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A Look Back at 2016

2016 was definitely a Fire Monkey Year! It brought a lot up to the surface. A large wave people left the planet, including some beloved people who played a key part in our awakening process. Many of us experienced a profound RESET into Trueness. And although we may not fully see it yet, a major shift has happened!

2016 was an extremely intense year with powerful concurrent realities vying for our attention. This brought forth a state of unprecedented chaos as duality continued to fight for its existence as our predominant reality. Yet paradoxically, the chaos actually catalyzed and quickened the growth of the Seeds of the True within us. We experienced a profound deepening of our compassion, our love and sense of Oneness.

The veils between the worlds became ever thinner and increasingly transparent, allowing us to see what was really going on as never before. Layers upon layers of ingrained illusion were revealed, as well as the hidden agendas and true motives behind those in control on the level of duality. We could now see the constant manipulation of the populace to keep us disempowered and the wanton destruction of the environment. Duality was falling apart and doing all it could to keep us under its control.

For some, 2016 brought a real loss of innocence as the fabric of their long established beliefs was ripped asunder. This was unbelievably painful at times. Yet, 2016 was not a terrible year for those who understood what was happening beyond the surface appearances. Since so many of our perceptions were being flipped over, turned inside out and greatly expanded, we became increasingly free. We no longer believed what we were programmed to believe. We realized that our Heart’s Knowingness will always lead us true.

During this year, there were numerous outer events, both natural and man-made, that served as powerful catalysts of change. Although some of these events were shocking or traumatic in nature, they woke us up. Had events played themselves out more to our liking, perhaps many of us would have drifted back into the sleep of complacency.

Since we weren’t happy with what was happening in the outer world, these shocking events helped catapult us out of our unconscious immersion into duality. They shattered numerous illusions and stretched our awareness until we started seeing that amongst the mountain of frauds now being revealed, duality itself was the Mother of All Frauds and Illusions!

As we expanded our awareness Off the Map of the Known to see what is REALLY there, WHAT IS REAL and TRUE, we experienced an unprecedented Great Awakening. This is when we finally started emerging as true, authentic beings. We became alert and ultra aware of the ongoing crisis playing itself out in the collapsing world of duality. And we discovered that we didn’t have to inhabit duality anymore. Instead, we can live in the exquisite energies of the New Reality of AN.

This is when many of us decided that it was time to seriously unhook ourselves from duality. We began consciously removing the threads of our beings from the Tapestry of Duality and starting weaving them into the new Tapestry of Oneness. Each time this was done, the Tapestry of Duality became weaker and developed more holes. At the same time, the resonance of the New Reality became ever stronger and more visible. The long awaited Shift in Paradigms became ever closer.

This reweaving of the threads of our beings from the Tapestry of Duality into the Tapestry of Oneness will continue until duality is no longer able to hold itself together as a viable reality system. Until all those who choose to perpetuate this illusion either wake up and transform or are removed from the planet. Until our Mother Earth, Pachamama is finally respected. Until a glorious New World, anchored in the New Reality of AN, is fully manifest.

If you want to read more about the Tapestries of Duality and Oneness, please see my 2016 Surf Report.

The years of 2016 and 2017 form a unit, even though they are quite different. In 2016 we brought many old situations to completion. We released many aspects of our old lives and ways of being. We clearly saw what was wrong in the world and woke up quickly. We discovered that our Completions are our Beginnings.

In 2017 our focus will be concentrated on living and expanding the New Reality and on creating the type of True Life that we have always wanted.


“We must first separate in order to unite.”
…. The I Ching or Chinese Book of Changes

We are obviously in a time of super polarization. The Great Divide is in full effect. It is manifesting in our circles of friends, family, business associates and acquaintances. Paradoxically, we all want the same thing in the end, but are at odds with each other about the roads to take in which to get there. The danger is to get pulled back into the “Good Guys” versus “Bad Guys” syndrome of duality. “US” versus “Them”. If we do, we will remain stuck as pawns in the old chess game of Dark and Light.

As we enter 2017, we can clearly see that most of the old patriarchal Emperors’ clothes have disappeared and they are stripped naked! And this isn’t a pretty sight.

What to do? It’s now obvious that we can’t rely on the “democratic” voting process to be fair or to right the wrongs. We can’t rely on the mass media to tell us what is true. We can’t rely on the police or military machine to protect us. We can’t rely on our governments, corporations, educational systems and the medical establishment to do what’s right for the people or for the Earth. We can’t trust the food we eat, the water we drink or the air we breathe.

How do we remove ourselves from the Duality Game? We cannot start a violent revolution to overthrow those who are so grossly misusing their power. This is because we cannot conquer duality by fighting it on a duality level ~ for then we become the same as it. And as long as we are still believing in duality, we will continue to feed it. Yet, we know that we must find a way to flip everything over and turn duality inside out so we can take back our planet and live in a New Paradigm of Oneness.

We can start by letting go of all our old definitions and criteria of who is awakened or enlightened and realize that it’s more important to become REAL and TRUE. We need to give EVERYONE a chance to shift. All types of people from all over the world are waking up like never before and we need to quicken the Sleeping Giant of our One True Being. It’s time for us to state that, “Enough is Enough!” And then to openly demonstrate the immense power inherent in our collective ~ People Power. But we need to do this on a level beyond duality.

Throughout this year, we will encounter unexpected allies and form unforeseen alliances. There will be increased communication between us and we will organize networks to serve a shared purpose. One of our biggest allies will be Pachamama herself.

We all need to create an Emergency Team. We all need our support group, both locally and spread across the planet. Look for the True Ones in your immediate environment and join forces with them. Look for True Ones all over the world and support them in any way you can.

For now, we have to sit in the Great Stillness and turn off all the cacophony of the chaos of the collective. We have to turn off the overload of input that we are continually bombarded with for awhile. We have to be like tigers, lying in deep stillness, watching everything with one eye open. Super quiet and ultra alert. Ready to leap through the hoop of fire in one jump.

We are ready!


“Take off your disguise, show your starry eyes,….” by Omashar

There is so much more to Who We Really Are than we dare express, but since these times are so immensely challenging, many people are compressing themselves into what is familiar. Some are retreating back into their old personas right now and wrapping themselves in the old, shimmery blanket of their ego. Some women are putting their primary focus on trying to be artifically sexy and alluring, as if makeup and decolletage will attract their True Partner, rather than simply being True Hearted. (Of course, if you’re doing this because it makes YOU happy, rather than trying to conform to the criteria of duality, that’s perfectly fine.) Some are trying to appear normal while disappearing into the crowd, such as at sports events, so they won’t have to stand up for what they know to be true. All this does is hold us back.

Like the old country and western song, we’ve been “Looking for Love in all the wrong places”. We don’t need artifice anymore. We don’t have to try to look younger or more seductive according to the criteria of duality to find our True Partner. We don’t need to have advanced university degrees to prove to society that we’re smart. Do we have such low self esteem that we don’t think that our Trueness is good enough? We don’t need to be validated by duality in order to know our own self worth. The most beautiful people are always those who are stripped down and real.

What’s most needed in this world right now? It’s True Ones. Look at people like Leonard Cohen whose appeal was the raw trueness of his voice and the depth of his lyrics. Or Bernie Sanders and the former president of Uruguay, José Mujica, older men with great hearts which shine through their lack of slick finesse, like rough cut diamonds. These people aren’t trying to conform to duality; they are simply themselves and this is more than enough! They are absolutely brilliant.

If we want to be beautiful, all we have to do is to live our Trueness and embody our Love. Being a True One with a True Heart is more than enough. It doesn’t matter if we are tall, short, fat, thin, young or old. We can allow ourselves to be human and real. We can be angry and sad when that’s how we honestly feel. We can be fragile and vulnerable. We can be strong and powerful. True Ones with True Hearts are magnificent. We don’t need the approval of the duality-based society to validate who we are. Let’s release the deep rooted distrust of our own self that we are not good enough. Let’s GET REAL. Let’s BE REAL. Let’s allow the unvarnished beauty of our Trueness to shine forth!



The fundamental nature of duality is linear. Point A and Point Z are at opposite ends of the spectrum. These two points always form a polarity. One side is considered “Good” and the opposite end is considered “Bad”. Duality needs to maintain this linear dynamic in order to survive.

In my book, “EL•AN•RA: The Healing of Orion”, this linear polarity of duality was represented in the star constellation of Orion by the Lords of Light centered at the star Betelgeuse and the Dark Lords with their headquarters on the star of Rigel at the opposite end of the constellation. These Lords of Light and Lords of Dark maintained a continual balance of duality, much like a teeter totter. One side would go up while the other side would go down, and then the process would reverse. There was never a decisive final battle in which one side would be completely vanquished, for this never happens within duality.

This dynamic of maintaining an equilibrium of power within the linear patterning of duality is still in play today. We see it in all “Us” versus “Them” scenarios and we see it in our political parties. It is played out within the duality-based religions which promote separation, rather than unity and with the riches of the 1% versus the poverty of everyone else. The linear dynamic of duality really doesn’t present us with much of a choice, since it represents the two sides of the same coin.

In “EL•AN•RA”, the captured Angel Kurala did something that had never been done before. She started conquering planets just for fun, and then she created a third force which she called the Universal Nations Army (Alliance) or UNA, which also means ONE. This action was greatly disturbing to all who were playing out the dynamic of duality, for it broke the Gentlemen’s Agreement to maintain the equilibrium of duality and created a Third Point which wasn’t part of duality. This Third Point was Off the Map of the known linear patterning. And unknown to Kurala, this creation of a Third Point beyond duality, threatened the very existence of duality. For when duality is expanded beyond its preordained linear patterning, it can no longer exist!


This is exactly what is needed right now. We need to Triangulate duality by creating a Third Point which is beyond duality. This Third Point is located in the Invisible and is the New Reality of AN. The Third Point represents our True Nature. It is Oneness. It is the Ultra Greater Reality. It is Pure Heart Love and Trueness.

Then we all need to step out of duality and place our beings into the New Reality. The New Reality of AN is composed of numerous concentric circles. Circles within circles. AH is the sound of the first breath, AN is the manifestation into the physical of the first breath of the New Reality.

Once this new Third Point is established, a powerful activation takes place and a Triangulation occurs between the two poles of duality and the new Third Point, stretching duality beyond its linear parameters into a new, vastly expanded configuration. This quickens and activates our One True Being. The new Triangle of the Greater Love becomes the Tip of the Point which pierces duality to the core. When this happens, duality splits apart and turns itself right-side out!

Creating this Third Point anchored in the New Reality is the most effective option that I know of that will flip over duality.

(EL•AN•RA is a wild love story between a Star Commander and a captured Angel set during the Intergalactic Wars. It’s fast paced and often funny. Yet, by the end of the book, you realize that you have been transformed and duality has been turned inside out. It’s a perfect story for this time and would make a brilliant movie! If you are interested in reading EL•AN•RA, here is a link to order it.)


Crazy Horse had a vision he shared with Sitting Bull during a pipe ceremony
just four days before he was murdered.

“Upon suffering beyond suffering, the red nation shall rise again
and it shall be a blessing for the sick world.
A world filled with broken promises, selfishness and separation.
A world longing for light again.
I see a time of seven generations, when all the colors of mankind
will gather under the sacred tree of life
and the whole earth will become one circle again.”

“I salute the light within your eyes where the whole universe dwells.
For when you are at the center within you and I am that place within me,
we shall be as One.”

Crazy Horse died in 1877. If we use 20 years as the number to represent one generation,
we can conclude that 2017 is the year that the true people would gather.

• • • •

One of the great movements that began last year was Standing Rock. Although it started as a peaceful protest against an oil pipeline in North Dakota, USA, it touched the hearts of many and quickly spread all over the world. Standing Rock was a global wake up call and a massive catalyst that showed us a long forgotten way of being. It was a call for us to stand up and make a Last Stand to take back and preserve our planet before it’s too late.

Standing Rock is one of the most significant events of our lifetime so far, regardless of the outcome. It is the fulfillment of a vital prophecy that we’ve been waiting for. People everywhere are watching and getting involved in what is happening there, and it isn’t just the people currently living on the planet, but our ancestors are part of this too. So are all other living creatures, as well as Pachamama herself. The resistance against the pipeline and the stance of the peaceful Water Protectors is definitely a cosmic, inter dimensional event. It is effectively waking up the Sleeping Giant of our One True Being.

Standing Rock has also served as the model to show us the power of living in prayer. This is not the old, passive prayer of calling out to a God, separate from ourselves, for help. It’s not people plaintively calling for peace from their broken hearts, full of sadness and fear. Instead, it’s a stepping in and aligning ourselves to the powerful resonance of Sacred Oneness which is ever present, with the realization that all of life is sacred and that everything is interwoven into the ONE. This is True Prayer which is beyond duality.

Another lesson of Standing Rock is the way that everyone works together while respecting the guidance of the elders. It’s a beautiful example of Mastering Service as One Being in Action. (Mastering Service is doing what is needed, when it is needed.) Our planetary elders, the First Wave, have a lot to share right now and it’s important that some of us take this opportunity to learn from them. These First Wave are found all over the world and aren’t limited to Native People.

Standing Rock is the beginning of a powerful, yet peaceful, reclaiming of our stewardship of our planet that is igniting all over the world this year. Already, numerous new groups are forming in various locations to peacefully stop the desecration of our environment.

In November, thousands of people converged at Standing Rock. Millions more sent supplies and financial support or aligned themselves energetically with constant prayers. Standing Rock became a crystal arrowhead, the Tip of the Point that would serve as a wedge to create a Crack Between the Worlds in the Rock of Duality. Once this stone fissured, the Tipping Point would be reached and duality would turn inside out.

We were so very close to this happening. And then Standing Rock experienced a null zone created by divisive forces vying for control. Human egos got involved and the solid unity that was essential there was broken. Yes, we’ve seen this story happen again and again throughout the long history of this planet when we’ve gotten so close to a massive breakthrough and then there is a null zone. But somehow this time, the outcome was different.

The story of Standing Rock didn’t stop when the null zone occurred. Instead, at the moment of the shattering, the shards of the crystal arrowhead were scattered all over the world. They are now carried within our hearts. WE ARE ALL STANDING ROCK. We are all the crystal arrowhead. We are all the Water Protectors. We are all the Guardians of Pachamama.

On many levels, we can see that there is so much wrong in this world that has to be made right. We can’t leave this to the elders or the youth. We have to all do it together as ONE. We have to stand up for what we know is True. We need to be ready to leap into action at the right moment to do the right thing with the right people.

Standing Rock has given us the Key we need. WE ARE ALL THE TIP OF THE POINT! Now it is up to us to create the Tipping Point that will split asunder the rock of duality. Let’s come together as One Being in Action and do it!


Since this is another challenging year, I’ve put together a New Reality Toolbox which will help us maintain our equilibrium and Trueness while surfing extremely Choppy Surf and Tsunamis of Change. Some of these Tools might seem obvious, but even so, they work!


Pachamama is the ultimate, master healer. It’s not a cliché to hug a tree, walk barefoot, lie on the earth, bask in the sunshine, take walks, swim, work in the garden. They really help us align ourselves to what is real. And to stay grounded!


The Stars are our True Family. They are always with us, sending us vast love and support. By communing with them, we also remember our true vastness and that we are not alone.


Everything is sacred. Every moment contains the chance of a lifetime. If we truly walk through life in a sacred manner, everything around us will be transformed.


Remember the old saying, “The Buddha is found carrying wood and fetching water”. This is so true. When things become intense, clean your house, move things around, paint a wall, get rid of old clutter and recalibrate all the energies. Everything will feel so much better. And so will you!


The 11:11 and AN Mudras are sacred movements which bring the New Reality into our physical bodies. Doing them anchors our vastness into our physical bodies and takes us beyond our thoughts or emotions. The Mudras are extremely effective tools for transformation.

Here are links to the 11:11 & AN Mudras:

With explanations:

In a continuous flow:


Making mandalas are a great form of meditation. When we create a mandala, we make a map of the Expanded HERE and NOW. Just the process itself moves us into the pure, abstract energies of the New Reality. Don’t think about the end result of what you are creating ~ whether or not it will be to your liking. Be spontaneous. Simply go step by step, always doing the next thing you can see on your mandala. And soon it will be done! It will be absolutely perfect and surprisingly beautiful.


This one is really important. If we treat each day as if it is our first day on Earth, we are not bound to our old preferences nor influenced by our past experiences. We carry no old emotional residue. Everything is new and fresh. And if we treat each day as if it is our last day on Earth, we can savor the preciousness of life. We can treat those near and dear to us with extra tenderness and love. There is no need to try to look into the future, instead we can simply focus on fully inhabiting the Expanded HERE and NOW.


The Silent Watchers are the vast beings who have kept the worlds within worlds in balance since the Beginning of Time. Each of us is a Silent Watcher. When we consciously sit as a Silent Watcher, it takes us out of the turmoil of our human lives and gives us an infinitely vaster perspective. As a Silent Watcher, we can effectively embody Pure Heart True Love, call forth the True Ones and emanate the reassurance that ALL IS WELL.

Here is the Silent Watcher Video:


I created the Cards of AN specifically for this momentous time when we most need clarity. Unlike most oracle type cards, the Cards of AN work on the level of the Ultra Greater Reality. They bring confirmation of our Heart’s Knowingness and always show us our Truest Direction. The Cards of AN are a living, interactive tool which are amazingly accurate and a great help to keep us aligned and True.


(Not a joke!) Writing the Surf Reports is a lot of work, but I do it because they are so helpful in understanding how to surf the current energies at play in the world. When we are aware of what is really going on, it’s much easier to cope with it.

The 2017 Overview

2017 is a powerful year full of far reaching, seismic changes. It’s a year of ever growing transparency where much of the remaining residue of illusion will completely fall away. Mainstream institutions will continue to decline and collapse. We will experience a lot of upheaval and tricky situations in 2017 as myriad scenarios attempt to play themselves out all at once in just one year. Duality is making its final attempt to be accepted as real.

This year will be both deeply challenging and extremely liberating. All year long, we will be undergoing a massive RESET which will affect us deeply on all levels. The coal of our beings is turning into diamonds. By the end of the year, many of us will be on a new, vastly expanded level. We will no longer be able to engage in anything that isn’t True or Real. We will be profoundly altered and more authentic than ever before.

2017 is a year of True Action that marks the end of practicing, hoping and trying. There’s no more waiting for things to happen, no more numbing ourselves out with distractions, no more searching, no more pretending that these are normal times and no more hiding from ourselves. Everything now becomes Ultra REAL and ON THE LINE. This is the year for us to Step into the New Reality and Stand Up for What We Know is True!

The game which is playing out now on the fields of duality has the highest stakes possible ~ the survival of our planet and all life upon it. It’s time to use all our skills, all our knowledge, all our wisdom, all our mastery, all our magic, all our love to mend the hoop of the people and serve as true stewards of our planet before it’s too late.

2017 is the beginning of a New Year, as well as the beginning of a new Nine Year astrological cycle. But more than that, it is the beginning of the rest of our lives. It is the beginning of a mega new MU’A cycle. Because of this, where we position ourselves this year is of utmost importance, for it will hugely determine what we will experience. And wherever we put our energy and attention, is what we will receive more of.

If we choose to continue to live in duality, we will begin yet another chapter of our well worn, familiar old story ~ only this time, there may be some surprises that lead us to completely unexpected experiences. We may be thrust into totally new directions that are Off the Map of what we have known before. Or suddenly, some of the pages in the old chapters of our past might turn blank and slide out of our memory banks. These old memories simply don’t matter anymore. We might start out trying to write a nice, normal chapter for this year, but this won’t last for long. Our 2017 chapter has a high probability of turning into an epic adventure!

If we choose to inhabit the New Reality, we’re not going to be writing in our old book anymore. Instead, we are now writing our True Story. Throughout this new story is an underlying theme of the deep fulfillment which only comes from fully living our Love and Trueness. In our True Story, this is a year of harvest when what is truly ours will come to us in its perfect timing. We will be in our True Positions with our True People, living True Lives while fulfilling our True Purpose. This will bring us much joy.

As we enter the momentous year of 2017, it may feel like there are two, quite different, parallel years going on at the same time in two different reality systems. And in many ways this is true. This presents us with two, extremely different, views of the year and two sets of potential experiences. If we look at outer appearances within the world of duality, we might approach this year with lots of dread and fear. Yet, if we listen to the inner promptings of our Heart’s Knowingness and align ourselves with the energies of the New Reality, we will feel very excited about this year. Bring It On!

No matter what, 2017 is definitely going to be a wild roller coaster ride. It feels as if there are two Planet Earths and we cannot be part of both. We can no longer straddle the fence between different reality systems. We have to choose where we are going to live and firmly anchor ourselves there. We no longer have the time to wait for anyone or anything; we have to align ourselves to what feels absolutely True. Otherwise, we will continue to feel so out of place, so far from what we most desire, so distant from our True Position.

In 2017 we have to let go of any nostalgia for the past and put our full attention into our New Beginnings. Every day of this New Year is a MU’A day of New Beginnings. Every day is the time to do the right things. Each day we need to remember Who We Really Are. We have to learn to live in this New Reality ~ to choose it every moment and not let anything or anyone, stop us from manifesting our True Life. There is nowhere else we can go; it is not possible to re-enter the dying world of duality where everything feels so out of place, where everything feels so involuted and disintegrating. If we do not listen to the feelings of our heart and stand up to do what we have come to do here, we ourselves will begin to enter into that process of disintegration – and we do not want that.

There will be many times throughout the year when we will feel so totally flattened by the energies that we won’t be able to function in the old ways. There will also be times when we have to consciously turn off the clamor of the collective. We may become sick and have to stop everything until we reemerge on a new level. Since the veils are so transparent, we may have moments of feeling how fragile and tenuous this plane is becoming, and feel as if we could wake up into a completely different reality at any time. This is all completely understandable and OK. It’s important that we continually allow ourselves lots of quiet time to integrate and reset our energies.

We’re also discovering areas where our mind won’t go anymore. Certain things either dissolve or slide away when we try to apply our rational thinking process to them. We may try to grab onto a thought or emotion, only to realize that it immediately disappears into thin air and there’s nothing to grab onto. This can occur with many types of thoughts or emotions. Our mind starts on the path there, then it stops when it encounters a dead end. This is happening because these elements are now expired or irrelevant.

Almost all the pieces are in position on the board. It’s taken a long time to get them there. It’s taken humanity a long time to wake up. It’s no coincidence that ignorant and greedy ones are in positions of power at the same time that so many people are awakening. This is what is catalyzing us to awaken so quickly!

The only way we make all the work we’ve done on ourselves and all the lifetimes we’ve spent in planetary service worthwhile is to be irrevocably transformed by it. If we remain as we were, than how can we expect the world to change? We would be very foolish to think that we made all this journey so far ~ only to lose ourselves within the many distractions of duality and miss the opportunity to do the Great Shift of Paradigms that we chose to come here to do.


Transforming Duality into the New Reality.

Yes, it’s been a long journey and many of us are profoundly tired. But giving up hope is not an option. The challenges are real and the intensity levels are high. This is when we need to gather up our energy one more time and step forward as True Ones. These are the times when we are most needed. Just shine, shine, shine! Be a Sacred Pagoda for all to see that, despite any outer appearances, ALL IS WELL. They will know; they will see it on our faces and in our Love. They will feel safe and feel our peace and a remembrance of our True Home.

The first months of 2017 emphasize finding and getting into our True Position. Around April, we will be taking bold steps to manifest our True Lives. Later in the year, there will be a strong energy of joy as a result of what we have accomplished. It may feel like we are taking our first steps into a completely new world. Everything will feel very real in a whole new way.

2017 brings much excitement. Great changes are taking place and we are moving to a completely new position. This year we have to set a clear course and stay true to it. We are taking back our lives and recreating them into the True Lives we have always yearned for. We will be uniting together and making a stand for Mother Earth. This is our best chance yet to change the world. Let’s do it!



Welcome to 2017!!!



With Deep Gratitude to these Brilliant Contributors:
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“The Legend of Altazar” and “EL•AN•RA: The Healing of Orion”

It’s time now to find the right people to make brilliant films of my two books, “The Legend of Altazar” and “EL•AN•RA: The Healing of Orion”.

If these films are made with integrity and Trueness, they will wake up millions of people all over the world and touch them deeply.

Over the years, I’ve been approached by several movie producers and had meetings with them in Hollywood, but it never felt like the Right Time or the Right People. Now it is the Right Time. So we only have to find the Right People to make these films.

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She is the author of seven beloved metaphysical books: “The Star-Borne”, “11:11”, “The Legend of Altazar”, “EL•AN•RA – The Healing of Orion”, “How to Live Large on a Small Planet”, “Invoking Your Celestial Guardians” and the new “Cards of AN”.


  1. As always, Solara you bring forth the information and the energy to help people realize the potential that they have to change and be the change. This report is amazing and I hope many individuals realize that it is now Time to step into the True Essence they are. You are an amazing teacher and mentor for this planet and I am honored to walk with you.
    Blessings and Love in Oneness,
    Rev. Christine Meleriessee

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