March was an intensely challenging month in which we continued developing our mastery of navigating through the chaos of change. The collapsing of linear time became increasingly apparent. Everything accelerated to an alarming degree until it felt like the wheels, cogs and gears that hold everything together were spinning wildly out of control. This was deeply unsettling.

There were way too many things to do that called for our attention on myriad levels and even though we were often filled with a profound tiredness, we moved from one activity to another doing as much as we could, until we could do no more. Then everything came to a complete stop and we collapsed into the deepest stillness, feeling like one who was dying of thirst who had just discovered an oasis of calm in the midst of a noisy, chaotic world. Here in the oasis of silence, we disassembled our beings until only purest essence remained. This was beyond comforting and replenished us on the deepest levels with pure source.

All month long, we made numerous internal adjustments in order to align ourselves with the energies of the New Reality. This entailed letting go of even more old layers. At the same time, we were infused with creative inspiration which greatly helped us to complete old creative projects and began exciting new ones.

Sometimes we were so extremely stretched that our physical bodies simply couldn’t take it anymore. For many of us, these internal adjustments have taken the form of physical challenges that have not been quickly healed. Some people, including myself, experienced problems with our necks and spines. Nerves were pinched and vertebrae went out of alignment which was extremely painful. Sometimes, this lasted for weeks.

At times, it felt like we were walking a tightrope between two realities. We were trying to hold our head up high on the level of the New Reality so we could breathe in the New Freshness, far above the dirty dust clouds of swirling chaos. Much of the time, this was successful. Yet there were times when we couldn’t see our way clearly, started choking on the dust, lost our balance and nearly fell off of the tightrope. This required us to be ultra alert at all times.

Adjusting to the New Reality

From the very beginning of the year, the New Reality was noticeably more visible. It felt more alive and real than ever before. The shining jewel of the New Reality was exquisite beyond words!

At first, we wanted to run up to it and thoroughly merge with this shining jewel. That’s when we realized we couldn’t. It felt like it was glowing hot or there was an invisible shield around it. Whatever it was, there’s a gap between us that needs to be bridged.

Because of this, we have been undergoing a process of internal adjustments so we can more fully align ourselves with the New Reality. It is right in front of us, already visible on the physical, shimmeringly beautiful and ultra real, but we can’t yet fully immerse ourselves in it.

This process of aligning with the New Reality through a series of internal and external adjustments began at the beginning of the year. It has been happening in increments and is affecting us far more deeply than we realize.

Now in April, we can already look back and see how many old habits, beliefs, patterns and behaviors have dropped away this year. Many of these didn’t even require conscious actions to let them go; they simply disappeared because they no longer resonated with who we are now.

April is the final month of this four month adjustment process. We don’t yet know what form these necessary adjustments will take this month. (Last month was a big surprise when we had so much pain in our physical bodies.) But this process is definitely worthwhile.

For some, the New Reality is currently being perceived as a parallel reality – a place where our Wildest Dreams can manifest which is separate from the reality they inhabit every day. They spend time in this parallel reality merging with its energies, then return to the physical HERE and NOW.

Others of us have already made the New Reality our predominant reality. Even though we are not yet able to fully inhabit it, our total focus is on anchoring the New Reality into the physical. We are setting the templates of the New Reality each and every day with everything we do. We are so aligned with the New Reality that it is able to communicate with us what needs to be done in order to more fully anchor it into the physical world. We don’t have to think about what to do or force ourselves to make decisions; there’s just a feeling of rightness that comes from our hearts which calls us into True Action.

Battle Weary & Inspired!


For quite awhile now, we’ve been trying to balance ourselves between two, totally different reality systems. We are getting used to surfing through multiple realities, through swirling chaos, through shocking events, through natural disasters, through terrible things happening in the outer world, through wild political elections, through tremendous, unrelenting intensity.

We’ve been doing this while feeling deeply exhausted which has been a continual challenge. At times, our physical bodies can’t handle any more intensity and simply break down and get sick. We’ve been shedding layers upon layers of emotional residue while releasing our entire planetary history. We’ve been doing our utmost to unhook ourselves from duality. We’ve been doing as much as we can to complete the old and birth the New.

When there is a lot going on in the world, it creates huge waves. Way too many waves and lots of Choppy Surf. These waves affect us strongly. They create internal waves in the fluids within our being. It’s when these undulating internal waves become too wild that we lose our sense of stillness and balance.

This is when it feels like everything goes out of control. This is a deeply disturbing sensation. There’s a constant overload of input that continually wears us down. There are too many things to do and not enough time to do them in. We can feel time collapsing all around us, pulling down the grids of Time and Space that are interwoven with it. The wheels are spinning wildly until they are catapulted off their tracks. And everything is going way too fast.

When this happens, it knocks us off of our sense of equilibrium. Often it’s not easy to slow everything down enough to regain our balance. It just makes us feel deeply tired. Sometimes, it’s so severe that it feels like every step we take is like walking through quicksand that tries to suck us into its depths.

Other times when the wheels are spinning wildly out of control and our internal waves are turning into tsunamis, we have to completely remove ourselves from all that we were doing. We lie down and cease all input, sinking deeply into profound stillness. We disassemble our beings and return to a state of pure beingness where we no longer have a physical form. This immersion into nothingness / allness, replenishes our beings sufficiently so we can return to our physical life in the HERE and NOW somewhat renewed.

Being alive during the Final Days of old reality systems are not easy. We know this. We’ve known this since before we came to the planet for the very first time. But we also know that this is why we are here right now. We chose to be here so we could be of service during this momentous changeover of worlds. We have had lifetimes of training preparing us for this specific time.

We’d love to be able to say that this tumultuous time is nearly over, but it’s not. We’re in the final miles of the Final Days of duality which will last for at least a few more years.

If this were the only thing that was happening, it would be a grim scenario full of hardship. We might be filled with a sense of hopelessness and feel that all our efforts were having no effect. Fortunately, this is not the reality of what is happening right now. Our efforts were not in vain. They have made it possible for a wondrous New Paradigm of Oneness to be born. We are so courageous to be part of this!

Final Days are great housecleanings. They scour all the neglected dark corners and thoroughly clean them out. This creates lots of debris and swirling chaos. Even though we are deeply affected by everything that is going on, we can’t just focus on the terrible things that are being brought up to the surface right now. We can see and feel all that is dying away, but that is only part of the whole picture.

The end of an old world always clears the path for the birth of a new one. The birth of this wondrous New Reality, this Ultra Greater Reality is really why we are here. It is the fruit of all our lifetimes of efforts. And without question, the New Reality is becoming stronger and more visible every day.

While we are birthing the New Reality, it may often feel like we are navigating through an asteroid belt, dodging the dangerous fragments that could totally knock us off course. And yet, this won’t happen because it cannot happen once we set our inner coordinates to greater Trueness. This puts us onto a new track, an entirely new frequency band of Trueness where the asteroids cannot destroy us.

The more we immerse ourselves into Trueness, the stronger and more real we become. This frequency band actually pulls us out of the turmoil of duality and takes us to the place where we can manifest the New Reality onto the physical Earth.

Then, despite our feelings of being battered and weary, we are filled with the New Freshness, full of inspiration, enthusiasm and a sense of wonder. None of the journey has been easy, but it is taking us to our True Homes in the Ultra Greater Reality anchored on the physical Earth. And this journey is the truest, most real, journey we can ever make.


April is a strong transitional month in which we will both implement and ground the creative inspirations that started arriving in March. April is full of exciting new options and unexpected opportunities. In many ways, it will be a super fun month full of manifestation, although the energies will continue to be intense and often stretch us beyond our comfort zones.

This is the perfect month to be creative. Creativity helps us stay focused in the present moment, as we deal with the multitude of things we have to do, while surfing through any intensity or challenges that April may bring. Creativity is the simplest and most effective form at this time to keep us out of fear and aligned to Trueness. Creativity is the clean expression of our internal alignment with the New Reality and anchors it more strongly in our lives.

At times, it may appear that certain avenues of action are closed to us, at least temporarily. This is the perfect time to stop and look within our Heart’s Knowingness, while asking ourselves, “Is this what I really want?” or “Is this something that I think that I ‘should’ want?” or “Is it something that others expect me to do?” If our actions and decisions are not aligned with our own Trueness, we can now make a needed course correction which will lead us into our Truest Direction.

The same is true of things that we had expected or hoped to happen which simply don’t grow. It’s better to drop them as soon as we realize this, so that something more real and true can take its place. This helps us flow with absolute confidence because we no longer need to worry about trying to make things happen. All we have to do is to stay true and everything that is right for us will come to us. This is deeply freeing.

Transition times mean that we are in between two templates. We are no longer in the old one and not yet in the new one and are standing at the crossroads. During transition times we often don’t know what to eat – we are tired of our old food and don’t know what our new food is. We can’t find the right clothes to wear since everything feels old and tired and our usual activities no longer are fulfilling.

While we are surfing massive Waves of Change in April, it’s helpful to remember that we are being totally supported to make all necessary changes to our lives. We are fully supported to change ourselves so we may become authentic True Beings. We are being supported to manifest what we truly need with ease. The universal energies are also supporting us to unhook ourselves from duality by letting go of the past by releasing old behaviors and limited beliefs. We are being further supported by the presence of a massive creative surge so we can birth the New Reality into the HERE and NOW. This all encompassing support has been there for us for the past few years and becomes ever stronger with each step we take into our True Direction.

The tension comes when we try to hold onto the old ways of being for the sake of a false sense of security or because we are afraid of letting go of the Known. When we try to avoid change is when things get forcibly knocked out of our hands, and that’s usually not a pleasant experience. When we start reacting from fear and close our hearts, this empowering sense of support disappears.

As we release more of our old stories, more space is made available for our True Story to enter. But if we are searching for our True Story in the old world of duality, we won’t find it there. This is because our True Stories take place in the New Reality. This is what makes them a True Story, rather than a work of fiction that is full of karma and drama.

More things that have long been hidden are being revealed. The most recent example of this is the Panama Papers revealing the hidden offshore bank accounts of those who are seemingly laundering money and avoiding taxes.

As our evolutionary spiral turns, it is gathering together true people from all over the world, and gently rolling us together like cotton candy on a stick. We are seeing remnants of the Sixties hippies being united with the new generation of young people. This is especially apparent in the courageous presidential campaign of Bernie Sanders in the US where record numbers of young people who were previously apathetic to politics are now registering to vote. For the Sixties people, it is our final chance to implement the changes we envisioned back then, only this time it is on a much vaster scale, during an infinitely more critical time.

We all share the same True Purpose – to anchor the New Reality onto the physical planet. Many people are now waking up all over the world to what is real. This is because it’s time to translate this into true action. We do this first in our own lives by living authentic lives as True Ones. Then we need to implement the needed changes into the outer world by creating Insertion Points of Trueness. This is what will help flip over duality.

The New Reality is not only our True Purpose; it is the key to the beneficent transformation of this planet into the New Paradigm. The New Reality of AN is a frequency band of true energy coming from Beyond the Beyond, which serves as a lifeline for us during these troubled times. If we can firmly grab onto this lifeline, it will gently and powerfully pull us onto the shores of a wondrous New Reality which is already HERE and NOW. Anchoring the New Reality onto the physical planet is the most important thing we can do.

We enter April with deep weariness; we are so tired of the cacophony and distortion of the collapsing old world. Yet at the same time, we are filled with a sense of joyous awe at the exquisite New Reality that is becoming stronger and more tangible every day. It is this inspiration that carries us forward into the brilliant New Landscape that awaits!

In May, many of us will find ourselves deeply aligned with the New Reality. This will bring us a profound, and deeply comforting, sense of returning home to our True Selves.


With True AN-Love

With Loving Gratitude to these brilliant contributors:
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