From the very first moment of 2016, we were suddenly plunged into the New Reality. The fresh, new energy of E Mao Mao came in and infused us with waves of inspiration and joy. New insights and creative inspirations started to roll in.

This instantaneous infusion of E Mao Mao enabled us to start the New Year from a new vantage point with an expanded perspective. It’s like we’d been living in a world with dim lights which we thought were normal. Suddenly, at midnight on New Year’s Eve, bright lights turned on! We could now see a lot of things which we couldn’t see before. We felt a strong urge to reorganize everything into a more true position. We suddenly wanted to utilize skills which we hadn’t yet developed. We were ready to build the foundation of our True Lives, if we haven’t done this already.

We now realized that our old play was over. It’s been a long run for many years and we all knew our parts well and how to react to the various cues throughout the performances. But now the play has come to an end and it’s time to remove our costumes, take off our makeup and start forgetting our old lines.

Many of us experienced numerous breakthroughs in January as long standing projects were completed and new ones began. Some of us had a rather challenging month. Instead of experiencing forward movement with obvious breakthroughs, we were flooded with deep sadness and went through a profound review of the disappointments, broken hearts and perceived “mistakes” from our past. We replayed old regrets for all the things we didn’t do in this lifetime. All the wondrous opportunities we missed, with painful feelings of having wasted parts of our lives because we hadn’t pursued our Wildest Dreams. These emotions passed through us like an endless parade, making everything appear hopeless at times.

It felt like our internal well of deep sorrow suddenly overflowed and spilled messily all over us. Although, this was a painful experience, it was extremely helpful in loosening our hardened or hidden, inner grief so it could finally be released. Forgiveness was the key. Forgiveness of those who had hurt us, forgiveness of the situations that caused our disappointment and most importantly, forgiveness of ourselves for some of the choices we made. This process of the emptying out of our well of deep sorrow has to be done before we can fully inhabit the New Reality, so in its own way, this is also a major breakthrough!

Just as we thought we were fully shifting into the New Reality, patches of super rough surf revealed where we were still hooked into unhealthy patterns. We learned that we cannot surf the quantum surf with each of our feet on a different dimensional surf board. At some point we must make a complete leap into the New.

A New Seriousness

There’s a new seriousness that permeates everything right now. This is being further triggered by the wave of deaths of beloved musicians, actors and friends which began in January. These are people who profoundly influenced us when we were growing up and still figuring out who we are. These surprising deaths have brought up issues of our own mortality and how fragile it is to be here on Earth in a physical body. This signifies the end of an era. Now we are on our own.

This new seriousness will only get stronger with each passing month with the continuation of shocking events in the outer world. We are being immeasurably deepened, plunging us into ever greater Trueness. With our enhanced seriousness of purpose, we now realize that it’s time to step forward and regain control of our planet. It’s NOW OR NEVER! We have to flip everything over and make the shift from duality to Oneness.

With the new seriousness, many of us are undergoing an in depth review of our lives. We are still experiencing a procession of experiences and emotions from our past, but now it’s like a dim reflection observed from a great distance.

It feels like we are squeezing out the last bit of our old lives, old beliefs and expired ways of doing things. This is similar to squeezing the last bit of toothpaste out of the old tube, until there is no more left in the old container. This will immeasurably free us to fully inhabit the New Reality.

There’s a strong feeling of NOW OR NEVER. We can feel that THIS IS IT! There’s no more waiting. Everything is now ON THE LINE.

True Partnerships

There’s a relationship component in 2016 that we haven’t seen for a long time. This makes it quite likely that many of us will reunite with our True Partner this year, if we haven’t done this already. This will happen when we least expect it. We don’t have to go out looking for them. We will be naturally brought together, and even though we may appear to be outwardly different, our connection will be strongly felt on a core essence level. When we recognize this core level connection, something will just naturally click into position between us. And we will suddenly realize that our long search is over!

Even though there’s a strong sense of kindred familiarity and deep comfort, our True Partner won’t be someone who fits into the mold of our old life. We don’t come together to live out old relationship dynamics. The reason why many of us couldn’t find our True Partner before is because we were trying to find someone who would fit into our old, duality-based lives, rather than someone with whom we could create the New Reality. We are meant to inhabit the New Reality together, not our old world.


Old relationship elements such as jealousy, possessiveness and insecurity will no longer exist, because there’s a deep knowingness and willing acceptance that this is the real thing. We are no longer bound by social conditioning and there’s no more holding back since we cannot lose our true selves in our relationship. We call forth the Trueness in our partner by bringing forth the Trueness within our own being. And we can only be together if we are embodying our Trueness. Many of the things that used to matter in a relationship aren’t important anymore. All our old relationship types and preferences are gone. Instead, we focus on our shared purpose birthing the New Reality.

Our True Partner might well be someone totally unexpected. There could be a large age difference or they could come from another country or a very different culture. This helps stretch us beyond our old conditioning. When we come together, we don’t go live in one person’s old life; instead we create a completely new True Life together, often in a new location. As we grow into our personal Trueness, our relationship blossoms into its Trueness.

If you are already with your True Partner, your relationship will deepen immeasurably this year, revealing new ways of being with each other. A conscious commitment will be made, acknowledging the bond between you. This will move your relationship to a whole new level.

The Search is Over!

2016 is a NINE year of completion. This means that we will be completing many aspects of our old lives this year. We will be letting go of old jobs, friends, relationships, old dreams, attitudes and habits. All the prevailing energies will greatly support this process of unhooking ourselves from our old lives and shifting into the New Reality.

There’s a new sense of THIS IS IT as we anchor ourselves into the Expanded HERE and NOW. The past is turning into dust before our very eyes. The search is over. Our yearnings are either fulfilled or released. We’ll never walk this way again. We already have the clothes we will wear. We already have the music we will listen to. We’ve already read most of the books we will read. We don’t need to buy much more because we already have what we need.

Sometime this year, we will realize that the search is finally over. We are HOME. Home in the New Reality of AN.



At the very beginning of the year, we woke up into the New Reality. Everything felt completely different, as if we had suddenly been thrust into a world that had a lavender sky rather than a blue one. This expanded and enhanced perception will become increasingly normal to us as we move deeper into the New Reality all year long while the old world of duality will feel ever more distant and unreal.

The first few days of February have been surprisingly rough. It felt as if we were traveling through a distortion band where nothing appeared as it really is. We either felt extremely emotional or ultra detached and distant. Since then, the energies are smoothing out. Now we can feel that the engines are revving and something big is about to begin!

A noticeable shift will occur around the time of the Chinese and Tibetan New Year on February 8th. This is when the Green Lights will turn on and illuminate our True Path for the rest of the year. Everything will start moving forward at an accelerated pace. Things that have been in a Stop! – Wait. – Go! – Stop! mode since last August will finally move forward. It feels like a pressure valve has been opened and the excess built-up air is being released. Many projects, as well as aspects of our old lives, will now be completed. Another exhilarating surge of ‘A Mu’a begins!

The Fire Monkey ignites into full brilliance and scampers full speed into the New Reality, grabbing us by the hand and taking us with him. Although the Fire Monkey is very playful, wildly creative and loves making mischief, they also have a powerful mastery of focused intent. They are not only exceedingly clever, but excel at “out of the box” creative solutions. He / she is our perfect companion this year, for with the Fire Monkey by our side, anything is possible!

February is a very potent month which gives us greater clarity on where we are, where we need (want) to go and how to do it. Unexpected opportunities offer us the changes we’ve been looking for. These often come from surprising directions. Our True Path is now illuminated by a series of shining Green Lights, making it easier to see than ever before.

At times it might feel like we are in the proverbial hallway of many doors. Some doors are solidly closing behind us, while others are actually disappearing into the Invisible with a sense of finality. But one door will call to us. Our new door will be sparkling with dancing lights to get our attention. This is the right door for us, the door we’ve been wanting so much to find. Once we see it, it could open at any moment or it may take a few more months. My feeling is that it will definitely open by the month of May, if not sooner.

The energy of E Mao Mao from Beyond the Beyond is being strongly felt by the planetary collective where it is having a strong transformational effect upon those who are experiencing it. This is triggering a great awakening all over the planet as the veils dissolve and portions of humanity sudden shake off the layers of illusion and clearly see the falseness of duality, all those things which have long been presented to us as real. It like the story of the “Emperor’s New Clothes”. Now, we can see the unvarnished, naked truth.

When we look around at the world, there are massive energetic challenges and conflicting forces that are trying to choke us with ‘smoke and mirrors’ as duality crumbles. It is easy to get saturated and sucked into the political dramas, the sideshows and the emotional manipulations that are unfolding.

Yet, it’s increasingly easier for us to discern what is REAL and what is UNREAL. A good example of this is the Zika virus which is now being promoted as a world wide, health catastrophe. If we do the research, we will discover that the Zika virus has been around for a long time and was never before associated with microcephaly and that the probable cause of the outbreak of babies being born with small heads is most likely the man-made TDAP vaccine. Fortunately, many of us are aware enough to realize this and not fall into the trap of false fear. This is another example of why we all need to be ultra aware at all times.

All of the terrible injustices that appear to be happening on this planet, may turn out to just be a distorted illusion – the Greatest Illusion of All Time. This is a strong possibility since the very nature of duality is to create illusions. Perhaps all that’s happening is an illusion, but even if this is true, we need to shatter this illusion and remove all the discordant ugliness and suffering from the planet.

The most effective way to do this is to strengthen the resonance of the New Reality by fully inhabiting it, which is exactly what some of us are already doing. The New Reality needs to be extremely solid to deal with all the shifts and changes taking place on this planet.

February will bring us more deep breakthroughs on many levels as we continue to solidify our New Reality. We will experience breakthroughs by releasing more of our old habits, behaviors and duality-based beliefs. We will experience numerous creative breakthroughs as we birth the New in various forms while surfing a massive creative surge. There will also be significant breakthroughs as we make the conscious choice to firmly reset our inner control panels to the coordinates of the New Reality.

While we are in the midst of profound internal and external change, we may feel like we are under scaffolding, like a building that is undergoing a profound restructurization. During this time, we may feel super sensitive and sometimes irritable for no apparent reason. We may not be able work at our usual pace or put our complete focus on doing the things that we usually do. Instead, we need lots of free time for being quiet and Not-Doing while we move ever deeper into the New Reality.

February is the month that we really begin to wake up and embrace a new way of being and this will continue throughout 2016. We exude a new sense of natural confidence. We trust our Heart’s Knowingness and accept its guidance with little or no resistance. We feel more comfortable with who we are and it shows outwardly. The New Reality feels more solid and grounded. We’ve been working inside ourselves, integrating all the new energies that have been thrown at us over the past year and now, we’ve woken up into a whole new matrix of creation. It’s very exciting to see all the new possibilities that have finally opened up in front of us.

As we walk through the month of February, many things will be in a process of completion. Yet at the same time, with every step we take, something new will emerge. We are moving into a New Landscape full of new jobs, new creations, new people and new places.

All month long, we will be following the procession of glowing Green Lights over a path never before walked. Each step will bring a breakthrough and each advance will immerse us deeper into the New Reality.


With True Love from the Heart of AN

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  1. I wish to express my heartfelt gratitude for your “Surf Reports” over these last few years. They have helped me “surf” my own life and path; have assisted me in remaining as grounded as possible; which has helped me remain in my “flow”; served as a form of guidance; and assisted me in returning to my center as I have “navigated” through this wonderful, though challenging, time. I am so very grateful.

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