One Being, continue to become stronger and more alive as more and more people feel its resonance. This is because AN is the New Reality manifest.

Even though the energies of AN were on this planet long ago, they were here at that time only for the purpose of seeding certain select civilizations such as ancient Egypt, the Inkas of Peru and the Druids of England so they could create monuments that would serve as touchstones of remembrance during the time when so many would forget their true origins. This influence of AN is one of the reasons why ancient temples in Peru, Egypt, Turkey and Rapa Nui for example, have such a strong similarity in their stonework.

AN also planted seeds of remembrance all over the planet, especially in the forms of textiles and ceramics which contained Keys of AN for the future that were encoded in their designs and the special combinations of vibrant colors. These codings of AN appeared within many tribal groups, such as those in Mexico and parts of China which have no remembrance of AN in their recorded history. These sacred treasures containing the secret codings of AN have miraculously been kept alive in many pockets of the planet, even though there have been so many pressures on these indigenous communities to assimilate into the modern world and leave the old ways behind.

After these seeds of remembrance were planted all over the world, the AN energy was erased from earthly history and disappeared from our conscious knowingness. It is only in this lifetime that the remembrance of AN that was long stored in our cellular memory banks has been activated.

Today during the final days of duality, the AN energy has returned, only this time it is on a totally new level. It isn’t here to plant seeds for a future time like before. The time for the seeds of AN to grow is Here and Now. As the seeds of AN grow in our hearts, they also grow in the ground of the physical earth.

Seeds of AN are carried within the cellular memory banks of people throughout the world who have reconnected with their Trueness. As True Ones of the Family of AN, we provide a fertile ground for these seeds of the New Reality to flourish. And it is through us that the New World will be born!

The AN energy is the resonance of our True Home. It fits us like a custom made glove. It is deeply personal, extremely loving and compassionate. AN is the New Reality!

2016 Overview

2016 will be an extremely intense year with very powerful concurrent realities vying for our attention. One of our primary tasks this year will be to plant and nourish the Seeds of the New Reality in the midst of the growing chaos. Yet we are seeing that out of the chaos of duality’s demise grows true compassion, deeper love and heightened Oneness. The chaos actually catalyzes and quickens the growth of the Seeds of the True.

The beginning of this year is like a starting gate. There’s a surge of forward moving energy as soon as we enter the New Year. Ready or not…. GO! It’s On! Let’s do it!!

2016 brings us a multitude of possibilities for mega shifts, both internally and externally. This fills us with tremendous excitement, even when we can’t say for sure why we are so excited, but the excitement is real. This year is full of surprises on numerous levels. Yes, there will be more shocking events as duality tries to maintain control. Added to this is the increasing clamor of the mindless ignorant ones who are being triggered by bellowing demagogues. We are going to have to deal with this, before it becomes too prevalent. But the surprises of the year also include the fulfillment of our Wildest Dreams which just might manifest with such ease and grace that we will be amazed over how easy it is when the flow is on and we are in Right Time – Right Place.

No matter how the year plays itself out, 2016 will repeatedly show us that we now have to fully live our truth; there is no longer any other option for us. If we continue to try to compromise what we know to be true in our Heart of Hearts, we will become sick, stuck or visibly weakened.

This is the year when those in seeming control on the planet try to tighten the noose to take away many of our existing freedoms. This attempted power grab will actually cause many more people to become aware of what is really going on. All year long, there will be increasingly obvious attempts to take away more of our freedoms. Some countries have already outlawed the use of solar power or the right to live off the grid. It has gotten so absurd that the United States is even trying to make a law against making bars of soap at home! But somewhat paradoxically, in the midst of this increasingly obvious power grab by the forces of duality, we are actually gaining an infinitely truer, more powerful, all encompassing FREEDOM than we’ve ever had before!

This will be a year in which anything can happen at any time. Never before has our collective consciousness been more challenged because of all the deep changes that are happening. It might be one of those years where we as a species need to really take a deep and clear look to see where we are going and what we can do to bring things into greater balance. The New Reality has finally been anchored on the physical Earth; it’s here. And we have now reached the time where it’s all about living what we know to be true.

2016 will contain lots of challenges to our sense of security and well being – both false ones and real ones. It’s up to us to discern which ones are real. Many people are so completely involved in watching the collapse of duality that they don’t see the New World being born, but it is. It’s also up to us to constantly push back the fear and recenter ourselves in the New Reality.

Throughout the year, the veils will continue to drop, bringing an ever greater transparency to the hidden agendas and true motives behind those in positions of outward power. Since so much illusion has been stripped away, we can now clearly see the forces at play. Many of our perceptions have flipped over, turned inside out and greatly expanded. We no longer believe what we were programmed to believe.

At the same time, the weaving of our One Being is visibly strengthening and becoming more resilient. This is happening on a large scale all over the world, between all of us who are real and true, with ones whom we will never meet or know on a personal level. What weaves us together is love, compassion and trueness.

Our One Being is on High Alert these days and we feel each other more than ever. We also hear the cries of our Mother Earth, Pachamama, to stop the fracking, the mines, the widespread desecration of our air, waters, food and animals. We feel it all and that makes us very sensitive to everything that goes on, no matter if it is hidden or not. 2016 will be a Great Transition Time, like no other.

We are in the midst of the meltdown – breakthrough phase of our dying duality paradigm. The struggles of this imploding false facade are too much for us to bear at times and this is when we are filled with fear, panic, and confusion. This can happen to any of us and it’s just a symptom of the time we are in. A great Ho’o Pono Pono has to take place and we are the ones to Make Things Right. It’s time for us to step into the responsibility we all carry as citizens of Earth and take charge of the planet and the healing of humanity as One Being!

This year brings us an avalanche of new ideas and unbridled creativity. There’s a huge line up of brilliant ideas waiting for us to bring them in. The massive creative surge that we’ve been surfing for the past few years will only continue to get stronger. Being so creative gives us a lot of joy in this New Year, especially when we are manifesting the New Reality on the physical and serving with others as One Being in Action to create the deep, structural changes that are so needed.

The years of 2016 and 2017 form a unit, even though they are quite different. 2016 is when we bring many old situations to completion. We finish many aspects of our old lives and ways of being. In 2017 we won’t be dealing with as many old situations because our focus will be concentrated on living and expanding the New. From these next two years, many situations, both personal and on a planetary scale, will reach their crisis point and then go beyond, until they move into a state of resolution by 2018, in one form or another. It will be clear by then whether or not we are able to flip things over on this planet by successfully shifting reality systems.

The key to successfully navigating 2016 is to remain in a state of Right Time – Right Place. To always remember that we are the Silent Watchers residing far beyond the realms of earthly drama while embodying the resonance of Trueness and Pure Heart Love. To know, despite any outer appearances, that ALL IS WELL.

There is a natural protection around everything that inhabits the New Reality which helps us to stay aligned, grounded and clear in times of turbulence. Every time that part of the old implodes and the old map fades away, the awareness of people on the planet expands while more of the New Landscape is revealed and strengthened.

2016 is a year with two strong undercurrents coming from diverse reality systems that call for our attention. It’s a year that pushes us to our limits and challenges us to our core. A year of much turmoil and shocking events. A year in which we either turn our backs on the struggles of humanity or step in and enfold them in the wings of our Love. A year full of the quantum breakthroughs we’ve been waiting for. A year in which we can manifest our Wildest Dreams in the midst of the crumbling world of duality. A year in which many old roads collapse under our feet. A year in which the New and True infuses our beings.

It’s a year in which we either choose to unhook ourselves from duality or be forcibly unhooked from it. A year in which we inhabit the New Reality as never before. A year in which miracles occur on a regular basis. A year in which we surf a massive creative surge while traveling a path illuminated by an infinite succession of Green Lights. A year in which our love deepens and expands far beyond what we thought was possible. A year in which we realize that there is no choice, but to live our Trueness.


Welcome to 2016!!!



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