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Solara’s April 2018 Surf Report
Clearing the Path into our True Position

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Review of March 2018

March was a brilliant, breakthrough month which enabled us to see previously hidden areas of the New Reality which we couldn’t see before. We received strong glimpses of what we need to be doing and of the people whom we are meant to be doing this with.

A powerful, ongoing activation of our Cellular Memory Banks is bringing forth the knowingness of Who We Really Are on a level that we haven’t previously accessed. Our Cellular Memory Banks are helping us to shift to new Timelines which bring with them a completely New Rhythm of life that is aligned with the New Reality. This often plunged us into a state of deep quiet, where all we wanted to do was sleep and be still. At times, this made us feel disconnected from people and places that weren’t in our immediate environment.

All month long, we continued to shift Timelines and move deeper into the New Reality of AN. March showed there still were some sharp stones and clutter to be cleaned from our path. Some of us felt very old, crusty weights being sandblasted off of our beings. The moment we released some sticky old anger and discovered our worthiness, our path ahead made a huge leap to another place, position, time. We moved to a completely new frequency band!

By the end of March we felt much lighter and less manipulated by the old triggers from this lifetime and previous lifetimes. Karma is resolving and dissolving as we are in a time of the unprecedented dismantling of archaic structures. This is happening both within the outer world and in our previously limited world views. Collectively, our eyes are opening to the fact that “Things are NOT as they once appeared to be.” And as this happened, we began making internal adjustments and reordering our priorities. Then the Winds of Change began to clear our path into our True Position….

Clearing the Path into our True Position

The mighty Winds of Change are blowing strongly in April, bringing immense movement. A great reshuffling is taking place. The Solar Winds are blowing some of us to far distant locations across the planet. Some are experiencing this through travel, while others are preparing to move across the world.

These powerful Solar and Cosmic Winds are clearing the Path into our True Position, making it more visible than ever before. The debris of our old thoughts, unrequited yearnings and worn out expectations that used to cover up our True Path are flying away! This clearing of our True Path is a major theme of April.

In April, we are able to clearly see what adjustments we need to make within our inner beings and in our outer behaviors. The Winds of Change are thoroughly scouring our beings, enabling us to release some of the illusory beliefs which have clouded our minds for some time now ~ things like false perceptions of who we are or false limits of what we can, (or cannot), do in this world.

Perhaps, like the monkey grabbing the nut while trying to remove his hand from the jar, we also have to let go of the old nut which is in our grip. What is the nut that you are still holding onto which keeps you from being free?

This month brings us a heightened clarity which enables us to see our way ahead like never before. At times, our clarity may bring us “Eureka!” moments in which the very fabric of what we previously held as real or true, is ripped asunder. When this happens, huge chunks of our old reality may suddenly disappear like a sinkhole and a totally New Landscape is revealed. This New Landscape can be quite surprising. It may lead us into a direction which we never expected. Or we may suddenly see that our True Position has been obvious and right in front of us for a long time.

All month long, new opportunities will be presented to us and important decisions need to be made. Some of these new opportunities might look exciting at first glance. Maybe ten years ago, we would unhesitatingly go in that direction, but we need to look carefully to see if they are still in alignment with who we are now? Is this opportunity a part of our True Path or is it an outdated dream trying to pull us back into duality? We have to run everything through the filter of our Heart’s Knowingness to carefully discern if it is really the right and true opportunity for now.

April will be the month in which we prepare ourselves before going forward, by dealing with any lingering issues so the way ahead is clear. We don’t fully move into our True Position yet, but we can finally see it clearly and it is undeniable. Our True Position becomes infinitely more tangible, alive and real. We can see many elements which weren’t visible before.

This will set off a new cycle during the next few months in which many elements will click into their right positions. This will enable us to make decisive forward movement in May, June and July as we are propelled into our True Positions.

Searching for our True Purpose


Many people have been searching for their True Purpose. They are looking everywhere, except for where it is. It’s easy to get caught up in the search and keep going around in circles, making endless loops and not going anywhere. When we are caught up in the search, there’s always the need for more looking, more healing sessions, more plant medicine ceremonies and more trying to be enlightened. This is all an illusion that only leads us to dead ends.

Some don’t feel that it’s important to find their True Purpose at all. They think that they have enough to do in their normal life, without adding anything else. Yet, these are the very same people who are bored, lost, unfulfilled, endlessly searching and numbed out. Some people don’t want to connect with their True Purpose because they have an unconscious feeling that if they did, they would have to change or let go of their normal lives which give them a sense of security and familiarity. And this brings up a lot of fear.

Finding our True Purpose is actually very simple. It’s not far away from where we are now. First, do what’s in front of you. Open your front door and see what is there. Even though you may not yet be in your True Position, by wholeheartedly doing what you can right now, new paths will open up.

Our True Purpose always has a strong component of service. Our True Purpose isn’t just surviving. It isn’t to keep us entertained, so we don’t get bored. It isn’t just eating healthy food and doing yoga. It’s not to make a lot of money, (unless we are meant to use our money to help others and strengthen the New Reality.) Our True Purpose is the long awaited flowering of our being ~ when WHO WE ARE and WHY WE ARE HERE becomes obvious and undeniable. It’s a natural expression of our Love and Trueness. And once we align with it, it’s deeply fulfilling.

If we aren’t already living our True Purpose, this year brings it into our lives. It’s a culmination of all our life experiences to finally start fulfilling our True Purpose.

Bringing out our Superpowers!

People all over the world love Superheros. When we are children, we try to emulate them. As we grow up, the veil of illusion descends. We outgrow our Spiderman pajamas. We take off our tiara and toss it in the back of our closet. Our Superman suit gets covered up by a business suit. We think that this is all part of growing up and getting real.

What’s ironic is that we actually do have Superpowers; we’ve just forgotten that they are there. And even when we do get a glimpse of them, we are afraid to believe in them. Our real Superpowers are far greater than those of the cartoon characters in comic books and movies.

Here are some of our Superpowers:

1. We can remember Who We Truly Are and Why We Are Here.

2. We can embrace all living beings with deep love and compassion.

3. We can heal ourselves, each other and humanity!

4. We are Timeless, Eternal Beings in human form.

5. We are Master Servers, doing what is needed, when it is needed.

6. We are Sacred Pagodas, anchoring the resonance that ALL IS WELL.

7. We can stop Time and inhabit No-Time.

8. We can sit in our vastness as Silent Watchers and embrace all the Worlds within Worlds with Pure True Love.

9. We can achieve the impossible as One True Being.

10. We can step out of Karma.

11. With our clear starry eyes, we can see through all illusion.

12. We can fly to the Sun on Wings of Light.

13. We can merge our vastness into the physical.

14. We can expand our beings into multiple dimensions.

15. We have full access to the Worlds within Worlds.

16. We can be everywhere all at once.

17. We can birth new Stars.

18. We can pull out the plug of Duality.

19. We can sing awake New True Worlds.

20. We can call forth the White Dragon.

21. We can birth a magnificent New Reality on the physical Earth.

22. We embody the most powerful force in the Universe ~ True, True Love!

All we have to do is to awaken the Sleeping Giant within us and give ourselves permission to be brave, to be good, to be wise, to be powerful, to be real, to be magnificent! We are the Bringers of Change. We are the Emissaries of Love and Trueness. We are the True Kings and Queens. We are the Master Healers. We are the Superheros.

What are your Superpowers? Do you believe in them? Are you utilizing them? This isn’t a joke. We all have Superpowers. We have the obvious Superpowers that we can readily see, if we look for them. But we also have the less obvious, hidden Superpowers that we cannot yet see. Yet, sometimes the Superpowers which are hidden to us are the ones that others can see in us.

Now it’s time to bring forth our Superpowers and use them, for they are greatly needed in the world today. We need to believe in them and we need to utilize them. And we all have the Superpower to shift reality systems!
Let’s stop vibrating at a low frequency. Let’s stop numbing ourselves out with distractions and BE PRESENT! Let’s stop feeding duality. Let’s stop holding back our Love ~ instead, let’s splash it around, everywhere we go. Let’s bring our vastness into the physical ~ not just in special moments, such as when we’re meditating or doing a ceremony, but all the time! Let’s stop searching for what isn’t here; instead let’s start being fully here! Let’s inhabit the expanded HERE and NOW. Let’s stop feeling sad about the destruction of our natural environment ~ instead, let’s use our Superpowers to heal it. Let’s step forward and serve humanity! This is exactly what is needed in order to flip over reality systems.

Once we do this, we will discover that our Superpowers are normal manifestations of who we really are as vast True Beings. And bringing forth our Superpowers will make us feel so vibrantly alive.

I recently read that in the United Kingdom, they are going to make flu vaccines mandatory for all children under the age of nine. And that in the US, they are creating vaccines that permanently alter our DNA. These are all signs that those who think that they are in control of the planet are trying to kill off both humanity and the planet. At this point, maybe it doesn’t matter why.

What does matter is what are we going to do about it? Are we going to try to stop it and regain control of our planet? If so, how are we going to do this? We cannot put it off any longer. We can’t wait for “someone else” or an “outside force” to do it for us.


We need to strengthen the resonance of the New Reality by inhabiting it as our predominant reality. We all need to step forward and make our full presence felt. This is why we need to reconnect with our long forgotten Superpowers. We need to believe in ourselves. We need to believe in the transformational power of our One True Being. And we need to do this before it’s too late.

Of course, there is always the possibility that these Final Days of Duality are all a grand illusion. We know that in truth, we are all Timeless, True Beings who are ageless, whole and healthy. So is our Planet Earth. Perhaps as I wrote many years ago, at the appointed time, the planet will simply shed her skin and all will be pristine again, in the blink of an eyelash. But in the meantime, do we really want our children poisoned? Do we want the ancient forest trees to be cut down? Do we want to continually lose our freedom?

The youth of this world are already beginning to rise up. They see the need to change the distorted ways that things are done which no longer serve the people or the environment. Seeing the fresh young people leap into action is deeply touching. These young people are bold, articulate, brave and truthful. They are claiming their roles as uncorruptable leaders because they have witnessed the hypocrisy all of their lives.

We know that the change of paradigm is happening in every moment. April feels like the time when waves of Quantum Surf come in, bringing unexpected changes, further dissolving all that is untrue. The Winds of Change offer us a thorough Reset, as well as golden opportunities, revelations, expansion, Green Lights and action.


April in Portuguese is Abril = Abriu = Open.

April is the month of ‘A Mu’a = To Go Forward.

April is the month to Go Forward with Openness!

April is a month in which anything can happen. The energies feel unstoppable now. Major shifts will take place and there will be much movement into new directions. Many of us feel so ready for this. We know that if we want to move forward onto a totally new frequency band, we have to do it now. There is no more time. The train is leaving the station.

Right at the beginning of April, we can feel that the energies are building up to something deeply transformational. In spite of outer appearances in the tumultuous world of duality, we can feel a tsunami of fresh, new energy coming in which will bring everything into a greater harmonic of Trueness.

Many elements are in a state of heightened movement as they shift into their True Positions. While this is exciting, it also brings occasional chaos. Some things might show their true face. Sometimes this will be beautiful and inspiring, while other times, it can be truly shocking. It may feel like a laser knife is cutting through all the crap and this is so refreshing. Nothing is predictable right now; nothing is set in stone. Everything is in the midst of great change. This heightened change makes it almost impossible to hold onto any fixed position. Openness and flexibility are essential components.

During the first two weeks of April, it’s much like drawing the string of a bow back into our heart. We will incorporate into our lives the changes which occurred in March. Everything gets realigned with the true core of our being. While this is happening, we will have opportunities to repattern the past into a clearer, truer design. At mid-month during the New Moon, Mercury goes direct and this is when we release the bow string and our arrow flies forth! We enter the Fast Track, zooming along from breakthrough to breakthrough at an accelerated speed!

April presents us with the opportunity of a fresh start. This is when brilliant colors and wondrous possibilities start appearing on our Blank Canvas. Many elements, people and places are beginning to align and click into position, some in ways that might surprise us. Much is in the process of finding their rightful place, like in a puzzle game.

Waves of emotions are sweeping wildly across the planet and are generating a full spectrum of moods. Many people are at the edge of what they can take; it’s been so many years of struggle and everyone is tired. The energy of Hopelessness is actively trying to pull people back into duality, but we need to remember that Hope is not the antidote for this. We have to go beyond Hope, all the way to our true Heart’s Knowingness. It’s also helpful to realize that not all the emotions we are feeling personally belong to us; many of them come from the planetary collective. As we allow them to course through us, we are also transmuting them for all.

At times, we may experience a huge wave of poignancy that sweeps through us, bringing with it a varying palette of emotions. This sweet / sad feeling of poignancy is creating a deep fissure within us that cracks open any remaining false coverings around our heart, such as old protective layers of defenses which now need to go. This cracking away of the calcified shells around our hearts enables us to finally access our deeper and truer emotions. As linear time continues to dissolve, our Heart’s Knowingness deepens.

April is the great bridge to May. Many of us will be moving forward during April to align with a series of essential elements which will allow us to make a noticeable Quantum Leap during May. These huge Quantum Leaps are necessary because they will greatly strengthen our connection with the New Reality of AN. Much of our work during this time is to remain as deeply grounded as possible, maintaining our balance while the Winds of Change continue to slam the planet and the New Reality of AN continues to expand.

Waves of the past continue to fold into the HERE and NOW, moving family and friends from our past to a new level. We can already see many positive changes in the people we know and this is greatly encouraging. Folding the past into the present moment is becoming much more fun.

We may also experience occasional “Days out of Time” in which the rug is unexpectedly pulled out from under us. Instead of going ahead with our plans for the day, we may find ourselves compelled to do something totally different or to spend the day in bed sleeping. Sleep continues to be highlighted. We either don’t get enough sleep or we need to sleep way more than usual. Our dream state is full, often with long, rather mundane dreams full of endless details, which instantly disappear when we wake up. These dreams reflect the immense movement that is going on all over the planet.

Our nervous systems might feel strained by all the energy swirling about and may feel fried at times. This gives us a heightened sensitivity and can upset our digestion or give us skin rashes. We may collapse or experience emotional flare ups if we’re pushed by too many things coming at us at the same time. When this happens, it’s always helpful to spend time in nature to regain our connection with our True Self and de-stress our system.

April brings us some challenges of our mastery. When these challenges arrive, we need to remember that we are vast True Ones and use our mastery to deal with them. We need to stay in our vastness at all times, rather than allowing ourselves to become smaller. If we try to deal with these challenges in an old, duality-based way, they will persist until we try a more expanded approach.

It’s essential that we support one another in any ways we can. One thing that we all need now is to be truly seen, to be fully recognized, acknowledged, respected and heard on a core level. We all need this and it is deeply healing when this happens. This is totally different from receiving mindless compliments that just skim the personality level of our being. It’s core level recognition from True One to True One. And of course, this also means that we need to look beneath the surface of others so we can see who people really are and acknowledge them for this.

April promises more blossoming of authenticity. We now have the willingness to find new solutions for pollution and imbalances. This wave of solutions will continue with lightning speed now. The month of April, and much of the Year of the Earth Dog, will be spent in ‘speaking the Truth with Love.’ This is our time to reach out to the people around us, the ones who are expressing their fear of the change that is happening, the ones who cannot yet see the powerful and necessary death of the old, and reassure them that ALL IS WELL.

April feels full of certainty, of being centered in the core of our being, following our Heart’s Knowingness. We know that we are traveling where we have always wanted to go. We know that on a deeper level, everything is fine, that inhabiting the New Reality makes us feel safe. We know that we are moving towards the central point where a new series of True Connections on all levels will take place and that is why everything feels so expanded. We are not losing time; we are simply migrating completely out of the limited Timelines and Space as we know them. We know that we are moving towards the point where the journey is complete and that this happens by immersing ourselves within the New Reality of AN.


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• Adriana • Caroline • David • Dee • Diane • Ganesha • Giuliana • Karin • Milli •
• Mirian • Nova • Nuna • Rebecca • Rodaan • Sanan • Sandi •



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