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Solara’s January 2019 Surf Report
Setting our New Templates

With deep gratitude to Keenuane for letting us use her MANDALAS again!
More amazing MANDALAS by Keenuane are for sale on Facebook: Keenu En Amor Arte

A Look Back at December 2018

December turned out to be much like we thought it would be. There was an extremely welcome lessening of intensity, which was much needed after the super charged month of November. This gave us time to explore the previously undiscovered floor under our old rug and to integrate much of what we experienced during November’s profound RESET.

In December, the rows upon rows of dominoes that were loosened from their old positions in November started falling out of their old positions. There were so many of them, in so many directions, that it was impossible to see the full extent of what was shifting all around us. We were kept busy by the immense task of placing the fallen dominoes into their new, True Positions.

Since everything was in between its old position and True Position, this put us into a state of temporary chaos and upheaval. Yet even though this was quite messy, we knew that this chaos wouldn’t last forever and kept on with focused intent. Amazingly, we didn’t become overwhelmed. Instead, we knew that it would take us several months to get everything into their rightful places and simply did what we could ~ one by one. This process of clicking numerous elements into their new, True Positions, will continue throughout January and February.

At the same time, we stepped deeper into the new Timeline and entered a completely new dynamic. This required a totally new series of deep adjustments on inner and outer levels which are still in progress.

The Creative Surge continued unabated. We felt a strong urgency to complete the various creative projects that were started last year. There was the sense that we are setting the stage for something wondrous and totally new that is coming in 2019 and that there’s a time element involved. We need to be ready! Yet, we have no idea what we are getting ready for. These projects call forth a completely new level of creativity from us which comes from the merger we are making with the newly discovered parts of our being.

Despite our immense efforts, most of these creative projects didn’t get completed in December, but they will be finished in January or February. It feels good to surf the powerful Creative Surge and manifest our Trueness on the physical. There’s something very fulfilling about birthing the New Reality into the physical where it can be readily seen and felt in a concrete manner. Each small anchoring point of AN, strengthens its resonance for all.

Setting our New Templates

"Beyond Null Zone" by Keenuane

“Beyond Null Zone” by Keenuane

We are still experiencing a strong urge to go through everything, to clean it all out and put it into a new order. We are cleaning, clearing, repatterning, repositioning, reorganizing and recalibrating all that is around us. This is much more in-depth than a typical “spring cleaning” ~ for it encompasses absolutely everything. This sorting out is vastly altering our energetic fields and aligning us deeper with our New Template.

We are taking stock of everything and seeing what still needs to be around us. At the same time, we are acquiring new tools and skills while refamiliarizing ourselves with those which we already have. This is when we might be surprised by the discovery of some skills and tools which we didn’t realize that we had.

This process is a direct result of the Mega RESETS we experienced in November. The dominoes of our old lives are still falling down and we are engrossed into putting them into their new, True Positions.

In January, some of the results of this clicking into position are becoming visible, both energetically and physically. And it feels amazing! This is a real New Beginning that is bringing to us exactly what we’ve long needed and wanted.

We are discovering that every tiny thing we do that makes things truer has a much larger effect than what we expect. Just by moving a simple object to its True Position or clearing out a forgotten, dusty corner, it dramatically changes the energy. When something goes into its True Position, the New Reality becomes stronger and more visible! Each time that something is put into its True Position, it creates an oasis of the New Reality. At first, there is one small oasis here and one there, but the energy keeps spreading outwards until everything within the energetic fields of our living spaces are completely transformed.

Here at the Heart of AN, we are having lots of fun with this. We’re enthusiastically going through everything ~ even those old neglected corners ~ and watching everything around us and within us visibly shifting onto a vastly expanded new level. Great activity is taking place without a sense of heaviness, but with a joyous sense of making visible previously unseen areas of the New Reality.

Since so much is in the midst of tremendous change, we have been in a very messy state of chaos for the past two months. There have been so many stacks of things in the halls waiting to be moved into their True Position that we could barely walk through them. But now as more and more elements move into their rightful positions, the chaos is dissipating. We are moving furniture, totally rearranging rooms, combing through our storage buildings, having new shelves made, massively cleaning and reorganizing everything into its right position.

Now, the harvest of our efforts is becoming evermore visible. We have just finished two construction projects here that we have wanted to do for four years. Everything is moving very fast so our New Template will be ready.

In the last Surf Update, I wrote about randomly opening a small box in the art studio and discovering a pile of tangled beaded necklaces. It would have been so easy just to close the box and walk away. (And I’ve probably done this many times before.) But this time, something inside me told me that we didn’t want tangled energy around us anymore. So I stopped what I was doing, sat down and patiently untangled them, one after the other ~ knowing that something within me was also being untangled at the same time. Then the beads were placed on some of the Buddhas who were very happy to receive them.

I repeat this story to emphasize how important it is to deal consciously with everything around us. We can’t go through life as unconscious robots anymore. We have to be ultra aware of the energies around us, especially in our home environment. We can’t expect to experience the New Reality if everything around us is anchoring duality.

In the New Reality EVERYTHING IS SACRED. Every small detail and tiny item needs to be in a place of Trueness or removed. Everything needs to be treated with our full awareness and respect. When we do this, we will notice huge changes taking place all around us. The energies of our environment will be imbued with more and more of the New Reality. This is an in depth transformation which is easy and happens surprisingly quickly.

2019 is a powerful year in which many will enter the New Reality for the first time. Others of us who are already familiar with it, will start inhabiting it on totally new levels. January and February are very important months for setting our Templates and getting everything into its True Position. This is essential so we can experience the incredible potential of this year.



As this New Year begins, there’s a feeling of a new freshness in the air. January feels potent and different. It’s like rays of the Sun have pierced through the troubled sky with new lightness and a renewed sense of Trueness. It may feel as if we have entered a totally new world. Many of us are already savouring the beauty of an entirely new way of being, even as many elements of the old paradigm are still exerting pressure for us to stay in duality.

January is a time to hold the vision of the New World being born and to anchor the New Reality within us, as never before. When we do this, it gives us the sense that all things are possible. Already there are some visible changes in the outer world ~ things like all the new women in the US Congress.

January heralds a New Beginning ~ a new Mu’a which is the beginning of a major new cycle. Whether or not we experience this New Beginning entirely depends on us. We ourselves have to become New in order to experience it.

We begin January by entering a powerful Eclipse corridor between January 5 and January 20. This is when lots of wondrous surprises happen. Positive changes, fortuitous meetings, unexpected opportunities and all sorts of breakthroughs pop into our lives without any prior warning. I know two people who just got wonderful new jobs this month. Some of these surprises come from the realm of Beyond our Wildest Dreams.

For the past several months, we’ve been involved in completing new projects. We’ve had a strong sense of urgency to get them done and in January they are finally getting completed! This brings us a sense of deep accomplishment and much joy. There’s the feeling that we are setting our new Template for what is to come this year. That’s why everything felt so urgent. We may not know exactly how we will utilize these projects ~ or in our case, two new buildings ~ but we know that they will be greatly needed.

After these projects are done, we will have a hiatus of a few months to adjust to them. Then in March, there will be another expansion of the Creative Surge, bringing another round of creative projects and off we go!

There’s still a strong emphasis on taking care of our health. We are starting to eat better and implementing new health regimes. New openings are becoming visible that are showing us previously unseen ways of stepping into greater health and well being. Some of us are also trying to lose some of the weight that we put on during the final months of last year ~ especially as a coping mechanism during November’s ultra intensity.

Many of us have been stopped from our old ways of doing things. This either happened last year or it is happening now. Sometimes it happens naturally, while other times we are forced to change our old ways. At first this can feel frustrating, but after we realize that this is happening for our greater good, we stop all resistance and turn our attention into enthusiastically discovering new ways of living.

My friend Diane compares this time to Snow Days. These are the days when everything shuts down because there is so much snow. You don’t have to go to work or to school. Instead, you can step out of your usual routine and do anything you want! A Snow Day is like a Day Out of Time. January is going to have several Snow Days. But if we keep doing what we have always done or what we are told to do or what others expect us to do, then how will we know what we truly want to do?

Just a few years ago when we had to do something challenging, we often began with the feeling that we couldn’t do it. Now, when we are faced with a nearly impossible task, we confidently KNOW that we can do it. This is how much we have progressed. If this isn’t yet true for you, then January is the perfect time to step into your mastery and make this shift. This really shouldn’t be postponed because by March we will need our full mastery. For this will be the time when we enter the realm of the True Masters and True Creators.


It’s important that we learn to watch for the hidden signs and subtle announcements of significant events ~ for there will be lots of them all around us. Whenever I feel that the world is in an impossible situation, I remember the Berlin Wall and how easily and unexpectedly it fell. There weren’t prior months full of obvious signs leading up to its fall. There were no long, drawn out negotiations to plan it out. Nobody opened it up by force. And quite surprisingly, there was no resistance by the authorities when it happened. The entire situation just flipped over really fast. This is how I think the Turning Point is going to happen. It will happen quickly, when we least expect it.

The Turning Point could arrive anytime during this year or the next and we need to be prepared. When the Great Shift comes, we must be ready to instantly let go of everything we’ve been holding onto ~ including all teachings, all truths, all spiritual practices and all past experiences. We need to have open hands, empty minds and wide open hearts.

When this Great Shift of reality systems happens, there will be a huge need for those who can serve as anchor points and stabilization pinions of the New Reality. Always before, this role was served by the Native Peoples, but now that role must be shared with everyone. So let’s be ready!

This month, many of are moving into a new position ~ entering a new landscape full of endless possibilities. Now, we need to explore this new space, while making some necessary adjustments. We will be jettisoning the unneeded ballast of duality and personalizing our new landscape to fit our needs so it fully aligns with WHO WE REALLY ARE.

In January, there’s a newfound sense of freedom. Freedom from the Past. Freedom from Struggle and Freedom from Compromise. Freedom from Duality. Freedom from the Journey of Lifetimes which brought us to the present moment. All month long, we will bring more of the formless into form through our creativity. This is what we’ve been doing at the Heart of AN, and as we do, it becomes increasingly easier. We not only make visible the New Reality, but once it is visible, we inhabit it more completely. And this exquisite New Reality awaits all who can see it!

Thank you for your brilliant response to my desire to change the form and frequency of the Surf Reports. Your loving support, understanding, brilliant ideas and compassion means a lot to me. We are working on some new ideas to enhance our Surf Subscriber Community, but haven’t yet had the time to implement them.

With infinite LOVE from AN!,
Solara • Anani • Anamani

With deep Gratitude and Love for the brilliant insights from:
• Denise • Emanáku • Inger •

• Barbara • Dian • Diane • Ganesha • Mario • Milli • Tanja • Tracey •



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