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Solara's Surf Report for 2019 - Turning the Tide

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Solara is one of the true Visionaries of our time. She facilitated the twenty-one year cycle of 11:11 Planetary Activations in which hundreds of thousands of people participated worldwide. She has traveled all over the planet giving talks, workshops and special ceremonies to activate the True Ones, so we can live True Lives. Solara lives at the Heart of AN Center in the Sacred Valley of Peru.

She is the author of seven beloved metaphysical books: “The Star-Borne”, “11:11”, “The Legend of Altazar”, “EL•AN•RA – The Healing of Orion”, “How to Live Large on a Small Planet”, “Invoking Your Celestial Guardians” and the new “Cards of AN”.


  1. Dear One Being,

    I returned from Mexico just weeks ago, from a cherished visit with my mother, brother and sister who flew there from Canada, and just read the March Surf Report today, 2 days before my 60th birthday. Yes, I am an Earth Dog.

    In Taiwan, I continue to love and inspire all beings Here to be
    True, Honest, Patient, Compassionate and Strong Loving Leaders.

    It is always with great joy and amazement that I read Solara’s Surf Reports and see our One Being in Action at the Heart of AN, for it again confirms that I remain aligned with my You and my Purpose.
    Since the beginning of March I have been drawing timelines on the board and speaking of the Moon! 2 days ago, we had visitors from China who came to our school and observed our class interactions. After my students answered questions about the moon, we sang to them !!
    “Hello to all the Children of the World” touched them deeply.

    The speculators from China were beaming when they left the room. And then my students asked me about Pluto. I told them about a photograph taken of Pluto with the formation of a heart on it. When my students have a chance at the end of their time outside to form a walking circle, they often choose to form the Sun and the Moon Mudras of the Heart of An. !

    It is as natural as breathing, to be with them. I sometimes wonder how much time we have left, here in Taiwan. Aah! Seeing the video of you at the Activation in the Antes last year was incredible.
    You are in my Heart, especially now, when I am energetically with my physical blood mother, taking care of her. She is like a child; she needs love and reassurance. A part of her leaves, as the various indiscretions do their damage to her Now very delicate body.

    May All of Your Mothers
    Receive Your Healing Love,
    See your Happy Smile, and
    Feel Your Gentle Touch.

    Thank you All Suns and Moons
    Great Fathers and Mothers
    And Children

    I am In Your Embrace,

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