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Solara’s December 2017 Surf Report
Finding our Entry Point into 2018

Review of November 2017

Every time that we enter a new month, it’s like turning a page in a book and then unexpectedly, the chapter we were just immersed in, turns to dust. Suddenly, I can’t remember the month that we just left. It is gone and we are fully into the new month, pregnant with possibilities.

November was a month of long awaited rebirth in which many of us experienced major breakthroughs on numerous levels. Many unfinished projects were brought to completion which gave us a strong sense of accomplishment. Some of us made physical moves to new locations where we hope to create True Lives.

As the collapse of duality intensified, the veils of illusion continued to drop at a greatly accelerated rate. More layers of corruption, sexual abuse, the poisoning of our air, food and water, the sabotage of our health, as well as the further desecration of our environment were revealed. It has gotten so bad that our governments and corporations are no longer trying to put on a facade that they are serving the people and their lack of compassion has become glaringly obvious. This is all a highly visible manifestation that the tectonic plates of this expired reality are shifting in profound ways!

November was a super busy month of visible manifestation in which much was accomplished. This included projects that we’d been trying to complete for some time. The New Reality of AN became noticeably more visible to increasing numbers of people. This is helping us to move to a completely new level.

It’s like waking up one morning and suddenly everything around us feels different. There’s a new calmness, a solidity and the feeling of being filled with LOVE. It’s a return to our true state of being which feels much more natural.

The Green Lights shone brightly until the last few days of November, when they finally flickered and turned Yellow. This brought us back into a state of Ultra Alertness. We could still proceed, but with caution….

Looking for Love in all the Wrong Places


As we cross December’s bridge into 2018, it’s becoming clear that we can’t take our old dreams and old desires with us because what is going to unfold in this New Year is far Beyond our Wildest Dreams. We no longer need to be limited or defined by our old yearnings. As long as we are fully in the Expanded HERE and NOW, our steps will be true ones and all things that truly belong with us will appear naturally within their perfect timing.

If we continue to search our familiar, known world for the fulfillment of our dreams, we won’t find them there. If we limit ourselves to what is within our probable realities on the linear landscape of duality, we will only see a continuation of what is already present. If we look at our lives wearing the greasy glasses of duality, we won’t see anything new, just the same old. We won’t see the wondrous possibilities that are all around us.

Trying to manifest our true dreams while we are still living in duality will never happen. Instead, it distracts us from our True Path and keeps us from living a True Life. If we’ve been looking for a new living place, a more fulfilling job or a love partner for a long time and haven’t found it, this means that we have been looking in the wrong places. Once we look in the right place, they will appear.

During our passage through duality, holding onto our most precious dreams and longings helped us survive. They gave us hope. They fed the precious flickering flame inside our heart. They were touchstones of another world, an eternal reality beyond Time and Space, where True Love prevails.

Old dreams come from old consciousness, from who we used to be, from what we thought we should be, rather than Who We Really Are. Old dreams get in the way and clog up the channels where the New Reality can enter. Now it’s time to gently move aside our old dreams, for they can only occupy the space of our unrequited yearnings, rather than fulfill them. This is especially important now, so we can be ready for the manifestation of our True Dreams in 2018.

This month is a perfect time to make a simple ritual where we gratefully release our old dreams. We can lovingly put them into a fire or toss them into a river. Our old dreams helped us get through our journey to HERE and NOW, but their time is over.

Once we do this, we might realize that we’ve been looking for what we “thought” we wanted, when what we most need is something totally different. Rather than holding onto limited old dreams, we can be open and flexible to receiving what is Beyond our Wildest Dreams.


The most important thing is to start living our lives as if we were already in our True Lives. Even if we don’t have a partner and we want one, we can embody love all the time, with everyone whom we encounter. We can live a True Life, wherever we are. We can inhabit the New Reality, even if we are living in the midst of duality.

Volcano Energy

We have been traveling for ten months through the Chinese Year of the Fire Rooster / Phoenix, passing through intense Fires of Transformation. During the next Chinese New Year on February 16, 2018, the Fire Rooster will pass the scetre to the Earth Dog, but until then, the Fire Rooster / Phoenix energy will continue to make its presence felt with ever stronger Wake Up Calls to humanity.

During the final two months of this period, the intense energies of transformation will become even louder. The Fire Roosters will crow with all their fiery majesty for our attention. “Wake up! Wake up!! The New Dawn is here!”

Right now, there are several active volcanoes around the world, although none is in full eruption mode. The most noteworthy volcano at this moment is Gunung Agung, the sacred mountain and super volcano of Bali that has become active once again.


We never know when volcanoes will erupt. Often there’s little advance warning, but when it happens, you can’t miss it. Much energy is released which affects the entire landscape. The old status quo is instantly null zoned, creating the most fertile ground for the planting of the New and True.

When a physical volcano erupts, it also symbolizes an eruption is taking place within the volcano inside ourselves. Long suppressed emotions which we kept safely stored within the depths of our beings rise to the surface. The true parts of us which we haven’t felt safe enough to share come bursting out. When we feel the volcano inside us awaken, we need to look at it and see what is coming out.

After the shock of a volcanic eruption wears off, we experience a massive sense of release. This is brought about by a huge clearing of the energies through an instantaneous purification. This aids us to express what we’ve long carried inside ourselves.

Volcano energy can also contain much joy. There’s the immense relief that the pressure has been released and the tension has passed. The calcification of the old paradigm has been shattered and the energy cleared of any distorted elements. A clean slate has been created for us to birth a New World.

A Look Backwards

As we look back at 2017, we can see what a difficult and challenging year it has been. We can see how many bridges have burned behind us. We realize just how far we have traveled ~ an almost immeasurable distance. Much of it wasn’t a smooth journey; it was more like an obstacle course. It was also a year in which many beloved ones made their departure from the planet, cracking open and deepening our emotions while highlighting the fragility of physical life.

Right now is an appropriate time to acknowledge and honor ourselves for traveling so far, for accomplishing so much, for our strong perseverance, for our enduring love. For our great courage which often appeared from the depths of our beings when it was so needed. We can be grateful for how much we have released and how greatly we have expanded our awareness and unhooked ourselves from duality. Yes, 2017 presented us with huge challenges, but we did it! We not only survived our experiences, but we awakened, deepened and expanded our beings into a wondrous New Reality. We have a lot to be grateful for….

A few days ago, I took a look at the online photo albums of the Heart of AN from this entire year. The photos show so clearly how full this year has been. The first half of the year required tremendous effort from us, as we finally managed to buy the land for the Tower of AN in February and began transforming it from an unfenced cornfield into a Tower of Light of AN. There was also the upheaval when we had to abruptly change guardians in February, as well as the constant challenge of manifesting the money to do what needed to be done. It wasn’t easy, but our vision never wavered.

The Tower of Light of AN area in March 2017

BEFORE: The Tower of Light of AN area in March 2017

The first half of 2017 was deeply challenging for us, yet we knew that we had to create the Tower of AN, no matter what. In May, we had built the first version of the Tower of AN, just in time so it could be activated in the pouring rain by a dedicated group of twenty-two people from eleven countries. This Activation enabled the Tower of Light of AN to reveal its new level.

The second half of the year also contained numerous challenges such as my sprained ankle at the end of August and the wildfire that came so close to the Heart of AN at the beginning of October. There were times when we were flattened by the energy and thought we might be on the verge of leaving the planet. Yet since we had somehow managed to physically manifest the Tower of Light, this gave us the strength to continue on.

In spite of my lack of mobility, on September 11, we dismantled the Tower of Light of AN so it could be totally reconfigured. This felt vitally important on a planetary level and was not something to be delayed. We tried to establish a circle of support for the Heart of AN to help us, but few responded. So we carried on by ourselves with a clear vision and a somewhat crushing workload.

AFTER: The Tower of Light of AN area in December 2017

AFTER: The Tower of Light of AN area in December 2017

The first stage of the reconfiguration of the Tower of AN was completed by the end of September. The results of all our efforts were finally visible. This is when the exquisite energies of the New Reality of AN came streaming in and pouring out to the entire planet and beyond. It felt so amazing to see it fully functioning with such magnificence! The energy of AN is extremely powerful and deeply loving. A week later, a wildfire came within fifty meters of our land….

Since then, we have been recalibrating the entire area around the Tower of Light of AN by building river rock paths, planting grass for our future Alpacas of AN and building a gorgeous octagonal seating area which unexpectedly appeared to us. This work is nearly done. The change is absolutely incredible. Everything is totally infused with the resonance of the New Reality of AN. It is beautiful far beyond anything we could have imagined.


This was our journey through 2017 at the Heart of AN. Everything is being raised to a completely new level. The Timeless True Worlds are merging with the New Reality of AN. Now we are finishing up the final details, planting the last areas of dirt with grass, doing the final touches to the octagon, adding pots of flowers, putting up wind chimes and bells, cleaning up everything and preparing to build a shelter for the alpacas. We are also in the midst of a huge letting go, releasing anything which isn’t meant to travel with us into 2018. The foundation of the New Reality is almost complete.

We know that everything here, both within us and without us, has to be brought onto a completely expanded and deepened new level ~ the frequency band of the eternal Timeless True Worlds ~in order to enter 2018 in the right way. And this is our focus for the remainder of this year.

Finding our Entry Point to 2018

December is when we need to get ourselves into the truest position possible, as we prepare to enter the Starting Gates of 2018. We have this entire month to wash off the dust of the road, to heal any hurts or injuries we acquired along the way, to release our expired old dreams, to embrace any lingering sadness or disappointments that we carry in our hearts, so we can become bright and shiny True Ones.

Instead of focusing solely on holidays, presents and parties, we can utilize this time to deeper align ourselves to our True, Eternal Selves. This is the part of us who ever resides in the Timeless True Worlds. And this is the part of ourselves who can fully inhabit the New Reality of AN.

As we look forward to 2018, let’s discern what kind of life we really want to be living. Where do you want to live? If you could live anywhere, where would it be? What work would you like to be doing? How can you best express your creativity? What kind of people would you like to be with? What would make you feel happy and fulfilled? How can you best serve the planet?

Now, all we have to do is to set the coordinates of our internal compass to what feels most true, then take the necessary steps to do it. We can take small steps, if necessary. Or we can leap into our True Lives right now. Even if we are already in our right place, how can we recalibrate our life to live a more True Life as a True One? What needs releasing? What needs to be changed? What needs to enter our life?

We can see the shimmering Entry Point to 2018 in front of us. This is when we have to utilize our Heart’s Knowingness to discern which Starting Gate to enter. Even though there are pre-established positions which have previously been considered advantageous, such as the pole position, this doesn’t apply anymore. The course of 2018 in front of us is now more like an infinity sign than a circle. This gives every position in the Starting Gate a special quality. What is the right entry point to 2018 for you?

Once we see our True Position, we don’t need to start wildly running towards our Entry Point to claim it as our own; it’s not going to disappear. We also don’t need to think about what is on the other side of our Entry Point. The details don’t matter anymore. Just walk forward with Openness, Clarity, Trueness and Love. As we walk with an increasing sense of sureness, we also release the elements that we don’t want to carry with us into 2018. This letting go causes the parts of us that are not already on the new level, to repattern themselves and shift.

We don’t need to wait until the beginning of the year to start bringing in the energies of the New Reality. New information and new elements are already coming in that are ready to be incorporated into our daily lives. The more true we become before the New Year begins will make the year much easier, and set the tone for what types of experiences we will have in 2018.

In December we are making the final preparations for something wondrous that is coming in 2018. An important component of 2018 is the SEEING WHAT WASN’T THERE BEFORE. This is more than just Seeing the Unseen which is seeing what is around us, but on a vaster scale. It’s also the seeing of totally new elements and energies that weren’t here before. The Diamond of the Unseen is in the process of expanding to enable this.

To see the full spectrum of what is REALLY here, to see the true magic and golden opportunities that are all around us, we have to move everything to a completely new, greatly expanded level. This is how we get ourselves to the point where we can see BEYOND what we already see.

Some of us have already begun to do this. We are doing things that we couldn’t see before. Our new octagon is a perfect example of this. At the end of July, we spent a lot of time creating a detailed list of projects that we wanted to create this year at the Heart of AN. At that time, we didn’t see the octagon, so it wasn’t included. The vision of the octagon unexpectedly appeared to us, arriving as an insertion point, around the end of September. It came from out of the blue, from a place that we couldn’t see before. Once we saw it, we unquestionably knew that we had to build it.

Next year is going to be full of manifestations of things which we couldn’t see before. We currently have no clue of their existence. Many of these manifestations will be coming from the frequency band of the Timeless True Worlds which are now merging into the New Reality of AN. As they are increasingly anchored into the physical, this will enable us to SEE WHAT COULD NOT BE SEEN BEFORE.

At this present moment, few understand or have consciously experienced these Timeless True Worlds. This will change in 2018 as they become increasingly visible. (I will write more about them in the Year 2018 Surf Report next month.)


December begins with a profusion of elements coming into our lives from multiple directions. There’s too much to do, including many things which we’d really love to do. There’s also a plethora of energies affecting us. We may feel torn into many directions and not know what to do next. Various undercurrents are swirling around us, all at the same time, triggering a whole spectrum of emotions.

December will give us a clear look at where we now stand. It will also give us the opportunity for huge shifts, if we so choose. It’s a month of multiple possibilities in which everything will be culminating. With this comes a welcome opportunity to take a good look at all aspects of our lives. Everything will escalate in 2018 ~ the chaos and the New. It’s all up to us. Where do we focus our consciousness? What do we believe to be possible? What is real? What do we choose to experience? Which reality are we going to inhabit?

December is like a bridge ~ a bridge that takes us to a much truer level. It is full of quantum breakthroughs that allow us to delve deeper into the New Reality. All that we have grown and evolved during the year will be reflected in the patterning of the New Reality and everything will be reconfigured once again. At the same time, we, ourselves, will be repatterned as well. Each time the spiral turns and moves to another level, previously unseen sectors of this New Reality become visible and are anchored deep within the physical Planet.

December creates the bridge that aligns us with what we know is True. This is made easier since many of the bridges to our past have now disappeared. We’re not even the same people we were at the beginning of the year. We realize that we can no longer find the things we’ve been looking for in their old places. This requires us to expand our vision so we can look in new places.

Last New Year’s Eve an incredible wave of energy entered this planet, leaving open a window of possibilities for all of us. This December we will be grounding all the changes that this momentous year has brought us. How much of duality did we manage to let go of? How far did we dare to move into the New Reality? How much did we allow our lives to shift? What visions are still True?

Mercury turned retrograde on December 3rd. Having this retrospective journey in the last month of the year is a magnificent opportunity to connect with everything that was not done – or felt – in the right way and recreate it again, making it more real and true by aligning it to the New Reality.

December heralds the culmination of our RESET process which we’ve been experiencing all year. It’s time to get onto our True Path before the New Year begins. We can see that we are now connected in a new, and very different, way to the landscape we inhabit. Even when the landscape seems the same, if we observe it well, we will realize that it has also undergone an expansion and deepening. It is no longer possible to walk within our known landscape in a linear or mental way.

This energy of RESET tends to dismantle everything. It’s as if all the pieces of the puzzle of our life were detached and thrown up into the air where they float and rotate. Everything that is not REAL and TRUE will go through a dissolution, so that only the pieces impregnated with Trueness remain. At the same time, empty spaces will be generated where the New will be inserted. This new emptiness often brings up a feeling of poignant nostalgia ~ a feeling of missing that which is no longer there. But instead of turning back, we choose to go forward to our true connections.

December is about planting seeds for the New Year. In 2018, we will be creating new systems and structures to support the expansion of what we need to do. This will help us bring order into what has been in chaos.

This month we will finally be able to clearly see that the world as we knew it no longer exists and that now it’s time for us to position ourselves within a New Reality. Every step we take in Trueness from this moment on will strengthen the resonance of the New Reality. This will help us to feel supported and guided in a real way. Whispers of the New Reality are already coming in through the Sun, the wind, the rain, the trees, the stars, the mountains and all of Pachamama. AN is within all the elements, in everything that has True Life.

There are moments during the day, when the cool wind blows and the leaves of the trees move and become bright, when the light begins to reflect in all directions, that we feel touched in our cells. This is when we are certain that this single instant has been enough to generate a profound change at the molecular level in ALL THAT WE ARE. We know that profound change is now being inserted into the complete map and it will stay there. And this feels so right, so true.

We are here to stir the paint and to mix unexpected colors into the paint, hereby creating previously unseen, new colors from our expanded spectrum. And by this action, we repaint the old paradigm into the vibrant colors of the New Reality.

The most important thing we can do is to inhabit the New Reality in our daily lives with the knowingness that everything is sacred. As we go deeper into the New Reality, we begin to experience how powerful we are. A huge wave of liberation is flowing in, awakening many, freeing us from the expired limitations of duality, making visible new choices that lead us into greater Trueness.

Duality is like an iceberg that has just broken off the polar ice shelf. It’s drifting away and melting in the warm seas of a shimmering New Reality. All the while, it is trying to convince us that it is still viable and still attached to the ice shelf. Duality continues to clamor for our attention, bombarding us with threats and fear while trying to keep us emotionally attached to it.

Meanwhile the great divide widens…. This is where the element of choice presented to us in 2018 comes in. We can continue to cling onto the familiar and known, while trying to convince ourselves that duality is real or we can watch it drift away and dissolve.

An acceleration is occurring in the invisible planes. The Green Lights may not yet be fully perceived , but they can be strongly felt. Huge Green Lights illuminate our not so distant horizon.

Let nothing distract us. Let’s make a definitive stop in the old habit of exploring the old well worn paths and routes searching for what cannot be found there. The New Reality is present in the simplest things. It’s surprisingly natural and wrapped in freshness. Now is the time for a deep alignment with what we have been since the Beginning, our eternal True Self.


With huge LOVE from the Heart of AN,

With deep Gratitude and Love for the brilliant insights from:
Denise, Emanáku, Inger, Keenuane
Antares, Aumanarius, Brooke, Diane, Ganesha, Indigo, Johnson, Kalasara, Kyd, Merrilyn, Rodaan



Solara’s 2017 Year Surf Report

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