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April 2016 Overview

April was a strong transitional month in which we implemented and grounded the creative inspirations that started arriving in March. April was full of exciting new options, unexpected opportunities and tremendous shifts. Even though the energies were often intense, we surfed through the month with focus and commitment.

April was the culmination of our four month process of making a series of internal and external adjustments to the New Reality which began at the beginning of the year. In April, these adjustments took the form of major Resets. We reset many aspects of our lives, including our daily habits such as the food we eat, the clothes we wear and the activities that we choose to do.

At first, it may feel awkward to let go of so many of our old ways, without yet knowing the new ways that will take their place. But it’s also deeply liberating. Each Reset we made enabled us to step deeper into the New Reality and this brought us immeasurable joy.

April is always the month of ‘A Mu’a or Moving Forward. Action and more action! With several planets turning retrograde near the end of the month, we felt compelled to go through everything. Cleaning, recalibrating, sorting, repositioning and resetting everything around us. Things are getting done which we’ve wanted to do for years and this feels deeply satisfying.

What’s great is that we actually have the energy to do this. These types of activities wouldn’t have been possible a few months ago. We would have felt overwhelmed by the scope of what we were doing, but now we’re not. Our beings are finally letting go of years of struggle, of years of living in temporary conditions, and starting to accept that we are ready to live in a completely New World.

April’s powerful ‘A Mu’a energy was super charged and took us much farther than we had expected. By the end of the month, we were amazed at how much we had accomplished, both internally and externally. We felt cleaned out and new, ready for the magnificent, breakthrough month of May.

Wheels within Wheels


In the second half of April we were carried along on many different streams of energy. Some were flowing faster than us and some were slower. It was hard to do things that weren’t flowing at the same speed as us. When we aligned with a stream of energy that was moving at the same speed as we were, that’s when the wheels which had been spinning wildly out of control found new cogs to connect to. Even though everything was still moving super fast, there was a new sense of stabilization which was greatly welcomed. Suddenly we could move forward at an accelerated pace while maintaining our balance.

When the wheels and gears connect with the new cogs and pinions, it doesn’t slow down their movement, but it gives them a new rhythm. I can even hear this new rhythm, getting louder and louder, “A RUHM, A RUHM!” By the end of April, as more elements aligned with the new rhythm, we gained an increasing momentum.

May is when the wheels within wheels transform into a giant motor which propels us deeper into the New Ultra Greater Reality. This newly created motor doesn’t just give us normal propulsion; it is an unique configuration which is exactly what is necessary to take us into the core essence of the New Reality. When this happens, we are given a bigger, clearer and much more detailed picture of our place in the New Reality.

Since there are so many planets going retrograde in May, this gives us the perfect conditions to move to a totally new level. These retrogrades create a unified Backwards / Forwards motion which takes us neither Backward or Forward.

A RUHM Forward – A RUHM Backward – Forward – Backward – Forward – Backward until there is no more Forward or Backward and they blur together and create a completely new movement. We can’t go back into our past and we can’t continue with “life as usual”. Instead, it puts us on a totally new trajectory which takes us to an entirely new place. It’s like a car stuck in snow that tries to gain traction by going first backwards, then forwards. This constant reversing of movement creates an unusual Off the Map Traction that moves us into an entirely new place.

Since there are Wheels within Wheels rather than just wheels, some will be going “Backwards” while others will be going “Forwards”, all at the same time.

True Connections


During May, when the Wheels within Wheels move into their new rhythm, this sets into motion the bringing together of elements which belong together. New True Connections will be made and existing True Connections will be strengthened. As the resonance of True Connections magnifies and expands, more True Connections on innumerable levels will be magnetized to come in.

These True Connections include partnerships of all kinds, from love partnerships to people whom we’re meant to work with. This month also brings us a strong True Connection with Right Time – Right Place, our True People, True Position, True Home and True Purpose.

The weaving of our Love and sense of Oneness will become stronger, not only with those already close to us, but also with our global family. From now on, there will be an increased recognition of the True Connection between us. As this happens, the sleeping giant of our One Being will shake off its slumber and come alive.

For several months we’ve had the intuitive knowingness that the momentum was building up for a monumental shift. This shift will happen in May. There will be many breakthroughs in the area of True Connections. The most important facet of this is our reconnection with our True, Authentic Selves. The Q’eros people of Peru say that we are in the Time of Pachacuti when we Return to Ourselves – to our True Authentic Selves. As this happens, it will enable us to more fully align with the New Reality.

June will bring us more True Connections, some of them with people from our distant past whom we will interact with on a totally new level. This powerful activation of True Connections will be happening all year. This is what enables us to get into our True Positions. The time between May and October will be especially important for this.



This painting of mine perfectly describes the energies of May. It takes place after we have done an intensive and extremely thorough cleansing and realignment of our beings. This process has taken us years to achieve. We have let go of many old patterns, duality-based responses and emotional residue. We have released our Years of Tears. We have remembered Who We Are and emerged as True Ones.

At the upper left of the painting is the Egg of the Unborn Worlds, full of the very fertile seeds of New True Life from the Ultra Greater Reality. When, I created this painting many years ago, I finished most of it and then had to wait for six months until the seeds of New Life were finally released from the egg. Only then, could I complete the painting.

Suddenly, the Egg of the Unborn Worlds activates and the energy of the New and True rains down upon us, filling all the places that have long been empty. When the seeds of New True Life energetically emerged from the Egg in my painting, I became dizzy, especially when they started entering the concentric circles with the core of my being. The New Ultra Greater Reality was such a different energy than what I had known here on Earth.

This is exactly what is happening in May. We are being infused with the energies of the New Reality as never before. We are grounding these energies into our everyday lives and it is transforming us beyond measure.

May 2016 Overview

In May, we finally fully enter the Year 2016. Many of us will emerge transformed from the transition zone which we’ve been traveling through since the beginning of the year while we made various levels of adjustments so we could more closely merge with the New Reality.

May is the month that we’ve been waiting for. We are going to be taking our first steps into entirely new territory. The energy of the New Reality will show us how to do this. We will place each step with a great sureness of purpose. Every step will be in complete alignment with our Heart’s Knowingness and this will feel so good!

It will be one of those life changing months for many of us in which we can truly say that nothing will ever be the same. Many elements are going to flip over in May. This will enable us to see what is real and what is false with ever greater clarity. Many of us will find ourselves merging with the New Reality like never before. This will bring us a profound and deeply comforting, sense of returning home to our True Selves.

In May we will feel like we have reached the comfort of a beautiful plateau after a very long, steep climb. This will also happen in October. These months are like landmarks which will have a tremendous impact on what we experience this year. Everything will noticeably move to a new position and there will be a significant solidifying of the New Reality, both within ourselves and in the world around us, which enables us to be in it all the time.

Throughout the month, we will realize that the stakes seem higher and the real game is on. The choices we make now are increasingly going to define our reality. The unvarnished Truth is coming out; it’s here, whether or not we think we are ready for it.

We will know that we have no option, but to align ourselves with what is Real and True. And that we must support the Good and the Real with all we are, all we have and all we do. We will wake up from the nightmares of our old dreams and find ourselves in a New World that is sparkling with wonder. This is when we will know, beyond any shadow of doubt, that this is the only place where we can be. It’s the only reality that we can inhabit.

Many of us are feeling the call to live more simple, authentic lives. We feel a deep yearning to learn to live in harmony with the Earth again, with the animal kingdom, plant kingdom and mineral kingdom. It’s time to reawaken the ability to fully communicate with nature. Many of us are feeling the desire to return to a simple life of harmonic living, to use the resources in a respectful way and to find the best way to be of service to all of creation.

May brings us lots of movement, magic, changes, travels, magnificent momentum and meetings with kindred people. New energy is opening up that makes us feel more truly alive than ever before. We feel super excited about all that is unfolding. There are so many of us who are right at the brink of stepping into their True Lives! And we are being fully supported in doing this; our True Lives want to be found.

May is exciting, creative, filled with immense love, fun, inspiration and the deeply fulfilling sense of returning to our True Authentic Selves. By the end of May, we will be amazed by how deeply we have transformed.

It feels as if there is a new mandala encoded in the Ultra Greater Reality which is not yet entirely visible, but which is ready to be inserted in May. When this happens, we will also be encoded with the new mandala. We will carry it within us wherever we go. This will help us move us into our True Positions. When this happens, everything that we have waited will start pouring in on us. We are so grateful that this time has come!


With True Love of AN

With Loving Gratitude to these brilliant contributors:
Deanne, Denise, Donna, Emanaku, Ganesha, Inger, Keenuane, Luna


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