Solaras December 2016 Surf Report
Standing True to What is Real

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November 2016 Review

November was a month of quickening and deepening. Almost daily there were huge shifts on all levels ~ internal and planetary. Much of November’s energy was about highlighting the old to the degree where we were forced to see it clearly. We became increasingly aware of the unconscious choices we make every day and of where we put our energy and attention.

The US Presidential election cracked open lots of people. Since then, there has been an outpouring of fear, hurt, anger, judgment and grief flying around in the collective which has been hard to avoid. This has been felt all over the world.

After the election, the Blame Game went into full effect, as we judged everyone, except for ourselves. This created a division between family and friends, between US versus THEM, just at the time when we most needed to unite as One Being. This sense of illusory separation was quite effective in rehooking some of us back into duality. It pulled our attention away from the New Reality, which is how we manifest the true, transformative changes which are most needed.

It became apparent that there were various superimposed realities and timelines vying for our attention. The increased polarization amongst peoples, the creeping towards fascism in some countries and the rising surge of Trueness that is washing over everything.

The Big Question is will the coals burning within us of “Enough is Enough!” turn into a bonfire that will burn away all the corruption or will the coals, left unattended whenever we become distracted by duality, quickly burn out?

In November many of us regrouped in order to solidify our positions and tried not to be paralyzed into inertia. We turned our attention on completing unfinished projects. Some of us received information about our True Direction. We also began to plant the seeds of what we REALLY want to manifest in our lives. Planting Seeds of Trueness in troubled times is a rather revolutionary act that keeps us on a level beyond the swirling fears and insecurity which are so prevalent in the collective right now.

We entered December with the feeling that the energies were building up for something huge….

The Heartbeat of the Drum


Standing Rock is a global / galactic issue with far reaching consequences. It affects us on all levels of our being. Standing Rock is the herald of a major Paradigm Shift. It is not a manifestation of the New Reality in itself, but it is holding open the door to the New Reality by serving as an entry point for those who are now choosing to exit the old paradigm of duality.

Standing Rock isn’t just happening in North Dakota, USA; it is triggering a mass worldwide awakening. It represents the beginning of humanity’s last stand to take back our stewardship of Mother Earth. It’s not just about stopping or rerouting an oil pipeline; it’s about stopping all the abuses taking place upon the planet. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

Standing Rock is a call to the True Ones to emerge and jump into One Being in Action. The drumbeat of Mother Earth that is sent being forth from Standing Rock calls to us to become more real than ever before. To become fully grounded Warriors of Love and Trueness. It’s time to reunite our Rainbow Tribe.

This heartbeat of the sacred drum calls out to us on a level that is impossible to ignore. It is awakening our Love and Compassion. We have to decide what side we are on and how can we take action to bring about the much needed Paradigm Shift.

As more of us stand up and make our collective presence felt as One Being in Action, increased efforts to protect our Earth will be happening as a result. A few days ago, I saw photos taken from an airplane of the fracking that is being done in the Southwest US and in Australia. It was beyond shocking. Fracking is like the energetic tapping that someone does to you on your arm or back when they want to capture your energy. It feels really terrible. We simply can’t let this happen here. Not on our planet, not during our watch.

An interesting by-product of Standing Rock is that many people from the Sixties who were hippies, are finally reconnecting with their old dreams. As these idealistic hippies got older, they felt that they had to “get back down to Earth” because they thought that what their dreams of a magical future weren’t real. So they released their visions of how the world could be and tried to fit back into normal lives. But what they felt as real at that time WAS real; they could see the Ultra Greater Reality because they were young and were opened up enough to see what was True.

When they decided they had to get practical with their lives, everything got turned backwards and they let go of what was True. Yet, the threads of the Ultra Greater Reality were always woven into the fabric of their beings. The inspirational Presidential candidacy of Bernie Sanders, followed by the situation at Standing Rock, has given them the opportunity to reconnect with what they have always known to be true. And many of them are not going to miss this second chance to create a New World.

In November’s Surf Report, I wrote about how we are creating the Tipping Point by placing ourselves in the Tip of the Point which is in the form of a Crystal Arrow. This arrowhead is wedging itself into a fissure inside the rock of duality and creating a Crack Between the Worlds that will split apart duality. It’s essential that we all consciously place ourselves in the Tip of the Point so it can grow stronger, larger and wider every day.

Living in Prayer

One of the many lessons of Standing Rock is the importance of Living in Prayer. Even though the native people throughout the world have honored the Earth by living in prayer, for many people, this is a new form of prayer. It’s not passive, but active. It’s not a calling out for help to God from a place of being small and weak, but our True Prayer comes forth from our natural authority as empowered authentic Earth – Star Beings, co-creators of the New Reality.

True Prayer is a seeing and acknowledging the sacred in everything around us. It’s constantly living in a state of prayer, of being in constant communication and Oneness with all of creation. It’s treating one another and all living beings with love and respect. It’s a knowingness that the Earth is our Mother, the Sun is our Father and the Stars are our family. It’s not having our “spiritual” moments when we meditate or do yoga, then making ourselves smaller so we can fall back into our everyday activities as if we were “normal”. Instead, we do everything in a state of knowingness that EVERYTHING IS SACRED.

The elders and the medicine men and women of native and natural peoples all over the world understand the power of True Prayer to reach far beyond the confines of duality. True Prayer can travel all the way to the Beyond the Beyond. This is why people all over the world are so deeply touched by what is happening at Standing Rock. By imbuing all of life with the sacred, we are able to step free of duality and enter the New Reality.

As one of my great teachers, Mina Lansa, who was the Kikmongwi of the Hopi village of Old Oraibi, used to say, “Do not forget Who You Are and Why We Are Here!” It’s important that we remember this in every waking moment and act accordingly. If we do this, we are naturally Living in Prayer.

Living in Prayer is a major Key in stepping free of duality. Realizing the sacredness that is embedded in every moment of the HERE and NOW greatly helps us to free ourselves from limited perceptions and duality-based reactions. If we continue to inhabit duality, we will be feeding it and keeping it alive. It’s time to pull out all the old plugs that keep us hooked into the old paradigm. And it’s time to stand up as One True Being!

Standing Rock is not Sitting Rock. It’s time to stand up as True Ones. It’s time for us to make our unified presence felt. It’s time to get into our position in the Tip of the Point. And this is already happening on a scale previously unimagined. This is something that we have been waiting for ~ for many lifetimes.

Looking Larger

When we remove the threads of our being from the Tapestry of Duality and reweave them into the Tapestry of Oneness, it gives us an infinitely vaster perspective than before. It enables to LOOK LARGER and to see what was previously Unseen.

As the veils between the worlds continue to dissolve, the duality-based world is being revealed as a nightmare distortion that is more deeply ingrained than we could have previously imagined. And yet strangely enough, this duality nightmare world feels increasingly unreal. This is because we don’t live there anymore. More and more people are choosing not to feed duality and are no longer believing that it is our predominant reality. This mass awakening of humanity into the New Reality is now starting to feel stronger than duality. Finally! This is what we’ve been waiting for. This is what we’ve been working so hard to achieve.

To see the New Reality, we can’t look for the things we really want in the old places, because we won’t find them there. We won’t find the New Reality while holding onto our old, limiting beliefs. We won’t find our True Partner by looking for them at all. We can’t make a Five Year Plan and expect any of it to happen.

We have to not only LOOK LARGER, but we have to BECOME LARGER! If you can’t find love and understanding in your traditional family, then LOOK LARGER and you will find your True Family who will fully see you, love you and honor you. If you can’t find your True Purpose, then don’t run back to school, but instead, unleash your unique creativity.

We can birth the New Reality wherever we are, but in order to do this, we have to be willing to release many of our old ways of being. BECOME LARGER than your old life. LIVE LARGER by living a True Life as a True One. Expand your LOVE beyond existing relationships and splash it around to everyone. Embrace humanity with all your compassion and watch your life transform!

Staying True to What is Real


It’s almost impossible to determine what’s true using more conventional analysis methods that have, for the most part, worked up until recently. Validating anything on the Internet is getting close to impossible. The old truths just keep getting chopped up into smaller and smaller bits until it’s like a storm of insane confetti whirling around.

All of this is driving us towards our Heart’s Knowingness. It’s becoming the primary way for us to assess what’s really going on. This is going to drive people who rely on logical thinking a little crazy. Deep down, some people are already angry that the reality they thought they’d figured out is flying apart at the seams.

December is going to bring us a lot of misinformation and it is up to us to discern what is REAL and what is TRUE. A good example of this took place on December 4th when a victory was declared at Standing Rock. Joyous celebrations were held all over the world and Facebook was full of enthusiastic proclamations that the struggle there was over.

But was it really? Upon closer examination, it was apparent that the so called “victory” was merely an attempt to manipulate everyone to think that success had been achieved, when it was not. Just when Standing Rock had reached a point of great strength and widespread support, we were told that everyone could go home. Yet, it was all just a trick of words, a hollow promise without anything real behind it, while the drilling for the pipeline continues unabated.

The problem is that we all want a victory so much. We all want a shift in paradigms RIGHT NOW. The old world of duality has become increasingly intolerable. Yet while premature celebrations might make us feel good for a few minutes, they only serve to weaken us and to dilute our focus. We really have to learn not to fall for false information. We cannot allow ourselves to be manipulated just because it makes us feel better. We must stand together as One True Being in our full strength until the Tipping Point is reached! FOR REAL.

If we don’t do this, we will fall into the old “divide and conquer” scenario. This is what happened to the Inka Empire. They were split apart and greatly weakened by a civil war right before the Conquistadors arrived. If this hadn’t happened, they wouldn’t have been conquered so easily. Many of us carry the remembrance of planets that didn’t make it. Let’s make sure that Planet Earth isn’t one of them.

It’s not over until it’s over. We cannot pretend the Tipping Point has been reached until it truly happens. Until then, we have to remain focused on what is TRUE and REAL, no matter what we are told by outside forces. And even when the Tipping Point happens, we still have to stand strong in our Trueness until the very last vestiges of duality are scoured from the planet.

December 2016 Overview

December brings us a mass migration out of falseness, corruption and manipulation into Trueness, Compassion and Pure True Love. Increasing numbers of people around the world are now making their exodus from duality and willingly walking away from what is untrue and unreal. As we do this, much is being jettisoned at the last minute as we realize that there are many elements that we either cannot take with us or don’t want to take with us.

As we step out of duality and into our greater Trueness, our known landscape is being greatly reconfigured. For some, their old landscapes will become unrecognizable in 2017. This December is not only the completion of the Year 2016, but this time is different for it marks the end of an era. What is being completed is so large that it affects our lives on all levels. Now our focus is not just on normal life; our beings are being called to fully align with our True Purpose. Once we do this, our lives will change in profound and wondrous ways.

Standing Rock has activated a huge spotlight that illuminates everything all over the world and enables us to see what is TRUE and what is false, what is REAL and what is unreal. What are our world leaders standing up for during this time? Where are our “spiritual” leaders? Who is True, who has been bought off and who has been pretending to be True? This is all now being revealed.

December is an intense month full of Tsunamis of Change as the old is increasingly swept away. All month long, the energies help us to further align ourselves to our true core being and then bring our honest authenticity into our outer life. Deep, core level choices are being made. It’s time for us to stand up for what we know to be true or to remain on the sidelines to possibly get swept away by the outgoing tide of duality. Many separations are happening as people move into different directions. We have known for a long while that this is the time of new connections in all its forms, but before this happens, a disconnection must take place.

Many of us feel an enormous dimensional shift has already occurred, and we are just doing our best to keep up with it. More and more people are bringing in an awareness of Oneness. Already, people have started working together on projects that will change our systems and reclaim our power to shape what happens next. More true leaders will emerge in December.

The veils are still very thin and transparent. This gives us an immense tiredness, as well as a deep need for stillness and immersion into the energies of Quantum Deep. Sometimes, we just want to sleep as much as possible. We often need to be completely quiet in order to Reset on all levels. Here in the silence, we are able to walk freely between worlds and timelines, weaving everything into greater Oneness. We need to become the calm Eye of the Storm which is all around us, as the outer world crashes and cracks wide open.

Many of us are still feeling the profound grief and anguish of the collective. At times, we feel shattered or flattened by a deep sense of sadness, without any obvious outer reason. There is still the feeling that we don’t have any skin ~ that we are cracked wide open and exposed as never before. Tears may come easily, triggered by almost nothing, even for those of us who haven’t cried in years. We may feel both extremely sensitive and internally stronger than ever before at the same time.

At times, it feels like complete chaos as things continue to fall apart. Those that aren’t spiritually grounded are at risk. Everyone is being affected by the energies. Many people are losing it right now, especially those who have no idea who they are. It feels like humanity is birthing a new kind of being. The process of birth can be messy. The only way to stay sane is by staying centered and focused on the New Reality which is being born.

We can observe what is happening in the outer world, but may no longer feel a part of it. This can give us the feeling of deep aloneness and disconnection, unless we have already experienced the freshness of the New Reality. If you feel alone and disconnected, it’s helpful to remember our One True Being and know that you are not as isolated as you may feel. For those who are anchored in the New Reality, we are doing our utmost to strengthen its resonance so it can be felt by more of us.

With Bernie Sanders and now with Standing Rock, we were filled with hope that the Tipping Point was almost here. Then it’s like the balloon of our hopes and dreams of a shining New World is pierced, the air escapes and our dreams collapse. This makes many of us may feel like bread dough that is repeatedly pounded down, so we can rise and rise again. It’s so important that we don’t lose hope and give up. For in truth, the balloon of the New World is ever growing. Each time we rise after being pounded down, we are stronger than ever before. This rising enables us to stand tall in our Trueness and to take personal action for the greater good.

There’s a strong impetus in December to complete any unfinished projects as soon as possible so we will be free for the New and Unexpected in 2017. We need to clear the slate and be ready for anything! There’s the strong sense that what is coming in the New Year is something that has not been seen or felt before. It’s like the tingling feeling before a big, energetic burst ~ the signal that something great is about to happen.

It feels like there are many things that we don’t yet see which will happen this month. Some of these may be shocking events on the world stage. Well established situations may suddenly flip over into something completely different and unexpected. These can flip over into any direction ~ both ones we like and others that we don’t like. Yet after the dust settles, we will see that everything serves a purpose.

We know that change can happen very quickly. It’s still the Year of the Fire Monkey so anything can happen and anything can be turned around when we least expect it! Even calcified situations that seem impossible to change can suddenly flip over in an instant, such as the Berlin Wall. There is also the strong sense that there are unexpected blessings coming to us in the form of exciting golden opportunities this month. Some of these unexpected blessings will change the course of our lives.

There’s an underlying sense of uncertainty which occasionally causes our fear levels to activate. Some of us have been trying to decide between various possibilities in our lives. “Should we leave or should we stay?” But the correct choice isn’t obvious at this point. This is when our mental carousel turns on and our thoughts start wildly gyrating between the obvious possibilities. Whenever this happens, we need to realize that there is no clear solution at this moment on the thinking level. And that’s all right! We don’t need to have a plan laid out in front of us. It’s not yet time to know the details of our True Lives. And it’s very probable that a totally new, and currently unforeseen, solution will present itself in its right timing. All we need to do is to make each step we take a True Step, and we will always be led into our Truest Direction.

December will be a time when things will not get worse, but UNCOVERED. Centuries old systems are breaking down fast and fragmentation is everywhere. Each turbulent event releases and uncovers hidden pockets of the old. Such exposure is necessary in order to address social and environmental issues. For every old structure that crumbles, we take a step forward and sow the seeds of the New Reality. This month will be filled with opportunities to respond differently, aligned to the truth of our Heart’s Knowingness.

In December we will experience chaos from the many energies of duality smashing into each other, coming apart at the seams. We must sit in the center of the chaos and emanate the calming lotus energy of our One True Being. Many more of us will find our way to the centerpoint of our True Places, True People and True Purpose. From this vantage point, we will hold those energies in the center of the Expanded HERE and NOW, like the hub of the Wheel of Time. Time continues to fold over and into itself so that Time out of Time will replace the linear time that has supported the systems of duality for millennia.

Here we stand – as with new shoes – at the beginning of a new, long-awaited and unknown road, astonishingly aligned towards the most True. While on both sides of the road everything that does not resonate with our greatest Truth simply passes by, dissolves and disappears….

We’ve been waiting for this our whole life.

Update on Standing Rock


I knew last week, before I even started writing this Surf Report, that it would be a few days late. My feeling was that something would happen around December 5 that would require me to rewrite some of what I had written. And so it is….

A few days ago, the Tribal Chairman of Standing Rock, David Archambault ll, asked everyone to leave the Water Protector Camps and return home. Although this was surprising, I feel he is a man of integrity who is looking out for the safety of the people. There’s also the possibility that he may have information that he hasn’t shared with the public which influenced his decision, or perhaps he was threatened. Yet, many were disappointed by his request, knowing that if they abandon the camps, they will not be able to monitor what is going on and will not be permitted to return at a later date. At this point, it is not clear what will happen. Many people have said that they will remain at the camps.

It appears to me that the situation at Standing Rock is experiencing a Null Zone. It may be the end of Standing Rock’s role as the Tip of the Point. If so, then this sceptre of responsibility passes to each of us, wherever we are. Standing together as One True Being, we have to continue the work of wedging the Tip of the Point into the rock of duality so it will split apart, even without a unified focal point, such as Standing Rock provided. We have to continue Living in Prayer and anchoring the New Reality, no matter what is happening in the outer world. The spirit of Standing Rock lives on within our hearts and is brought alive within our beings.

Much depends on us….


Standing Strong in True True Love,

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