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June 2016 Overview

June was a month of clearing, course corrections, reunions, decisions and action. We had magical meetings with people from our past and future. We encountered occasional patches of Choppy Surf and Perfect Storms which presented huge challenges that were quickly resolved.

In June, a great healing of the past took place. We communicated with family and friends whom we hadn’t seen for a very long time. Since we interacted with them as our true, authentic selves, this enabled us to forge more honest, openly loving, relationships with them. All month long, we released more layers of expired energies from our past, which was much easier to do than we had envisioned. And the more we let go, the lighter and freer we felt.

In June, many of us felt like we were Under Construction and covered under a layer of scaffolding, undergoing deep internal recalibration triggered by May’s infusion of the New Reality. With our newly acquired expanded perspective, we were able to look backwards at our entire journey to this point of the HERE and NOW. We said goodbye to beloved people from our past who left the planet. We lovingly released old tools, skills and spiritual practices which helped us get to where we are now. We felt gratitude for our entire journey.

Extensive renovation was going on as we took a good clear look at Who We Are, Where We Are, What We Are Doing, How We Are Doing It and Where We Want To Be. With the fresh eyes of our expanded perspective, we could suddenly see the the clear path into our True Direction. We felt the scope of the far sweeping changes we want to implement in our lives.

Many of us chose to take decisive steps to reposition ourselves into our True Direction. Our hesitancy and doubts disappeared and we began surfing a huge wave of Trueness. We felt great excitement for what is to come.

Staying True


While we are in the midst of shifting reality systems, we are experiencing both the best of times and the worst of times. Upheavals and shocking events in July and August will continue to test our commitment to be True Ones embodying Trueness. Yet these months will also be laced with wondrous opportunities for quantum breakthroughs.

The entire world is in the midst of tremendous change. Everything is accelerating immensely. It seems like every few days, there’s a new bombing, another false flag incident, earth changes, collapsing infrastructure. There’s also the constant unveiling of long ingrained political corruption that has now become so glaringly obvious that few can pretend it doesn’t exist. There’s the devastation of our natural environment in the quest for quick profit for the few. Add to this, the rapacious greed that has devoured the compassion and humanness, the very soul, of the 1%.

What is really amazing about this terrible, almost science fiction, scenario is that it is causing humanity to awaken as never before. Because of the breakdown of duality, we are reaching our breakthrough point when we realize that ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! The floodgates to our Love have been flung wide open and they are spilling all over the world, embracing all beings with deep compassion.

If we don’t know already, very soon we will unquestionably know that there are no more options for us to remain in the world of duality and that we absolutely have to move our beings onto a totally new level. We are finally seeing how essential it is to anchor the New Reality into the physical immediately!

Yet just when we most need to put our full focus on strengthening the resonance of this New Reality called AN, many of us are still getting distracted. Brexit, bombings, and a new episode of our favorite TV show, anyone? Distractions will always appear to try to divert us from our True Direction, but we need to be absolutely firm in our commitment to anchor Trueness in all we do.

It’s vital that we don’t allow ourselves to become influenced by what is being presented as truth in the mass media, since most of the information being presented to us from these sources is immensely distorted and inaccurate. Whenever the news media points their finger at a certain group or religion or race, this is when our internal Red Light Alarm should start flashing. We need to LOOK LARGER and run everything through our own internal truth filters in our Heart’s Knowingness so we can discern what is real. We know how to see BEYOND all outer appearances to what is real and True; now we just have to use our vaster perceptions.

It’s also important that instead of rushing to judgment, we stay open so we can see the silver lining in disturbing outer events. Maybe Brexit won’t be so bad. Maybe Britain will find its true self again. Perhaps, it will give us the opportunity to completely realign the European Union onto a foundation of greater Trueness. Maybe the widespread cheating in the US presidential election, which isn’t even trying to be subtle anymore, will open many people’s eyes to what has been going on for a long time.

Remember that it is not only the worst of times, but it is also the best of times. A Great Awakening taking place all over the world as humanity realizes that on a human level, we all want the same things and even larger than that, we are actually all ONE BEING. The resonance of the New Reality is becoming noticeably stronger and increasing numbers of people are feeling it.

I understand that many of us are feeling extreme discomfort, fear and uncertainty. We’re sensitive people and we feel everything that’s happening on multiple levels and this has been undeniably hard on us. At the same time, we’re trying to cope with making a living to support our family, with dealing with relationships (or the lack of one) and with the tremendous stress of living in a world in the midst of unprecedented change, upheaval and uncertainty. Living in these tumultuous times is a huge challenge of our mastery. Often we feel like we are walking on the razor’s edge or traversing a bed of hot coals. And it sometimes takes everything we have to stay in balance and continue to walk in Love.

Many of us really want to emerge as True Ones, but don’t know how. We don’t know how to unhook ourselves from duality. Our True Lives and Wildest Dreams feel extremely distant and unobtainable. This is understandable. We have all been through a lot ~ way too much for such sensitive, good hearted, beings. And yet, we must find a way to navigate through the chaotic debris of duality until we can completely emerge from it ~ like waking from a lengthy nightmare. We must fully immerse ourselves in the New Reality until it becomes our predominant reality ~ for this is why we are here. Nothing less will truly fulfill us and nothing else will set us free.

But we don’t have to do this alone. Some of us are already living in the New Reality and we will help you in any way we can. Our total focus is on strengthening the resonance of the New Reality for all and already it is being felt by more and more people. The magenta light of AN ~ the sacred union of Sun and Moon ~ is appearing all over the world and merging all polarities into Oneness.

Inside the Expanded HERE and NOW


A few days ago, Emanaku and I were doing readings for ourselves with my “Cards of AN” when we both individually received the card, “HERE and NOW” which rarely appears to us. The obvious explanation for this card is to pull all your scattered energies into the HERE and NOW. Yet when I received the card, something totally unexpected happened.

I suddenly found myself sitting in the center of a large wheel, somewhat like an old wagon wheel or the Tibetan Buddhist Wheel of Dharma. The wheel had spokes radiating outward in all the directions. I sat in the center of this wheel and felt a deep calmness.

Once this happened, I realized that everything had profoundly changed. Somehow, I had entered a previously undiscovered sector of the New Reality. It was a No Down – No Return moment.

I thought how I had been just moments before, and actually had been for my entire lifetime, and it was completely gone! I could barely remember how it felt to be outside the Wheel of the Expanded HERE and NOW. It was so absolutely different than what I now felt.

There was a dim recollection of feeling unmoored like a ship without an anchor floating in the ocean. There was a memory of all the elements of my life, all the things that I was trying to do and all the people in my life, feeling all of the sufferings of humanity and all the turmoil of the collapsing world of duality that were swirling around in the air about me and often overwhelming me. Now all of these disjointed components were all neatly ensconced in various compartments of the wheel. Yes, they were all still present and they still needed my attention, but they were no longer floating around aimlessly. They were no longer barraging me. Everything was way less chaotic than before.

Everything was calm and in balance. I had reached a place that was beyond the confines of Time. The past, present, future, parallel worlds, previous and future lifetimes, levels upon levels, worlds within worlds, were all within the wheel. And I was quietly sitting in the middle of it, in the position of mastery ~ the master of my realm. Once I was sitting in the center of the wheel, this triggered the Wheel of Destiny to make a noticeable turn, which took my breath away….

(The Wheel of Destiny is different than the Wheel of the Expanded HERE and NOW, but the Wheel of Destiny is affected whenever we are sitting in the center of the Wheel of the Expanded HERE and NOW. When we are in our appointed position there, the turning of the Wheel of Destiny quickens for us.)


When we are in the middle of the Wheel of the Expanded HERE and NOW, our entire journey to get into this position starts to fade away. It no longer has any relevance. The lifetimes of yearning and searching are over. We realize that we don’t need to acquire any more knowledge, but just to act upon what we already know. To live our Trueness. Our personal history and the history of this world and all other worlds no longer matter.

The position in the center of the wheel enables us to see the whole, rather than just parts of it. We are given an overview that is so immeasurably vast and well ordered that we don’t need to know any of the details. It also gives us the feeling of being fully aligned with our destiny, rather than just swept along by it. We are no longer passively observing the Wheel of Destiny, but by sitting in the centerpoint of the Wheel of the Expanded HERE and NOW, have become an integral part of it. We are in our appointed position.

Being in the center of the Wheel of the Expanded HERE and NOW is the opposite of being a Silent Watcher. Silent Watchers sit in their vastness on the perimeters of the worlds within worlds. When we are inside the Wheel, we are in the centerpoint of All That Is. It’s like sitting inside a giant Sunbow that is filled with shimmering iridescence. It is a completely new stance that will give us tremendous stability which is much needed in these tumultuous times. And it will enable more elements of our lives to click into their True Positions.

When there are many of us sitting in the middle of our wheels, they will mesh together like cogs and gears, and create our new planetary grid aligned to the New Reality.

I urge you all to try this. Visualize yourself sitting in the center of a large wheel. Feel all the elements of your life gently fall like floating feathers into the various compartments of this wheel. Yes, there are a profusion of elements surrounding you, but they are manageable, rather than overwhelming. Feel the deep calm in your central position. Please keep repeating this process until you can remain in the Wheel of the Expanded HERE and NOW at all times. This isn’t just a practice; it’s a positioning in the New Reality which will greatly aid us in dealing with the wild gyrations of the dying world of duality.

Another useful practice is to draw a mandala of your wheel. We just did this and can’t wait to do it again! If you make mandalas of the wheel on a regular basis, it will give you a clear overview of what is going on in your life from your vantage point sitting in a position of mastery.

July 2016 Overview


The months of July and August are going to be a wild, wild ride. July begins with the feeling that there is something new and exciting on the horizon. July will be full of bursts of intensity, pockets of deep calm, powerful creative surges, quantum breakthroughs and the fulfillment of some of our Wildest Dreams.

There will also be some shocking events, some of which are real and others which are manufactured in order to manipulate us. The purpose of these unexpected upheavals will be to paralyze us in fear and throw us into reaction mode, until we are no longer capable of clear, decisive True Action, until we forget that we are True Ones.

If we are positioned in the centerpoint of the Wheel of the Expanded HERE and NOW, we will be cushioned and protected from any outer upheavals. We will experience an overlay of calmness, no matter what is happening. When we are hit by a Perfect Storm, we will remain in a state of balance within the quiet Eye of the Storm. This position in the center of the Wheel is much more than a forcefield of protection. It’s a positioning in the New Reality that will greatly aid us by keeping us centered at all times.

As we enter July, there’s a profusion of brilliant, new creative ideas coming in. The creative surge continues to become stronger all month long. Which creative inspirations and exciting projects are we going to implement next? We have many to choose from. Each creative inspiration that we bring forth into the physical is an expression of who we are; it’s an expression of our Trueness that furthers births the New Reality. And the more we express our Trueness, the more the resonance of Trueness strengthens for all.

In July, the Great Awakening continues as more and more of us will see Who We Really Are. We will gain great clarity as to What We Are Doing, Where We Are Going, Where We Really Want To Be and What We Really Want To Be Doing. These new insights will enable us to take the necessary steps to actually do it!

Huge infusions of energy from the New Reality are constantly being anchored into the physical. As this happens, they are magnifying anything which doesn’t resonate with Trueness so it can either be transformed or released from our energetic fields. There is a Great Fire in Trueness which burns away all the impurities and dross so we can sparkle with authenticity and illuminate the way for others.

Some extremely ancient energies full of old guilts which were long stuffed into the secret recesses of our beings are now rising to the surface so they can be let go. We can no longer carry with us expired beliefs, limited perceptions, old disappointments and fears of change. Fortunately, whenever this old stuff comes up, it won’t be that difficult or traumatic to release it. This is because it’s the right time to let go of the residue of our past and we are being fully supported in doing this.

Many elements from the past are returning into our lives, but on any entirely new level. This is very true with family members and friends whom we haven’t seen for a long time. Now we are recreating loving relationships with them in totally new ways and as we do, any hurts from our past with them are absolved. We may also discover that family members and old friends who were previously unsupportive and judgemental of who we are and what we are doing, may suddenly come forward in a friendly, supportive way.

This folding of the past into the HERE and NOW is also true of some of the significant touchstones of our journey into the New Reality. One example of this is the 11:11. Although the 11:11 Activations officially completed in 2012, the energies of the 11:11 and our transformational journey through the 11:11 Doorway continue to be felt. And now, another wave of people are seeing 11:11 for the first time.

The same is true of the energies of the Lotus World ~ the realm of Pure True Love. There is a new wave of people who are now experiencing this Greater Love for the first time. But we don’t just revisit the 11:11 and the Lotus World as who we were before; we go there as the true, authentic beings who we are now. They are not just touchstones of the past, but viably exist in the Expanded HERE and NOW as stepstones into the New Reality. As we now experience these energies as True Ones, everything is brought to a totally new level.

If you haven’t yet turned your old world upside down, but know that you should do so, then July is the perfect time to have the fearless courage to make this bold leap. Drop the baggage of your past so that you are ready to receive the New with wide open hands.

There’s a strong sense that many things are ON THE LINE at this time. This creates a sense of deep urgency with the realization that we all need to get serious about what is truly important. We need to get ourselves into our True Positions, to put as many elements as possible into their right places. For some things, it’s Now or Never!

The New Reality we are birthing must be given our full attention for duality cannot be transformed as long as we continue to feed it. We must decisively pull the threads of our beings out of the old Tapestry of Duality and weave them into the Tapestry of the New Reality. As increasing numbers of us do this, the Tapestry of Duality will simply fall apart.


With True AN-Love

With Loving Gratitude to these brilliant contributors:
Alaenura, Caroline, Craig, Denise, Emanaku, Ganesha, Inger, Keenuane, Lorrayne, Malcolm, Moni, Sanan, Shawn


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If you wish to help us preserve and expand the Heart of AN, you can either make a donation or a personal loan. More information is found at this link: ANvisible.com/update-the-heart-of-an-urgently-needs-your-help/

We welcome any wildly creative solutions that can raise this money in a short time. If we do it together, it is possible to pull off this major miracle. TOGETHER AS ONE, we can do the impossible!!



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  1. Dear Solara
    This Surf Report was Spot on, it read differently to past ones for me, perhaps its because I spent time with you in the Heart of AN…
    I also feel a magical Shift in you too…
    Thank you for Surfing and Sharing…
    I am left feeling YES ~ It is a NEW EXPANDED HERE and NOW….
    And that the key is to be sat, detached from the periphery in the EYE or Center of all that is…
    Everything simply is and is required to unfold ~ whilst focusing on what is being called for in the Here and NOW !
    Deep heart Trueness Dearest Solara

    1. All Love and Light, Dear ONE, I can feel and see that this place is already in your Vortex. Relax and Rejoice, standing in the manifestation of what is. Feel it as being so. LOVE & LIGHT, Francine THANK YOU, AMEN

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