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The Tip of the Point


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October 2016 Review

October was an absolutely brilliant month which brought in totally OFF THE MAP new energies which greatly transformed us. The New Reality expanded and became increasingly visible so it could be felt by more people all over the world. We experienced a powerful RESET on many levels so we could become more deeply aligned with our True, Authentic Selves.

The past month was super busy and intense. Layers of falseness have been lifted, enabling us to see the illusion which still tries to present itself as our reality. At times, it’s been ugly and painful, but it has helped humanity to get out of their old comfort zones and return to Trueness.

Throughout the month, the Surf was choppy and changeable. The weather would be sunny one minute and then pouring with rain. The energy was so full of various elements that at times, it was difficult to focus on just one thing.

For example, the last day of our Cards of AN Master Class was also the final deadline to pay my income taxes. Although I’d been trying to do this since last March, through a series of events beyond my control, here I was trying to get them paid at the very last minute. This was happening while I was also teaching a class. Finally, at 10:30 at night, after a series of glitches throughout the day, they were paid.

Another example: We had been trying to make our second land payment for several weeks so we would have it done before our October Special Events at the Heart of AN, but had to wait for the papers to be ready. Finally, on the first day of the Conclave, we had to go twice to the Notaria’s office, and spend hours there, to successfully make the payment.

It’s a bit frustrating when our energies are diverted from something which we really want to do and have to be put into something totally different. But everything is important and we can’t always choose the timing for it to get done. This forces us to develop a new, infinitely more elastic flexibility so we can jump from one task on one level to another task which is on a totally different level.

During October we found ourselves doing completely new things in new ways, in new places, with some of our True People. In many ways, it felt like we were returning to the place of a New Beginning, a great MUA where everything evolves to a new level on the evolutionary spiral.

By the end of the month, we strongly felt the energies of NO DOWN – NO RETURN. This is when we knew that we could never go back to “The Way Things Used To Be”.

The Thinning of the Veils


All year long, the veils between the worlds have been becoming increasingly thinner. Now they are almost transparent. This dissolving of the veils has a strong effect upon us. We feel like the skins covering our bodies are becoming thinner. There is no longer the sense that our beings end at the boundaries of our skin. We no longer feel separate from humanity or from Pachamama, our Mother Earth. There’s a heightened Oneness and a deepened compassion which we feel with all beings. We irrevocably know that we are all part of One True Being.

Because of this increased thinning of the veils, we may feel a heightened sensitivity. Small slights or expressions of untrueness may appear so magnified that they knock us down. These knocks may come from friends who have no idea of what they are doing and no intention of harming us. They often appear in the form of unconscious comments which contain a twinge of meanness. We are also knocked when we encounter injustice going on somewhere in the world. We feel these things so strongly because we have no more tolerance for untrueness. Small pebbles sometimes feel like large boulders.

As the veils continue to dissolve, layers upon layers of long hidden corruption and misuse of power rise to the surface for all to see. This is causing a Great Awakening throughout the world. And this is just the beginning!

What we’ve seen so far is simply the tip of the iceberg. The endemic corruption goes far, far deeper than what we can presently perceive. Its entangled roots have spread all over the planet. We might make occasional attempts to pull out a weed or two, but they always seem to grow back. These rapidly proliferating weeds of corruption and misuse of power have been long used to control a passive, self absorbed, distracted, numbed out population ~ which is us. The forces in control have continuously strangled all attempts to eradicate them. Until now, that is….

It may feel somewhat overwhelming as we become aware of the extent that our lives on planet Earth have been usurped, manipulated and controlled by sinister, unseen forces. But strangely enough, at the same time when we begin to see the scope of our imprisonment, paradoxically, we start feeling free! This is because in order to see this, we have to be on a level beyond it. We finally remember Who We Are and Why We Are Here. We have regained our True Authentic Selves. And this return to our True Authenticity is a true coming home to ourselves that is deeply comforting.

It may feel like there is an increased polarization taking place on the planet, but this is because all that is untrue is becoming highly magnified so we can see it clearly. In the US, we have the Presidential election on Tuesday which presents us with two extremely unpopular candidates. This “election” shows us that true democracy is dead. There is also the increasingly perilous situation at Standing Rock, North Dakota in which innumerable laws and treaties are being broken, yet nothing is done to correct this. Legal recourses no longer work and few in the government uphold justice anymore.

It’s easy to lose hope if we put our focus on what is playing out in duality. But when we realize that this bizarre science fiction scenario of duality isn’t our predominant reality and that we DON’T HAVE to live in this reality, we are set free!

The energies of the New Reality of AN are becoming stronger and more visible every day. The New Reality is composed of Trueness and Love ~ TRUE TRUE LOVE. And this is exactly what is needed to eradicate the roots of the weeds of corruption, to step free of the illusory scenario of duality and to move our planet and all beings upon it, onto a completely New Paradigm. And this is exactly what we are doing!

Holding the Space


I have spent years doing ceremonies. These ceremonies have been very real and true. We never have an organized plan for our ceremonies. Our goal is to go Off the Map of the Known, for this is when the real ceremony and the true magic begins. Before we start, we always bring everyone together as One Being ~ for our ceremonies are not done by us as individuals. Since we are not doing something that was pre planned or rehearsed, it’s essential that we are in One Being when we go Off the Map of the Known. We start by doing some activity, such as a sacred dance, that will trigger us Off the Map. And then the new energies pour in!

I feel that it’s important that we all learn how to hold sacred space, both for ceremonies and in our daily life. We have to constantly refine and recalibrate our beings so that everything we do is a clear expression of our Trueness. We can’t be sloppy with our energies or intent, either in ceremonies or in our everyday life.

Sometimes, there are people who don’t understand how to hold the space for ceremony. For a true ceremony, we need to be both vastly expanded and deeply grounded. If someone in the ceremony can’t do this, it can weaken the entire experience. We cannot do ceremonies using our normal behaviour. We walk slower in a different rhythm that is more in harmony with the Ultra Greater Reality and we talk less. If you are part of a sacred procession, you can’t carry a drum like it is a toy, for it is a sacred heartbeat of Mother Earth, or carry a basket of flowers like you are out shopping. Everything must be carried consciously, in a sacred manner. Most importantly, throughout the ceremony, we remain ultra aware and listen to where the energies are leading us.

Here are three of the most obvious reasons why some cannot yet hold the space for ceremony:

1. If someone is too much in their mind or intellect, their mind will wander off with too much thinking and they will not be able to put their full focus on the HERE and NOW.

2. If someone is too much in their ego, they will find it difficult to let go of their individual personality and won’t be able to work with others as One Being.

3. There are also some people with wiggly energy who can’t remain grounded or still while moving into expanded states of awareness. When the energy becomes strong, they can’t merge with it; instead they want to release it through sudden sounds or movement.

I am deeply touched by the way that the Water Protectors in Standing Rock are in a continual state of ceremony and prayer. They aren’t praying to a Supreme Being, separate than themselves, but to All Our Relations, which includes Mother Earth and all her creatures including the rocks, the mountains, the waters, the animals, the bird tribe, the sky, the wind. In essence, this is our expanded One True Being.

True Ceremony is not a group of people forcibly imposing their beliefs upon nature, like bulldozing land so it will be flat and empty. But True Ceremony is a sacred union of All Our Relations. We appreciate nature as it is, with its hills, rocks and trees. We merge together as One to immerse ourselves into the Ultra Greater Reality.

Since we are in such a critical time on Planet Earth, what is required is a shift in reality systems. We need to hold this focus at all times, no matter what we are doing. Ceremonies can greatly aid this process. We can also do the 11:11 and AN Mudras or sit as Silent Watchers each day, for these practices greatly aid the anchoring of the New Reality.

Here is our new video of the 11:11 and AN Mudras with detailed explanations of the meaning of each Mudra:

Solara explains the 11:11 and AN Mudras

Here is our new video of the 11:11 and AN Mudras done in silence with a continuous flow:

The 11:11 and AN Mudras

But even when we aren’t in a ceremony, we can be in a state of heightened awareness. We can keep our focus on the New Reality which is being born. This strengthens the resonance of Trueness and Love so it can be felt by more and more people.

We can dedicate our entire lives to anchor the New Reality by doing everything in a sacred manner, with focused intent. To do this, we need to remove more of the pins which hold us into the duality world and willingly let go of the numerous distractions that try to pull us back into it. We can stop going about our daily lives on automatic pilot with unconscious responses. We can become Sacred Pagodas of the New Reality of AN and embody this wherever we go.

This is what is most needed at this time. Not only for others, but for our own selves. To live our Trueness, to express our Love, to be authentic, True Beings who remember Who We Are and Why We Are Here.

The Tip of the Point


The Tipping Point arrived in October in a form that was completely unexpected. It appeared as the Tip of the Point, like the tip of an arrowhead. This is the tip of a Crystal Arrow ~ the arrow of our True Purpose.

If we perceive Duality as a huge, heavy stone, we will be able to see the immense changes that have taken place to it in October. The Tip of the Point served as a wedge which pierced the solid, heavy stone of duality and created a fissure where none had been before. The tip of this arrowhead was created by the efforts of many. Standing Rock played an important part in this with the coming together of numerous tribal nations, including the rainbow tribe. This is what gave it the form of an arrow.

Our ceremonies at the Heart of AN in Peru removed many of the pins which kept duality firmly anchored. This loosened the calcification of duality which was necessary so a fissure could occur. We also strengthened and expanded the resonance of the New Reality so it could be felt worldwide. But the Tipping Point would not have happened without the participation of many all over the world.

The Crystal Arrow has been preparing to manifest all year long. Each time that someone steps into their Trueness, the point of the Crystal Arrow becomes stronger. Every time that citizens of Earth take to the streets to protest injustices on any level, such as the corruption in our governments or to stop the plundering of the environment by ruthless corporations, the Crystal Arrowhead becomes wider and stronger. The candidacy of the well loved Bernie Sanders in the US awakened many to the deeply ingrained corruption in our election process. The True Ones worldwide and beyond are holding the Beam of Trueness and this is being strongly felt.

All over the world, a significant portion of humanity has undergone a Great Awakening this year so they can clearly see what is really going on. And together as One, we are now taking our places in the Crystal Arrowhead. We are finally standing up to regain control of our planet with the rallying cry of “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!”

During the next several months, the tip of the Crystal Arrow will continue to pierce the stone of duality. More and more of us will position ourselves into the arrowhead and align as One True Being. This will enable it to pierce duality even deeper. As the thicker, wider part of the arrowhead enters the fissure, the fissure will grow ever larger until the crack is so big that the stone of duality finally splits apart.


This is the Crack Between the Worlds. Once the stone of duality is broken, the world of duality will turn Inside Out. Anything which does not vibrate in the frequency of Trueness and Love will be removed from Planet Earth. Planet Earth will shuck off the illusory skin of duality, like a dog shaking off fleas.

This will bring about a MEGA RESET. The authentic New World will be revealed in all its natural wonder. It will be born from the debris of the old one, just like the phoenix rising from the ashes. Once this happens, a deeply transformative healing will take place, which will be much easier than we can imagine. And all our lifetimes of struggle and hardship to awaken and transform the illusory world of duality will be quickly forgotten….

November 2016 Overview


October took us Off the Map of our old ways and brought us deep transformation so we could enter November with a noticeable, huge shift in energy. Now, we can only move towards what we know is completely True. We’re on the Fast Track, propelled forward into our True Lives. And our One True Being has never been stronger!

We are now in The Dance and are being irrevocably pulled into our True Directions with our True Family. As we move forward, we continue to release anything which feels limiting or false. This huge letting go contributes to a massive release of duality from the planetary matrix.

November is about deepening. The entire planet is undergoing an in-depth transformation. We are becoming increasingly aware of the unconscious choices we make every day of our lives and of where we put our energy and attention.

In November, we feel more confidant and will walk with a lighter step. We are more our true, authentic selves than ever before. We are more committed to staying True, despite all outer distractions. We feel ready, even though we might not yet know what we are ready for.

After all the highlighted craziness this year, the numbness still affects many. Or at least this is what we are led to believe. But a lot of people are now responding differently. Many people are waking up and taking stands against all this madness. They are choosing to openly be True Ones, choosing Love over fear and separation, choosing to align themselves with the New Reality. It is a great comfort and joy to see this happening. It’s all in our hands now and much depends on how strong we can stand together. How true we can be.

Increasing numbers of us will choose to step into the Crystal Arrow of Trueness and become an active part of the Tipping Point. Being in this position will greatly empower us. By doing this, we will exceed the 100th Monkey syndrome and the stone of duality will split apart.

When this happens, there may well be a big upheaval, bringing a temporary time of chaos. We need to be prepared for this, so if it happens, we can stand our ground as True Ones and not get washed away by the tumultuous waves of duality. Our responsibility is to remain stable, solid, true and not be seduced off of our True Direction and True Purpose by any type of upheaval or manipulation.

It is clearer than ever before how necessary it is to tune out the surreal, unreal, clamor of duality and anchor ourselves DEEPLY into the New Reality. We want to stay tuned into our One True Being, yet we also don’t want to get dragged down by the fears and anguish of the collective. We are walking the razor’s edge into the vast Unknown where every step from now onwards must be an absolutely true one.

From now until the end of the year, we will be bombarded by distractions that try to pull us back into duality. Some of them come cleverly disguised as revered traditions wrapped in old ideas or entrenched habits. Perhaps it’s time to take a good look at our duality-based holidays and see if we really want to celebrate the subjugation of the Native Americans by the Pilgrims at Thanksgiving? Maybe we can exchange this for something else that we are thankful for. Do we really need to immerse ourselves in the Christmas gift giving frenzy? Maybe there’s a new way we can celebrate these holidays that is more real and true? Or perhaps, we’ve celebrated these old holidays enough and can now let them go, so we can move on to celebrate the events that have had a significant impact on awakening humanity to a New Reality.

This is the moment, emerging from our many lifetimes, where those of us who are prepared can travel backward in linear time and disconnect our future from the history that has formed this delusional existence. We are truly weary of the expired Empire we have been subjected to for aeons and ready to live True Lives in True Community, something which our hearts have longed to manifest for generations.

During November and December we will stand up for what we know to be True. Many are preparing to leave their old life situations. We will be making plans with our True Family and prepare to move into our True Directions so we can be in our True Homes in 2017. In January and February, many of us will make decisive steps to leap into action and move into our True Lives.

Everything is speeding up to the moment of mass emergence into the wondrous New Reality! We are stepping free of all illusion. As we align with our Wildest Dreams and Truest Directions, we will be filled with fresh new energy. It may get darkest before the Dawn of a New Story, but we will be clear, calm, centered, and quickened by the knowledge it is underway, and nothing will stop it.

November calls us to hold the resonance of the New Reality as the ONLY Reality. Let’s put our entire focus on making the shift of reality systems happen. Anything less is not acceptable. Let’s stand together in the Tip of the Point. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!


With True AN Love

With Loving Gratitude to these brilliant contributors:
Aliana, Areolia, Barbara, Denise, Diane, Emanaku, Ganesha, Inger, Keenuane, Lea, Lili, Monique, Susan, Teresia, Viviana

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If these films are made with integrity and Trueness, they will wake up millions of people all over the world and touch them deeply.

Over the years, I’ve been approached by several movie producers and had meetings with them in Hollywood, but it never felt like the Right Time or the Right People. Now it is the Right Time. So we only have to find the Right People to make these films.

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To get this far has been a much welcomed miracle, grounded in a deep sense of Trueness. Our third and final land payment will be due in January. We still need to raise $27,000 to make this final payment.

If you wish to help us expand the Heart of AN, you can either make a donation or a personal loan.

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With deep Love and Gratitude!


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  1. Thank you for this beautiful report. Solara, I first heard about you from my older friend, Faye Clipson. She kept referring to you, so I finally found you on the Internet some years ago, and have often visited your website. Faye died Election Day here in the U.S. on November 9 at age 85. On my birthday, October 11, she gave me a reading. The entire 15 years that I’ve known her, she promised me a reading, but somehow it never happened, so I requested one as a birthday present. In her reading she saw that the Heart of An was very important to me, and that I should spend time there. This doesn’t seem possible right now as I am going through chemo treatment for cancer, but maybe in another year or so it will be. I really appreciate the video you made sharing the mudras, and I will watch it every day, and join you in these beautiful movements.

    I wish you luck in all of your endeavors. I wish I weren’t so poor so that I could help support you. That is actually an aspect of the new reality that I hope to manifest. I would like to manifest my dreams of writing for income and to help shift the paradigm, of starting the community of Terra Haven, and of building arcologies as a community-based alternative to sprawling cities… to creating peace on other through more loving relationships of sharing and caring for each other and our Earth.

    I love your analogy of the crystal point to break apart the world of duality. I often do ceremonies with sound healing and gemstone crystal layouts. I am going to learn these mudras well, and start adding them to my ceremonies, as I believe movement, dance, breathing, and music can be more effective in changing our reality than anything else.

    Thank you for sharing so much. I had a flash of connection with you while you were sharing the mudras of the 11th gate. REcently I acquired a selenite white egg that takes me almost immediately to an interdimensional state. You have made yourself a being that operates like this with people. I am most grateful for all that you have done.

  2. Thank you for the great report!
    It is so beautiful and refreshing to see you all do the mudras at the very Heart of AN and to learn about the beautiful new mudras of AN and the Heart of AN.
    Muani, Muani, Muani!
    We will achor them here as we celebrate on Friday the 11.11.
    Pure true love from Chile,


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