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Solara’s 2020 Surf Report
The End of the Detour

Looking Back at 2019

2019 was a year in which we became more our True Selves than ever before. For some of us, our journey to reclaiming our True Selves appeared like it was taking us further away from our Trueness, but that was really for the purpose of purging our beings of expired behaviors and beliefs. It was similar to pulling back the arrow in the bow of our beings. By the end of the year, we felt like we had been deposited back into the true core of our beings ~ becoming more real, more raw and more honest.

There was a strong emphasis on health this year ~ our personal health, the health of those close to us and the health of our planet. Some of our beloved ones ~ both people and animals ~ left the planet and although we knew that they were fine, their passing knocked away any remaining hardened calcification around our hearts ~ leaving us raw, naked and wide open.

2019 redesigned us to the core, disintegrated the bubble of fear and brought to the surface everything that needed to be rebalanced. We’ve been shedding the rest of the old skin and letting it go into the Fires of Transformation, making room for a totally New Beginning.

2019 was a year full of challenges on multiple levels. The numerous injustices all over the world catalyzed us into action as never before. People all over the world began to stand up to their governments for all the imbalances taking place. All the environmental and economic crises that we’ve been experiencing are serving to awaken the people that it’s time for WE THE PEOPLE to take responsibility for the world we’re living in or soon, there won’t be a world to live in. It’s actually greatly encouraging to see all the people taking to the streets in various parts of the world. They are sending a strong message that “Enough is enough!” Our One True Being came alive as never before.

From March to October, there was a series of eleven extremely powerful EL•AN•RA Ceremonies which removed the pins that long held us into the Template of Duality. The old Timelines continued to collapse, as the outdated paradigm of duality continued to break down.

It was time to collectively turn the tide….


Here is part of the NEW MAP of Where We Are and Where We Are Going….

Back before the Beginning of Time, when we were perfectly aligned with our Original Evolutionary Blueprint, we were ready and eager to go forward into the Great Unknown. We knew that the purpose of our journey was to anchor the eternal, Timeless True Worlds into the deepest realms of density. What we didn’t know then was that our journey was about to make a totally unexpected twist. Instead of continuing forward on a direct path, suddenly No-Time was broken up into tiny, artificial segments and Time began….

Although on a vaster scale, Time doesn’t really exist, this thrust us onto an unexpected detour in which most of our memories of our True Origins were erased. This detour plunged us into the illusory world of the Template of Duality where everything is perceived backwards as separate from the ONE. What we experienced is now referred to as the Descent into Matter. Duality was superimposed over Timelessness and pinned into position by the Three Stars in the Belt of Orion ~ the EL•AN•RA.

Ever since then, we have been traveling through a prolonged Distortion Band within the extremely unreal, and increasingly surreal, Template of Duality. We were immersed so deeply in duality that we forgot that other, vaster and truer realities existed. To fill up the void, we created numerous religions and hierarchies ~ all of which belong to the Template of Duality. We forgot that most of our beings reside in the eternal Timeless True Worlds. We forgot that we come from the Stars. We were on this detour through duality for so long that we started believing that duality was real. And once this happened, our misguided belief in duality became duality’s source of nourishment, making it appear even more real.

Finally, we began our long journey of reawakening and started remembering who we really are. We realized that there are infinitely vaster realities beyond the illusory world of duality. As more and more of us awakened, we began pulling the threads of our beings out of the Tapestry of Duality until duality became so weakened that it began to unravel. The old systems started to collapse until finally, great chunks of the seemingly solid foundations that had long held duality into position began to crumble.

We are now in what is known as the Final Days of Duality. This is when the forces of duality are desperately fighting to survive as our predominant reality. They are doing their utmost to maintain control by trying to pull us back into duality through fear and manipulation. Outer events all over the world are reaching a crescendo of accelerating chaos. Most of the things that we thought or were taught were real are now being revealed as false. Our very belief systems are falling asunder and turning inside out as they are replaced by Greater Truths. The world of duality is reaching its appointed conclusion.

Throughout 2019, a small, dedicated group of us made a series of eleven EL•AN•RA Ceremonies in Peru at the Three Sacred Lakes which correspond with the Three Stars in the Belt of Orion. The purpose of these unprecedented ceremonies was to dissolve the pins which had long held duality into position. These eleven ceremonies were performed on the level of pure, true energy. They had never been done before and will never be done again. Since the completion of the EL•AN•RA Ceremonies last October, there is nothing to hold duality into position ~ except for our lingering belief that it is real.


Now that we are entering the monumental year of 2020, we all have the unprecedented opportunity to remove ourselves from our long Detour through Duality and return to the place where we first stepped off our Original Evolutionary Blueprint. This is the very first time that we have had the possibility to get off of our detour through duality.

The Year 2020 requires that we choose to step off our Detour of Duality and return to the place of our Original Evolutionary Blueprint so we can begin anew from there. It’s crucial that we do this, for if we don’t, we may well get enmeshed in the chaotic vortex of the dying world of duality.

Stepping off our old detour and returning to our Original True Plan is available to all of us this year, although it’s likely that only some will choose to do it. But if enough of us do it, we will be able to restore the Original Evolutionary Blueprint and return the Planet Earth and the Worlds within Worlds back to the Original Plan.




At our final EL•AN•RA Ceremonies in October, we embodied the Three Stars in Orion’s Belt with seven people embodying each star. Each star circle simultaneously performed the mudras of their star. At a certain point, three of us ~ one from each star ~ spun off and created a new Fourth Point. After each round of star mudras, three more people would leave their stars and join with the Fourth Point. By the end, the Three Stars of EL•AN•RA had completely dissolved and everyone had merged with the Fourth Point.

The Fourth Point is the physical manifestation of the New Reality. It is the anchoring point of the eternal Timeless True Worlds within the physical. The Timeless True Worlds are the Places of Refuge and True Home for the True Ones. This is where we reconnect with our original codes that we carry within us, long embedded in our cellular memory banks. And the Fourth Point is our exit point from the Detour through Duality.


The name of the Fourth Point is TAWA. It is the point of convergence between the 11:11 and AN. TAWA is the merger between Personal and Universal ~ the intersection between Planetary Service and Personal Fulfillment. This expanded level of TAWA has been revealed to us by the 44 Aslans (huge winged lions), who have always been its guardians. The energy of TAWA has been on the planet for a long time, but will be fully seen in its true significance for the first time in 2020.

In the Inca language of Quechua which is still widely spoken today, TAWA is the number Four. The Inca Empire was known as the Tawantinsuyu or Kingdom of the Four Quarters. TAWA is the Hopi word for Sun and the Tibetan word for Moon. (NIMA is the Hopi word for Moon and the Tibetan word for Sun.) TAWA is also the white line of gurus of the Kargyu lineage of Tibetan Buddhism. And on the Black Crown that the Karmapa (the head of the Kargyu lineage), wears for special ceremonies is a Sun and Moon, as well as a double dorje (another TAWA symbol). From 1973 to 1984, I even had a series of shops called TAWA in Boston and Taos, New Mexico.

I am happily astounded that the Fourth Point has been revealed as a new manifestation of TAWA. And how perfect that this should happen in the land of the Incas. The spiral of the TAWA energy is returning to the planet, but on a far vaster and infinitely deeper level than before. I know that the return of the TAWA energy has only just begun and that TAWA and AN are intimately connected. TAWA also has a connection with the Jewels in the Crown. 2020 will be the year in which TAWA emerges….


Once we step off Duality’s Detour and return to the place of our Original Evolutionary Blueprint, we are released of our former designations as First Wave, First Wave Bridges, Second Wave Bridges, Second Wave and Third Wave. For those of you who are not familiar with these Waves, there is a long chapter about them in the newest edition of my book, “The Star-Borne”.

Briefly, the First Wave are those who have been on this planet for a very long time. They have lots of knowledge, wisdom and experience, although many of them are deeply weary having seen and experienced way too much during countless lifetimes. The First Wave Bridges serve as an interface between First Wave and the world. Second Wave Bridges are an interface between the Second Wave and the world. Second Waves are here to build upon the New. They are waiting impatiently to begin with their new creations. They are the ones who are inventing new methods of purifying water and biodegrading plastic. The Third Wave are clear and true with deep wisdom. Although they are young in age, they are most similar to the First Wave. They have lots of knowledge and wisdom, although not the lifetimes of experience of the First Wave.

When we step off of Duality’s Detour, we return to being our Truest Selves ~ Star Beings in human embodiment ~ true Earth-Star Beings, residing simultaneously on both the physical and the vaster realms. When we return to our Original Evolutionary Blueprint is when our previous life paths being different Waves will dissolve and we all become the new Fourth Wave. The Fourth Wave are those True Ones who live in an enhanced supra normal reality with expanded awareness while still in physical form. In Tibetan Buddhism, the Og-Min call the Fourth Wave the ANNUTARA. The ANNUTARA represent the highest level of awareness which can still incarnate into the physical. They are also the Elders of AN.

The Fourth Wave are those who can now serve on totally new, previously unforeseen, levels. When we become Fourth Wave, the last of our Sealed Orders burst open and our Cellular Memory Banks are fully activated. All of the latent Superpowers that we’ve long carried within us are revealed and unleashed. We can put out wildfires by making rain with one hand. We can hold the Sun and Moon in our outstretched hands. We can restore the Original Evolutionary Blueprint to all the Worlds within Worlds. Serving on this level can catalyze an almost instantaneous healing and regeneration to everything.


There is a powerful new Mudra which came to me after October’s EL•AN•RA Ceremonies. This is the Mudra of Returning. If we start doing it now, it will strengthen our connection with the Fourth Point and help move us from the Detour of Duality to our position on our Original Evolutionary Blueprint. And once we are there, it will help us cross the Bridge of the Four Stars, again and again, throughout the year.

At the same time, the new Mudra of Returning will bring Planet Earth and all the Worlds within Worlds back into alignment with its Original True Plan or Evolutionary Blueprint.

Here are two videos of the Mudra of Returning: one longer one with explanations, one short one where we can do the Mudra together in silence:



During 2020, the Bridge of the Four Stars will become visible for the very first time. The true name of this bridge is: AN TAWA CH’ASKA CHAKA, which roughly translated means the Bridge of the Four Stars. • AN = the New Reality • TAWA = Four • CH’ASKA = Star • CHAKA = Bridge •

This is far more than just a bridge ~ it is a portal to the eternal Timeless True Worlds ~ to a magnificent New Reality anchored in absolute Trueness that is far beyond our present imagining. The AN TAWA CH’ASKA CHAKA only becomes fully visible after we have stepped off of the Detour of Duality and returned to our Original Evolutionary Blueprint ~ the place where we began our detour through duality.

Crossing the Bridge of the Four Stars ~ AN TAWA CH’ASKA CHAKA ~ will take us BEYOND where we were before ~ to our Truest of True Paths. It will take us into realms of expanded awareness previously unimaginable.

As we cross the Bridge of the Four Stars in 2020, we will shift our beings onto an infinitely vaster map. It’s like being in a house and deciding to go into another room, but when we do, we discover that we are suddenly in a vast space with no walls, no floor and no ceiling! Here, we will be able to see the much larger blueprint or Star Mandala of the New Template of Oneness. Many pieces of this new blueprint are being revealed right now and will become increasingly visible throughout the year.

Once we cross this mystical Bridge of the Four Stars, there is NO DOWN – NO RETURN to the way things used to be. We will remain in our physical forms, but we will no longer live in the Template of Duality.

The first AN TAWA CH’ASKA CHAKA that will appear this year has four stars in a row. Each star is unique, as are we. This is the first bridge we will cross in 2020. As the year progresses, new configurations of the AN TAWA CH’ASKA CHAKA may well appear. If so, each new configuration of the Four Stars will be for a specific purpose.

During January we are going to physically build the first Bridge of the Four Stars at the Heart of AN in Peru and hope that this is the first of many that will be created throughout the planet. Later this year, we may be holding a Special Event at the Heart of AN to make special ceremonies to further activate the Bridges of the Four Stars ~ the AN TAWA CH’ASKA CHAKA.


Lately, I have realized that the 11:11 Doorway will be closing during this new decade. I don’t yet know when this will happen. It could be in 2022 or it could be later. It may even happen earlier if there are emergency conditions. What this means is that the two evolutionary spirals of Duality and Oneness, which have been docked together since January 11 – 12, 1992, will finally separate.

We still have a bit of time in which to choose which evolutionary spiral that we want to inhabit.

As much as we would like to, we are not going to be able to bring everyone on the planet together into Oneness at this time. We cannot force people to shift spirals. Instead, humanity will separate deeper into two segments ~ those who are vibrating with the heavy resonance of duality and those who are resonating with the fresh New Reality. We cannot force those who are entrenched into duality to come with us, nor can they force us to remain with them. We must all follow our Truest Path. Of course, there are also those who are wavering between reality systems. They may want to step into the New Reality, but are afraid to make the leap. These are the ones whom we can most help.

In 1992, I wrote in my book, “11:11 ~ Inside the Doorway”:

Those who have rewoven themselves into the Fabric of the One will gradually become transparent to the ones who have chosen to remain in Duality. They shall appear increasingly invisible to those choosing to inhabit Duality.

As the Doorway of the 11:11 prepares to close ~ when the moment of the final separation arrives ~ there shall be felt a mighty stirring of the Dragon Wind. This wind is created by the combined presence of Dragons of the Air, Dragons of the Waters, Dragons of Fire and Dragons of the Earth. Their elements have merged together in sacred alchemical union to form one magnificent, churning, billowing wind never felt before. The Dragons of the Elements spiral throughout the heavens with immeasurable power and grace until nothing within this solar system is left untouched.

Everything that is not woven together into the Fabric of the New Reality shall blow away ~ carried off to begin anew. This separation shall be quick, invincible and so immensely powerful that it will painlessly take place in an instant.

Thus the visible slowly disappears from the sight of those who choose to SEE. Hence the sceptre is passed from the Seen to the Unseen. What has previously been veiled is revealed, while what was the foundation of our previous reality can no longer be perceived.

The two Templates move away from each other into their final separation. It is the irrevocable parting of the ways ~ each moving effortlessly into their new positional alignment. The Great Mystery is revealed in its perfect simplicity of purpose. A fragment of our totality undergoes separation from the whole in order to transform the whole into an even Greater Oneness. The Template of Duality reaches its appointed conclusion by turning itself inside out.

Some of us remember what I call the Door Before. This doorway was similar to the 11:11 in that we were presented with the opportunity of staying where we were or going to other realms. This was the time when most of the Ascended Masters chose to depart from the physical plane. I was one of the ones who chose to stay here at that time. Some of us stayed because we knew nothing else and decided to remain in the comfort of the Known. Others stayed because they were fearful of detaching themselves from their old reality. Yet others decided to stay and serve ~ knowing that their wisdom and experience would be greatly needed when the next doorway presented itself. I was one of these who could have left, but chose to stay.

Choosing to remain in duality at this time is not a failure. For those who consciously choose to stay will be of great service to the less conscious ones there. In time, another opportunity to pass through a Doorway of Transformation will come….

The 2020 Overview

As we enter the monumental Year 2020, it feels like we are entering a totally new world, rather than just a new year or even a new decade. 2020 = 22 is the Master Number of Building the New. 22 equals 4, the number of TAWA. We can feel a new and magical energy coming to Earth which is moving us into a new flow. A mass awakening is in progress. There’s no time left for being small.

At the beginning of this New Year, it feels like everything is readjusting into a new clarity ~ so we will be able to see with clear 20/20 vision. It’s like an eye exam where the lenses are rotated until perfect vision is achieved. I can already see this happening all around me. Everything appears astonishingly beautiful, but it’s all perceived as if from a distance, rather than up close. I feel like I’m on the brink of entering an amazingly exquisite True Landscape, but that it’s not quite here yet.

Some of us are entering this year feeling stripped down and raw. December was an extremely intense and difficult month for some. This is when the Spaces-in-Between the blasts of intensity become increasingly valued. We may feel like battered boxers whose brief interludes sitting on a stool in the corner in a dazed state are becoming highly valued. These rare moments of respite give us the strength to continue on.

• • • •

The time for us to rise up is now ~ to stand up against injustices, to share what we have come to understand and to help others move into the New Reality. We realize that it’s no longer about being “nice”; it’s about being REAL and TRUE! It’s vitally important that we don’t allow ourselves to get caught up in the duality-based interpretations of outer events. All the old bridges to the past are burning behind us and we are now entering a whole new reality at warp speed. We are seeing through the old outdated regimes and systems with our new 20/20 vision and then releasing them so we can bring in the harmonious, joyful world we all crave. Sceptres are being passed as many of our elders are leaving the planet. This demands that WE step forward to birth a True World anchored within the New Reality. It’s time to step into our Truest of True Paths and get ready for the adventure of our lives.

• • • •

Like drops of rain on a window, we are congealing with our true, kindred people ~ forming True Families which are highly treasured. Even though our True Family may be scattered all over the planet, we feel that we are together all the time. Our True Family is a great source of strength to us and becomes increasingly precious, during all the challenges of the Final Days of Duality. These True Families aren’t closed off to others ~ anyone of a kindred resonance can still be welcomed. In 2020, we will cross the Bridges of the Four Stars together with our True Families as One True Being. And as we do, our families of kindred beings will form the core matrix of a new Star Matrix ~ which is our new Evolutionary Template.

• • • •

2020 is where everything makes an unprecedented shift. We are no longer talking about shifts in consciousness only, but shifts on all levels of creation, including deep physical levels. Shift of Reality Systems. The Great Awakening gets super real this year. 2020 brings us a complete resetting of everything that we thought we knew. The changes are so profound, it’s almost like inhabiting a new planet. It changes what we see around us. It changes what we feel. It changes what we think. It changes how we interact with others. It changes what we do and it changes how we do things. Everything is rapidly shifting within us. We are changing the world as we walk upon it.

As we enter these expanded levels of Trueness now, we will experience new levels of communication with everything. We will reach deeper levels of understanding and compassion as we embrace all of creation in a true way. The old world will still be there, and its final conflicts will still be seen, as it collapses more and more. Our focus will shift to strengthening and embodying the New Reality.


This year will test us as never before. We have to live our Trueness in every moment and constantly demonstrate our mastery. The Year 2020 is going to be crammed full of shocking and unexpected events that will try to divert us from our true purpose. There will be immense challenges that may appear formidable, but they aren’t. Our time of learning, training, rehearsal and preparation is over. Now we are ready to meet these challenges at new, true levels. (I’m not going to even try to predict what will happen this year, because what really happens will be way beyond our present imagining.)

The most important thing we can do this year is to remove ourselves from the Detour of Duality and enter the New Reality as quickly as possible. 2020 is full of Quantum Opportunities and MEGA Breakthroughs to realign ourselves and our world to our Original True Blueprint. Once we step off Duality’s Detour, we will cross the Bridge of the Four Stars ~ the AN TAWA CH’ASKA CHAKA into the New Reality and create a True World.

Welcome to 2020!!!


Solara • Anani • Anamani

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