Solara’s 2016 March Surf Report
The Chaos of Change


February was a strange month with frequent periods of feeling flattened by the energies. This was especially apparent at the beginning and end of the month. Whenever we feel flattened, much of the outer world feels extremely unreal. At times, we had a great need for absolute stillness. This deep quiet was occasionally so all pervading that as another wave of loved ones left the planet, some of us thought that we might soon be joining them.

Around the Chinese New Year on February 8th, the Green Lights turned on, then immediately started flickering. They never turned completely off, but they never stayed in their full brilliance for very long. All month, tremendous movement and profound change was taking place deep under the surface. This triggered us to make internal and external adjustments on numerous levels.

Whenever it felt like the Green Lights of our fast forward movement had dimmed, this wasn’t what was really happening. It was simply that our focus had been moved from DOING into a state of being stretched deeper into the New Reality so we could adjust to it on an in depth, expanded level.

Along the way, we encountered occasional speed bumps, but they were composed of fear rather than cement. Most of them were quickly recognized and since we were being ultra aware, we glided over them. But there were a few that were more solid or bigger than we realized or which we simply didn’t see coming. When we encountered them, they knocked us off course.

For a while now, we’ve been learning how to use discernment with our fears. If we are feeling fear about survival or suddenly have the feeling that something ominous is about to happen on a large scale, our fears are usually coming from the collective and don’t personally belong to us. This doesn’t mean that we aren’t affected; we are, but it does mean that the fears don’t originate within us.

If our fears are centered around making changes in our lives, if we’re feeling insecure about leaving the past behind or we are afraid to go deeper into a relationship, these are usually personal fears that we’ve carried within us for a long time which are now coming up so we can move through them.

Our Seeing Expands


At the very beginning of 2016, we woke up with a heightened sense of the New Reality. Everything felt completely different, as if we’d entered a new world. Now as March begins, there’s a new sense of waking up after a very long slumber where we can suddenly see many things we couldn’t see before.

I’ve been experiencing this for the past week on both practical and vast levels. I will grab a piece of clothing to wear and discover that it has obvious dirt on it and needs to be washed. This has happened to me at least four times. I never noticed before that these clothes were so dirty. I just didn’t see it. These is an example on the mundane level of things we didn’t see before that now need to be dealt with.

In the same way, we might suddenly become aware of expired behaviors that we’ve been doing for a long time. We may get angry without apparent cause; we might become impatient or irritable for no reason. We may make judgments based on a duality-based perception. These are similar to a stain on our clothes.

It’s great that this is happening right now because it enables us to clear out more old energy and set things right. It also makes us wonder what else are we not seeing? This causes us to become more aware of what is around us and to discern its level of resonance. Is it coming from duality or the New Reality? Are we reacting to life with duality-based automatic responses or are we embodying the New Reality? Are the things around us – objects, activities, people – making us tired or inspired?

And of course, the obvious solution to dealing with the things that are sapping our energy and making us feel tired is to remove them from our life and replace them with activities, objects and people which have the resonance of the New Reality and fill us with inspiration, excitement and new freshness.

Seeing the Unseen is also manifesting in a series of challenging situations which suddenly appear in our lives. At first glance, these situations might seem impossible to solve. But in spite of outer appearances, we know that there is always a graceful solution, even though it might not be readily apparent.

What we need to do is to meet these unexpected challenges in new ways by responding to them as a True One. If we look beyond all outer appearances, we will be able to see what is really going on while holding the resonance of Trueness. We emanate strong love as we stand in our natural authority. If we do this unwaveringly, this is when the tricky situation suddenly flips over. Not only is it quickly resolved in surprising ways, but it brings everything to a new level. Everyone involved gains a deeper understanding and the entire situation actually turns out much better than before.

Seeing the Unseen is also occurring on an infinitely vaster scale all around us. If we look around, we might see that there’s a new sparkle superimposed over everything which is touched by the energies of the New Reality.

All that is vibrating in accord with the New Reality feels like it has become part of our greatly expanded physical being. There’s no sense of separation between us and what used to be perceived as outside of us. This includes our immediate home environment and the beings who share it with us.

This is increasingly apparent to us living at the Heart of AN in Peru. All of our land has become an extension of our physical and etheric bodies. Our beings have even expanded to include the nearby sacred mountains or Apus.

At the same time, everything which is still stuck in the heavy resonance of duality feels increasingly distant and unreal. It’s like an old pain which has now become numb. We know it’s still there, but it’s far away, becoming a dim memory of something we once experienced.

Once we merge with the New Reality and it becomes a part of our expanded being, it is increasingly easier to experience this expanded state wherever we go. This enables us to see with greater clarity the parts of ourselves that need to be either released or brought into the New Reality. It makes our lives much brighter and full of joy.

Flip Flop

February was similar to turning on new water faucets for the first time so new energy could start to flow. But since we still had a lot of old energy to clean out, the fresh water was spluttering through dirty, clogged pipes. At first, the water was a brownish color with occasional clumps of dirt in it. These pieces of dirt represent the ancient heaviness which is now leaving us.

The new energy didn’t come out in a steady flow since there was a lot of air in the pipes. But by the end of the month, the water was much cleaner than before. In March, the water started gushing out of the pipes, overflowing everything, until it became overwhelming.

Now it feels like there is too much to do with too little time to do it in. It is both super exciting and super exhausting. It feels like everything wants to be completed RIGHT NOW and everything wants to be birthed RIGHT NOW!

With so much happening, it is greatly loosening the pinions of duality. This is creating a noticeable wobble effect that causes many situations to constantly flip over again and again. While this is happening, it’s impossible to grab onto the final outcome because it might change yet again. We go, “Oh, this is what is happening!” “Nope, it’s something different!” Back and forth, until we are totally confused. Usually the final outcome is something that is unknowable until all the flip flopping is finished. This is because everything is being loosened so that an unforeseeable, completely new resolution can appear.

We see this in Peru with the upcoming presidential election. Currently two of the candidates have just been disqualified; one of them, who might have the best chance of winning, for the second time. They are both appealing these decisions and the situation may well flip over again before the election in April. This is giving the outcome of the president al election an air of great uncertainty.

And then, there’s the president al campaign in the US which is both comical and tragic at the same time. In this situation, much more is at stake. It’s interesting to watch the runaway Republican party trying to regain control of its candidates, while the Democratic party has become split between those who want change and those who want to keep things the way they are. But what’s really happening is much more than that. With the candidacy of Bernie Sanders, there’s a massive grass roots call for a complete overhaul of the way things are usually done. It’s a strong call to totally dismantle the old system and flip everything over into greater Trueness!

We are even experiencing this continual flip flopping of situations in our personal life in Peru. A few mornings ago we were unexpectedly called to our front gate to encounter a group of over twenty neighbors and electrical workers. The leader of the small community near us strongly demanded to put tall electrical poles along the wall of our property. We stood firm and with much love and embodying our natural authority as True Ones, told them that the poles couldn’t be on our side of the street and had to be moved to the opposite side.

At the beginning, the workers had started digging holes for the poles on the far side of our road. Then, they were told to stop by the village leader and started digging them on our side. All the while, we had to stand firm in our knowingness that “This was not an acceptable reality.” A few hours later, after much flip flopping, they abandoned the holes on our side of the road and finished digging new holes on the opposite side.

Whenever situations are flip flopping, we need to hold firm to what we know is right. Despite how the situation may appear at any given moment, there is a strong possibility that it may flip over again and again. We have to stay clear and stand in our Trueness until the right resolution is reached.

Navigating Through the Chaos of Change


All Great Changes are preceded by Chaos.

Right now, the collapsing world of duality is creating intense chaos in the outer world. Lots of old distorted energy is being stirred up and much of it is extremely dirty, noisy and more than a bit mad. This chaos is sowing the seeds of fear, anger and hysteria. It’s full of sinister science fiction scenarios and way too unreal. The chaos is caused by all the old energies which are being stirred up and knocked loose by the New Reality. Now these illusory energies must leave the planet.

Chaos always precedes birth. Since this is such a massive birth, there is massive chaos. Most of the time, this circus of chaos is transparent and ridiculous, as we silently observe everything from an energetic position of Trueness. Occasionally, we become affected by waves of distortion which sweep through us for a moment, making the drama feel real, until we remember to quickly recalibrate and anchor in what is Real and True.

The cogs which long held the Wheel of Time into position have now broken off and the Wheel of Time is spinning wildly out of control. Because of this, an hour no longer feels like a real hour; it feels like ten minutes of old time.

In the midst of this, there is a profusion of too many things to do that are calling for our attention. This presents us with a real dilemma because there is so much to do and so little “time” to do it in. To compensate for this, time is being stuffed with things that need to be done simultaneously, rather than in the linear manner that we are used to. This concentration of compacted multiple tasks stuffed into a small segment of time is a constant challenge. Until we get used to doing things in such a manner, we will often feel overstretched, overwhelmed and exhausted.

Chaos brings numerous distractions that try to pull us off our True Path. It makes us feel like we are walking through swirling dust storms full of misinformation presented to us as facts which have no basis in reality. We are being constantly assaulted by too much input. It’s really hard to remember what we did yesterday and last week has already disappeared into the abyss of forgetfulness. Yet somehow, we have to remain so firmly anchored in the New Reality that this doesn’t pull us down. When the visibility is cloudy, we need to navigate using the radar of our Heart’s Knowingness. We have to live in the expanded HERE and NOW which is beyond the restrictions of time.

Navigating through the chaos is like crossing a swiftly flowing river on a narrow path of river rocks. Some are sharp and some are slippery. We have to constantly remain ultra alert so that we don’t fall in and get swept away by the raging current of the outgoing tide.

The lid of the new Pandor a’s Box has burst open and cannot be closed again. All that has long been kept hidden from us is now being revealed. All the hidden agendas, subtle manipulations and expired behaviors are emerging from the hidden closets and dark corners to be clearly seen. This is happening within us, within the collective and within the outer world. Everything that is false has to come up to the surface to be fully seen so a massive purification and realignment can take place.

We have reached the gates of NO DOWN – NO RETURN and it’s no longer an option to remain in the world of duality. It’s no longer the comfy, secure place that we used to think it was. We have to release our outdated patterns, habits and beliefs right now. As the door of duality closes, a much larger, new door opens. Fresh, true energies from the New Reality, which long resided in the realms of the Invisible for few to see, are now becoming fully visible. It’s time to make the shift from the unreal to the REAL as quickly as possible. It’s NOW OR NEVER!

The most effective way to do this is to strengthen the resonance of the New Reality by inhabiting it, which is what some of us are already doing. The New Reality needs to be extremely solid to deal with all the shifts and upheavals taking place on this planet. It’s of paramount importance to keep one’s feet solidly grounded in the New Reality and become actively involved in doing things that strengthen its resonance.

Turn off your TV. Stop paying attention to the distorted news media which constantly gives us false information. Don’t get drawn into fears. Make the shift from “New Age” to New Reality. Living our lives in the old energy is what makes us so tired. It keeps us powerless, insecure and weak. And we simply cannot allow ourselves to do this anymore.

Stay simple. Focus on what is REAL. Continually reconfigure your energetic fields inside and outside so they resonate with the New Reality. Don’t wait for “others” to change the world. Take responsibility and make your radiant, empowered, True Presence felt! You are greatly needed! Learn how to jump between worlds; it’s a useful survival skill. Speak up for what you know to be true. Walk your talk and live your Trueness.

The chaos isn’t going to go away; it’s only going to get stronger. This is why we need to master chaos and not be affected by it. Let’s shatter the illusion of duality and birth the New Reality while it is still possible!



March is a dynamic, action-packed month from the very beginning until the very end. The Green Lights are fully on! The Fire Monkey is already scampering around in the treetops with his pockets full of wild antics, exciting creative projects and unexpected breakthroughs. Everything he / she does this year is for the purpose of breaking us free of old patterns and aligning us with our True Path.

With great glee, the Fire Monkey juggles new opportunities and wondrous possibilities often wrapped up under the guise of Perfect Storms and unexpected challenges. With wild abandon, the Fire Monkey throws us repeated challenges of impossible situations that force us to come up with totally original, “out of the box”, creative solutions. The Fire Monkey watches us carefully with wizened eyes like burning coals to see how we will respond. Then for amusement and to test our mastery, the Fire Monkey causes everything to flip over and over and over again….

At first, these challenging situations might throw us off balance, but with experience we are learning how to stay centered in our Trueness no matter what happens. We are learning how to surf the multitude of energies coming at us with greater sureness. At times, we might be knocked down, but we are developing the ability to bounce back so we can quickly pick ourselves up again without suffering major damage. And we are more firmly anchored in the New Reality than ever before.

2016 is a major Year of Completion in which we are marching deeper into the New Reality while at the same time bringing many elements into resolution. We are planting the seeds of our True Lives into the fertile ground of the New Reality. We are weaving the past into the HERE and NOW until it ceases to exist. One of the ways we do this is to see it with an expanded perspective and fresh eyes. We are finding the right places for things that have long been in temporary positions. We are completing old projects while developing new skills for birthing new ones. We are using up things that we already have. All of the completion this year is actually forward movement. It has to be done so we are free to fully inhabit the New Reality.

There’s a poignancy at seeing this old world pass, feeling emotional connections to the stories and players we have grown to love or disdain. It is all part of the shedding of the old, dead skin we have long worn. We have to slough off all the illusion, all the parasitical attachments in order to grow and expand into the realm of Truest Love where nothing will hinder or bind our unlimited expansion.

Part of the weaving of the past into the HERE and NOW is occurring through unexpected reconnections with friends and family whom we haven’t been in contact with for years. It’s usually surprising when they suddenly contact us. Often this happens because they are starting to see more and have a lot of questions. They inherently know that we are the ones to ask. It’s now time to bring our relationship to a totally new level. This is greatly welcomed since we are in the curtain call of the old play and it’s time to get ready for a totally new life.

March is a fast-paced, extremely full month in which we will surf a strong creative surge. We will work on completing old creative projects while beginning exciting new ones. We will also utilize our creativity to make important, life changing decisions to align more strongly with our True Path.

All month long, there’s the feeling of massive energies loosening and leaving the planet, while massive energies are coming in. Often, the intensity levels will be off the charts! But this is how to be in order for such huge transformation to take place. Much is shifting and changing on a scale that was previously unimaginable. This is why we really need to stay constantly grounded in the New Reality.

Ever since we began the year of the Fire Monkey on February 8th, there has been an increased emphasis on becoming more honest and authentic. 2016 is not the year for “monkeying around”. It’s time to get serious and it’s time to become REAL. This is why we need to start seriously culling all untrue activities, behaviors, jobs and people from our lives. This is the year to strip ourselves and our lives down to pure truth and pure true love. The more that we do this, the better we will feel.

The Green Lights aren’t shining brightly so we can continue living our old lives in the same old way as before. They are here to illuminate our path into the New Reality. And during these Final Days of Duality when the very survival of our planet is on the line, that is our only destination.

Throughout the month, it’s important to hold onto the knowingness that ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE. This may not always be true, but it definitely is right now. When the timing is right and when the people are aligned, anything can happen. Just look at how easily the Berlin Wall was opened.

March is the month to make decisive action to dramatically change our lives. We’re not doing this just to make ourselves feel better. It’s to unhook ourselves from duality and strengthen the resonance of the New Reality. The world needs change right now. And it’s a fact that duality cannot exist in the resonance of the New Reality. We don’t have to “fight” duality. All we need do is to live our lives in the New Reality of AN and everything will naturally shift.

Like the first green shoots of plants peeping through the snow at the end of winter, the seedlings of change are bursting out onto the surface all over the world, even in the most unexpected places. We are the guardians of these seedlings. We are the agents of this monumental change; the only ones who can do it. But first, we must make the needed changes within ourselves.

Everything is ON THE LINE.

And we can do it now!

. . . . . . . . . . .

I apologize that this Surf Report is a few days late. I always keep the first week of the month free so I have plenty of time to write. Yet this month, in the midst of so much chaos, there were three days of urgent tasks which I couldn’t avoid. Just a sign of the time we are in. We do the best we can in every moment and eventually get everything completed.


With True AN-Love

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