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Solara’s November 2017 Surf Report
Alignment with our True Direction

Review of October 2017

October brought us more tumultuous events and shedding of what no longer serves us. This further reshuffled our priorities. Whenever we experience a major crisis, we become part of something EPIC ~ something that is way beyond our individual selves or the life we were living before. This caused us to become more stripped down and real. It put many of us on a much truer track than ever before.

Old structures and duality-based systems continued to break down, bringing much confusion and chaos while unleashing major change throughout the world. At the same time, the New Reality became noticeably stronger. New values and new priorities are becoming increasingly visible. This enabled us to make new choices based on these expanded perceptions.

October contained both Red Lights and Green Lights which changed back and forth when we least expected it. This called forth our flexibility and required us to begin to develop a new form of navigation so we could surf these wild waves.

There were many situations that called for us to come together as One True Being and use our unified consciousness to strengthen the resonance of the New Reality. As One True Being, we calmed the winds, brought rain, balanced the tectonic plates, soothed the earthquakes and volcanos. Throughout it all, we supported one another and gave a hand whenever needed.

The Pregnant Emptiness

As November began, there’s a strong sense that the energies are once again building up for something HUGE. It feels like we are in the midst of a pregnant emptiness which is becoming fuller each day, until it will finally burst forth with new life.

We can feel the powerful rumblings of Pachamama all over the world and know that anything can happen at any time. Even though we might feel that we’re not ready for more shocking events, we know that many more are coming during these final days of duality. Most importantly, we now realize that each shocking event pierces the veils of illusion and brings forth greater Trueness.

Both of the predominant reality systems are clamoring for our attention. Duality fights to maintain control with ever more shocking events, while at the same time, the New Reality of AN is becoming increasingly visible and vibrantly alive. It’s like a dark and stormy sky laced with large patches of a bright, iridescent blue.

The chaos of duality is being slowly replaced by the energies of True Oneness. The energies of the New Reality of AN are pouring into the planet, becoming stronger each day. There’s a sense of renewal that overlays the obvious decay of the world of duality.

This is especially apparent when we turn our focus from the tumult of duality and align ourselves with the New World which is being born all around us. If we don’t fall into reaction mode and get polarized by all the injustices that are happening in the world and instead put our attention into holding the Beam of Love and Trueness, we will become part of the solution. We will strengthen the resonance of Trueness until it is felt by increasing numbers of humanity.

This makes it vitally important that we make a conscious choice as to which reality system we want to live in. What are we going to nurture? What kind of world do we want to live in? This is important because where we choose to place our consciousness is the resonance that will be strengthened.

One of the elements that is now being pushed up to the surface is an energy layer of passivity. This is like an energy of brainwashing that tells us we can tolerate whatever our governments put upon us. Passivity is a very dangerous energy which makes us wonder what will it take until people rise up and take responsibility for the world? This energy of passivity needs to be removed from the planet quickly! We can’t sit on the sidelines anymore and do nothing.

Moving into the New Reality takes focused effort. We have to choose to unplug our televisions and stop seeking distractions so we won’t have to look at what is going on. Instead of getting pulled into duality’s dramas, we can choose to expand our beings so we can see what is REALLY happening on a far vaster scale.

It’s time for us to start living as if we were already in our True Lives. It’s time for us to embody Greater Love and Trueness, whether we fully understand it yet or not. The New Reality is here, both within the pregnant emptiness and all around us. As we choose to live it, we will make it more viable and real.

Auspicious signs abound, such as rainbows and beams of light. Here at the Heart of AN in Peru during the transition from October to November, we had three nights of huge moonbows directly over our land! Previously, during the past three years, we saw a total of two or three. There are also brilliant, multi-colored lights streaming into and out of the Tower of AN. This is the New Reality making itself visible.

The New Rhythm of the Timeless True Worlds


Many parts of us have burned away in the Fires of Transformation since last August. Now, we are in the midst of seeing what remains. As we tentatively shake out our scorched feathers, we may discover that new feathers have appeared which are noticeably longer than the old ones. They have new colors that weren’t there before. Our wingspan has expanded too. It may take us a while to get used to this and flying may feel awkward at first. We may not know what clothes to wear or what food to eat. Our old activities may no longer interest us.

As we look around our immediate environment, we notice that it too has greatly transformed. It might feel like it has been washed clean, like when the Sun returns after a big rain and everything sparkles. Or we may see that our old life lies in ruins and that we now have the opportunity to create a totally new life that is more in alignment with the New Reality and full of creative possibilities.


We are feeling the need to adjust our lives to a more natural rhythm which allows us time to listen to our intuition and attune deeper with nature. This New Rhythm is caused by our shift of timelines. It is aligning us more closely with the Timeless True Worlds which are an essential component of the New Reality.

Until we move into the New Rhythm, many elements of our lives may feel expired and lifeless. These are elements which are not aligned with the New Rhythm. We may discover that we cannot handle much stress anymore. Parts of our beings may simply refuse to rush around. When we push ourselves to force things to happen, the desired outcome may not occur. When we try to go fast, we may instead be flattened by the energy and slowed down. We may experience minor accidents or sicknesses that pull us out of our old timing and ways of doing things. (During the past two months, I’ve cut my finger twice, developed an eye infection, plus sprained my ankle to slow me down and dramatically alter my method of doing things.)

The Timeless True Worlds are the eternal worlds which we lived in before we entered the world of duality. They are encoded deep within us and resonate with the feeling of TRUE HOME. In the Timeless True Worlds, everything is sacred and everything is infused with Love and Trueness.

After the imposition of duality, our connection with the Timeless True Worlds was greatly diminished. All that was left was a dim memory of another time, another world where we all lived in harmony with nature. Yet, since the Timeless True Worlds were embedded within our cells, we still felt an immense yearning to find this sense of True Home again.

Now it’s time to return home to the Timeless True Worlds ~ only this time we don’t go somewhere else. We bring the Timeless True Worlds into the HERE and NOW. We begin by dismantling all the labels and definitions we’ve acquired along the way of what is mundane and what is “spiritual”. We see that EVERYTHING IS SACRED and incorporate this knowingness into our lives. It’s doesn’t matter is we are washing dishes, making a fire or going to the bank. Everything is sacred! We put our full being into everything we do. We do it with Love and Trueness!

We can now let go of the word “spiritual” because it’s a duality-based word that denotes separation. It implies that some things are not “spiritual”. We’re not only being “spiritual” when we are meditating or doing yoga, but since we are True Ones who now do everything in a sacred manner, there is no longer any need for this old label. When we live all aspects of our lives in a sacred manner, this is when we bring the Timeless True Worlds into our everyday lives.



After the Fires of Transformation have passed, we have the opportunity for a total RESET and Rebirth into a completely new reality system. This is when we can move our lives with ease into the New Reality. We can realign ourselves to what is True and Real and let go of everything which isn’t. Everything can now be reconfigured and reset to reflect the in depth transformation we have experienced.

This rebirth is taking place on such deep levels that it doesn’t happen instantaneously. It’s a gradual process that will take several months to achieve ~ at least until the end of January or longer. It’s a steady emergence from the blurriness of illusion which happens to us each day in growing increments until suddenly everything comes into a clear focus.


This is when we reach the state of Wizened Innocence. This is different from the innocence that children and those who are naive have. Normal innocence comes from lack of experience, from not knowing. It is only after one has passed through the Fires of Transformation that one attains Wizened Innocence.

This is when we have been stripped of layers of ingrained falseness. Our beings feel thoroughly scorched inside and outside. We emerge from the Fires of Transformation with a new authenticity; a new depth of beingness is readily visible in our eyes. Our priorities have drastically reshuffled as the superficial has been replaced with what really matters.

At this point, we can either harden ourselves and become a helpless victim of unfortunate circumstances or we can step forward with Wizened Innocence, as Reborn True Ones, grateful to step free of the illusions in which we were enmeshed for years or even lifetimes. We can embrace our wisdom, knowingness and authority as simply a natural part of who we are. We can release any expectations and be ready for anything that comes, knowing that despite any outer appearances, ALL IS WELL.


One of the Keys for being a True One is the ability to meet each day as if were both our First Day on Earth and our Last. On our First Day on the planet, everything is new and fresh. We are not bound by prior experiences, hardened beliefs or narrow preferences. We are not filled with fears or riddled with broken hearts. We have a great openness and enthusiasm to see what is around us. Our hearts are whole. We like all the colors, rather than just a few. We naturally LOVE with our whole being, simply because that’s our true nature.

And on the Final Day of our life on Earth, everything has a poignant sweetness. The warm Sun upon our face, the wind moving through trees, the beauty of the flowers. We savor the precious moments of kindness, understanding and mutual respect we share with others. There is no time left to be false. There is no time to live our lives doing what we think “others” want us to do or what we “should” do. We say what needs to be said and do what needs to be done with total Trueness. There is no time to hold back with our love. There is no more impatience. There is no need for diversion or distraction. There is no more Time. There is only the eternal moment of the Expanded HERE and NOW. We are filled with tenderness and gratitude.

When we are able to treat each day as if it were both our First and our Last, we free ourselves from duality and align ourselves deeper with the Timeless True Worlds. We are authentic True Beings who are eternal. And simply by doing this, we are living in the New Reality.

Aligning with our True Direction

We may have thought that by now, we had opened all our Sealed Orders. Yet, some new ones have unexpectedly appeared and are starting to open. These Sealed Orders contain the long awaited information about our True Direction.

When these Sealed Orders open, there’s an unquestionable certainty about what is being shown to us. The information feels totally right and resonates deeply with our own Heart’s Knowingness. These Sealed Orders have been long imbedded in our Heart’s Knowingness under a time release mechanism, awaiting this very moment to be revealed.

Once we’ve received this new information about our True Direction, we just have to go for it, with everything we’ve got. There’s no more time for hesitation, procrastination or doubts. It’s similar to when we encounter one of our Hidden Treasures ~ if we miss the opportunity, we usually don’t have the option of going back later for it.

Whenever a doorway opens in front of us, we have to go through it right away. Usually, there’s an element of right timing involved that means it won’t always be open. November is full of Green Lights, but they’re not steady Green Lights that are always on. So whenever there’s a Green Light, drop everything else and zoom through it, as quickly as possible.

When our new Sealed Orders burst open, a homing device is activated. It’s similar to a computer game when hidden elements appear outlined in bright colors or strange symbols when you near your objective. We may not physically see the colors or symbols, but we will feel a deep alignment within our heart that shows us where to go. This will help us align with our True Direction as never before. When this happens, we will be able to move forward with sureness and confidence, even when we can’t yet clearly see all the details of where we are going.

There will be a sense of obviousness, of deep comfort and clarity as we draw ever closer to our True Direction. “Ah, I already know these people ~ they are so familiar.” Or “Now I know what my true work is!!” Or “I know this place; it really feels like home!”

Suddenly, we are ready to quit our old jobs that we hated. We are ready to live with our True Family. This will trigger another round of migration as many finally settle into our True Homes, if we are not already there. Or we if we are already in our True Home, we will now recalibrate it to align deeper with the New Reality of AN.

This alignment with our True Direction will continue until we are fully there.


“It’s the end of the world as we know it….
and I feel fine.”… REM

November is a month of RESET and Rebirth in which many of us will experience Quantum Leaps on numerous levels which will enable us to free ourselves from the snares of duality like never before. Some of us are going deep inside our inner control panels to finally dismantle our fear mechanisms. It’s so important that we don’t carry these old fears with us anymore. We will also be dissolving false limitations and expired beliefs. We are also resetting our entire relationship with money in order to attune ourselves with greater abundance.

In many of the Indian Pueblos of the Southwest United States, November was the traditional month of going inward when outer activities ceased and everyone stayed quietly in their homes. A time of Quantum Deep in which everyone could quietly reflect on what is True and Real. This November, we are experiencing a merger of thinking and feeling that is more like just knowing and being. As November progresses, we will become more clear about what is important to us and align with the coordinates of our True Direction.

The past few months were tough and deeply challenging for many of us. We were often pushed to the edge and beyond. Another wave of beloved ones is leaving the planet. As they do, a thread of their beings weaves itself into the tapestry of our beings. We will now carry these threads within us as part of who we are.

We have been through the Fires of Transformation. We are all rising as mighty Phoenixes from these Fires. Whatever remains has been forged in Trueness and is now radiant and pure. Now, the healing has begun. All of these experiences are pushing us firmly into our True Paths. The opening of our long hidden Sealed Orders is presenting us with a flood of new information which is strongly aligning us to our True Directions. And we are now making decisive steps to get there.

Like the different layers of life in the ocean, much that has long been pressed to the bottom of the depths is stirring and surfacing. Some seem compelled to stay on the turbulent surface waters, tenaciously clinging to their old lives in a leaky rowboat. Others are fearlessly delving into the ocean depths, vertically descending and ascending like the Great Whales in order to fully integrate the Life of the Depths with the Life on the Surface. These are stirring up our ancient remembrances of the exquisite Timeless True Worlds that were long embedded in our cellular memory banks as poignant, unspoken yearnings.

We are continually being given many examples of how to expand our awareness so we can more fully inhabit the New Reality of AN. We are discovering that things which we initially perceived as “delays” or “mistakes” are simply rerouting opportunities to get us into a state of enhanced right timing and right action. They are happening to help us, rather than hinder us.

Here’s an example from the Heart of AN: We are building a small octagon next to the Tower of AN. The floor was going to be made out of large pastilero clay tiles. The only problem is that everyone is out of the large tiles and we didn’t have enough here to make the entire floor. This forced us to look for a creative solution. Now, we’ve decided to use all the tiles we have and fill in the empty spaces with glass mosaics. The end result will be a much more beautiful floor than if we had been able to make it solely with the clay tiles.

There are many examples of this happening right now. These experiences are extremely helpful in moving us out of duality judgments such as, “Oh no, we can’t get enough tiles for our floor! How unfortunate!” and allowing a greater perfection to take place. All we have to do when “delays” and “mistakes” arrive, is to expand our beings and see beyond the current situation. That’s when we start looking for a new, creative solution which could not be seen before.

Throughout November, we will experience the deepening of existing connections with our True Family, as well as inspiring connections with new people coming into our lives. These new connections will reveal more of our True Purpose, since we have much to do together!

We will also realize that it’s time to release some of our old connections with those who still operate on the duality-based level of horizontal energy. There’s a lot of horizontal energy around these days trying to hook us in. Horizontal energy is the realm of false news, innuendo and gossip. Things like, “Oh, someone said something bad about you, but I can’t tell you what it is, or who said it.”

Horizontal energy always feels awful. It weakens our energy and tries to pull us off our True Path. Whenever we experience it, we need to immediately remove ourselves from the source of the horizontal energy and greatly expand our being, so we don’t get drawn into it. We may even want to let of these people or situations and instead turn our attention to those who are True.

The roller coaster ride of the past few years continues in November. Only now, we have adjusted to its mad motion and can enjoy the excitement a lot more, with a lot less stress. The year 2017 is one of the most important ones of this lifetime. It’s a pivotal evolutionary juncture during which there has been a massive awakening of humanity and in which many are finally realizing the importance of unpinning themselves from duality. We are in a special window that will keep open at least until after the New Year. There’s a feeling of NOW or NEVER.

The veils are dropping at a greatly accelerated rate, revealing more and more layers of corruption and the abuse of power. The decayed power structures and old systems will continue to collapse to make way for the New and True. This is why we have so many terrible, seemingly crazy, world leaders who are making it unquestionably obvious that they are not here to serve the people or the planet. They are facilitating the rapid breakdown of a polarized system that has been out of balance for far longer than we realize. Everything is coming closer to a definitive crisis point in which the greatly welcomed Tipping Point will be reached.

Shocking events as well as natural or unnatural disasters will continue to shake us out of our old complacency. When everything turns upside down, it’s important to stay aligned with our True Self and leap into action to strengthen the resonance of the New Reality. From this point onwards until we reach the Tipping Point, anything can and will happen!

All month long, there is the strong potential for unexpected flip overs with people, situations and world events. We may think that something is going in a set direction and then it suddenly flips over into a different one. We may think that our relationship with someone is over and then it flips onto a new level. Because of this, it’s important that we don’t pin anyone or anything into their present position. And that we don’t label things as “Good” or “Bad”. Someone may appear from nowhere who does an act of great courage. Or something which we previously thought was “Good” could suddenly reveal its underbelly of corruption. Nothing is set into stone and anything can change.

Many of the pins that have kept us anchored into the old reality have now popped out. Time as we knew it, has now almost completely collapsed. There is no way to stop the massive change that is taking place. We are all being affected in some form or another. This magnified transformation is touching everything – inside and out.

November is a month in which we feel more centered again. There is a rising excitement for what is coming. The seeding of the Earth with the Timeless True Worlds has begun. Everything is in motion now; the changeover from duality to Oneness is accelerating and expanding greatly.

We, as True Ones, must now live our Trueness with honesty and integrity. Let’s radiate Love and Compassion whenever possible. Let’s be fully conscious of our responsibilities to everyone on this planet, including the Earth herself, because this is why we are here. “Holding – Holding – Holding the Beam of Trueness” is a naturally activated instruction encoded deep within our being. The only way not to be swept away by the events caused by the dissolution of duality is to be fully aligned and anchored in our One True Being. Let’s embody the way we wish everyone to be in the future.

For me, the most exciting thing is how visible and alive the New Reality of AN is becoming. It’s all around us and no longer difficult to see or feel. As we leave behind the old dying paradigm of duality, we are discovering how expansive and comfortable the New Reality can be.

With True AN•Love,

With deep Gratitude and Love for the brilliant insights from:
Denise, Inger, Keenuane
Antares, Aumanarius, Craig, Dian, Emanáku, Ganesha, Giselle, Indigo,
Lea, Maddisen, Maria, Rodaan, Sandi, Shataan, Stephanie, Sumac Sonqo



Solara’s 2017 Year Surf Report

Stepping In and Living True




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What we envision is a torus ring of support created by the Family of AN that encircles the Heart of AN. This will make the Heart of AN energetically stronger by having a wider base. And it will free us to do more of what we came here to do.

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Solara's Surf Report for 2017 - Stepping In and Living True

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