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Solara’s December 2018 Surf Report
Exploring Our New Dynamic

With deep gratitude to Keenuane for letting us use her MANDALAS again!
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Review of November 2018

November was one of the most intensely powerful and deeply challenging months we have ever experienced. For those who welcome change, it was full of amazing opportunities and stunning 360′ shifts in perception that were triggered by a profusion of 11:11 frequencies. For those who still avoid change, it brought numerous Wake Up Calls in the form of hard knocks. No matter how November manifested, it was an exceptionally transformational month full of OPEN DOORS and Quantum Breakthroughs. It was a life changing month that lifted us out of our old stories and deposited us deeper onto our New Timeline.

There were ten Master Number Days of 11, 22, 33 and 44 that brought us monumental shifts and profound MEGA RESETS on multiple levels. RESETS cannot be avoided and resisting them only makes them stronger. RESETS can take many different forms. We may suddenly be able to see many things we didn’t see before. These revelations can be so powerful that they rip apart the very fabric of what we previously thought was real. A RESET can be so strong that we feel either totally energized or completely flattened. No matter how a RESET affects us, something is irrevocably changed within us. Our inner control panels are instantly recalibrated to different settings than before. A RESET doesn’t just happen and then it’s over. The after effects continue to spread outwards (and inwards) for a long time, influencing and repatterning everything they encounter.

In addition to the Master Number Days, there were the Days-In-Between. Some of these were calm and gave us time for much needed integration. Some were highly energizing and we got a lot of things done. Others were deeply challenging and uncomfortable as many of the false and expired elements we still carried within us were greatly magnified.

November wasn’t an easy month as it dislodged and pulled off many long calcified, duality-based beliefs and old behaviors, but it was absolutely brilliant! Many people had the rugs pulled out from under them and were forced to start anew. Much was ON THE LINE throughout the month. Some of us felt that we were walking on the razor’s edge between Life and Death. At the same time, we were clearing out old ancestral patterns from our family lineages, as well as from the collective, while repatterning the past.

The New Reality of AN became more visible and many felt it for the first time. This infusion of the New Reality is bringing far reaching changes which are being felt by increasing numbers of people. New Doors opened which caused many elements to click into their new, rightful positions. Once the doors opened, we were swept along by a massive Creative Surge. New creative projects appeared from out of nowhere and filled us with bursts of enthusiasm. At times, it felt like we had been caught up in a whirlwind of action ~ while in the midst of a profound inner transformation beyond our wildest imagining.

This is a monumental time in which the mighty Winds of Change are creating holes in the Fabric of Time and Space. These holes are openings to new levels of the New Reality of AN which we couldn’t access before. The openings create OPEN DOORS to our new Timeline which bring us sudden, unexpected changes of a far greater scope than we can presently imagine. This enables us to reconnect with previously undiscovered parts of ourselves. We have never felt so whole and so truly our REAL SELF!


Here in Peru at the Heart of AN, our cat Leo unexpectedly got very sick and almost died on November 7 ~ an 11 Master Number day. (The next day, he was better.) On November 11th, there was a 4.0 earthquake not far from where we live. This was an 11•11•11 day and the earthquake happened at the exact hour and minute ~ 6:11 am (which is 11:11 UTC), that seven years ago on November 11, 2011 (another 11•11•11 day), we made an 11•11•11 RESET Ceremony at the Inca site of Moray. This was a strong confirmation that this same RESET is still spiraling throughout the world ~ only now on a much more far reaching level. Not only that, but the epicenter of this earthquake was located at one of the three sacred lakes near here which correspond with the three stars in the Belt of Orion ~ EL•AN•RA. Powerful….

On November 19, another Master Number Day, I went out on the land to visit our alpacas. This time, it was truly magical. They all came closer to me than ever before; several of them touched my hand and they were so loving! On the Master Number Day of November 28, we made a seven hour ceremony which we initially thought was to save the life of one of our beloved alpacas, but turned out to be for the purpose of repatterning a long ingrained false belief of the collective, (see story below). And on November 29, (another 11•11•11 day), we were greatly surprised by the birth of our first baby alpaca here. And all month long because of my health, I was walking the fine line between the worlds….

Under the Rug


November’s Master Number Days triggered profound RESETS both within us and in our lives. For many of us, the RESETS were so strong that the rug was pulled out from under us, throwing us into a temporary state of confusion and chaos. We entered a state of NO DOWN – NO RETURN in which we could no longer go back to our old lives or our old ways of being ~ The Way Things Used To Be.

For some, our perceptions expanded so greatly that we couldn’t do things the way we used to. Many of our old activities and pursuits suddenly became uninteresting to us and were set aside. We were thrust into the New Reality as never before. For others, it was more drastic. Jobs that we held for years were suddenly terminated or we lost our home. The old rug that we had stood on for a long time had unexpectedly disappeared ~ with absolutely no warning!

For many, this was totally devastating! Our old familiar rug was irrevocably pulled out from underneath us. We may not have totally loved our rug, but we knew it well. We knew all the stains and holes in it. We knew where not to step so we would slip. It was our rug and we had it for a long time. We may have had plans to replace it one of these days, but never got around to actually doing it. And now it was gone!

What were we to do next? The old, familiar landscape that we had based our lives upon was dramatically altered. We had the choice of how to respond to this major twist of fate. Do we become victims and mourn our misfortune? Or do we embrace our newfound freedom and see that we’ve been given an amazing opportunity to totally recreate our lives?

Some of us immediately made plans to replace our old rug. Maybe we could find something similar? Others paused and started to look why this had happened? And in our pause, a wondrous thing occurred. We discovered that underneath the well worn rug of our old life was a beautiful floor! We had never seen this floor before and had no idea that it was there. It was always hidden underneath the old rug.

Our newly discovered floor is beyond beautiful ~ it’s indescribably exquisite! It is much more solid and well made than our frayed, old rug and is something we can stand on with confidence. This previously hidden floor represents the magnificent, newly discovered part of ourself that we are finally seeing for the first time. Wow! Suddenly we were presented with a completely new foundation upon which we can now build True Lives. What a wondrous discovery! This discovery immediately moved us from a state of Null Zone to one of Liberation.

This is where many of us are as we enter December. The old rug is gone and we’re standing on this gorgeous, newly discovered floor, merged with newly discovered parts of our being, looking at everything with fresh eyes and a profound sense of awe. This isn’t happening to everyone yet; there are still many who are still standing on their old rugs ~ but they might well be pulled out from underneath them in December. This may not sound so fun, but the old rugs need to go ~ and the sooner, the better!

In December we will explore our newly discovered floor. It may be made of crystal or sparkly mosaics or burnished wood. It is perfect Beyond our Wildest Dreams. This floor resonates with our True Being more than anything we have ever encountered here on Earth. All month long, we will become more familiar with our newly discovered floor. As we do, it will require many internal and external adjustments. We might find ourselves continually stepping on and off our new floor until we are comfortable enough to claim it as our own.

We will also become familiar with the parts of our newly discovered self that make us more whole than we have ever been. We may have days when we feel vibrantly alive and magnificent, followed by a day in which we seem to shrink in size and retreat back into our old patterns. When this happens, everything feels squished and uncomfortable, for we have become too big to go back to our reduced selves. But this back and forth process is all part of the necessary adjustments we are making. With time and practice, we will become less small and be able to maintain our magnificence for longer periods until we fully become WHO WE REALLY ARE. We move forward and backwards at the same time. This is why, as we welcome more of the New Reality into our lives, this also highlights what needs to now be removed.

By the end of December, we will stand proudly on our newly discovered floor. Our being has now merged with the newly discovered parts of our beings. This is when another HUGE DOOR opens right in front of us. This is exactly where we need to be by the beginning of the New Year.

Transforming Old False Beliefs into True Ones

We are now being given unprecedented opportunities to let go of long ingrained ancestral patterns, release old stories and realign our belief system into greater Trueness. Some long standing beliefs are now being revealed as false. When this happens, we are given powerful opportunities to let them go, rather than continuing to blindly accept them as real. When we do this, it’s like a train switching tracks ~ from this moment forward we will have completely new experiences while we travel through a brand new landscape. This is especially important when we repattern a duality-based false belief held by the collective ~ for this brings widespread changes. When we move this illusory belief off of the false assumption that it was standing on, it not only transforms into something that is real and true, but it is finally placed into its correct position.

Here’s an example of how we have been working to change a false belief into a true one: For the past few weeks, Tawani, our oldest alpaca, has been quite sick. We’ve been giving her antibiotics, vitamins, water and LOTS of Love and Healing Energy, but she has spent much of her time lying down and not eating. Usually, when alpacas become this sick, they do not recover.

Nov 26, 2018 - a very sick Tawani is too weak to stand up or eat.

Nov 26, 2018 – a very sick Tawani is too weak to stand up or eat.

Last Wednesday, our resident guardian Pedro told us that Tawani was going to die soon because we had not done a Pago a la Tierra Ceremony for well over a year. This ceremony is based on the belief that everyone has to pay some sort of annual tribute to Pachamama or she will cause some kind of misfortune. There are two main Andean ceremonies to Pachamama ~ the Pago a la Tierra (payment to the Earth) and the Despacho (thanking Mother Earth). We’ve only done Despachos here because we don’t like the idea of a payment being required in order to stay on the good side of Pachamama. We love Pachamama and honor her always.

It was a bit shocking to hear that Tawani might die soon, so we decided to contact a Q’ero Paqo (a shaman from the Q’ero Tribe who had been recommended to us) and arrange for a Pago a la Tierra. He arrived a few hours later and after a short visit with the alpacas, started reading the coca leaves.

After an hour or so of tossing the coca leaves, arranging and rearranging them multiple times, the Q’ero announced that Tawani would die as a sacrifice to Pachamama, but that her blood would ensure the health of the rest of our herd. This is a widely accepted belief amongst many of the indigenous people in many parts of the world. I understand that this belief developed during extremely hard times of much suffering after the conquest of these natives cultures by greedy foreigners. For hundreds of years, death has been cheap and seeing any deaths as a necessary gift to placate Pachamama is understandable. But the question is ~ is it TRUE?

After being told that Tawani would die so that Pachamama would let the other alpacas live, I couldn’t keep silent. “No, that’s not true! Pachamama doesn’t want blood or suffering! She doesn’t require death to keep her satisfied! What she wants is happy animals who are loved, protected and respected. She doesn’t want animals to die for her!”

The Q’ero Paqo, who was a nice man, looked surprised at my outburst, but at least he listened while I continued. “I understand why this false belief developed during hundreds of years of suffering. But now, we finally have the opportunity to change it. If we want to get off of this old road of hardship and death, we must move to a new road of love, respect and honoring of all living creatures. And by doing so, we will also be serving Pachamama who has been saddened by all the sacrifice and suffering done by people who think they are pleasing her. And often, these are the same people who are unnecessarily cruel to their animals on a daily basis ~ and I know for sure that Pachamama does not like that.”

“Tawani MUST live ~ for she is the one who will help to change this false belief into a True One. Will you please help us to heal her?”

The Q’ero agreed ~ even though it didn’t feel that his understanding of or commitment to what we were about to do was nearly as strong as mine ~ which was rock solid. (I felt like a fire had been lit within me and that we HAD to do this!) So we moved outside to sit on the grass for a few hours of preparing a Pago a la Tierra for Pachamama ~ with coca leaves, llama fat, flowers and many other items, carefully placed onto a piece of white paper. By now, it was completely dark, but the offering was ready. We moved to the area next to the Tower of AN where Tawani was resting. Normally, all the alpacas go into their house at night, but this night Tawani wanted to remain at the Tower of AN, so we let her. This meant that she was with us for the ceremony.

Next, we dug a hole into the ground where chicha (a traditional Andean drink of fermented corn), beer and Coca Cola were poured into the hole for Pachamama. Apparently, Pachamama loved this combination of beverages since they were readily sucked into the depths of the hole ~ a sign of her approval. Then a fire was made above the now closed hole. The wood burned easily and the fire rose high ~ again a sign of Pachamama’s approval of what we were doing. The Q’ero prayed to the Apus again and again as he drank Pachamama’s offerings of chicha and smoked her cigarettes.

It was dark and cold, but after every round of prayers, I inserted the name of Tawani, so we would not forget why we were here. We even went over to Tawani a few times and circled around her with prayers and holy smoke. Tawani knew that this ceremony was for her.

All during the very long ceremony, I was extremely aware of what was at stake. This wasn’t just a healing ceremony for Tawani ~ it was an unprecedented opportunity to disconnect a false belief and RESET it into Trueness. Because of this, I inserted my own ceremony within what was being done outwardly. I lost count of how many times I silently did the SUN • MOON • PACHAMAMA • AN Meditation. All the while, I talked with Pachamama, saying, “Now is the time. Let’s do it! Let’s unhook and repattern this false belief! Let’s turn it into something REAL and TRUE!”

I could feel Pachamama totally with me ~ she was very happy that we were doing this. She was within my heart during the entire time. And I kept my focus by constantly telling her, “Pachamama, Tawani must live. She cannot become a sacrifice. There must not be any more sacrifices. That time is over. Tawani must live so she can start clearing the path into the New Road for all.”

Throughout the seven hours that the Q’ero was here, Emanaku retreated into himself and strongly held the Beam that ALL IS WELL, as he is so good at doing. At nine o’clock, even though the fire was still burning, I simply had to go to bed. I had no more energy left to stay, but Pedro and the Q’ero agreed to watch the fire until the end.

The next morning, Nima, our other adult alpaca, unexpectedly had a baby! It was a complete surprise as we had been told that she wasn’t pregnant just a month ago. Suddenly, there was a sweet newborn cria girl. Tawani was still sick. She wasn’t better and she wasn’t worse. She ate little and spent most of the day lying down. But for the past few days, Tawani seems to be getting better. She has been standing up for much of the day and is eating more grass than usual. She knows that we love her deeply. No matter what happens, it feels like this old false belief is being transformed.

Dec 7, 2018 - A strong Tawani protects the herd from a very loving dog

Dec 7, 2018 – A strong Tawani protects the herd from a very loving dog

These opportunities to release false beliefs and replace them with true ones are all around us. Some of them are on a personal level, while others are held by the collective. Watch for them, in case they come into your life. And if they do, please leap in with your full being and do your utmost to bring greater Trueness. It is so, so needed right now.

(And if you like this story, please do not like it for the wrong reasons. Please do not be bedazzled simply because a Q’ero was mentioned. The Pago a la Tierra Ceremony we did is not the point of the story. Both the Q’ero and Pedro were holding onto the old false beliefs and it took the New Reality of AN to bring in the element of Trueness. That’s the real reason for this story.)

Preparing for the Tipping Point


As soon as we move deeper into the Timeline of the New Reality, we encounter a massive creative surge that sweeps us up and carries us along. Suddenly, there is so much that we want to do! We may find ourselves involved in several creative projects at once. Some of them are projects that we’ve wanted to do for a long time, while others are things that we never thought of doing before ~ that unexpectedly arrive from new directions. We feel a strong sense of urgency to get things accomplished, as quickly as possible, even though we don’t consciously understand why there is such an urgency. Each task that we achieve feels like an immense victory. Surfing the Creative Surge keeps us very busy and makes us very happy.

There’s the sense that we are setting the stage for something wondrous and totally new that is coming in 2019 and that there’s a time element involved. We need to be ready! Yet, we have no idea what we are getting ready for. These projects call forth a completely new level of creativity from us which comes from the merger we are making with the newly discovered parts of our being.

I have a feeling that part of this urgency has to do with preparing our settings for the Jewels in the Crown. Back in 2008 while driving through the white hill towns of Southern Spain, I had a powerful revelation about the Jewels in the Crown. That each of us is a Jewel and that all the knocks from life were actually creating and cleaning the facets of our Jewel. It felt like we each had a special, personal setting in the Crown that was waiting for our Jewel. And that it was of utmost importance to place our Jewels into the Crown and when that happened ~ when the Jewels were placed into the Crown ~ it would trigger an absolute New Beginning.

The Keynote of the final 11:11 Activation of Eleventh Gate in 2012 was Jewels in the Crown ~ yet the conditions weren’t ready for it to happen. The planet wasn’t ready. We weren’t ready. The New Reality of AN hadn’t been fully anchored into the physical. We tried again to put the Jewels in the Crown in October 2016, but again the conditions weren’t right.

My feeling is that it’s almost time for this to happen. It could happen as early as the beginning of the New Year or it could happen by the end of the first half of 2019. When this does happen, it will signify that the long awaited Tipping Point of NO DOWN – NO RETURN has been reached and everything will profoundly change.



After the extremely powerful Master Number days of November, December will continue to reset us to greater Trueness. The old systems will continue to collapse and the energies of AN will become stronger. Much is going to happen in December ~ it will be strong and deeply transformative, but it won’t be nearly as harsh or intense as November was.

The Master Awakener of 11:11 is returning for another round of awakening ~ this time touching those who didn’t encounter it before, as well as those of us who have since forgotten. This is why so many people are seeing the Master Numbers again. But this time, the effect of the Master Numbers take us deeper ~ for the New Reality of AN has already been anchored. Now we have a heightened purpose to create the Tipping Point by going deeper into the New Reality.

We are like blocks of marble whose corners were roughly chipped off in November. In December, further refinements of our beings will take place so that the sculpture of our True Beings can emerge in 2019. Many of the places where we were attached to duality were loosened or knocked off of us last month; in December we will shuck off much of the remaining illusion.

Many of the ones who took a wrong turn and lost their way or who got stuck in prolonged Null Zones earlier this year are going to reconnect with their True Path in December. As they do, they will not only return to their True Self, but they will reunite with previously undiscovered parts of their being. This enhanced TRUE SELF will catalyze profound changes that will greatly accelerate their journey into the New Reality. Wondrous, completely unexpected opportunities will come pouring in. The Winds of Change will pick them up and transport them to a wondrous New Land ~ just like in “The Wizard of Oz” where Dorothy was transported from her normal life in Kansas to the magical Land of OZ. And this will happen without effort or struggle ~ for the doors that lead us out of duality are now WIDE OPEN!

With such powerful energies coming in, our physical bodies are being strongly affected. This is true, even if we think that we are used to powerful energies. Many of us are walking a fine line ~ sometimes poised on the border between Life and Death. This has given us an enhanced depth to all we see, feel and experience. We are literally greeting each day as if it were both our First and our Last. This makes every moment a precious one.

Our beings became so greatly transformed in November that it will take a while to extend all of ourselves into this expanded state of consciousness. Often we feel that we are much larger than our physical body. Now, our body needs to integrate the influx of strong, new energies. Sometimes we wake up in the middle of the night, for this is when our mind is quiet and we are most open. When this happens, we are in a realm of pure energy where many adjustments are taking place on multiple levels.

At the same time, many elements are now leaving our beings to make room for the New. There’s a sense that something major has loosened and that the world has changed. It feels like the old world of duality is becoming smaller and disappearing off into the distance. Even though we may be tired and have too much to do, there’s also a strong sense of excitement that is carrying us along. November’s powerful energy has loosened many of the calcified elements within us that were aligned with duality. Throughout December, these expired elements will be flying off of us. It’s like my friend Alberto says, “Either we jump into the New Reality or the universe will make us jump anyway.”



In December we step deeper into the new Timeline and enter a completely new dynamic. This is no longer the time to follow our old pursuits and expired dreams. A whole new world and an entirely new way of living is right in front of us. Touchstones of the New Reality are already appearing in our lives on a very tangible basis and many more are coming. These touchstones are not just simple decorations ~ like hanging up a Sun-Moon symbol; they are much more than that. They are creations which did not exist before, which are being birthed directly from the Invisible.

As soon as a touchstone of the New Reality enters our lives, it immediately highlights all the elements around it which need to be removed, repositioned or recalibrated. It triggers a domino effect which spreads out in multiple directions at once. This happened to me yesterday when two new shelves arrived for my mosaic tile collection in our art studio. (Before then, the tiles were scattered in various locations, including numerous piles on the floor.) Now, everything is well organized on the clean, white shelves. This has brought a fresh, new energy to the entire room. Just to have a physical representation of the enhanced energies of AN in this room alters the entire dynamic of the art studio. It clearly shows me everything which still needs to be changed. And even though there is much to do before the entire room moves to this heightened frequency, I feel inspired and excited, rather than overwhelmed.

It’s important that we open ourselves to seeing where these New Reality touchstones want to land. Once we know where it wants to be, the form will show itself to us. The next step is to leap into action and manifest it as quickly as possible. (This is the sense of urgency that some of us are feeling.) Creating physical touchstones of the New Reality in our living and work spaces is one of the important elements of December. This is because once we have created a touchstone, the energies spread outwards, birthing other touchstones and anchoring points of AN. Everything that we do to make visible and physically anchor the New Reality, makes this a better world.

• • • •

We have experienced RESETS, infusions, downloads, monolithic shifts, breakthroughs and Quantum Leaps. And here it is ~ the New Reality of AN ~ stronger than ever. Now it’s time to completely release old patterns and limited beliefs. It’s time to live in the New Reality, to see the hidden blessings in challenging situations, to stay in the energies of the New Reality for as long as we can without something pulling our attention away from it.

We cannot surf these new energies with our feet on two different surf boards. Our vision cannot be tuned into the brightness of the Unseen, as we strain to see through the darkness of duality. We cannot expect to fully align with the New Reality while we are clinging to everything old and familiar. December is all about letting go of the old systems completely, in order to fully and fearlessly embrace the New Reality.

The New Reality of AN is everywhere!! It’s solid. It’s reaching the Tipping Point! And when the old reality of duality cannot anchor itself in these heightened frequencies, it’s screaming for our attention so it can continue to have relevance. But If we continue to put our focus on the New Reality, duality’s reign will only continue to weaken.

Let’s use this opportunity the best we can. Let’s not get distracted. We are the New World. We are the magnificent Family of AN. And now, let’s live in this new dynamic.

Much is going to happen in December and Beyond. The old systems will continue to collapse. The full extent of how we have been manipulated for lifetimes will be revealed. More rugs will be pulled out from our old lives. Increasing numbers of people will shake off the illusion of duality and embrace the New Reality. Many things will teeter on the border between the Real and the Unreal. This is why everything feels ON THE LINE.

As we near the Tipping Point, many lives will hover on the edge of Life and Death. Ill gotten fortunes may suddenly be lost. Unexpected Melons (blessings from Heaven) will arrive when we least expect them. Some will leave the planet, while many will awaken. The Timeless True Worlds will become increasingly visible and serve as our Places of Refuge. The very survival of Planet Earth and all lifeforms upon her will come to the brink of extinction.

And then, the Tipping Point arrives….

Where we position ourselves for 2019 is critical.

With infinite LOVE from AN!,
Solara • Anani • Anamani

With deep Gratitude and Love for the brilliant insights from:
• Denise • Emanáku • Inger •

• Alberto • Ganesha • Merrilyn • Nick •



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