Solaras January 2017 Surf Report
The Feathers of the Firebird

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December 2016 Review

December marked the completion of our age of innocence. It was when we realized that things are not getting worse, but UNCOVERED. Centuries old systems are breaking down fast and fragmentation is everywhere. Each turbulent event releases and uncovers hidden pockets of the old. Such exposure is necessary in order to address numerous social and environmental issues. Each of these shocking events allow us to see more clearly what is really going on.

We are in a time when there is a lot of misinformation flying around. It’s important that we do not promulgate this misinformation; that we remain anchored in Trueness, no matter what. When shocking events occur, we cannot allow ourselves to jump into duality-based reactions. We cannot leap into blaming groups that bring separation such as nationalism, religion or race. And we cannot make sudden conclusions about what is really going on without LOOKING LARGER.

In December, we turned our attention to healing ourselves from the profound shattering we had experienced this year. It was a perfect time to comb through our beings and locate any limitations we had placed within ourselves. Once these unconscious limitations were located, we began to remove them from our personal matrix, just like pulling up a weed by its roots. And as we did, we felt increasingly freer and lighter.

Unhooking Ourselves from Duality

“The only way to be free of our Past,
is to no longer be the same person who experienced it.”

…. The High Hermitage Journal at the Lama Foundation in New Mexico.

Many of us want to unhook ourselves from duality, but don’t know how to do this. It’s best to start with small steps and proceed from there. We can begin by initiating changes in our lives that will get us out of living with automatic responses.

Here are some suggestions:

• Change Your Activities •

Let go of some of your usual activities and do things that you’ve never done before. Take a trip to somewhere unexpected. Ride a horse. Volunteer in an animal shelter.

• Recalibrate Your Living Space •

Make visible changes such as rearranging your furniture and painting a wall in a bright color that you love. Put something new on your walls. This will remind you every day that changes are coming into your life.

• Get Rid of Outer Clutter •

Most of the clutter that surrounds us is lifeless. It simply takes up space and doesn’t give us anything back in exchange. Go through your clothes, books, kitchen wear and house decorations and let go of the ones which don’t inspire you. We don’t need to keep clothes which we don’t like, even if they’re in good condition, or books that we will never read again or house decorations that we never liked, even if they were a present from our Great Aunt Elizabeth. In releasing them, we create space for fresh, new energies to come in.

• Declutter the Inner •

Inside our beings there is also much old clutter. The clutter of old thoughts, emotions, memories, expired dreams, old disappointments and limited beliefs. These all need to be released so we have space to embrace the New and True.

• Alter Your Habits •

Did you know that when we brush our teeth or take a shower that we always do this in the same order? Let’s start consciously brushing our teeth in a different order and washing our body starting in an area that varies every day. This helps us get ourselves out of unconscious autopilot which keeps us stuck in duality.

• Rerouting Leads to New Experiences •

Take different routes to work, the supermarket and wherever else you go regularly. Even if these new routes take longer, it is still worth it. You will see new things and break out of your old patterns.

• Turn Off Your Television •

Immersing ourselves in the mass media of duality is not helpful for setting us free from it. Most of the news and entertainment programming that is shown on TV is designed to keep us lulled into a state of complacent, semi consciousness. And much of it is not true.

• Start Wearing New Colors •

These should be bright, high energy colors, rather than the usual black, grey, brown and dark blue. These dark colors don’t bring any brightness to our surroundings and to our own soul, while the fresh, bright colors bring vibrant aliveness.

• Find a Form of Creative Expression •

It’s vitally important that we find ways to express our True Beings. Often we can do this via painting, singing, dancing or writing. Doing this is deeply nourishing and strengthens Who We Really Are.

• Serve Others •

These times are tough for many people, especially since there is an emphasis on selfish gratification rather than compassionate service. All around us are those who need help. Incorporate some form of regular service to others in your life.

• Stop Treating the Unreal as Real •

Duality is full of rampant illusion. Almost everything we perceive within duality is Backwards. As the veils between the worlds become increasingly thinner and transparent, we are able to see that much of what we believed to be true, wasn’t true. We know this, so why do we still take so seriously the events playing themselves out in the world of duality?

• Look Larger •

When we go to the top of a mountain and look down upon the world, all our travails seem smaller and less significant. Our awareness expands and we get a vaster perspective. This is exactly what we need to do in our daily lives. We are not just poor, struggling human beings stuck on Earth for one lifetime. We are far more than that. We are also more than spiritual beings having a human experience. We are Earth – Star Humans who are far more wise, far more powerful, far vaster and infinitely more loving than we realize. We are Master Healers who have forgotten that the full knowingness of the ONE is already within us. We bring healing to this planet just by walking upon it. We don’t have to become enlightened; we already are! All we need do is to simply remember Who We Really Are and BE IT!

• Regularly Do the 11:11 and AN Mudra •.

They only take a few minutes to do and they powerfully anchor the New Reality into our physical bodies.

• Spend a Few Minutes Each Day Sitting as a Silent Watcher •

The Silent Watchers are the vast beings who hold the Worlds within Worlds into balance. We are all Silent Watchers. Embodying this vaster part of ourselves gives us a much needed, greatly expanded perspective. (Try looking at Donald Trump, for example, from the vantage point of a Silent Watcher and you will see how small and insignificant he appears.) Sitting as a Silent Watcher also noticeably deepens our compassion.

We will be quite active Silent Watchers all year long. We will be constantly sending much needed support, Love and Trueness to all the many places that are stressed during this Great Transition.

Other helpful suggestions can be found in the New Reality Toolbox in my Year 2017 Surf Report.

• • • •

Unhooking from duality requires action. We have to willingly make changes in our lives so we can expand our awareness in order to directly experience the energies of the New Reality. Yes, there is always the possibility that we may be suddenly triggered by an outside event that gives us a glimpse of the New Reality, but we shouldn’t wait for this to happen.

We need to be proactive and make ourselves open and ready to welcome these wondrous new energies into our lives. The longer we remain in duality, the more difficult it will be. Plus, living in the New Reality brings us so much beauty, creativity and true fulfillment. This should be a great incentive to unhook ourselves from duality as quickly as possible.


Many people appear to be quite excited about Disclosure, which they feel will be happening soon. This is the long awaited revelation of our contact with aliens, UFOs and the Planet Nibiru. Some hope that we will learn about advanced energy systems and new technology, while others believe that the impending arrival of Nibiru will be the end of the world.

I personally don’t think that Disclosure is such a big thing. Isn’t it already obvious that UFOs exist and that space aliens have not only visited our planet, but that there are many who are living here amongst us? And if these space aliens are already working with some of the world governments, is it such a good thing? Do we see many governments which are solving the real problems here on Earth and truly serving the people?

I’ve never understood the obsession that people have with UFOs and aliens. I grew up accepting their existence as normal. When I was around eight, my Mother used to take me to UFO Conventions every summer at Giant Rock in the California desert. This is when my Mother and I were pointed out to the crowd by one of the main speakers as examples of Venusians. (This was a bit unsettling to me at that young age. I definitely did not have a normal childhood.) And I grew up seeing so many UFOs that they were nothing special to me.

I’ve never been enthralled with Space Beings. I know that they have nice, shiny space ships, but other than their advanced technology, many of the alien races who travel in space ships are not such highly evolved beings. A lot of them are more mental and technological, rather than being heart centered. And some of them are extremely cold hearted and ruthless, whose only interest in our planet is to strip away its natural resources while regarding the inhabitants of Earth as expendable.

I’ve never wanted to be taken up in their ships for “ascension”, even though I’ve non-physically been on a few of them when I lived in Mt Shasta. Some of the more evolved Space Beings are quite nice, as are their space ships, especially the huge, glass domed biosphere ships full of fountains, gardens and filtered sunlight where I’ve served as a navigator in times past.

I’ve always preferred the energies of Star Beings who are pure light beings full of love. Star Beings don’t need spaceships to travel; they can instantly bilocate to wherever they desire. Most Star Beings, such as the Og Min, reside in the celestial cave heavens, rather than on planets. And since they are composed of pure light, many of them cannot assume human forms. The highest level of Star Beings who can come to Earth in physical bodies is known as the ANNUTARA. This is part of who I am.

If there was real Disclosure of what is really going on, such as the behind the scenes control which space aliens presently exert on this planet on the political, financial and corporate levels, most people would not be able to handle it. This is because there are way worse things happening here on the duality level than what we can presently see, and it would be deeply upsetting if we were consciously aware of them.

I don’t really see how Disclosure of space aliens and UFOs will solve any of the many problems on this planet. The same is true about worrying whether or not the planet Nibiru will arrive and destroy or help us. Real Disclosure would be a major distraction right now because in order to flip over duality, we need to be calm, clear and focused on the New Reality, not in a state of fear or panic. If we saw the true scope of what we are dealing with, we would very likely be quite overwhelmed.

Instead, we should concentrate on unhooking ourselves from duality as soon as possible. We need to stop feeding it by believing in it. Then let’s put our full focus on establishing the Third Point anchored in the New Reality which I wrote about in my Year 2017 Surf Report, so we can Triangulate duality and be free of it, once and for all.

The Fire Rooster Arrives!


The Chinese New Year is on the 28th of January, when the Year of the Fire Rooster begins. This feels like when the 2017 truly begins.

The past year of the Fire Monkey saw a lot of crazy swinging from one extreme to another and a lot of global crises. The wild antics of Monkeys tend to create chaos, especially the Fire Monkey, but this Monkey chaos always leads to awakening and transformation. This is why the Monkey years are always followed by a Rooster year. The Monkey stirs up the pot and breaks apart established structures, while the Rooster loudly calls us to awaken. The Rooster is the Herald of the New Dawn.

Since this is a Fire Rooster Year, we can expect to hear a very loud Wake Up Call. Actually, it will be lots and lots of them! These Wake Up Calls won’t be heard just in the morning; we can expect them at any time or place, getting constantly louder and more persistent, until humanity truly wakes up.

Phoenix Rising


The higher octave of the Rooster is the beautiful Phoenix which is a royal Solar Bird with regal plumage. The aspect of the Phoenix known as the Phoenix Rising from the Ashes only appears during a Fire Rooster Year which occur every sixty years. Since we are entering a Fire Rooster Year on January 28th, this year also brings the entrance of the Phoenix Rising from the Ashes.

Of course, in order to have ashes, there needs to be a fire, and 2017 will have lots of eruptions and lots of fires for the Phoenix to emerge from. Here is the definition of Phoenix Rising from the Cards of AN, “After being burned in the Fires of Transformation, you have been totally cleared out and are now being reborn on a whole new level.” This is true for many of us.

The Phoenix is a long living, royal bird. It is the bird of MU’A. When it dies in the fires of transformation, its body is placed in the Temple of the Sun. This symbolizes the end of an era. And when the Phoenix arises from the ashes, it represents the New Beginning of a major new cycle or MU’A.

The Phoenix is related to the Russian Firebird which is described as a large bird with majestic plumage that glows brightly, emitting red, orange, and yellow light, like a bonfire. If removed, the feathers do not cease glowing, and one feather can light a large, dark room.


THIS YEAR, EACH OF US NEEDS TO BE THE FEATHERS OF THE FIREBIRD, lighting up all the dark corners on this troubled planet!

A Story of the Firebird

A King’s Archer is on a hunt and runs across a Firebird’s feather. The Archer’s horse warns the Archer not to touch it, as bad things will happen. The Archer ignores the advice and brings it back to the King so he will be praised and rewarded.

When the King is presented with the feather, he demands the entire Firebird or he will kill the Archer. The Archer weeps to his horse, who instructs him to put corn on the fields in order to capture the Firebird. The Firebird comes down to eat, allowing the Archer to capture it.

When the King is presented with the Firebird, he demands that the Archer now fetch the Princess Vassilissa so the King may marry her; otherwise, the Archer will be killed. The Archer goes to the Princess’ lands and drugs her with wine to bring her back to the King.

The King is pleased and rewards the Archer; however, when the Princess awakens and realizes she is not home, she begins to weep. If she is to be married, she wants her wedding dress which is under a rock in the middle of the Blue Sea.

Once again the Archer weeps to his horse, then fulfills his duty to his King and brings back the wedding dress. The Princess is stubborn and refuses to marry the King, even with her dress until the Archer is dipped in boiling water.

The Archer begs to see his horse before he is boiled alive and the horse puts a spell on the Archer to protect him from the water. The Archer comes out more handsome than anyone had ever seen. The King sees this and jumps in as well, but instead, is boiled alive. The Archer is chosen to be King and marries the Princess and they live happily ever after.


In this story, the Archer represents someone who has the ability to be deeply focused. Finding the Firebird feather gives him a glimpse of possibilities beyond his normal life. The horse represents the Archer’s physical body which is used to a certain routine. This is why the horse is unwilling at first to get involved in something so otherworldly and Off the Map of the Known. But, of course when you get a glimpse of wondrous new possibilities, you want to explore the opportunities.

With this comes a series of nearly impossible tasks and challenges. (We’ve all experienced this in the past few years.) Yet, focus is not enough by itself. The Princess represents the heart which is the missing component. In order for the Archer to retrieve the Princess’ wedding dress, he must dive into the depths of the ocean of emotion, without getting submerged by it.

Next, the Archer must plunge into the boiling water to burn away the dross of the old. The Horse representing the physical body, helps him to do this. The Archer always consults his horse, respecting the messages of his physical body. In the end, the Archer is united with his heart and resides fully in the New World. This is when his Wildest Dreams are fulfilled.

January 2017 Overview

January launches us into a New Year as well as a totally new cycle. This year has already begun auspiciously with the appearance of many rainbows. For the first few weeks we will be noticeably shifting from the old tracks of 2016 to the brand new tracks of 2017. At times, this will require a complete stop when everything around us will come to a halt. When this happens, we may feel extremely exhausted or irritable. Then is when a Reset occurs and major adjustments are made.

Although 2017 will energetically burst alive at the Chinese New Year on January 28th, much is happening before then. The potent energy of January feels like its embedded into a piece of paper which has been folded into pleats. On the surface, it doesn’t feel like so much is there. We think to ourselves, “Oh, this is manageable!” Then the pleats unfold and stretch out like an accordion and we can see the full extent of what is there and exclaim, “Oh, this is almost impossible!”

2017 already feels as if we are zooming down the runway into an action-packed year. Already, eruptions are breaking out in various locations. Some are actual volcanoes, while others are in the form of protests, some peaceful and some of which are more duality-based.

At the beginning of January, the Mexican government raised gasoline prices by 20%. To fill a gas tank now requires over a week’s labor for a minimum wage worker. But this is just the trigger for the stored up frustration over long suppressed grievances and injustices. While there have been numerous roadblocks and demonstrations in various parts of Mexico, as well as some looting, I have also read of peaceful encounters between the riot police clad in black with their big, Plexiglas shields and the demonstrators. The protestors have quietly approached the police with their hands up in the air, telling the police, “Look, we are unarmed. We are normal people, just like you. This raise in gas prices is affecting you too.”

This is deeply touching and so heartening. Instead of playing out the old, duality-based scenario of “US” versus “Them”, they are making a different approach with their heart’s wide open. “We are all in this together.” “We are One.” This is also what the Water Protectors at Standing Rock are doing with the police and National Guard. They are talking to them as human to human, rather than playing out the old polarity roles of duality. This is not only the most effective approach, but it opens the door to healing, reconciliation and a peaceful solution. I am so happy to see this.

And of course, the inauguration of Trump as President of the US takes place on the 20th and who knows what will happen after that….

Many people are experiencing strange physical and emotional symptoms. Some started the year sick with an intense flu, similar to what I had last year. We are becoming aware that we are not sick of anything specific; we are being activated by the very new energies. This type of sickness is creating the space for a core level Reset to take place.

What I find so interesting is to see how the changes that were seeded last year are starting to germinate. A New Reality is definitely being born, right in the midst of the chaos of the dying world of duality. So many people around the world are finally arriving at the point of “Enough is Enough!” and taking a stand. And as long as this is done on a non-duality level, this will take us to the long awaited Turning Point.

Much is going on, on multiple levels, yet even though the energy is full, it doesn’t feel like the energy is mixed together into one conglomerate. The reality systems of duality and Oneness feel like they are in separate bubbles which are two distinct worlds. If we’re living in the New Reality, duality feels very far away. Yes, we can still hear the clamor of the chaos of duality’s collapse, but it feels muted and somewhat unreal.

There’s a sequence to what we are currently experiencing. We get a blast of new energy, then integrate it and move forward with true steps, while making the needed decisions and making sure that nothing is left behind.

In January, we have a greater clarity and are starting to stand up for what we know to be True, more than ever before. We can no longer tolerate falseness and deceit. We easily dismiss whatever has held us back before. And deep within our Heart of Hearts, we know that everything is already in order. What we truly need will show up. There’s also a sense of lightness and playfulness in our New Beginning. This month, we know, more than ever, it’s of outmost importance to focus on what is our Truest Reality.

It’s confounding that there are so many who are hanging onto the past as it crumbles around them. It’s crazy. And the behaviors of many governments is appalling, in fact quite criminal. Many of us no longer rely on our government, but take responsibility for our own actions.

This is the year when many elements of duality will finally realize that the game is over. Yes, they can try to prolong it, but its days are numbered. We, the people, can now see the layers of illusion and realize that duality is no longer an acceptable reality. Enough is Enough!

Our collective consciousness has rapidly been evolving, living, breathing and anticipating this moment in our linear experience. We are seeing the simultaneous unraveling and reweaving of the entire tapestry of our reality. As we see the potentials flash before our eyes, we are also strengthened and sobered by all we have gone through in the past year. This brings us a new understanding and depth to situations and events and allows us to see the new doors that are opening before us full of great opportunities.

Each of us is a feather of the magical Firebird. Let’s turn on the high beams of the light of our Truest Love and let it shine brightly all over the world!


Shining brightly with True AN Love,

With deep Gratitude and Love for the brilliant insights from:
Aumanarius, Denise, Emanaku, Ganesha, Jenna, Inger, Keenuane, Lea, Le’ema, Margo, Nicholas, Nina, Yuliya



Solara’s 2017 Year Surf Report

Stepping In and Living True


“The Legend of Altazar” and “EL•AN•RA: The Healing of Orion”

It’s time now to find the right people to make brilliant films of my two books, “The Legend of Altazar” and “EL•AN•RA: The Healing of Orion”.

If these films are made with integrity and Trueness, they will wake up millions of people all over the world and touch them deeply.

Over the years, I’ve been approached by several movie producers and had meetings with them in Hollywood, but it never felt like the Right Time or the Right People. Now it is the Right Time. So we only have to find the Right People to make these films.

If any of you have solid connections with people in the film business and would be willing to share your contacts with them and open the door to the manifestation of one of my Wildest Dreams, it would be deeply appreciated.

My Wildest Dream film producer and director for “The Legend of Altazar” is Peter Jackson, for I know that he would make this film with authenticity. I know that the Right People for this task are out there and ready and when they encounter “Altazar” and “EL•AN•RA”, they will know that it is part of their True Destiny.




In October we made our second payment to buy the beautiful small piece of sacred land adjoining the Heart of AN in the Sacred Valley of the Incas in Peru. This land has exquisite, pure energies and is meant to serve as the HEART of the Heart of AN. It is also the site of a new Tower of Light of AN, which will be activated this year.

To get this far has been a much welcomed miracle, grounded in a deep sense of Trueness. Our third and final land payment is due in the middle of January. We’re almost there, but still need to raise USD 7,900 to make this final payment.

If you are able to help us expand the Heart of AN, you can either make a donation or a personal loan.

More information is found at this link:

With deep Love and Gratitude!


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