December 2015 Overview

December presented us with a steady infusion of the totally new E Mao Mao energy coming from Beyond the Beyond. This greatly helped us to discern the difference between the disparate reality systems that are vying for our attention. We constantly honed our discernment of what is true and what is false. We became more aware of the times when we are seduced by the Sea of Distraction and pulled off our true course. We discovered that some of our usual ways of celebrating the holidays felt surprisingly hollow.

We scanned our beings to see what was in sync and what was out of snyc and made many needed adjustments. We brought old projects to completion and launched new ones, while surfing a massive creative surge.

The infusions of E Mao Mao throughout December showed us a fresh new approach to life and gave us a tangible taste of the New Reality. E Mao Mao also started influencing some of our relationships, moving them to a completely unexpected, deeper level.

Throughout the month, many of us felt a strong sense of expectancy ~ the feeling that big events were just ahead of us – that we were on the verge of something major happening. Some of us could feel that life changing decisions will need to be made by us very soon. We approached the New Year of 2016 with tremendous excitement, although we knew not why. All month long, we felt the pull of our True Direction becoming ever stronger.

From the very First Moment

From the very first moment of 2016, we felt as if we were suddenly plunged into the New Reality. A fresh, new energy came in which infused us with waves of inspiration and joy. There was an immediate sense of delight, not for any known reason, but simply because we had entered the New Year. New insights and creative inspirations started to roll in. 2016 is imbued with the New Reality and we felt it instantly!

This instantaneous infusion of E Mao Mao enables us to start the New Year with a different perspective than we had before. It’s like we’ve been living in a world with dim lights which we thought were normal. Suddenly, at midnight on New Year’s Eve, bright lights turned on! This was something that we definitely weren’t expecting.

When the bright lights of 2016 turned on, we could see a lot of things which we couldn’t see before when we were living in a world of dim lights. Our True Purpose became brighter and started beckoning us to come closer. We also could see the many aspects of our lives which now need to be released.

This almost immediate infusion into the New Reality changed our vantage point in an instant. It expanded our beings and brought in exciting new information. And from this new vantage point we can proceed into the momentous Year 2016.

From a New Vantage Point

After the powerful infusion of E Mao Mao on New Year’s Eve, we feel the strong urge to reorganize and recalibrate everything into a more true position. We want to put things into their right places. To utilize objects and skills which we haven’t yet used. We want to build the foundation of our True Lives, if we haven’t done this already.

There will be times this year when we seem to lose our expanded vantage point. This is because vantage points are like waves – sometimes we are on top of a wave and sometimes we fall down into a trough. These troughs are created by chaos. Of course, it helps if we are in a big boat! But regardless, we need to try to maintain our expanded vantage point at all times.

Sometimes, we can’t see something which we really want to see. This is usually something important like the location of our True Home or True Partner or the details of how to manifest our True Purpose. Since we can’t see it, often we are flooded with doubts. “Where is it? Does it really exist?” It doesn’t matter how much we search for it or how much we yearn to find it, it simply cannot be found from our present location.

This is when we need to shift our vantage point. We do this by making sometimes small steps towards our True Direction. We make the steps that feel right until we arrive in an intermediary place that serves as the launching pad into our True Position. This further shifts our vantage point because from our new position we can now see things that we couldn’t see before. This takes us to where we really want to be. The place where all we seek can be found.

In the Stars

Although my Surf Reports are based on my seeing and feeling of the energies, rather than on astrology and numerology, there are some interesting things happening in those realms. At first glance there seems to be many contradictions and mixed messages. But perhaps if we look at this time from our new vantage point, we will be able to see that there is much going on that is both new and extremely interesting.

First of all, 2016 is a NINE year of completion. This means that we will be completing many aspects of our old lives this year. We will be letting go of old jobs, old friends, old attitudes and habits. And the prevailing energies will greatly support this process of unhooking ourselves from our old lives and shifting into the New Reality.

January is a ONE month in numerology, a month of New Beginnings. So we have a New Beginning at the start of a NINE year of completion. This means that January sets the pace and sets the tone for the entire year. It brings in fresh new energy and a new, greatly expanded vantage point, from which we can now see clearly what needs to be changed and set about bringing many things to resolution.

On the 7th of January, Mercury goes retrograde, which might seem somewhat of a paradox in a month of New Beginnings. There’s the GO! of the ONE month, followed by the “Let’s think about it and let’s revise everything!” of the Mercury Retrograde. What this means is that the elements in our inner beings and external lives that need to be revised will be under a bright spotlight so they are easy to see.

We are also experiencing an interesting number sequence in numerology. Last November was a ONE month of New Beginnings, followed by December’s TWO month emphasizing partnerships. January is also a ONE month, followed by February’s ELEVEN month which highlights partnerships anchored in the New Reality. This could indicate that many people will find their true partners this year, if they haven’t already.

It’s already becoming kind of obvious that this year doesn’t play by the old rules. This is because everything is happening on a totally new level and we are now often able to see everything from the new vantage point. This makes everything more exciting and fun. Even combing through the expired elements in our lives to let them go will be surprisingly easy. There is a new lightness that many of us will feel, no matter what we are doing.

January 2016 Overview

January is a month of New Beginnings and sets the tone for the entire year. At the same time, we are able to clearly see the elements, habits and outdated beliefs within us that are now ready to be transformed or released. And quite helpfully, we now have the energy and enthusiasm to do this with fresh, new energy!

From the very beginning of January we realize that our old play is over. It’s been a long run for many years and we all knew our parts well and how to react to the various cues throughout the performances. But now the play has come to an end and it’s time to remove our costumes, take off our makeup and start forgetting our old lines.

Since the play has been going on for so long, it will take us awhile to remove the old props and dismantle the sets. We are also saying goodbye to some of the cast and crew members whom we won’t see again because they have chosen to remain in another season of the old play which will be held in a much smaller theatre.

At the same time that we are tearing down the old stage, we are also beginning to prepare for the exciting new production that is waiting for us. There will be new sets to create in a brand new theatre ~ the theatre of True Life. We will have new lines to learn and new parts to play. Only this time, we won’t be acting out roles that aren’t true to who we are. We will be playing ourselves for the very first time.

All year long, we will be clearing the stage for all that is to come. In January, many of us will review our current situation with a heightened perception to see what elements no longer belong in our lives. Then, we will leap into action and start making needed changes. We will be getting ready to leave behind old jobs and old relationships which are not aligned with the New Reality. We will be sweeping the decks of all that is expired or untrue and leaving them bare for a time, as a Blank Canvas, until we are ready to create our new stage with the boldest strokes of authenticity and love. This will happen in increments as successive creative surges of inspired Trueness come in. Whenever these creative surges come, we will know what to do and how to do it.


January requires lots of stillness so we can integrate our deeper immersion into the New Reality. It also requires action so we can recalibrate everything. This recalibration doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time, preparation and then action. We see what needs to be recalibrated; we resolve to do it because it feels true, then we have to wait for the Right Time – Right Place to make the action.

We are in a strong year of completion in which many old elements are being brought to resolution. It used to be, “Completing the old frees me for the New.” Now that Completions and New Beginnings are part of the same wave, it’s more like, “Completing the old creates the Seeds of the New.” This merger of Completions and New Beginnings removes the old sense of heaviness from our endeavors and brings a new component of ease and fun to all we do that is greatly welcomed.

Projects which were started last year are now being fully launched. From this, new creative ideas are generated. These new creative projects will be much easier to manifest since we’ve already cleared the path and learned how to do them. Exciting new opportunities are appearing all month long. Many of these opportunities are ones which we couldn’t see before. They are located in unexpected places and directions. Our New Directions are calling us strongly and we can feel our inner being respond to them without resistance. We may have to wait until later this year to get there, but they’re waiting for us.

At the same time, the energy of E Mao Mao from Beyond the Beyond is being felt by more people and is having a strong, transformational effect upon those who are experiencing it. This is helping us immeasurably to stay anchored in the New Reality.

From the beginning of January, the momentum is building up for a big shift in the middle of the month. This huge shiftover that will put us on an entirely new Fast Track to create True Lives.

January is a month of Monumental Shifts on so many levels, from the obvious to the extremely subtle. There’s a noticeable thinning of the veils which enable us to see what was previously unseen. Seeming paradoxes abound until we look at them in a new way from our expanded vantage point.

All year long, we will strongly feel the pull of our True Direction. We are making the needed preparations to leave the old world behind and feeling super excited about the creation of our new True Lives anchored in the New Reality. We will fearlessly embrace authenticity in all aspects of our lives.

January is a potent month full of change and new adventures. It sets the pace for the entire year. We are ready to dismantle our old stage sets, to release our old roles and responses. We are ready to let go of the drama and trauma. And we are ready to totally recreate all aspects of our lives so they are illuminated with greater Trueness.



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