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Solara’s January 2020 Surf Report – Aligning with our New True Foundation -

From the very beginning of January, everything feels greatly different than previous years. It's not like we've entered a new year ~ but more like we have entered a totally NEW REALITY. There's a new composition to the air around us that feels full of nutrients. Already our old, familiar landscape is beginning to transform into a completely new landscape full of wondrous, magical new elements, just waiting to be discovered.

January is the first month of our immersion into a New Reality and already so much is happening. We know from aeons of experience that when a New Reality finally anchors, everything that doesn't resonate with it falls away. And what doesn't immediately fall away gears up for its final fight for survival. This is when all the completely crazy stuff happens. This is where we are now.

Solara’s 2020 Surf Report – The End of the Detour -

2020 is where everything makes an unprecedented shift. We are no longer talking about shifts in consciousness only, but shifts on all levels of creation, including deep physical levels. Shift of Reality Systems....

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