Solaras August 2016 Surf Report
In the Midst of a Messy Paradigm Shift

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July 2016 Overview

July was an intense and somewhat chaotic month with numerous pockets of Choppy Surf. A series of shocking events all over the world either numbed us, distracted us or pushed us into making decisions to get into our True Positions as quickly as possible.

Throughout the month, we dealt with a gamut of emotions which would unexpectedly flood through us and then quickly dissipate. Some of these came from our own emotional body, while others were coming from the collective, making it helpful when we could discern the origin of what we were feeling.

Waves of old hurts from our distant past that we hadn’t felt in a long time, would suddenly return and fill us with a deep sense of nostalgia. Bringing these old feelings up to the surface to be felt by Who We Are Now emptied out the old pockets where we had stuffed them many years ago. At times, it felt like we were crying on the inside, even though everything was fine in our outer lives. Many of us often felt a deep sense of frustration ~ at things both large and small.

Many of us felt under construction all month long while we experienced deep healing and integrated the strong energies. It felt like another layer of old veils had suddenly parted and we could see with greater clarity Who We Are and Where We Want To Be. The call of our True Position and True People became increasingly louder. And in the midst of this, the breakthroughs came….

Shifting Paradigms


We are in the midst of a massive Paradigm Shift, moving from the old Template of Duality to the Template of Oneness. And like any birth, it is extremely messy and occasionally bloody and painful. But just as when we are giving birth to a human baby, we don’t have the option to pretend it’s not happening or to walk away and do something else. We have to see it through and get this baby (the New Reality) born.

A massive worldwide awakening is taking place. Our perception of reality is being challenged as never before. This will continue to escalate until one way or another, we shift Paradigms. The Great Awakening is giving us the golden opportunity to see that nothing is as it appears. And in the midst of this all, there are noticeable breakthroughs. Many people feel that they are suddenly waking up into a new world. When this happens, then we need to reset and recalibrate everything around us to align with the fresh, new energy.

At the same time, the forces of polarization are becoming ever stronger, trying to separate us from our knowingness that we are all One Being. We are hurt by friends and family who support the “wrong” political candidate. We are divided as to whether we treat refugees with love and compassion or shut the door and let them drown in the sea. The energies of “Us” versus “Them” are growing daily. Yet, this is all an insidious trap of duality to bring us back into an illusory sense of separation. It’s all a massive distraction. And it’s essential that we don’t go there.

There is a hidden stronghold of duality that must be completely exposed in order for true justice and lasting peace to emerge. The way to do this is by strengthening the New Reality until its resonance becomes so strong that it becomes our predominant reality.

Right now, there are many manufactured maneuvers which are trying to separate us. They are trying to push us into fear-based reactions. We must remain True, no matter what. We must continually hold onto the knowingness that we are One. We have worked too hard for too long to allow our One Being to be torn apart.

All of the interplay of these crazy polarities, the false coups to consolidate power, the maltreatment of refugees by the countries whose bombs destroyed the homes of innocent people so they would suddenly become refugees ~ are all symptoms of the Final Days of this messy Paradigm Shift. So are the random acts of violence to instill fear and justify the need to turn our countries into police states so we can have “law and order”. This is why so much of the endemic corruption and misuse of power is now becoming visible. This enables us to see the alarming extent that the forces hidden behind our governments, financial institutions and global corporations have usurped the planet.

It’s no longer a question of what religion we are or of our spiritual beliefs. It’s no longer a matter of our political affiliations. What is ON THE LINE right now for all of us is where do we stand regarding the Paradigm Shift? Do we want to continue to live in duality or in the New Reality? Are we willing to step out of our illusory comfort zones right now in order to facilitate this shift in Paradigms or are we going to wait until we are propelled out of them?

If we decide to be passive and pretend that a Paradigm Shift isn’t happening or doesn’t need our full participation, if we decide to continue to try living a normal life in times which definitely aren’t normal, then we are unconsciously choosing to feed duality. Then, the question is: Why did we spend so many lifetimes trying to become conscious beings? The time is now. The future of our planet is undetermined. We are the agents of change who need to fully support this Paradigm Shift with all that we are.

Let’s flood the world with our Love and Compassion. Let’s all be Sacred Pagodas emanating the knowingness that ALL IS WELL. Let’s put our full focus on anchoring the New Reality when it is so deeply needed!

The First Wave Returns!

Some of the First Wave are courageously returning to the front lines. Some who have been tirelessly serving all along, are now leaping into ever greater action, taking on more public roles. Good examples of this are Bernie Sanders in the US and Jeremy Corbyn in the UK. As a dedicated First Wave myself, I can only bow with respect to all the First Waves who are now stepping forward.

Even though many First Waves thought that their time of service was over, it isn’t. There is still much for us to do and much for us to share with the Second and Third Wave. Our sceptres will be passed to them by the Bridges who are in that key position because they understand all of us. The First Wave have the needed experience and the knowledge. Now, let’s bring it forth. This is why we are here.

There is a strong connection with the Sixties right now with some of the same people still doing their best to bring positive change. It feels like Linear Time is stuck in some kind of loop, while on the New Reality level, Time has become so elastic and fluid that it barely exists.

There are also striking similarities with the period of 11:11 First Gate Activation in 1992. This is when we energetically came together as One all over the world, (144,000 of us!) to set into motion this momentous Paradigm Shift.

Into the Dance


There’s a new energy dynamic that is being felt right now which I call the Dance. Once we are in the energy of the Dance, we know that something we really want is going to happen. It doesn’t matter how long it takes or whether it’s easy or hard. It doesn’t matter how many steps it entails before its accomplished.

Being in the Dance is similar in feeling to the 11:11 Sacred Dance, the Starry Processional. Once we are in the Dance, there is a strong sense of timelessness. We simply align with the momentum of the Dance which carries us along.

Once we are flowing in the energy current of the Dance, ALL IS WELL. We simply do what’s in front of us, step by step, until it’s complete. There are no doubts in the Dance. Our desired outcome is going to happen for sure, even if we don’t yet know the details of how it will happen. The Dance is going to bring us to our perfect outcome and all we need to do is to surrender to it.

Right now, the energy of the Dance is around us. Not everything we do is part of the Dance. But once we are in the Dance, it has a momentum that takes us to our True Position in the New Reality. Once we are in the flow of the Dance, even though we still have to put in effort, we can relax because the outcome is assured.

The Dynamic of Mutual Support

Conceptual symbol of multiracial human hands making a circle on white background with a copy space in the middle

When we are experiencing such extreme polarization, it’s important that we don’t let anything pull us out of our One Being. This is why it’s important to move into the Dynamic of Mutual Support. It’s time for us to give love, respect and support to those who are in the midst of making the Paradigm Shift with us and also to allow ourselves to receive support from our True Family.

Even though most of us would prefer to do things ourselves without having to ask anyone for help, this isn’t what is happening right now because there is too much going on. This is actually perfect because what is required is that we now help each other in any ways we can.

It’s time for us to embrace each other in full support. It’s time for us to ask for help when we don’t understand what is going on or we cannot do things by our self. The Dynamic of Mutual Support reinforces our knowingness that we are not alone and that we are fully supported in all our endeavors to anchor the New Reality on the physical earth.

A Guest's Insights for August

At the end of each month, I ask on my Facebook page what people feel about the energies of the upcoming month. What Denise Mannino wrote this month was so brilliant that, with her permission, I have included it in this Surf Report.

In this lifetime I have never witnessed a time of such radical day-to-day changes all across the planet revealing intense chaos and polarity, amid the backdrop of a much stronger and clearer collective for Unity, Oneness, and Wholeness. July brought forth a dramatic ‘tooth and nail’ struggle for a version of ‘reality’ that feels like a matter of Life or Death, and it is SO extreme because duality itself, or the Artificial Construct of Our Existence, is on the brink of exposure as the ultimate illusion and manipulation.

It seems that deeper, long-term currents of political posturing and all the associated distractions are surfacing and the general populace seems too battle shocked over daily events of violence from France to Turkey, Germany, and ALL over America, to get any overview. Some of us are completely absorbed by the distractions, and it is challenging to stay Awake, Aware, and Insightful because it seems this chaos is necessary to precede Absolute and True Transformation. Staying in the ‘eye of the storm’ is the best place to be right now, realizing this is the darkness before the ‘Dawn of a New Story.’

This is exactly why we are HERE – NOW – as True Beings, One in Energetic Awareness and Connection of Heart on this planet, Midwives to the Birthing of ALL THAT IS into the New Greater Reality. Quotes from the mythical ‘Lord of the Rings’ have run through my mind, as this quest feels to be on the edge of a knife, with very fragile choices and turns that could end this incredibly long and complex tale for Good or for Naught.

Yet, there is such a vibrant sense that everything is happening for a purpose, and part of that purpose is to melt us and mold us like gold, purifying everything that is unTrue. We may be at varying and different junctures in our confidence and awareness, but for each person, there is a sense of urgency and a sense that this is an historical and critical moment. For some, their lack of grounding is pushing them over the edge, for others all that is happening is really jarring them out of a distracting dream and bringing a moment of Breaking to Awakening. To others, getting lost, distracted, and addicted to Pokeman Go is the drug of choice!

The next few months are bound to be intense times of global, social, and geopolitical unrest and chaos ~ more than any of us have ever experienced in this lifetime. We are warming up, testing our Trueness as never before. Even the very planet is groaning, struggling to breathe, expanding, contracting, shifting poles along with the melting icecaps. Those in the deepest denial, who insist that ‘life and business’ WILL go on as usual will experience the most shocking reality check. “We’re not in Kansas anymore!” Our trajectory is NOT sustainable and unless our Collective Consciousness gathers and expands in a wave of Healing Love Energy, we are bound to see more discord at every level.

The Call has gone out, a harkening to our Truest Collective Being! August promises to be an exciting time – and it is almost better to resist ‘naming’ what will occur with ‘words’ that are ‘black and white’ symbols of duality, and simply focus our True One Being together. This is a time when darkness loses power because of the powerful Illumination coming through OUR clarity. It is a time to commit to saturating ourselves in Love, finding places where we are most deeply experiencing the NEW Reality, without any limitation of time or space. EVERYTHING which connects us to AN Energy and experience our Great Awakening, as the Lotus, blooming out of the mud!

We are Beacons of Love Light, anchored in the calm of the New Reality we embody. As we do our best to tune into the Highest Vibration of Love and Light, we blaze a trail to the possibilities of an entirely New Awareness for all!

August 2016 Overview


July helped many begin to question life, move out of their comfort zones and set new ways of being. The reset has begun; now things will begin to shift and the New Reality will become increasingly visible. Something has shifted; it’s in the air and truly tangible. August will bring in more of the New and True, but we must be super alert and set our full Intentions to birth the New Paradigm.

August is going to be another accelerated, intense month which tests us with more chaos, mindless violence and shocking events in the outside world. And now we’re being frightened with Zika! But we’re not as gullible and as easily manipulated as we were before. Through this sequence of upheavals, our entire collective has the opportunity to learn how to lift ourselves out of fear. If we can do this, then fear will ultimately be removed from the planetary matrix.

We have reached a Tipping Point and many people are finally seeing what is really going on. It is becoming increasingly obvious that there is no other option, but to move from duality into the New Reality and to fully emerge as a True One. Many of us can now see clearly that nothing less will truly fulfill us and nothing else will set us free. The problem is that we already have many of the keys, but we don’t use them. But still there is a big desire to unhook ourselves from duality as soon as possible.

The mortar which has long held the stones of our old foundation into position is now crumbling. This is the mortar which held together our thoughts, beliefs, values and perceptions. It held together our entire “normal” life. But now, it is all falling apart. Because of this, we can see the world from a completely new perspective. We can see what couldn’t be seen before. Now with our expanded vision, everything needs to be rearranged, reset, recalibrated and recharged.

There’s a strong forward movement this month which calls us to focus all our attention on what is True and Real. We now know that we need to get into our True Positions as soon as possible, if we’re not already there. Life altering decisions are being made as many people are letting go elements which aren’t aligned with Trueness, such as old relationships, friendships, affiliations, living situations and jobs. At the same time, more beloved ones are leaving the planet. The great migration grows larger as increasing numbers of people begin to move into new, truer situations with their True People.

August will witness absolute extremes across the spectrum of human experience. For some, blessings and delights untold; for others, a long dark night of the soul and even cataclysmic shifts. For some, it might seem as if they are on a runaway train that keeps going faster and faster and there’s no way to jump off.

At times, we may feel deeply tired. Sometimes, we can’t find the right entry point to the day. We scan our list of tasks and nothing feels right to do. Even our most urgent projects cannot be worked on. We may have a tremendous urge to go lie down and sink into deep silence. Or we may unexpectedly experience an anxiety attack.

Some days, the noise of the planetary collective is so loud that it’s difficult to concentrate on our own lives. This is when we need to amp up our Love and Compassion and be a Silent Watcher holding everything in balance.

We never know how the energy of the day will be. Because of this, it’s important that whenever there’s a clear path, we must leap into action! Don’t assume that you will be able to do it tomorrow.

I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to position ourselves in the centerpoint of the Wheel of the Expanded HERE and NOW at all times. If we do this, we will be cushioned and protected from any outer upheavals. We will experience an overlay of calmness, no matter what is happening. This is a positioning in the New Reality that will greatly aid us by keeping us centered at all times.

August will continue to bring heavy stuff up to the surface and we will see more crazy and sad episodes, but it’s the collapse of the dying world of duality that we have been waiting for. We know that this Paradigm Shift is happening because we are strong enough, stable enough and ready for the New Reality to be born.

August will help move us to another level of awareness and experience. We will also reach a new level of authenticity and Trueness within ourselves. And this will help us to remember that we chose to be here at this time.


With True AN Heart Love

With Loving Gratitude to these brilliant contributors:
Alaenura, Alina, Antares, Ashtara, Cristine, Denise, Desiree, Emanaku, Ganesha, Giselle, Inger, Keenuane, Lenita, Sandy, Thomas, Ursulai, Yuliya


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