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May 2016 Overview

May was a power packed, extremely intense month full of quantum breakthroughs which presented us with unprecedented opportunities to reroute our lives onto a much truer course. We experienced a deep immersion into the New Reality that we’d never felt before. May was a truly life changing month for many.

Numerous illusions were instantly dissolved as our perceptions flipped over and turned right-side out, enabling us to see what is real and what is not real with stunning clarity. The New Reality infused our beings and gave us a deeply comforting sense of returning home to our True Selves.

The changes of May were so profound that they shifted many of us into our True Direction and propelled us into our True Lives. The New Mandala that started being inserted in May is enabling many of us to directly experience the New Reality. This is especially true for those who haven’t felt it before.

In May, we crossed a significant energetic threshold, opening to our Truest Pure Being. We feel deeply connected to those who are sharing this experience of the New Reality, yet we also feel more compassionate towards the ones who are still enmeshed in their old lives, for we well know how difficult it is to live in the old paradigm of duality.

The energies in May were so powerful and intense that often we felt completely flattened by them. Other times, we developed strange physical pains that mirrored the deep transformation we were going through. These manifested as problems with digestion when our old fears arose, pains in our knees when we experienced fear of going forward or accidents in which we were thoroughly stopped from any activities and could only lie down and melt into the purest core essence of the New Reality. During these times we often felt disembodied and formless.

There were numerous breakthroughs in the area of True Connections. The most important facet of this was our reconnection with our True, Authentic Selves. When this happened, it felt like a joyous homecoming that gave us a profound sense of relief and comfort. This enabled us to more fully align with the New Reality.

Our experiences in May had a tremendous impact on what we will experience this year. The same is true of October. These months noticeably move everything to a new and much truer position. Now in June, it’s time to integrate and solidify these profound changes into our lives.

Our Journey So Far

OurJourneySoFar-1StarPro25 copy

All the work I have done during this lifetime has basically been serving one divine mission ~ to anchor and inhabit the New Reality while in our physical bodies on the physical Earth. The eleven Star-Borne Reunions (1989 – 1995), the 11:11 Gate Activations (1992 – 2012) and the anchoring of the New Reality of AN at the Heart of AN in Peru (2013 – the present) are simply different levels of the same energy.

During the eleven Star-Borne Reunions, we embraced our vastness and remembered that we are Angels and Starry Beings. And yet while we were working with such light, we also had to deal with a lot of darkness. I experienced constant psychic attacks and even death threats during this time. This is because we were clearing the path so we could step out of duality, and like the clearing away of the sharp brambles in a physical path, it was often messy and difficult to do so.

The 11:11 Activations were on a totally new level. We were now Earth – Star Beings, the embodiments of unified spirit and matter. Our focus was on anchoring the Ultra Greater Reality into the physical, something that could only be done by us as One. It was our One Being, rather than us as individuals, who was able to activate the Eleven Gates of the 11:11 Doorway.

Throughout this journey, there were many people who only participated in one or two events or activations. It was as if they knew that they were meant to participate in only a specific part of this great work. They came in with great brilliance, then after their work was done, quickly disappeared. There was also a small, but extremely dedicated, group who made the larger commitment to participate in all the 11:11 Activations.

Although it might be comforting to some, to remain in what is perceived as the softer energy of angelic awareness, it wouldn’t be honest or true for me. I always have to go to the deepest truth that I can access. We have done a lot of work, and had lifetimes of preparation, to be where we are now ~ finally anchoring the New Reality of AN into the physical.

After the 11:11 Activations were complete at the end of 2012, many people thought that our journey was over. Some, especially First Waves who had long served with their full commitment, went through a prolonged phase of feeling Null Zoned as their lives suddenly felt empty and without purpose.

I knew that the 11:11 Activations had given birth to the New Reality of AN, for the seeds of AN have been imbedded into the 11:11 since the very beginning. At the opening of the First Gate of the 11:11 Doorway at the Great Pyramids in Egypt on January 11 -12, 1992, we played Matisha’s song, “The Family of AN” once every hour throughout our 38 hour ceremony to insert the energies of AN into this most important first activation. This is because we are the Family of AN!

After the final 11:11 Activation in November 2012, it took us nearly three years before we were ready to physically manifest the AN energies in the form of public events at the Heart of AN Center in the Sacred Valley of the Inkas, Peru.

Now everyone, especially the First Wave, are being presented with wondrous, new possibilities to birth a totally New World. The First Wave are being given a second wind to fill their sails, if they wish. A sense of disconnection that needed to be healed is now being healed. Our journey is not over; the real quintessence of our journey has only begun. Our New Stories can finally be written and we can actually enjoy the harvest of our dedicated efforts by living in the New Reality as True Ones.

AN is the flowering of our lifetimes of labor. Living in the New Reality with our True People in our True Homes is our next step. It’s what is directly before us. And now the Family of AN emerges!

Spread Out


As we enter June, we are spread out on a spectrum of very different types of experiences. We may be experiencing one or more of these types of experiences, all at the same time. Our May infusions of the New Reality have irrevocably altered us. Now we are all experiencing exactly what is most needed. In our own unique ways, we are all under construction while cleaning out the conduits of our old lives so the fresh new water of the New Reality can flow through them without hindrance.

Some of us are already in the midst of a tremendous creative surge that is bringing us myriad creative inspirations on multiple levels. This creative surge is so massive and powerful that it is activating the immense well of creativity that has long lay dormant within us. Our creativity now HAS to be expressed! And it needs to be expressed on a much larger scale than we previously imagined.

Others of us are in an advanced state of letting go. Old layers that we never expected to release are now dropping away effortlessly. These aren’t necessarily the things that we thought had to be released. Some of them are touchstones of our journey that served us well for many years. At first, this may be shocking, but the rightness of it becomes quickly apparent.

Others are in a deep state of formlessness and No-Mind. Even though we may try to get things done, all we really want to do is to lie down and melt into the deepest silence of the heart of the New Reality. It feels like we are not only under construction, but covered with scaffolding. While this is happening, we are being Reset on the deepest levels.

There are also those of us who don’t yet know how to remove themselves from their old lives. You are trying to do what you usually do, in your usual ways and it’s just not working anymore. You may feel frustrated because you’re not finding what you most yearn for in your Heart of Hearts. You’re not feeling fulfilled and you haven’t yet discovered how to move yourself to a completely new level. If this is happening to you, please don’t worry; the resonance of the New Reality is going to become immeasurably stronger from June through October. This will free you from many aspects of your old lives and set you onto the course of your True Direction.

After this phase of being spread out is complete, we will all converge again. Those who have been releasing the past will leap into their True Lives with enthusiasm, unhindered by any fears of change. Those who have been dissolving their beings will bring back with them a heightened awareness of the New Reality that can be shared with all. Those who are surfing the massive creative surge will birth much beauty which will inspire us all.

When we converge again, all of us will bring numerous hidden treasures that will greatly strengthen the resonance of the New Reality. This is what will enable increasing numbers of people all over the world to gratefully remove themselves from duality and leap into their True Lives with revitalized energy and delight.

June 2016 Overview


After the profound changes of May, we enter June feeling deeply transformed. Now it’s time to take a good clear look at who we are, where we are and where we want to go. With fresh eyes, we can suddenly see the far sweeping changes we want to implement in our lives so we can align ourselves more deeply with the New Reality.

May felt like it was the real beginning of the year. It was when our internal compass suddenly changed direction. Now, we have to reposition our beings into our True Direction. We are in the midst of relocating and shifting until everything feels right. June is going to be a very interesting month as it will help clarify where we are going from here. It will reveal new paths, new information, new people as we continue to expand our beings into the New Reality. June is a month where anything and everything can happen. In October, we will take another leap into the Unknown and make another Reset.

June is a month of decisions, course corrections and action. Many of us will choose to take decisive steps into our True Direction. Our hesitancy and doubts have now disappeared and we are riding a huge wave of Trueness. With each step we take into this shimmering New Landscape, we feel lighter, freer and happier!

In June, we will incorporate May’s infusions of the New Reality into our daily lives. There will be a significant solidifying of the New Reality, both within ourselves and in our outer environment. We will be called to make numerous changes in our lives so we can more deeply inhabit the New Reality. Many elements will be recalibrated, reconfigured and rerouted. We will be releasing more aspects of our old lives and moving the remaining elements onto a new level. As we do this, we shall see that there is a shining path of Green Lights directly in front of us!

June will bring us more True Connections, some of them with people from our distant past. This is because the past is folding into the present as never before. People from our past are reentering our lives so we can either complete things with them or have a new beginning with them on a totally new level. It’s important that when we reencounter each other, that we connect with them as Who We Are Now. This gives us a chance to create the kind of relationship that we have always wanted with them, without any overlays from the past. It enables us to interact with them on a totally new level.

Time has now become so elastic that our old understanding of Time is practically obsolete. Time is so speeded up that it’s practically non existing. Everything feels accelerated and even when there are visible pauses, we are always moving forward on the Fast Track. This elasticity of Time is giving us the freedom to recreate our relationship with it. We are no longer locked into a rigid timetable of when we are supposed to do things and can now move into the greater flow of timelessness. When we come from Trueness, we enter the realm of Perfect Timing. We might leave late for some appointments and then discover that everyone we are trying to meet is also late. If we had rushed to arrive on time, we would only have to wait. This creates a new Perfect Timing.

For many years, we have been healing the broken hearts of our numerous lifetimes. This journey of personal healing was disguised as a collective work, because only then could access the deepest hurts in ourselves. To do this, we had to remember to love others and to see and understand their wounds with compassion. Finally, after all these years, we feel free and complete — without the responsibility of carrying the world on our shoulders.

This year many of us have entered the cycle of “No More Drama” where there is no more pain to heal. All we have to do is to fully integrate who we are. June is the month when the new energy of creation becomes anchored in our personal matrix. It is time to enjoy, to laugh, to create, to play again and finally find the true unions and encounters after having worked on ourselves for a long time. The door is already opened! The choice is ours whether to stay where everything must be healed and repaired or make the leap to where everything is real and perfect?

Another important thing is to make ever more refined choices on what we want in our lives. It is time for our life to flow in the river of love. We have spent many lifetimes in the Age of Wisdom where there was much to learn. After that, we were in the Era of the Will where everything was doing, action and effort. Now we are entering the Era of Love where love is the key to everything.

In June we begin to move through a wondrous New Landscape that has been infused with new energy. The New Mandala continues to insert its new geometries and very new ways, creating new patterns all intertwined with each other. This brings new movement into our lives.

As we make critical course corrections in June, we are ready to set our internal and external coordinates to our Truest Direction and this feels so good! This brings us to major intersections where anything is possible. The Green Lights are shining brightly in front of us. We are filled with relief and gratitude that we have finally made it this far into Trueness. The New Reality continues to infuse us with the deeply comforting sense of returning to our True Home. We feel inspired and filled with delight!


With True AN-Love

With Loving Gratitude to these brilliant contributors:
Aumanarius, Cristine, Denise, Edward, Emanaku, Ganesha, Inger, Keenuane, Luiz Cesar, Nuna


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  1. Thank you Solara for sharing all these insights with us. Many times, it is what I need to hear, to remind me of the bigger picture – or, even, to allow me to get a glimpse of something I cannot fully see or feel yet.

    I am traveling to Peru (21st of July till 1st of August) to hike to Machu Picchu. I would like to take advantage of this trip to meet you in person and visit the Center. I tried sending emails to your email addresses on your site, but I think you were facing some technical problems so you might not have received them. I would appreciate if you would answer back to me so that, if we could meet, I could plan my air tickets and the rest of my plans for Peru accordingly.

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