Solaras October 2016 Surf Report
Loosening the Pins of Duality

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September 2016 Overview

In September, we traveled through the Transition Zone between the old reality and the New Reality. Many of us became increasingly unpinned from our old world. Since September was a nine month of completion, we were resolving many aspects of our old lives and preparing to set sail into our new True Directions. This completion created the space which enabled us to more fully anchor the New Reality within our daily lives.

During the next few months, many of us will be pushed into the Crack between the Worlds in one form or another. Some will go be thrust into the Crack between the Worlds by a transformational illness, while others will find a new opening in the hidden depths of the crack and emerge into this world imbued with a deepened awareness.

September was a intense and powerful month full of movement that brought new kindred people into our lives. The Call of our True Direction has never been stronger. In September, we started feeling that we now HAVE to make the necessary changes, rather than just contemplating them. THE TIME IS NOW!

September presented us with an open door to a world of exciting new possibilities and golden opportunities, but everything we chose to do had to be chosen consciously because the decisions we are making now will determine what we will experience in the future.

Mastering Service

Service is an essential component of who we are. It is deeply fulfilling because it allows us to express our true magnificence in ways that help others and make this world a better place. We are here to become true Masters of Service. Why else would we be here at this time?

We’re not here in physical form on this planet just to keep ourselves entertained and “happy”. We are not here to live in a “spiritual” bubble and to ignore everything else. We are not here to have normal lives because these definitely aren’t normal times. We aren’t here to keep ourselves distracted from what is going on in the world so we don’t get affected by it. We are here to be REAL and TRUE. We are all greatly needed to serve in this momentous changeover from duality to the New Reality.

Everything is ON THE LINE. The very survival of planet Earth and the many life forms who live upon it are delicately poised on the edge of existence. The environment is being destroyed at an unprecedented pace and if we don’t do something RIGHT NOW, it will be too late.

We can’t just row our own boats while watching so many boats sink all over the world. We can’t passively observe the extinction of the bees and elephants and pretend that it’s just a bad dream, then return to the comforting womb of our television or meditations. We can’t worry that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are getting divorced while we run to the store to buy another new pair of sunglasses or a Halloween costume for our dog. The noose of our freedoms is being drawn so tight that soon we will all start choking, if we don’t do something now. If ever there was a moment for ALL HANDS ON DECK, it is now.

This is a perfect time to look at our lives and ask ourselves, “How am I serving our One Being?” Yes, we are all serving in some way on various levels — we may make occasional donations to a good cause or drop some money into the hand of a homeless person — but are we serving with our full beings? Are we doing all we can on the truest level possible? How can we do more? Can we turn off the distractions and get real? Can we stand together as ONE BEING, stop the desecration of the planet and turn duality Inside Out?

This is exactly what is needed right now….

Standing Together at Standing Rock

In the past, whenever an old world would reach its Time of Completion and there would be a shift in worlds, it was always the native and natural peoples who held the world in balance during the change-over from the old world to the new one.

During the past five hundred years, some of the native tribes have died away, while others have been greatly weakened by their subjugation by cultures who didn’t understand the sanctity of their true purpose as the guardians of the natural world. Over the years, their numbers have been diminished, but now there is a powerful resurgence of the native peoples as they reinstate their position as guardians of the natural world.

This is all in fulfillment of an ancient prophecy. When a prophecy comes alive, you can feel it in the core of your being. It doesn’t matter if it’s a known prophecy or a long forgotten one. It has a resonance of Trueness that penetrates through the layers and can be easily recognized. And this is exactly what is happening now in Standing Rock, North Dakota. This is why so many people all over the world feel deeply connected with what is happening there.

It’s not just the fact that so many tribal nations have gathered together to give their support to preventing an oil pipeline from being built, but it’s the level of Trueness upon which this is happening. It’s not merely a political action; rather it’s a demonstration of Oneness on an expanded level of real Trueness. WATER IS LIFE! This is what touches us so deeply.


Now it is time for all of us who are True Ones to also come forward as protectors of Pachamama. This isn’t just a struggle for the native peoples; it is for all awakened True Ones everyone. The survival of our planet is ON THE LINE and we are all needed as protectors of planet Earth and pillars of the New Reality.

And it doesn’t really matter if initially our numbers appear to be small. It’s what is in our hearts that matters. It’s the giving of our full intention. Here’s a short video of the arrival of a small contingent of Hopi at Standing Rock which I’d like to share with you. Though it’s a small group in numbers of people, they bring the core essence of the entire Hopi Nation with them. This demonstrates how a tiny group of us can carry the essence of the whole. This is how we are to do it.


Inside Out


The misaligned, alien forces who have long been in control of this planet and who have tried to keep us dumbed down, numbed out and in a state of robotic acquiescence are now realizing that humanity is undergoing a mass awakening and that they are losing their control over us. This is causing them to take desperate measures.

Every day we can feel and see the unraveling of the old, extremely toxic, expired paradigm of duality. The blatant flaunting of corruption at the highest levels of business and government is being exposed daily, then casually brushed off, while most people don’t even notice or care. The figurehead leaders of these corporate / government entities give idle lip-service to humanitarian concerns all around the planet, while continuing to desecrate the natural environment and weaken the health of the populace at an ever accelerating rate. With a sense of frantic desperation, manufactured “terrorist” events are being continually created to keep the populace ensnared in the chains of fear. But this no longer works with us.

It is increasingly transparent how all expired belief systems are built on a foundation of quicksand that is rapidly sinking. Social structures are dismantling as ugly, superficially fabricated divisions are being exposed. Many of us wonder how and why no one is being held accountable for anti-environmental energy scams, financial frauds, blatant wars for profits, private prisons which have become a source of slave labor, never ending racial attacks and all the manipulative collusions taking place to continually subjugate us. All of this is taking place while a majority of people are so profoundly shocked and disempowered that they are hypnotized into inertia.

We don’t want endless, meaningless wars that create thousands of refugees whom we then close our hearts and our borders to. We don’t want our water sold to private businesses or polluted with fluoride. We don’t want oil pipelines, strip mining or fracking to destroy our environment. We don’t want innocent black people to be killed by militarized police. We don’t want our food sprayed with poisons. We don’t want our oceans filled with radioactivity and plastic. We don’t want our skies laced with chemicals. We don’t want our animals suffering or slaughtered. We don’t want to force our children to be vaccinated with mercury, aluminum and fetal tissue. We don’t want our people sleeping on the streets because they have nowhere to live. We don’t want people starving. We don’t want child labor. We don’t want laws forbidding us from having vegetable gardens, collecting rain water or using solar power. We don’t want puppet governments who are elected in rigged elections. We don’t want cuts in social services when so many disenfranchised people are struggling to survive. We don’t want to live in a state of illusory separation, for we know that we are One!

We want a flowering of compassion and love all over the world! We want everyone to have a safe place to call home and enough food to eat. We want to respect our planet and heal all that needs to be healed. We want to clean up the pollution. We want work which fulfills us in the deepest sense and sustains us, rather than just enables us to survive. We want doctors to become true healers. We want our governments to serve the people, rather than banks, corporations and the 1%. We want to love and help one another as One Being. We want to be healthy, fully awakened and vibrantly alive. We want to live True Lives as True Ones in our True Homes with our True People. We want to fully birth a New Paradigm and live in this radiant New Reality.

If we look at the surface view of what is going on, everything can appear hopeless. Much has already passed the Point of No Return. And many of the portion of humanity which are finally awakening to see what is really going on, are still in the stage of rubbing the sand out of their eyes and shaking off their lifetimes of slumber. How can we achieve the nearly impossible? How can we turn Inside Out this terrible, distorted, science fiction drama currently playing itself out on the field of duality?

We do know that we cannot vanquish duality by using the methods of duality. We have to do something that is completely Off the Map of the Known. We have to anchor our beings and ground our actions on an expanded level that is far beyond the scope of duality. This is the New Reality of AN. Even then, we wonder if duality is too firmly entrenched to make our efforts effective. At times, it appears impossible….

This is when I remember the fall of the Berlin Wall on November 9, 1989. Constructed in 1961, it was a formidable man-made barrier which separated East and West Germany. During those 28 years when it was in position, families were split in two, over 5000 people tried to escape from East to West over the wall and 200 were shot and killed while escaping.


When the Berlin Wall was finally opened up in November 1989, it was totally unexpected. There was no advance warning and no one was prepared for it. It happened almost effortlessly, without a struggle. After so many years of isolation, the walls of separation that long appeared so solid and formidable were opened!

For the East Germans, their lives as they knew them were completely null zoned. This happened in an instant, without any warning. When this occurred, all of their life contracts were immediately nullified. The reality that they had based their lives upon, had suddenly disappeared and they were thrust into the great Unknown.

This completely unexpected turn of events enabled the East Germans to open new sealed orders that they never knew they had within them. They were able to discover new opportunities which had not existed before. Their probable realities turned Inside Out. Their Map of the Known was shredded beyond recognition and they were thrust completely Off the Map into an expanded new reality.


The Berlin Wall is a good example of how monumental change can happen in the blinking of an eye. It can happen without a fight, without a long drawn out struggle, just by a flip-over in which a long stuck situation is turned Inside Out. And this is precisely what needs to happen right now.

We are quickly approaching the Mother of all Tipping Points which will flip everything over and turn duality Inside Out. This will completely reset and rearrange all our lives. There’s a strong potential that this Tipping Point may well happen in October.

This is why we are holding a Conclave of the Family of AN in Peru this month. From October 20 – 26, we will be making ceremonies daily at the Heart of AN dedicated to the purpose of loosening the pins which hold duality into position. You are all invited to either physically join us here or to participate wherever you are by holding your own ceremonies to anchor the New Reality so we can turn duality Inside Out.

When this Tipping Point does occur, when duality turns Inside Out, or right-side out, it will feel like the air has been let out of the balloons that held up this collapsing reality system. All the illusory balloons of duality will suddenly shoot off into the air on erratic trajectories and then finally fall down — lifeless and flaccid.

The moment this happens, we will all know that this is it. All our current life / soul contracts will either be fulfilled or null zoned. We will be released from our ancient vows and karmic obligations. Immediately after this happens, our new Sealed Orders will burst open and our New True Lives in our New True Places with our True People will be revealed. We will instantly know what to do and where to go. It will be magnificent and it will be one of the greatest reshufflings we have seen on this planet.


If this Tipping Point doesn’t happen this month, it needs to happen before the end of February 2017. After that, it may be too late.

October 2016 Overview


October is an intense month of totally OFF THE MAP new energies which will greatly transform us. This month will be full of numerous unexpected events that align us with our True, Authentic Selves. October will also be filled with multiple challenges and personal tests, as well as a somewhat daunting list of urgent things to do. But we will be up to the challenge!

A powerful RESET is happening on many fronts. October is a month of Convergence on multiple levels as the True Ones emerge, not only to speak their Truth, but to serve as living embodiments and anchor points of the New Reality. This is happening all over the world. We are converging so we can strengthen the resonance of the New Reality and turn the old world of duality Inside Out.

This month begins with a strong sense of an imminent quickening that is already starting to occur. It’s not a hectic acceleration, but a steady strengthening of the energy of Trueness which is super exciting to experience. We can feel myriad elements unhooking from their old positions and spiraling around as they are magnetically drawn towards their True Positions. All the while, the Winds of Change are building up to hurricane force.

There are new energy streams in the air around us, like rivers of newness, spiraling like tendrils of smoke, but not smoky. They contain fresh new Love energy and bring with them totally unexpected events. These energy streams are completely unpredictable. They are here to strengthen the resonance of the New Reality. The truer and more real we become, the more that we will be carried along by these energy streams.

When these energy streams are around us is when the magic happens. Our Love deepens and expands beyond what we have ever felt before. The juiciest melons from heaven drop into our open hands bringing the fulfillment of our Wildest Dreams. This energy triggers a tsunami of the New Reality that almost sneaks in upon us.

October is the month for seeding what we really want. It’s time to plant the seeds of our Wildest Dreams and far beyond that — the Dreams that are so precious, so sacred that we haven’t yet dared to dream them. Many of these seeds will germinate and become visible by the end of the year so they will be in full flower in the early months of 2017. Others may surprise us by bursting into life almost immediately. Anything is possible!

Old situations will keep dissolving as we continue to pull our threads out of the tapestry of duality. All of this dismantling is happening as the Great New Paradigm of Oneness emerges like a mighty volcano out of the ocean of chaos.

New, true relationships are coming into our lives, while existing relationships either deepen or are released. Many of us are moving into the unfamiliar territory of new locations, meeting new, kindred people and finding infinitely more fulfilling jobs. From now until the end of February 2017, there is a strong likelihood that many of us will move to our True Positions (if we aren’t already there), find new work that is aligned with our True Purpose (if we aren’t already doing it) and encounter our True Partner (if we aren’t already with them).

What’s truly exciting is that many of us are feeling more connected and true. People are now ready for change and are opening themselves up to new ways of doing and being. This helps everything to flow again after a long period of stagnation and drama. It feels as if our internal compasses have been thoroughly Reset and are now pointing unwaveringly in our True Direction.

October is the time when we find ourselves doing completely new things in new ways, in new places, with our True people. We need the stamina to stay True despite all outer distractions. If the Tipping Point happens and duality turns Inside Out, there might be a time of chaos and confusion. If so, we need to serve as Sacred Pagodas for those around us. It will feel like returning to the Beginning, a great MUA where everything moves up a position on the evolutionary spiral, and anything that was not necessary has been displaced. We may feel that we are stepping out into the Unknown and then discover that there’s a clear path right in front of us!


With True Heart of AN Love

With Loving Gratitude to these brilliant contributors:
Aumanarius, Bea, Cher, Denise, El Aa Ra, Emanaku, Ganesha, Inger, Ingrid, Keenuane, Milli, Monique, Nuna, Sara, Satreya, Sebastian, Tracey



The seeds that I am planting right now which I most want to germinate and grow are the making into brilliant films of my two books, “The Legend of Altazar” and “EL•AN•RA: The Healing of Orion”.

If these films are made with integrity and Trueness, they will wake up millions of people all over the world and touch them deeply.

Over the years, I’ve been approached by several movie producers and had meetings with them in Hollywood, but it never felt like the Right Time or the Right People. Now it is the Right Time. So we only have to find the Right People to make these films.

If any of you have solid connections with people in the film business and would be willing to share your contacts with them and open the door to the manifestation of one of my Wildest Dreams, it would be deeply appreciated.

My Wildest Dream film producer and director for “The Legend of Altazar” is Peter Jackson, for I know that he would make this film with authenticity. I know that the Right People for this task are out there and ready and when they encounter “Altazar” and “EL•AN•RA”, they will know that it is part of their True Destiny.




We are busy preparing for two Special Events in October at the Heart of AN and we hope that some of you will participate!

• The Cards of AN Master Class ~ October 13 – 17.

This is a deep immersion into my Cards of AN and is highly recommended. Here’s a link for more information:

• The Conclave of the Family of AN ~October 20 – 26.
AN • The New Reality • Pachacuti • Jewels in the Crown

A Week of Ceremonies to Strengthen the Resonance of the New Reality and pull out the pins of duality so it can turn Inside Out.

This is an important gathering, for when the 11:11 Family of AN comes together on the physical, it can trigger great changes and strengthen the resonance of the New Reality all over the world.

More info and registration here:



This month we make our second payment to buy the beautiful small piece of sacred land adjoining the Heart of AN in the Sacred Valley of the Incas in Peru. This land has exquisite, pure energies and is meant to serve the Heart of the Heart of AN.

To get this far has been a much welcomed miracle, grounded in a deep sense of Trueness. Our third and final land payment will be in December. We still need to raise over $30,000 to make this final payment. Let’s manifest another miracle!

If you wish to help us expand the Heart of AN, you can either make a donation or a personal loan.

More information is found at this link:

With deep Love and Gratitude!

Events at the Heart of AN

October 2016


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