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Solara’s 2019 Surf Report
Turning the Tide

Looking Back at 2018

In 2018 we were given the gift of an Eleven Year ~ the Master Number of Anchoring the New Reality ~ to help us see with enhanced clarity and to propel us out of all that is untrue. Eleven Years are never easy, but they are undeniably brilliant. They bring us numerous opportunities for powerful transformation. In this regard, 2018 did not disappoint.

2018 was a Year of Making Changes. We courageously removed ourselves from old karmic knots and expired ancestral patterns in which we had been entangled for lifetimes. We dealt with serious health issues. Many of us had the rug pulled out from under us, in one form or another. Throughout the year, we were challenged way beyond our comfort zones.

We became increasingly aware of the conscious and unconscious choices we make on a daily basis ~ discerning more clearly whether they feed duality or strengthen the resonance of the New Reality. Then we started making new choices ~ ones that we’d never considered making before.

All year long, we were in the process of shifting Timelines and completing our old stories. Even if we thought that we were already awake, we discovered there was a deeper, truer reality all around us. We started seeing and understanding things which hadn’t been visible to us until now. This is when we began connecting with our True Story ~ our Eternal Story ~ and remembered more of Who We Are and Why We Are Here.

November brought us a series of extremely powerful Insertion Points of the New Reality of AN. This deeply transformational, ultra intense month contained ten Master Number Days which triggered off a massive RESET that affected absolutely everything. After the RESET, rows upon rows of dominoes, going off into all the directions, started falling out of their old positions. Up until now, we hadn’t experienced anything like it.

On November 11, (11•11•11) there was an earthquake near the Sacred Valley of the Incas in Peru at precisely the same time ~ 6:11 am (11:11 UTC) ~ that we had made an 11•11•11 RESET Ceremony at the amazing Inca site of Moray on November 11, 2011. (Also an 11•11•11). This showed us that the same Mega RESET energy that we had activated seven years before was still spiraling through the universe, becoming increasingly stronger ~ finally spiraling back to its place of origin. This Mega RESET is directly connected with the shift over of reality systems from duality to Oneness. It’s a RESET into TRUENESS. We can expect this Mega RESET energy to return to us again, possibly sooner than seven years from now.

This Mega RESET is having a profound effect upon us and will continue throughout 2019. The dominoes that served as the underpinnings of our old, duality-based foundations are still falling out of their old positions. Our task this year is to place these fallen dominoes into their new, true positions and to learn how to inhabit the New Reality of AN, incorporating it into our daily lives as our predominant reality. We are being set free, as never before.

The final months of 2018 contained unexpected Open Doors caused by a massive Creative Surge that was set off by November’s RESET. These Open Doors created holes in the fabric of duality through which the New Reality could be tangibly seen and felt by increasing numbers of people. This is when the Creative Surge swept us up and propelled us forward. Without hesitation, we began a series of creative projects ~ both totally new ones and ones we had wanted to do for years. Some of these projects came from the territory of Beyond our Wildest Dreams. The work flowed surprisingly smoothly. This Creative Surge will only become stronger in 2019 and is one of the main themes of the year.

We are right in the midst of unprecedented change that is touching all levels of our lives. The world around us is dramatically changing. Our predominant reality is transforming from inside out. We ourselves are an integral part of this change. We are here to turn the tide….



There is so much talk about Ascension these days, yet very few understand what it really means. Ascension is not “getting out of here”. This misbelief is something that we learned backwards. It’s not about leaving the planet because we can no longer tolerate it. It’s not about being picked up by a spaceship and flown away somewhere else. It’s not about suddenly growing back our Angel wings and flying off into the formless realms. (We’ve already been there and know them well.) If all we have to do here on Planet Earth is return to our formless state, it seems like there was no point in coming here at all. Ascension is also not a state of “perfection” where there are no problems, challenges or difficulties.

Ascension is expanding our beings beyond duality while in our physical bodies! It’s the stepping free of the illusion of separation and throwing off the shackles of duality. Ascension is the REMEMBERING OF WHO WE TRULY ARE and then LIVING TRUE LIVES AS TRUE ONES so we can birth the New Reality into the physical.

Ascension is not about going “HOME”. It’s about bringing HOME here! It’s about bringing in our vastness and fully inhabiting our physical bodies ~ or as I’ve been saying for years, THE ONLY WAY OUT IS IN. We don’t have to be Angels, Goddesses or Shamans to do this. These are old duality-based roles that will only hold us back ~ for we are far more than this. All we need to do is to be authentic True Ones, consciously living our mastery by being REAL and serving all beings with Compassion and Vast LOVE. We live in a sacred manner by embodying our Trueness.

Many of us have memories of various paradise realms where we lived in harmony with an abundant nature and talked openly with the animals and trees. These are the Timeless True Worlds that we remember so well ~ that fill us with such strong yearning to return to a state which felt like HOME.

But our earthly lives are not hell ~ even though hellish things are happening all around us and have been happening here since the Beginning of Time and the subsequent Imposition of Duality. The true nature of Planet Earth is a paradise realm. She is a Timeless True World who desperately wants to shake off the heavy cloak of duality and return to her inherent Trueness. But to do this, Pachamama needs our full participation as agents of Love, Trueness, Renewal and Rebirth, rather than destruction. This is such a vast task that it can only be achieved by ONE ~ our One True Being.

ASCENSION is our Waking Up, Rising Up, Stepping Forth and LIVING A TRUE LIFE AS A TRUE ONE in the Expanded HERE and NOW. It’s the state of birthing a New True Reality in the midst of the collapsing world of illusory separation. When we truly ASCEND, we can live in the Timeless True Worlds while here in physical form. For once we are able to inhabit the Timeless True Worlds in our every day life, we are fully inhabiting the New Reality of AN.

Living in the frequency band of the Timeless True Worlds is our natural way of being. They are our eternal TRUE HOME. It is the place where we are eternal, ageless, healthy, loving and full of infinite wisdom. It is where true healing resides. The Timeless True Worlds connect us to our True Story ~ our Eternal Story ~ not just a small, distorted fragment of it. They erase the distortion of separation between the “physical” and the “spiritual” and move us into the knowingness that EVERYTHING IS SACRED and ALL IS ONE.

When we truly ASCEND, we bring HOME here! And this is exactly what we are doing by physically anchoring the New Reality of AN. This is what turns the tide!


The Timeless True Worlds are where our Eternal True Self resides. They contain our original codes. Whenever we experience the Timeless True Worlds, it triggers our remembrance of other times ~ other places that are deeply familiar. Inhabiting the Timeless True Worlds is the Key for how to live in the New Reality on the physical Earth. The Timeless True Worlds are the Places of Refuge for the True Ones.


This is where we can live as True Kings and True Queens. They are the real Master Servers upon this planet, for “To rule truly is to serve.” If enough of us step into this timeless part of ourselves as True Queens and True Kings, this will turn the tide and cause a natural overthrow of those who have long usurped the positions of the True Queens and True Kings within the Template of Duality.

We weren’t always conquered, overthrown or tricked out of our position in times past ~ although sometimes we were. Often we were the ones who willingly stepped aside and allowed those with louder voices and harsher means to take over. This abdication of our True Positions can no longer be allowed. The survival of our planet and all the life forms upon her are On the Line. Now we must step into our True Positions and confidently reassume our Natural Responsibility as Master Servers.

If you’re sitting on a golden chair ~ you’re not a True King or a True Queen ~ for they are never found on golden chairs. Whenever you see anyone sitting on a golden chair, it’s a sign that they are an usurper who needs to be removed. If you’re stuffing yourself at a banquet in the palace while your people are hungry ~ you are not a True King or True Queen. If you’re covered in jewels while the people are wearing rags ~ you are not a True King or True Queen. If you are the executive of a corporation which pays its workers less than a comfortable living wage (which is more than the minimum wage) ~ you are not a True King or True Queen. If you can ignore the sight of homeless people sleeping outside ~ then you are not a True King or True Queen. But if you’re making sure that your people and creatures are well and happy, that they have adequate food and shelter ~ then you are. If you are a Sacred Pagoda which emanates love, protection and reassurance that ALL IS WELL to the entire landscape, then you are.


If you are a False King or False Queen, this year might be a dangerous one for you. You could well be knocked off your grand golden throne and fall down – down – down. You may simply lose your balance from your lofty position ~ (maybe your rings are too heavy) ~ or you may be toppled by outside conditions. But as long as you do not choose to serve the people, your position is precarious. If you want to maintain your position of authority, then you must open your eyes to what is happening all around you and become a force of positive change. You must use your wealth and influence to serve the people, protect the animals and preserve the environment. You must take responsibility for the well being of all. Right now, you have the opportunity of transforming into a Master Server, but this opportunity may no longer be available by the end of the year.

True Kings and True Queens are loving, humble and compassionate. They don’t need to wear crowns and fancy clothes ~ for their essence of Loving Trueness is their only adornment. I remember going to a large meeting of the Hopi and Navajo tribes in Tuba City, Arizona many years ago. This important meeting went on for many hours and most of the discussion was in the Hopi and Navajo languages. Since I couldn’t understand much of what was being said, this gave me a lot of time to scan the crowd looking for the True Ones. They were easy to find. They weren’t the ones with large cowboy hats topped with eagle feathers. They weren’t the ones laden with powerful turquoise and silver jewelry. The True Ones were the humble farmers. They stood out because of their shining authenticity!



2019 is the Year of Creative Manifestation. Creativity not only holds a major Key for us, but it is the Doorway that we must pass through in order to fully express our Trueness. This is the year when we come ALIVE through our creativity. We become vibrantly alive by manifesting the New Reality through all that we do while embodying all that we are.

True Creativity is quite different than what we used to regard as artistic creation. It’s not a mindless spewing of nervous Blah – Blah – Blah that bursts out from our restless discontent. It’s not a mental exercise that is carefully thought out in advance. It’s not what is found in most of the commercialized art scene. Many of us have been afraid of fully living. We are afraid of wearing bright colors or if we are a man, of letting our hair grow past our ears. We are afraid of doing something different or of standing out in a crowd. True Creativity is an alignment of our entire beings to the New Reality which naturally expresses itself through us.

Last October and November, a massive Creative Surge started coming into the planet. Some of us were so involved in our daily lives that we weren’t ready to see it at that time, while others were immediately picked up by it and swept into a heightened state of creative manifestation. This Mega Creative Surge will be with us all this year ~ becoming stronger and stronger until it’s impossible to ignore ~ giving us myriad opportunities to express the true, timeless essence which lies deep within us. And when this happens, it will feel so fulfilling!

We will discover that when we’re surfing the Creative Surge, we’re not just creating Art ~ we are birthing the New Reality! And we’re doing this by expressing the Beauty of Authenticity that we contain within us. True Creativity is not done with just a fragment of our being ~ but with our full, timeless True Being. It’s a synthesis of our inner landscape and outer environment with the New Reality of AN. We enter a state of natural flow where we can easily make visible the Invisible. It’s SEEING THE UNSEEN, reaching deep inside ourselves, then going into the Timeless True Worlds and bringing them here into the physical.

It doesn’t matter at all what form we use to do this. True Creativity can manifest through making a painting or painting a piece of old furniture. It may appear through music or song or dance or through cooking a meal, doing carpentry, making a fire, taking a walk, talking to the flowers, cleaning out a closet, mixing healing oils, sweeping a floor, creating a path, spreading our love wherever we go, petting an animal, taking out the garbage, looking up at the stars, caring for our physical body, embracing the collective, constructing a building, growing vegetables or repositioning all that is around us so the New Reality can better anchor into our energetic fields. It’s not so important what we do, but how we do it.

True Creativity touches all areas of our life. Creativity isn’t just making something or doing something ~ it’s the Art of Living. Living as a True One is an Art. When we manifest True Creativity, we instantly feel HOME. We become more fully enlivened, more involved in life, more authentic and our compassion deepens. We have expanded our beings beyond duality and created openings into the Invisible for all to enter. When we merge with the flow of creativity, an alchemical transformation takes place ~ both inside us and in our immediate environment. We create an oasis of Pure AN that spreads out all over the world ~ strengthening the resonance of the New Reality for all, while immersing ourselves in its energies.


This is exactly what we must do this year. We all have multiple forms of creative expression. We may not know many of them yet, but as soon as we open ourselves to become creators, our unique forms of expression will appear. Some of them may be familiar, while others will come as a complete surprise.

Riding on this Creative Surge gives us new Superpowers, along with the boldness to strengthen these newly discovered abilities. It gives us new flexibility in getting out of the old mental traps of duality ~ just like an octopus who can search for and find ANY opening in its tank to squeeze through and move to freedom.

We now have to completely repattern our lives to reflect our Trueness. How many of us are still doing grueling jobs that don’t make us happy just for the paycheck? Why are we afraid to let the natural, unique expression of our creativity support us? Maybe it’s time to believe in ourselves a bit more? Unplugging ourselves from duality-based jobs which we don’t like will free up our creative energy and fill us with freshness. And we WILL be supported by doing something which we love. When we live off of our creativity, we are living True Lives.

This year, we are in a larger Creation Cycle than we can begin to imagine. True Creativity is both action and being. It’s one of the most revolutionary things we can do, for it has the ability to turn the tide. It’s liberating on multiple levels and it’s fun!

The 2019 Overview


“Beyond the Null Zone 222” – Mandala by Keenuane

As the magnificent New True Year of 2019 begins, we can hear the sound of many old books closing. We are setting aside our old stories full of expired ancestral patterns embellished with ornate karmic knots. We are finished living these old stories with their tired plots and intricate intrigue that simply isn’t intriguing any more. We are also setting aside our well worn rituals ~ for these old spiritual practices are no longer effective and no longer needed. They served their purpose of getting us to where we are now and won’t take us any further.

Now, we can put down our phones and finally turn our attention to what is all around us in the Expanded HERE and NOW. This is when we can see the wonder and true magic of the New Reality which surrounds us. This is the moment when our True Lives begin….

2019 is a powerful year of New Beginnings and Turning the Tide. It’s the Year of Stepping into the New Reality as our predominant reality and discovering a wondrous New Landscape all around us. There will be numerous Green Lights for those who are walking their True Paths. Yet, 2019 is not a year for continuing with our old “normal” pursuits ~ for remaining on our old paths will only lead to breakdowns, obstacles and failure.

Last year, many of us were stripped to the core through disasters, health issues or personal crises. For us, everything is already ON THE LINE. We’re not living “life as usual”. Our “life as usual” has disappeared and we realize that even if we try, our old life isn’t going to return. We’ve also realized that we don’t want to return to our old ways of being. We LOVE our life as it is now, even with its myriad challenges. If this hasn’t happened to you yet, don’t worry; sometime this year, it might.

This is the perfect time to transcend our old fears. To take a good look at the old social framework which still holds us into duality. How can we free ourselves from it? These social constructs have been in the process of breaking down for some time which has given many people a sense of unease. This discomfort is what gives rise to the Right Wing movements around the world which prey on people’s insecurity. The old reference frames such as villages, families, religions or trust in our governments are breaking apart. The Right Wing promises to hold together The Way Things Used to Be in the “idyllic” Past (ignoring the fact that the Past was never idyllic) ~ either by force, by imposing new rules or by applying false bandages of rhetoric to temporarily cover the holes in the fabric of duality.

When people do something new, they fall out of the net of the old collective. This is scary to those who are trying to maintain the status quo. The magic spell of the old collective is, “That’s how we’ve always done it and that’s how we’re going to keep on doing it.” Of course, there were times in the past when survival depended upon this, but now the situation has reversed and our survival depends on becoming free of them.

More and more people are seeing beyond these old constructs. We now know that all of humanity is our True Family. All of nature is our True Family. We have grown far too big for narrow beliefs and refuse to submit to them. We are jettisoning our fears and proudly wearing our courage and confidence. It has been a long time coming, but we are ready!

Our journey of RETURNING TO OUR TRUE SELVES is now bearing fruit, bringing us this welcome year full of stunning Breakthroughs, Transformational Turning Points and New Freshness. 2019 is going to be a positive year full of magic and wonder, for those who are ready to embrace this. And we are going to turn the tide!

This is the year when the bright young Third Waves will step forward with their vast wisdom and brilliant capabilities. This doesn’t mean that we need to step aside and let them take over, but we do need to make space for them and listen to them, for they have much to offer. We are all meant to work together.

January and February are important months for setting our New Templates. This means that we will be cleaning, recalibrating, anchoring new energies and dealing with the newly fallen dominoes by either putting them into their True Positions or letting them go. This setting of our New Templates is essential for all that is to come. March is a powerful month which brings us a strong infusion of new energy, new information and new opportunities which propels us forward on our True Paths. May is a month of deepening, solidifying and integration. After that, everything will noticeably accelerate for the rest of the year. Even so, it will be much smoother than what we have been through in previous years.

There’s a strong emphasis on health this year ~ our personal health, as well as the health of our planet. Health issues are very helpful signposts that show us what needs to be changed. We will be incorporating a creative, proactive approach to our health issues, rather than just relying on the medical establishment to health us. These health problems reflect the profound changes taking place within our physical bodies, as we step into a truer version of ourselves.

Many elements are in a state of movement this year as they click into their True Positions. The Earth is wobbling; the Winds of Change are blowing; magma is moving and tectonic plates are shifting. At the same time, many duality-based energies are leaving the planet. There are lots of supportive and empowering energies to help us. There will be many surprises and unexpected developments as new pathways and new forms of creative expression open up before us. The old Timelines will continue to collapse, as the outdated paradigm of duality breaks down.

This is the year that we finally see some positive progress from our years of effort. The numerous injustices all over the world are catalyzing us as never before and we are ready. Many people are stepping forward with clear, decisive action to change what needs to be changed, so we can collectively turn the tide.

Learning to fully live in the New Reality will be a year long task, as mastering being the New Reality in every given moment takes practice. We need to experience it on every level of who we are. As the year progresses, we will find ourselves working together more, co-creating together in groups, supporting one another, learning a new form of practical Oneness.

Anything is possible this year. We can manifest our Wildest Dreams. We can create Quantum Breakthroughs and Turning Points. Many people have reached a place of “Enough is Enough!” This is a year to be fully alert, not out of fear, but out of Love for all creation. We are already starting to experience the strength of our One True Being. Now together as ONE, let’s shift reality systems. Let’s turn the tide!


Let’s not just step into a New Year by simply flipping over a page in the same book we’ve been reading for lifetimes. Let’s close the door of our Past by lovingly releasing our old behaviors and expired beliefs. Let’s inhabit a New World. Let’s birth a New Reality right in the midst of a dying paradigm. Let’s be authentic and True. Let’s sing a new song ~ the Song of ONE. Let’s flood the planet with Pure True Love so that everyone and everything is infused with it. Let’s make the presence of our ONE TRUE BEING felt. Let’s be joyous and grateful. Let’s be victorious. Let’s be REAL.


Welcome to 2019!!!


With TRUE LOVE from AN,
Solara • Anani • Anamani

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