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Solara’s November – December 2019
Surf Report

Now It’s Up to Us!


Our October EL•AN•RA Ceremonies were beyond all expectations. We had a perfect group of twenty-one brilliant people ~ seven for each of the three stars in the Belt of Orion. We began with four days of preparations at the Heart of AN, followed by four days of ceremonies. We’d never done ceremonies for four days in a row and it took much dedication and focus.

During the first days of preparations, we held star auditions to see which star that everyone most strongly identified with. Sometimes, people moved into the star that they had the deepest affinity with. Others were put into the star that they were energetically moving into. This stretched their beings into the energy that they most needed.


On the third day of preparation, the three stars of EL•AN•RA formed three circles and all did the mudras of their star at the same time. This was very exciting to experience. It felt very strong and beautiful ~ as if it was something that we had waited for a long time to happen.

We had a feeling that at some point, a few or perhaps all of us, would be spinning away from their stars and become embodiments of the New Reality. This happened almost spontaneously when three of us ~ the two youngest and the oldest ~ effortlessly spun off and created a Fourth Point. Our new mudra appeared the instant we realized that we needed one and gave us immense joy.

That’s when we discovered that after every round of mudras, one person would leave each star circle and join the Fourth Point. Each time this happened, there was a strong clicking into position. The Fourth Point grew increasingly larger and the happiness within it increased.

Finally, everyone was within the newly created Fourth Point, except for the one Pure EL, Pure AN and Pure RA who were the anchors of the EL, AN or RA energy within their star circle. It felt surprisingly poignant to see them standing by themselves ~ still steadfastly embodying the energy of their star. At the very end, they released their old sceptres of responsibility and merged with the Fourth Point. It was an amazing feeling ~ and this was just the practice!



Each of the three ceremonies at the sacred lakes contained the same elements, yet each ceremony was completely different. We first went to Laguna Huaypo ~ the sacred EL lake. A bus was supposed to pick us up at 10:00, but for some reason it didn’t arrive and they had to send a replacement vehicle which arrived half an hour later. This rerouting put us onto our right timing and we arrived at the lake at exactly 11:11.

When we first went to our site and took off our shoes, we discovered that the ground was full of tiny, sharp rocks that made each step excruciatingly painful for some of us. I wondered how we would ever be able to make a ceremony there with our feet in such pain. This lasted for about ten minutes and then suddenly our feet stopped hurting and the ground started felt soft.

During the last half hour of our ceremony, a strong storm front moved in. It was pouring with rain all around us, yet the sky above us was clear and our ceremony was dry.

Our ceremony itself was pure and true. It was Timeless and Eternal. Everyone was in their full presence and we had all become exquisitely beautiful. We did everything in a state of Pure Trueness and everything was imbued with such LOVE!


We had decided to alter the order of our ceremonies at the lakes this time. Instead of going to EL, AN and RA, we decided to go to EL, RA and AN. This turned out to be a fortunate decision as it poured with rain at the RA lake on our first and third days of ceremonies, but on the day of our ceremony there, the weather was clear.

We departed the Heart of AN at 9:00 in the morning. We had an appointment to meet the president of the community in charge of Laguna Qoricocha in the village at the base of the mountain. Here, he told us that the road we were planning to take was full of mud and that we would have to take an alternate route that was twice as long, but in better condition.

We followed his car up the mountain in our four vehicles ~ going ever upwards, towards the fresh snow lying low on the mountains. We even made a stop at his house where he dropped off some passengers and picked up his wife. This unscheduled rerouting moved our arrival time at the sacred lake of RA to exactly 11:11. This was the third time we had arrived at this lake at 11:11 and the connection between our EL•AN•RA Ceremonies and the 11:11 was becoming undeniable.

The RA lake of Qoricocha, (the Lake of Gold), is the most dramatic of the three sacred lakes. It is high on top of a mountain (14,400 meters or 14,435 feet) and few people go there. The energy is super expansive and full of light. Being there instantly transports you into a Timeless True World.

As we looked for the right place to hold our ceremony, two large, black and white wallata birds flew overhead and landed on a spot besides the lake. We knew that this was where we were meant to be. The same thing had happened when we made our first ceremony at this lake last May, two wallatas flew over the lake and landed on the exact spot where our ceremony was to be.

It’s easy to embody pure, true energy in such a landscape. Our ceremony there powerfully reflected this. We were in a world far beyond Time. After our ceremony was over, we climbed the hill to the small eco lodge where we were served a delicious meal. Women from the nearby village had created a small market of their weavings and waited for us there. We were happy to support them and had a very sweet interaction with them.


We were immediately transported into another Timeless True World.

On the third day, we arrived at Laguna Piuray, the sacred lake of AN, at exactly 11:11 again! By now, this wasn’t a surprise to us. It was another indicator of how aligned the EL•AN•RA Ceremonies are with the 11:11. I realize now that these ceremonies area vital part of the 11:11 and that the scope of the 11:11 is far vaster than we had realized.

Here, we had the smallest space to make our ceremony, but somehow we managed to fit. To me, this ceremony felt even more precious than the other ones since we knew that this would be the last time we would be embodying the EL•AN•RA. At the end of our ceremony, when we were packing up our things, a strong thunder storm arrived. We made it to shelter just as the first rain began to fall.

On our way back to the Heart of AN, there was a brilliant rainbow in the distance, arcing directly over the road we were driving. We see many rainbows here, but this one was beyond anything we had experienced. It was the most awe-inspiring, absolutely breathtaking, double rainbow we had ever seen. It felt like a new doorway had opened to a magnificent, eternal, Timeless True World that hadn’t been visible until now. The rainbow was a powerful confirmation that our ceremonies had been appreciated. We were all deeply grateful.


Our final ceremony was at the Heart of AN. Here, the Family of AN came together around the Tower of Light and played our Drums of AN. This always gives us a powerful feeling of returning to our True Home. Later, we went inside the inner control panels of this dimensional universe and made some adjustments. We poured out our bottles of water from the three sacred lakes onto the anchoring point of the New Reality. Our very sweet ceremony ended with Omashar’s much beloved music. It was a perfect way to end our four days of ceremonies.

•• TAWA ••

Throughout our ceremonies, the Fourth Point continued to become stronger and more ecstatically joyful each time we did it. Yet, I only realized afterwards, when I was putting together the ten Photo Journeys of our EL•AN•RA Ceremonies, that the Fourth Point is called TAWA. This is one of those things that is so obvious that I didn’t see it right away. When I realized that the Fourth Point was TAWA, it triggered a massive revelation ~ like a crack opening up between the worlds ~ that showed me many things which I hadn’t seen before.

Many years ago, I studied the Inca language of Quechua at St. Andrews University in Scotland. I wasn’t a student there, but was living at Findhorn at the time. When I found out that St. Andrews was the only university in Great Britain that offered Quechua, I contacted the professor and begged her to teach me. She could tell that I was deeply motivated and agreed to create a special three week immersion course just for me. Since, I had no money to pay her, I offered to trade her my most treasured books on the Inca and the Maya in exchange for the course. I really wanted to learn Quechua.

The first time I met my professor, my first remark, after “Pleased to meet you!” was, “What is the number four in Quechua?” For some reason, this was something that I really needed to know. My burning question.

When she replied, “TAWA”, something deep inside me clicked into position. I felt immensely relieved for some reason. I immediately knew that TAWA was something far more than a number; it was a major Key that I had been unknowingly seeking.

After that, I discovered that the Inca Empire was known as the Tawantinsuyu or Kingdom of the Four Quarters. TAWA is the Hopi word for Sun and the Tibetan word for Moon. (NIMA is the Hopi word for Moon and the Tibetan word for Sun.) TAWA is also the white line of gurus of the Kargyu lineage of Tibetan Buddhism. And on the Black Crown that the Karmapa wears for special ceremonies contains a the Sun and Moon. From 1973 to 1984, I even had a series of shops called TAWA in Boston and Taos, New Mexico.

I am happily astounded that the Fourth Point has been revealed as a new manifestation of TAWA. And how perfect that this should happen in the land of the Incas. It feels like the spiral of the TAWA energy is returning to the planet, but on a far vaster and infinitely deeper level than before. I know that the return of the TAWA energy has only just begun and that TAWA and AN are intimately connected. TAWA also has a connection with the Jewels in the Crown. TAWA has been brought to us by the forty-four Aslans. 2020 will be the year in which TAWA emerges….

• • • • •

Enough words…. Here is the link to the ten Photo Journeys of our EL•AN•RA Ceremonies. The are longer than usual and don’t have a lot of captions, so that you will be able to directly experience the pure energy.

EL•AN•RA Ceremonies October 2019

Now a month has passed since our ceremonies, but the energies are not diminishing. Instead, they are becoming ever stronger and are being felt by increasing numbers of people. This is because they are still going on in the Eternal Worlds far beyond Time and Space.

"My World Will Never Be the Same"

Ongralea at the Sacred Lake of EL

(Occasionally someone makes a post on my Facebook page which needs to be shared. Thank you, Inger!)


“After experiencing October’s shifts and gifts ~ I find myself in a state where my world will never be the same.

I sat for hours in the mountains, by lakes, to be with the true essence of Earth, of Nature, of the different Kingdoms ~ also experiencing how very shy animals came close. During those days, I saw how the physical reality shifted. I saw waves of bright energy coming in, sweeping through the dense patterns, leaving the visual reality brighter, lighter, more sparkling. Within the stillness, I found a level of consciousness that aligned me deeply to the EL•AN•RA Ceremonies being done so brilliantly in Peru.

I have memories from when the energy of AN left the planet, how the separation physically looked, when things suddenly disappeared out of sight into the vaster realms, but this was different. It’s like a layer of True Beauty returned ~ becoming more visible as duality leaves.

All experience of time and linearity disappeared and I found myself with a feeling of floating ~ not in an ungrounded way, but more like my reality had shifted from a linear path to one in which I was standing in the center and waves were going out from me ~ like when one throws a stone into water. I feel like my reality, my path forward has become like concentric rings emanating from me.

After the ceremonies in Peru, I experienced a new round of contracts being released ~ contracts that couldn’t be released until this unpinning had taken place. I also saw how the old reality is now collapsing even faster. I wondered if the three stars in the Belt of Orion were connected to physical places on the planet and when they were unpinned, something happened there that released duality. This makes me feel that new power points are coming online worldwide, but in a different way than we have been used to. It feels more like co-creation between us and the planet than a place that holds something for us individually.

As more of me is sinking deep into this body, as more of me is HERE, I find myself starting to align to something new. This is because there are no more connection points to what I have been. I know this won’t happen overnight, as again I am in a place of choice ~ What do I choose now? All of this is what makes up my November ~ a deeper feeling into a New Reality ~ in all ways. As the old reality continues to crumble around me, I continue to observe and hold compassion, yet it feels too far away to relate to. Now, it is all about keeping focus and staying present.

There is a whole new world available to us and we can start creating in it now. How that adventure will play itself out is yet to see. But it’s here. It’s ready for us. Are we ready to enter?

There is a deep feeling of freedom that comes with November. There is also a feeling of remembrance ~ entering a state of being I have missed for such a long time. I also feel November will be a month of intense polarity in the duality-based world where it is still dominant. The collapses will be huge, as there is no longer a solid foundation underneath it.”


The old pins of EL•AN•RA that long held duality into position are gone. Duality is now like a phantom without any real substance, trying to convince us that it is real. The only things that keep duality alive is its old muscle memory of how things used to be and by our collective belief that duality is still real. Our everyday choices, limited beliefs, attitudes, self doubts, actions and reactions based on fear are what keep duality alive. If we keep feeding duality and treating it like it’s real, then even though there is nothing holding it into position any more, it will keep appearing like it’s real.

The New Reality is no longer limited to a few locations on the planet. It is all around us. The core of density is rising to the surface with ever more dramatic displays, trying to grab our attention so it can stay in control. Yet, paradoxically, as it does, the New Reality is becoming increasingly visible. The reason that many people aren’t yet aware of this is because they are still wearing their glasses of duality to perceive the world around them. Of course, if we do this, we won’t see the New Reality.

It’s essential that we now live our Trueness in every moment ~ not just when idyllic conditions are present or during spiritual events or when we’re doing spiritual practices. (Remember that spiritual is a duality-based word that also implies that there is a separation between spiritual and non-spiritual. In truth, everything is sacred!) We have to embody the New Reality and take it out into the world with us wherever we go. This is one of our most magnificent Superpowers ~ for when we do this, it transforms everything!

Even when the New Reality comes and taps us on our shoulder, we have to do something. It’s not going to grab us and transport us to a new land if we don’t do anything. It’s only when we meet the New Reality halfway that the sacred alchemy begins. The New Reality is a collaboration between us, the world around us and the energies of a greatly expanded reality in the Timeless True Worlds.

For us to fully enter the New Reality, we expand our awareness to an infinitely vaster level where we can see what was previously unseen. Once we do this, everything around us becomes exquisitely beautiful. Everything is imbued with a greater depth of perception that wasn’t visible before. This is why EVERYONE became so radiant and beautiful during our EL•AN•RA Ceremonies. Even the sacred lakes themselves became far more beautiful than they had been before we arrived.

The Earth Mother ~ Pachamama ~ wants to be infused with the New Reality. She is waiting for this with open arms. The Earth has been suffering greatly under the reign of duality. But Pachamama can’t do this by herself ~ nor can we. It has to be a collaboration between all of us ~ all living beings, nature, the planet and the AN energy. We as humans, carry this responsibility of infusing the Earth in the Timeless True Worlds of the New Reality. We are here to be the catalysts who restore everything back to its original state of Trueness.

Once we openly walk upon the Earth as True Ones, we will not only trigger incredible beauty, but we will trigger healing and wholeness, simply by our authentic presence as true Earth-Star Beings. The resonance of the New Reality will become stronger and more visible to the ones who couldn’t see it before.

Collective Humanity now holds the Key as to whether we continue to live in the holographic illusion of duality while passively watching our planet become uninhabitable or whether we choose to live in a vibrantly magnificent New Reality on the physical Earth. The choice is really up to us….

I know that we can’t expect everyone to immediately step out of duality ~ many don’t even know that there’s an available option to it and many are struggling just to survive. But, if enough of us True Ones stop feeding duality, it will have a profound effect and turn the tide.

It’s time for us to implement profound changes. We have to live differently than before. We need to eat different foods, wear more real clothes, spend our time in activities which are real, rather than diversionary. We need to find ways to serve others with love and compassion. It’s time for us to bring bright colors back to this dulled down world of black and grey. We need to openly be our authentic True Selves at all times ~ clearing the path for others to do so. How many of us are willing to do this? It’s really up to us now.


October gave us an unprecedented opportunity to go where we’ve never gone before ~ to BREAK ON THROUGH TO THE OTHER SIDE. In the aftermath of October, many profound changes are becoming visible in our lives. In November and December, we will be integrating these unprecedented shifts that have taken place within the inner control panels of this dimensional universe. The very Fabric of Reality has been irrevocably altered. We have many internal and external adjustments to make….

Now we need to incorporate these massive Quantum Shifts into our daily lives ~ to undergo yet another Mega RESET ~ to make them part of our New Normal. During these greatly accelerated final months of the year, we are building new foundations for all that is to come. We now have a chance to redefine and go beyond our physical limitations ~ realizing that that as we become vaster, more true and real, more loving, any physical problems will become smaller ~ for they cannot exist in the New Reality. Things are happening so fast right now that shifts of awareness which used to take lifetimes can now happen in an instant.

At the same time, we are experiencing a series of expanded perceptions and powerful new revelations that will immeasurably deepen and expand our awareness. During these key months of preparation for the momentous year of 2020, many elements will click into their right positions.

On one level, there’s a great heaviness on the planet. Beyond that, there’s a sense of new movement created by the populace waking up and moving into action. EVEN BEYOND THAT on a greatly expanded level, there’s a fresh, new lightness. This comes from the eternal Timeless True Worlds of the New Reality where we need to align ourselves.

During this time, some of us may suddenly realize that our jobs have expired. Without any warning, it becomes super obvious that we need to quit our current jobs! This is not a carefully thought out decision ~ we might have lots of practical reasons why we can’t do this ~ but none of these considerations matter anymore.

After releasing our old work, many of us will stop working for others in jobs that feed the old system and instead create our own work on our own terms. We may start using our old skills in totally new ways that are much more fulfilling. Or we may find ourselves doing something completely different ~ something that we never imagined doing before. What’s important is to find work that utilizes our creativity, that has a component of serving the planet in some way and that makes us smile every morning.

We may suddenly get a strong pull to make a move into an unexpected direction. (Or sometimes into a totally obvious direction that we’d been avoiding out of fear that it wouldn’t work out for us.) Our True Lives may be calling to us from a completely new location. If this happens, don’t be afraid to go for it. You will be supported. We are now being propelled to where we are meant to be and we really need to be in our true positions in 2020.

We have unlimited possibilities available to us right now. The greatest success will come from stepping out of our old comfort zones and following the promptings of our Heart’s Knowingness. We all need to ask ourselves, “What would I really LOVE to do? Where would I really LOVE to live?”

Don’t look for these answers on your old, well worn pathways. Look LARGER! Look Beyond your visible horizon. Look Beyond what you thought was possible. This is important because our True Lives are located on an expanded landscape that couldn’t be seen until now.

ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE RIGHT NOW. Actually, what we used to consider IMPOSSIBLE is more possible than what we used to think was POSSIBLE. Just set your Inner Coordinates to what to utmost Trueness. Then watch it manifest surprisingly easily and quickly.

This is all preparation for the monumental year of 2020. This will be an extremely REAL year ~ the MAKE OR BREAK YEAR in which the future course of our planet will be determined. Everything is ON THE LINE, as never before. After 2020, there will be No Down – No Return.

And the changes, are going to be huge!


Since our deeply powerful EL•AN•RA Ceremonies, it has become clear that the profound changes that were set in motion in October are also affecting my Surf Reports. I still have a lot of information and perceptions to share, but seem to have too little time in which to write them in the form of a Surf Report. My cow is demanding its freedom….

I have called this Surf Report the November – December Surf Report, since it is arriving so late and is so huge. It also removes pressure from me to write a new one in a week or so. This doesn’t mean that there won’t be some sort of Surf Report in December, but it’s becoming clear that the Surf Reports are definitely transforming into a new form. As soon as this new form becomes clearer, I will share it with you. Then you can choose to either remain a subscriber or cancel your subscription.

I’m seeing a whole new, much vaster picture than I ever saw before. It’s like a massive jigsaw puzzle in which groups of pieces that we previously thought was the entire puzzle are now being revealed as small segments of it. While this is happening, numerous new revelations are pouring in, as well as new practices on an infinitely vaster level.

It feels like 2020 will require a completely new level of response from us. We may create some sort of action network of the Family of AN where we can work together on a planetary level and beyond to help stabilize the planet, as well as restore the original template, as well as restore the original template of all the Worlds within Worlds.

A few days ago, a brilliant new mudra for the Silent Watchers was revealed. This was completely unexpected and moves the Silent Watchers to a totally new level. As soon as we can, we will make a video of it. I’m very excited to share it with you. There are other new practices to be shared as well. These can be done wherever we are, whenever it is needed. These new forms of active service will be much needed in the critical, monumental year of 2020. And this is just the beginning….

With LOVE beyond measure!
Solara • Anani • Anamani

With Great Gratitude and Love for the brilliant insights from
• Denise • Emanáku • Inger •

• Barbara • Diane • Ganesha • Indigo • Jennifer • Noa • Sanan • Yaxi •



Solara’s 2019 Year Surf Report

Turning the Tide



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