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Solara’s February 2018 Surf Report
Emerging through the Eclipse Doorway

Review of January 2018

January began with a strong Full Moon and ended with another potent Full Moon~Blue Moon which was also a Total Lunar Eclipse. These Full Moons formed energetic Portals on both sides of the month through which we had to pass with openness, honesty and Trueness.

From the very beginning, January felt different and super expansive. A surge of strong, concentrated energy from the New Reality of AN gave us the feeling of new freshness. It felt as if we had joyously arrived at the shore of a new land. There was a sense of great relief that we made it this far. It truly felt like a totally New Era had begun and that the time of struggle was finally past.

Some of us had physical reactions to this powerful surge of heightened energy which quickly manifested in the body as aches and pains or an intense episode of the worst flu they had ever experienced. This happened because every tiny cell within us wants to be aligned to the New Reality. When we are flattened by an illness, all we can do is to completely let go and dismantle our being. While much of the healing was taking place internally ~ burning away the stresses of our entire journey so far and recalibrating our beings from the inside out, they were also participating in a deep healing of the collective. This was such a monumental task that it occupied most of the month for those who had taken this route. Some of us who didn’t experience this in January, already went through similar experiences last year.

At the beginning of a New Year, we are always presented with a blank canvas. This is when we carefully feel things out to discover Where We Are Now and Where We Are Going, rather than rush into action. This January was like ice skating on a blank canvas. We never knew when we would gracefully slide out of control, crash hard onto the ice or zoom ahead at an accelerated speed. Balance was more important than ever.

There was a pregnant emptiness all around us. Beneath the ice we could sense the presence of new patterns in brilliant colors. Around the middle of January, patches of vibrant color began to appear in the vast ice field of our Blank Canvas. This brought us a heightened clarity as to Who We Are and What We Needed To Do Next.

Some of us are still in the midst of our Blank Canvas. It feels like we are standing in the middle of a vast, empty space, full of stillness, waiting for the Winds of Change to fill our sails and trigger movement into our True Direction.

Throughout January, there was a series of huge waves coming in with the New and going out with the old and expired. The waves folded themselves around us, embracing us. These waves brought in elements from our past ~ such as visits from family members or the unexpected stirring of memories and emotions from long lost old friends, old places and old loves. These all needed to be lovingly folded into our expanded Here and Now. This happened either physically or energetically. Many lost components of our beings returned to us, as we wove these old threads into the new tapestry of our beings.

These massive waves will continue to come into our lives in February, only now they will start bringing us many new elements which we have long awaited. Some of these new waves will usher in totally new energies which we’ve never encountered before, coming all the way from Beyond the Beyond. There will also be a series of powerful waves emanating from the New Reality of AN which will soothe our troubled hearts, heal and strengthen us and deepen our love and compassion, while awakening our yearnings to be in our True Home with our True People.

Choosing Your True Map


Ever since Time began, we’ve been traveling on the Map of Duality. By now, we are quite familiar with this map. We can almost travel on it in a state of automatic pilot, with our eyes closed. We’ve explored a lot of the old map and by now, even those parts of it which we haven’t visited have become predictable.

We’ve spent countless lifetimes traveling back and forth on this map. We’ve been born there; we’ve given birth there; we’ve loved and been loved there. Our hearts have been broken, our spirits crushed and soared. We’ve had myriad successes and failures ~ too numerous to count. We’ve strived and we’ve died ~ again and again. We’ve learned What We Know and we’ve learned What We Still Don’t Know.

On this old Map of Duality are also found our “spiritual” experiences. Our numerous awakenings and forgettings, our gurus and guides, our revelations, our spiritual practices, our slipping back into the Sea of Illusion ~ time and again. By now, we know where this map can take us, and where it cannot. We know that we cannot become free of duality by staying here. We’ve realized that the fulfillment of our Wildest Dreams will not be found within its borders. But this tattered old map is so familiar and comfortable. We know where everything is located. We have a certain mastery here….

YET…. It’s also the same old – same old. It won’t take us anywhere new. We won’t find True Fulfillment on the old map. We won’t find the Quantum Breakthroughs we seek. We won’t find our True Partner or our True Home there. And since our old foundation stones anchored in duality are collapsing under our feet, perhaps it’s timely to go somewhere we haven’t been before. Why we are here at this time, our True Purpose, is to step off the old Map and birth a New Reality on the physical Earth.

The vastly expanded Map of the New Reality has been made increasingly visible by our twenty plus years of activating the 11:11 Doorway, plus four years of anchoring the New Reality of AN. This year, it will be much easier than ever before to shift maps.


The gap between the worlds will continue to widen all year long. The world of duality will continue to crumble and implode, while the ever strengthening resonance of the New Reality will restore the eternal, Timeless True Worlds on the physical Earth. The lights are dimming in duality while they are shining brightly in the New Reality. Where do you want to live?

Choosing which reality we are going to nourish and inhabit is of utmost importance this year, for it truly determines what we will experience. If we choose to remain in duality, the ice fields under our feet will continue to melt.

But as we unhook ourselves from duality, more vibrant new colors will appear on our Blank Canvas. We don’t have to think about what we are going to create. We don’t have to plan what we are going to do. We don’t even have to put a lot of effort into it. If we fully align ourselves with the New Reality, everything comes to us. These patches of vibrant New Life will increasingly fill our New Landscape with sparkling True Life. They will appear almost effortlessly, as a natural occurrence of our state of being.

Each of us has to make our own personal choice as to which map to travel upon this year and which reality to inhabit. And we have to make our choices from a greatly expanded perspective. This is important since the results of our choices will have far reaching consequences, both in our own lives and far beyond. Our choices will determine the outcome of what happens on this planet. Will our Earth be destroyed or will she regenerate?

Getting Out of the Matrix


With the unique unfolding of events in our world over the last year, we have been clearly shown the extremes of duality. We can now see that when we continue to react from a polarized position and narrow beliefs, we are simply running on the old hamster wheel and getting nowhere.

We are absolutely ready for change. We are sick and tired of the same old constantly repeating itself. We fervently wish that the world could be different, yet we continue repeating our old behaviors and limited patterns, again and again. We fill the emptiness of our lives by grabbing onto any glittery distractions that pass our way. When will this ever stop? It will stop only when we get serious about making the inner changes so we can remove ourselves from the old Matrix. This is when we will cease to be caught up in the manufactured distractions of duality. And this is when we can create far reaching changes.

If we took a short journey back in time to the lifetimes of our parents or grandparents, this world was a radically different place. The naive ’50’s were totally different from the eye-opening shift of the ’60’s. Nothing can ever reverse expanded awareness, any more than we can force toothpaste back into the tube. The unfolding of events over the past several generations reveals what happens when monetary interests reign supreme over human interests. It’s not such a complicated story, and each of us has to take responsibility for how we have participated in this Matrix. The cure is simple: Stop promulgating the illusion. Stop feeding duality!

We can now see that owning less, living more simply, aligning ourselves with Pachamama, can make a huge impact on the world around us. We can stop supporting the businesses that are destroying the environment. We can stop being herded around like passive sheep from one crisis or special event to the next. (“Wow, the Super Bowl!” “I can’t wait for the Academy Awards!” “Oh no! A terrorist attack!”) None of this matters. None of this is real. Each time we simplify our lives and make them more True and Real, we remove the hooks which keep us plugged into duality and we strengthen the resonance of the New Reality of AN.

There’s lots of unplugging to do if we really want to birth a New Reality on the Earth. We can start by unplugging our televisions. Do we really need to be programmed by television shows which continually reinforce duality’s illusory viewpoint of how to perceive the world? Do we need to be constantly spoon-fed canned “entertainment” or can we now create our own forms of entertainment which actually have meaningful content? Instead of searching for distractions, let’s put our energy into finding ways we can serve humanity to make this planet a better place.

Television and other types of electrical devices take away some of our innate, natural abilities, such as imagination and creativity. They put us into a state of passivity, which is exactly what we don’t need. When we rely on the mass media, through a favorite “news” show or commentator, to be an accurate source of information, this can result in losing the ability to discern for ourselves what is real and what is false. When we delegate our own knowingness to an outside source, it dulls our awareness and we weaken our connection to our own Heart’s Knowingness.

It is only by making our personal choices to unplug ourselves from the comfy, illusory world of duality, that a True New World can be born. If enough of us do this, THIS YEAR, then we can create the vast Tipping Point where all the bubbles of illusion pop and we can finally make the full shift into a wondrous New Reality.

Walking Beside the Earth Dog


2018 officially begins on February 16th which is the Chinese and Tibetan New Year. This is when the Fire Rooster / Phoenix ceremonially passes the Sceptre of Guardianship to the Earth Dog who quickly grabs it in its teeth and runs off to a quiet place to gently gnaw upon it. This gnawing is a metaphor for a softening which will take place within us this year.

During this passing of the sceptres, which is also a Solar Eclipse, many of us will experience a noticeable Quantum Breakthrough to help us make our leap into the New Reality.

After being seared in the Fires of Transformation and experiencing profound Wake Up Calls during the Fire Rooster’s reign, the Earth Dog will bring us exactly what is most needed now. Steadiness. GROUNDING. Honesty. Trustworthiness. Trueness. Compassion. The Earth Dog will help us return to the simplicity of what is Real so we can live True Lives.

The Earth Dog is loyal, friendly, grounded and noble. They symbolize both intelligence and protection and work hard to achieve practical goals. Earth Dog has the unique gift of wisdom and stability. They are good communicators, putting special effort into listening and giving advice to those in need. The Earth Dog faithfully walks by our side and is a great companion, but when danger lurks or when there is injustice about, the Earth Dog springs into action, fearlessly alerting us to what is happening. The watchful Earth Dog keeps us one step ahead of those who would harm us.

The Earth Dog is faithful, patient and loving. The generous, gentle Earth Dog always reaches out to those in need. Since they are deeply compassionate, they truly care for the well being of the collective. Earth Dogs have no tolerance for injustice in any form. They are protectors of morals and defenders of the weak. This is why the Earth Dog Year is not a year for excess or waste. Because of this, actions based solely on individual drive, selfishness, ego, greed and demagogy are going to be unmasked and rejected by the majority, giving way to more universal values of compassion, social justice and Oneness.


The Year of the Earth Dog will be a somewhat sensitive period, during which people might take to the streets in large numbers. Ordinary citizens, who feel deprived of hope and socially excluded, won’t hesitate to demand radical changes to their living conditions. They will call for the leveling of the extreme socio-economic imbalances in the world and for the correction of blatant injustices. They also will stand up for the preservation of our natural environment before it is too late.

According to the Chinese Calendar which repeats itself every 60 years, the Year of the Earth Dog is a powerful Turning Point in men and women’s lives. It offers us a deeper understanding of our human condition and presents us with a Golden Opportunity to shift our beings to a vastly expanded, much truer level. The Year of the Earth Dog urges us to ask fundamental questions, to make far reaching revisions to our basic belief system, and then to apply this expanded perspective to all aspects of our lives.

Since the Earth Dog represents loyalty, dedication, protection, family comfort, warmth, and goodness, this makes it an excellent year for dealing with family matters on a new, expanded level of honesty and Trueness. (This already began in January.) We will be able to finally detach ourselves from any lingering family karma. This doesn’t mean that we have to detach from our family, just from the karmic games that families sometimes play. Instead of getting drawn onto a duality level, we can simply love them while being honest and true.

This is a year for establishing warm connections with people of various walks of life. The determining factors will be honesty, openness and respect. Earth Dog brings in new love partnerships that have a strong emphasis on Real True Love, fidelity, honoring and mutual respect This is also a good year for establishing families. It is the perfect time to make enduring changes to our life style and incorporate healthier ways of living. It’s also a good year for changing our job to one which fulfills us and moving to a truer location.

The Yellow Earth Dog Year will be particularly difficult for people who don’t have clearly defined views and are still trying to straddle reality systems by compromising what they know to be true. The Earth Dog won’t be able to help them with anything until they move onto a truer, more real level. If you neglect to do this, the situation could reach a critical level until there is a sudden awakening that pushes you free of the illusion.

This year we have to apply the qualities of the Earth Dog into our lives. It’s essential that we find methods of serving humanity in a grounded and tangible way. The Earth Dog ushers in an awakening of Love and Compassion all over the world, so we can serve those who are suffering and take responsibility for the well being of humanity and the planet.

The Earth Dog brings us a leveling of resources. Increasingly, humanity will realize that we have to share our resources with others. There will be no peace, no real sense of security, until we learn to help those who most need it. We have to share our wealth with those in need; otherwise, if we simply accumulate it for ourself, it might be taken away from us. But if you are using your resources to serve the planet, your wealth may increase.

For those who are already standing on a solid foundation of Trueness, the Earth Dog will bring increased stability and prosperity. For those who are still standing on a false foundation, it may well crumble, enabling you to find a truer foundation.

Emerging through the Eclipse Doorway

We begin February by passing through an extremely strong Eclipse Doorway between the Full Moon • Lunar Eclipse on January 31 and New Moon • Solar Eclipse • Chinese New Year on February 16.

At the beginning of January, there was a powerful infusion of the New Reality of AN. This pushed us onto a completely new frequency band which contains new true connections and brilliant new opportunities that we didn’t know existed. We suddenly entered a totally New Era. This is true, whether or not we feel it yet.

Our New Map is emerging and becoming clearer. For those of us already on the New Map, it feels like we have unexpectedly emerged from several years of tremendous effort and challenges. It’s like leaving the desert and arriving at a verdant oasis full of fruit and flowers, teeming with vibrant life and brilliant colors.

As we take our first steps into this wondrous New Landscape, the old landscape simply disappears behind us, leaving only a dusty memory of the long journey we have traveled. The time of struggle is over. This fills us with astonishment and absolute awe. And all of this happened totally unexpectedly at the beginning of the year!

2018 feels like a wondrous year full of timeless magic and pregnant with exciting possibilities. This may feel a bit strange because when we look at the ever escalating events in the outer world of duality, much appears to be becoming increasingly worse. We can see this happening, but it’s with a sense of detachment, for this isn’t what we feel. We feel the ever strengthening resonance of Trueness. We feel Love and more Love. We feel the deepening compassion in more and more people. We feel the exquisitely beautiful AN energy embracing us. And we know that ALL IS WELL.

This powerful infusion of the New Reality of AN is affecting everything. It is changing us in ways far beyond what we can presently imagine. It is rearranging our foundation stones. It is exposing layer upon layer of previously hidden corruption. It is collapsing the old timelines and hastening the breakdown of all duality-based old systems.

It is causing a mighty shift in the Heavens. Pockets and folds in space are rearranging, moving into new positions. New folds are appearing, removing distorted energy from this planet. Other pockets are now opening up, revealing what could not be seen before.

Now it’s time for us to claim that we have enough time to do what we need to do. We have enough energy. We have enough money. We have enough creative inspiration. We have enough support. We have enough wisdom. We have an abundance of love. I feel this so strongly. And even though outwardly, it may not yet appear as if we have more free time or more money in the bank, or more help, it is coming in.

As increasing numbers of us start vibrating in accord with the energies of AN, we will be able to come together as One True Being and sing alive a new True World.



February is a potent month of monolithic shifts and monumental movement on multiple levels. It’s a continuation of the huge energy shift which started at the beginning of the year. There’s a heightened frequency of powerful Pure True Love that is becoming ever stronger. This river of Pure True Love has so flooded its old banks, that we can’t even see where the river of old love used to be.

This brings us a massive creative surge which is super exhilarating. For me, the creative surge grabbed me in the middle of January and pushed me into starting a new book of my life stories. I am compelled to write this book and whenever I find time to work on it, the words are pouring out of me. When the creative surge hits you, it’s undeniable.

Much movement is taking place within the Tectonic Plate System. It’s similar to the movement of ice shelves that break free of their old positions and move to new positions. These profound shifts are happening both within us and to the world around us. While this is happening, there are many things that we cannot yet see. This is why we have to wait for more elements to move into their True Positions. Only then, will our New Landscape be fully revealed. This movement within the Tectonic Plate System is why there are so many earthquakes and erupting volcanoes. They are happening to bring much needed change.

This Eclipse Doorway can be more challenging than the Full Moon Doorway we passed through in January. This is especially true when remnants of old residue which we still carry inside us are magnified. When this happens, we may suddenly feel heavy and clunky, like walking with heavy weights on our feet. The good thing is that once we discover where the residue is, we can take steps to get rid of it.

February brings a storm surge that shakes our foundational realities. They shake, but they don’t yet fall. Our challenge is to evolve sufficiently so we can meet these surges in a new way. There are many who are feeling confused because the old outer navigation points from our old Map are gone. To navigate a space with no outer signposts takes deep trust in our Heart’s Knowingness.

There are two strong frequency bands of energy available to us this year and we have to decide which one we want to experience. If we stay on the frequency band of duality and resist change, we may well find that this is a difficult year. But if we make a big leap in consciousness, we will discover that an exquisite New Landscape awaits us.

For those of us who have been in the Waiting Room, February is the month when the first train arrives. We are ready. Our bags are packed and we have the ticket in our hand. All we have to do is get out of our chair and onto the train. An amazing ride awaits!

Now, we just have to walk with confidence and courage into the wondrous New Reality of AN, accompanied by the gentle and loyal Yellow Earth Dog who runs up to greet us, tail held high like a banner of victory in the wind. Wagging with so much Love!

from the Heart of AN,


With deep Gratitude and Love for the brilliant insights from:
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• Deede • Diane • Ganesha • Merrilyn • Trinity •



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