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Solara’s January 2020
Surf Report

Aligning with our New True Foundation


2020 is definitely the year to bring forth our Superpowers. This does not require pulling them out of thin air or pretending or inventing them. Our Superpowers have always been inside of us, easily accessible. It’s just that while traveling on the Detour of Duality, we forgot how immensely powerful we are. Instead, we identified ourselves as small, disempowered humans, helplessly tossed about on the waves of fate.

Another reason why our Superpowers were veiled for a long time is because we can only use them when we are in full integrity. Superpowers are never meant to be utilized for manipulation or control. Our Superpowers can only be accessed by those who are True. Then, they reveal themselves to us effortlessly, at the very moment when they are most needed.

We all have an abundance of Superpowers, just waiting to be rediscovered so they can be brought out and used. Superpowers aren’t complicated and since they are surprisingly effective, using them doesn’t require a lot of effort. We have had glimpses of some of them, while others are a complete surprise. Bringing out our Superpowers will aid us in stepping off the Detour of Duality. They will help us merge with vaster parts of ourselves. And they are just what is needed to bring positive change to the world.

Superpowers bring us a new approach to healing. By infusing the area which needs healing with the energies of the eternal Timeless True Worlds, any conditions which are duality based can no longer exist. I have used my healing Superpowers in the past and discovered that they really work.

Once, when I was living in Montana, the man who was going to build my small house had a serious shoulder injury. The doctor told him that he needed surgery and that it would be six months before he could use his shoulder again. Since I really wanted my octagon built, I asked him if I could do some healing on him. It only took three, brief sessions in which I put the concentrated energy of the Greater Central Sun into his shoulder and amazingly, he was fully healed! His doctor was astounded at his sudden recovery. This showed me what we are capable of doing when we go to a level beyond duality.

We are infinitely more powerful than we realize. We can move mountains. We can stop the rain. We can reach through the Worlds within Worlds. We can regenerate the planet. We can heal ourselves and others. We can realign with our Original Evolutionary Blueprint. And this year is definitely the perfect time to bring forth our Superpowers.


Last year, I wrote about creating rain to put out the huge fires in the Amazon. We just experienced this again with the devastating bush fires in Australia. Australia is one of the places which contains a large pocket of ancient memories ~ the newly liberated Uluru is a bridge to the distant past which holds the memory of who we were. Once again, I noticed how Facebook was filling up with photos of the fires. What this was doing strengthening the energy of fire. Finally, I realized that I had to do something.

I started posting photos of rain and asking others to help transform the energy of fire into rain. “Let’s SEE and FEEL the RAIN!” I wrote that SEEING and FEELING the RAIN ALREADY HAPPENING was much more effective than “hoping” for rain, “visualizing” the rain or “praying” for rain. All of those approaches imply that the rain isn’t here yet. But when we SEE and FEEL the rain happening NOW, this means that it is already happening on the vaster realms and is on its way to physical manifestation on the earthplane.

Just like last August, some people got it, while others didn’t. Our ability to make rain is one of our natural Superpowers, yet many still cling to the feeling that they are helpless. Their minds keep telling them that we’re not capable of making rain and that instead, we have to ask someone / something outside ourselves, such a higher power like God, to do it for us. This is a duality-based concept that now needs to be discarded.

Whenever we create rain by seeing it already happening, the rain becomes visible on the physical within four days. This time, the extremely hot temperatures in Australia started dramatically dropping within a day. The rain arrived on the second day. And then what happened? Many people began to thank God for answering their prayers! They showed that they were still caught up in the Spirituality of Duality. Again, they quickly let go of the knowingness that WE, ourselves, CAN CREATE RAIN!

If we really want to step off of the Detour of Duality, we have to accept our true vastness, our deep knowingness, our natural authority and our wondrous Superpowers. We are powerful Earth-Star Beings! We are all integral parts of the ONE. We don’t need to act like children who constantly need their parents to do it for them; we are fully capable.


Late one night last August, when I was working to create rain to put out the fires in the Amazon, I suddenly sat up in bed and started making rain with one hand. It wasn’t something that I thought about or tried to do; it just happened naturally. Since then, every time that I have done this ~ just for a minute or two ~ the rains come. Now, I would like to share this with you.

First, I would like to mention that we are not on this planet to become planetary firefighters. It is not our job to put out every single fire. We have to discern which fires need our help. (I always feel this as a strong, undeniable, nudge within me.)

Anyone can Make Rain with One Hand, but first we must all sit in our expanded awareness as a True One. This is the starting point for everything that we do now. Then place your left hand firmly upon your thigh. (If you are left handed, this process will be reversed. You will put your right hand upon your thigh and make rain with your left hand.)

To the right side of your legs, see the area that needs rain. Now extend your right hand, with the palm parallel to the floor, out to the side of your body facing forward ~ above, but not touching, the area which needs rain. Your rainmaking hand should be strong and firm, rather than limp.

Next, feel the rain pouring out of the palm of your hand, drenching the area which needs rain. Sometimes, it feels like the palm of your hand is a shower head and water is pouring out of it. Other times, I feel like a river is coming down my right arm until it enters my hand, where it turns into a large waterfall. We only need to do this for a few minutes. This gets the rain started in the Ultra Greater Reality. It will take two to four days for the rain to reach the physical fires.

Please add this to your growing portfolio of Superpowers. Here is a video demonstration of this process.


In January and February, lots of movement is taking place within our internal foundation. Some of the old foundation stones which supported us throughout our long Detour through Duality are now being removed because we don’t need them anymore. When our old foundation stones suddenly disappear, sometimes it makes us feel flattened and tired. We may feel suddenly empty. We may also feel a strong disconnection from all that is happening around us. This is nothing to be concerned about, as it is only a temporary condition.

Sometimes when an old foundation stone falls out, a new stone that is aligned with our Original Evolutionary Blueprint immediately takes its position. Whenever this happens, it fills us with fresh excitement. We have the feeling that something huge and wondrous is about to happen. Everything around us starts to feel different. Other times, when an old foundation stone falls out of position, the space it was in remains empty for awhile. This is because the new foundation stone is not quite ready. We are not quite ready. This is when we feel a strong sense of disconnection.

This changing and repositioning of foundation stones is happening not only inside us, but in the outer world as well. The previously solid structures around us have become very wobbly. This gives us a feeling that nothing is as stable as it was before. We are no longer standing on solid ground. Instead, there’s the sense that the entire world is on the brink of massive evolutionary change. The tectonic plates are moving more than usual and even more volcanoes are preparing to erupt so they can release all that pent up energy.

This is when we have to find our stability in new areas on a vaster map. Stepping into more of our expanded Trueness will help to diminish this sensation of instability, as we will no longer be standing on the extremely shaky, duality-based foundation. This will also aid us to align more deeply with our Original Evolutionary Blueprint.

Our old pathways are undergoing drastic changes as well. It’s like crossing a river on stepping stones. We start to go the same way that we’ve done a thousand times, only to discover that some of the essential stepping stones are now missing. This means that we either have to find new, previously hidden, stepping stones, or if we don’t find them, we need to return to the bank of the river and look for a new way across. It may even mean that we’re not supposed to cross this river anymore. That’s how it is right now.


From the very beginning of January, everything feels greatly different than previous years. It’s not like we’ve entered a new year ~ but more like we have entered a totally NEW REALITY. There’s a new composition to the air around us that feels full of nutrients. Already our old, familiar landscape is beginning to transform into a completely new landscape full of wondrous, magical new elements, just waiting to be discovered.

January is the first month of our immersion into a New Reality and already so much is happening. We know from aeons of experience that when a New Reality finally anchors, everything that doesn’t resonate with it falls away. And what doesn’t immediately fall away gears up for its final fight for survival. This is when all the completely crazy stuff happens. This is where we are now.

Everything is moving onto the Fast Track and greatly accelerating ~ so much that we can’t keep up with all the projects that are suddenly flying in. It feels like we are now zooming along an ultra accelerated, express track that was not there before. There is way too much to do ~ yet at the same time, it feels exciting! New insights, information, new people and opportunities are constantly pouring in ~ all of which need to be integrated and incorporated into our lives. At the same time, the areas where we need to Make Things Right or Ho’o Pono Pono are also being highlighted. So while we are jumping on a huge creative surge, we also need to go to the dentist and do needed maintenance that was postponed last year.

This big push of activity is revealing our New True Landscape and True Foundation. The New True Landscape is being born right in the midst of the old landscape. As the folds of the New True Landscape are opened, the New Reality expands into new directions all around us.

This is definitely happening here at the Heart of AN. We have been clearing out some of the overgrown plants and discovering an expanded landscape that we didn’t see before. We have even found an old stone wall that has been hidden for a long time. Every time that our old landscape expands and transforms into our New True Landscape, our beings expand into new realms of awareness as well.

As this happens, our cellular memory banks activate, revealing many things that we forgot we once knew. There’s not only a sense of wondrous awe whenever this happens, but it triggers a new sense of familiarity ~ a sense of being truly Home with an enhanced Oneness with a Greater True World that we couldn’t envision before.

As we take our first steps into this Greater True World, it becomes obvious that there are a lot of things that need to be cleaned up, repatterned, released or SEEN IN NEW WAYS before we can fully step off the Detour of Duality. It’s similar to preparing to go on a trip. The immediate days right before our departure are often the most busy, for this is when we have the most hectic preparations to make.

Long suppressed emotions and the entanglements of old karmic patterns that have repeated themselves throughout lifetimes are now coming to the forefront and demanding to be healed or removed. This has to happen so we can get off the Detour of Duality. The way to become free of these ingrained karmic patterns is to shift our perspective of them. To realize that we are no longer the same person we were when they began. We have to stand up and firmly claim that they no longer belong to us. Then we simply pass through the nearest Black Hole and all falseness, all sadness, all distortion is gone.

Another area that we are dealing with has to do with disappointments. During our cycle of embodiments, there have been numerous instances where we have put a lot of effort into achieving something that didn’t happen. We put our whole heart and much effort into achieving something that we really wanted. These are things like a deeply desired relationship, the approval and love of our parents, trying to heal someone or something, or having a “successful” career. When we didn’t get the results we wanted, this left us with a sludgy residue of disappointment which now needs to be released from our energetic field. Instead of feeling that our efforts failed, perhaps we can now see that even though what we actually received was very different than what we expected ~ like wanting to receive roses and instead receiving prunes ~ that it’s OK that it happened the way it did. That time is past, those old dreams have turned to dust. Once the old sludge of disappointment is gone, we will feel much lighter and freer on all levels. Now we can create and live our Eternal True Story.

This year there is much emphasis on SEEING CLEARLY with our new 20/20 vision. Already we can see the expansion of the Great Awakening that is taking place. Everything is going into overdrive and getting very, very real. All the terrible things happening on this planet ~ the bush fires in Australia, the obvious lack of compassion of many, the blind greed of many governments etc. are all serving to wake up and mobilize more and more people. A large portion of humanity is finally realizing that they can’t sit back; they now have to stand up and participate in the creation of the world we dream. This continually strengthens our One True Being.

The Year 2020 is full of miracles ~ like ripe fruits on a tree just waiting for us to pluck them. All we have to do is set our intention to get off of Duality’s Detour and return to our Original Evolutionary Blueprint as quickly as possible. Then happily step across the Bridge of the Four Stars. Don’t regret anything or even look back ~ just go forward with courage, love and trueness. The gift of this enhanced New Reality is waiting for us so we can share and serve on an entirely new True Foundation. A major new cycle is starting now. The Wheel of Destiny is turning and it is completely reshaping our lives.

The Chinese Year of the Metal Rat begins on January 25. This means it’s a year of using our creativity to create New Beginnings. Last year, the Pig rooted around the earth and brought many things up to the surface from where they had long been hidden. Now, the White Metal Rat will begin cleaning everything up and putting things into their right positions.

From now on, we have to hold onto our clear vision, no matter what happens in the dying world of Duality. The bumpy ride will continue in the old paradigm. The weather will continue to be extreme. But we can work with it. We are so much larger than all that.

This is a beautiful time to be alive. All of us wanted to be here now, to be part of these seismic changes, to shift worlds. How wonderful it is, knowing that we are all of us Midwives to the Rebirth of our Beautiful Planet. The birth is already well in progress. And this is why we are here….


Since our deeply powerful EL•AN•RA Ceremonies last October, it has become clear that the profound shifts that were set into motion back then are still having a strong effect on all facets of my life, including the Surf Reports.

Since then, I’ve tried to write the Surf Reports in a looser manner, without a set timetable or rigid deadlines. Even so, it has become increasingly clear that I simply don’t have the time to write them anymore. (I’ve been working on this January Surf Report, whenever I can find time, for over two weeks.) I still have a lot of new information and perceptions that I’m eager to share, but am finding it very challenging to write them in the form of a Surf Report.

There are many other things that need my attention now. Here at the Heart of AN in Peru, we have just built our Bridge of the Four Stars ~ AN TAWA CH’ASKA CHAKA ~. Now, I need some free time to fully step off the Detour of Duality, realign with my Original Evolutionary Blueprint, cross the Bridge of the Four Stars and clear the path for everyone into the Beyond. I’m entering a whole new, much vaster reality than I ever saw before. Numerous new revelations and practices are pouring in from an infinitely truer level. I need time to receive and integrate these new energies.

I would really like to finish two books ~ the completely new edition of “11:11” which is half finished and the book about my life which is 880 pages long and not near finished. Even so, I don’t know for sure if I will be able to finish them this year, but I would like to try. In March, I will be facilitating an online Master Class with Emanáku on my Cards of AN. (Details coming soon.) And then there is the Heart of AN where I live which requires more of my attention to manifest the eternal Timeless True Worlds deeper into the New Reality which is already anchored here.

Stopping the Surf Reports is not an easy decision for me and this is why I’ve been putting it off for several months while trying to make it work. In many ways, I love writing the Surf Reports. I love all of you ~ my beloved Surf Subscribers ~ some of you whom have subscribed for many, many years. You are part of my True Family and I love sharing this wild journey with you. Another practical consideration is that the Surf Reports have been my main form of financial support for the twenty-four years or so that I have been writing them. And at this point, I’m not sure how I will replace this needed income.

Please feel free to cancel your Surf Report Subscription. If you have a subscription via Paypal, you can either do this yourself at Paypal or email me at and I will do it for you. If you are making reoccurring payments via a credit card, please let me know if you want me to stop them. If you have paid for a Yearly Subscription, tell me if you would like a refund.

Some of you have written me that you wish to continue as Surf Subscribers as a form of support for the work I do. I am very grateful for this. You may well receive unexpected special messages from me whenever something important or new and exciting happens!

We will continue with our websites: the ANvisible and the Nvisible. I also have several pages on Facebook: Solara (My public page), Solara Anani (originally my personal page), 11:11 Doorway and The Heart of AN.

For an unforgettable, life changing, personal experience, you can come to a Transformational Retreat with us at the Heart of AN. These are 4 – 6 days long with 1 – 4 people and are creating personally for you. We may also host a Special Event at the Heart of AN in October. Besides March’s online Master Class for the Cards of AN, we are thinking of creating an in-depth transformational online class later this year. And in a few months, I may start giving personal, online readings of the Cards of AN.

I thank you all for subscribing to my Surf Report. And I am very sorry if my decision disappoints you. All I can do is to be True to who I am and do as much as I can ~ not more. I embrace you all with Pure True Love.

2020 will be an amazing year!

With LOVE beyond measure!
Solara • Anani • Anamani

With Great Gratitude and Love for the brilliant insights from
• Denise • Emanáku • Inger • Keenuane •

• Aljai • Cat • Erin • Ganesha • Lunazul • Rodaan • Sanan • Sebastian • Susan • Yaxi •



Solara’s 2020 Year Surf Report

The End of the Detour



• Special Ceremonies at the Heart of AN in October 2020 •

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Solara's Surf Report for 2020 - The End of the Detour

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