Solaras February 2017 Surf Report
Living in Paradox

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January 2017 Review

January was a time when many of us experienced a massive Wake Up Call. We were abruptly pulled out of our complacency and discovered that the world of duality was becoming increasingly hostile. Each day, the fabric of our old reality has been unfolded and shaken out, like sheets on a bed, and just as all the wrinkles appear to be smoothed out, a storm blows the windows open and everything is in disarray again. The times we are in are laced with unpredictability and the unexpected. Duality is being exposed like never before. It is cracking wide open, revealing the darkest crevices that have long been hidden.

In January, we gained a greater clarity of the dynamic of duality and started to stand up for what we know to be True. This month we knew, more than ever before, that it’s of utmost importance to focus on what is our Truest Reality.

For those of us who are in the process of anchoring our beings in the New Reality, January brought us a new lightness. We were propelled forward onto our True Paths with a surge of deep love and excitement. The old reality of duality felt increasingly unreal.

We experienced bursts of enthusiastic action, followed by periods of collapsing into profound exhaustion when we could barely move. These periods of not-doing were most necessary, for we are actually doing things on unseen levels of pure energy that are important. Then we would pick ourselves up and leap back into joyous action.

All the while, the old world of duality was clamoring for our attention, wanting us to make it real again.

Shock upon Repeated Shock!

Shock upon Repeated Shock
Let the thunder roll and spread terror a hundred miles around;
the superior man remains so composed and reverent in spirit
that the sacred rite is not interrupted.

Shock brings success.
Shock comes ~ oh, oh!
Laughing words ~ ha, ha!
The shock terrifies for a hundred miles,
And he does not let fall the sacred chalice.

…. the I Ching or Chinese Book of Changes

Many things are happening this year that we couldn’t possibly imagine before. They are happening with great intensity, both internally and externally. The scope of these massive changes is almost inconceivable.

Last year, I wrote that the vise was already in position and was tightening its grip. Now, the vise is becoming REALLY tight. We have to act soon to reclaim our freedom or it will be gone. We have to be proactive and not wait for things to get worse before we do something.

Major cracks are already forming in the Rock of Duality. The formation of these new cracks has been greatly aided by the new “celebrity” President of the United States. His first two weeks in office have brought a series of Shock upon Repeated Shocks.

Many would have preferred to have the status quo continue with a different presidential choice, but in the Great Play of our cycle of lifetimes, the less subtle choice has forced a more dramatic Final Act of Awakening. The Fires of Transformation are burning away all the dross, melting and molding us into the pure gold we are. It’s interesting how quickly everything can tilt into a different position so that what has long been hidden can be clearly seen. It’s not that these things weren’t happening before, but they weren’t as visible as they are now.

The Assault on Truth

One of the ways that we get pulled back into duality is through the proliferation of false news. Places like Facebook and popular news sites abound with it. False news is like a Hall of Mirrors where everything gets reflected back and forth, adding layers of distortion, until we can’t clearly see where it originated. With so much bouncing around of the “Truth”, it becomes almost impossible to know what is real and what is false. The real Truth becomes greatly diluted and distorted. This is true especially if we are relying on outer sources of information. But if we are listening to our True Heart’s Knowingness, we won’t be sucked in.

When false news is spread outwards, it takes on a life of itself, just like a stone rolling down a mountainside and gathering layers of dust and debris until it becomes a boulder. A good example of this happened a few days ago, when there were two separate news stories that appeared a few days apart about how Standing Rock had been overrun by police who burned down all the tipis. The first story was even illustrated with a very realistic photo of burning tipis, which turned out to be from an old movie. One clue of the falseness of this story was the row of pine trees behind the burning tipis, when there aren’t any pine trees at Standing Rock.

Instead of checking the accuracy of these stories, some people threw themselves into emotional reactions. “Oh no!”, “How horrific!”, “How could they do this?” when in fact, nothing had happened. The same thing happened a few days later with another false news story about the invasion of another camp there. Even though people at Standing Rock stated that these were untrue stories, they still kept bouncing around the internet.

This reminds me of Aesop’s story of “The Boy Who Cried Wolf!”. And we don’t want to fall into the same trap. If there ever is an invasion of the camps at Standing Rock, our emotions will already be spent. We’ll just say, “Oh, they’re doing it again?” And in the moment when our true response is deeply needed, we won’t be there.

We all need to dust off our integrity and watch that we don’t fall into the trap of spreading false news and sharing stories which haven’t been verified that they’re true. During these tumultuous times, Trueness is vitally important. It’s our responsibility to hold fast to what is Real and True, no matter what.

2017 is the year in which we either sink or swim, both individually and collectively. The outgoing tide of duality is very strong and forceful and is doing its utmost to pull us out with it.

But if we take a clear look at what is really going on, it becomes obvious that remaining in our old positions in the world of duality is not such a safe place to be. If we are still trying to cling onto the illusion that these are “normal” times, we will be brought to our senses very soon. This realization might come in the form of huge Wake Up Calls, brought to us by the extremely persistent and dedicated Fire Rooster who will be crowing loudly right outside our window all year long. If we don’t voluntarily wake up soon, we might be rudely awakened by shocking events that will rip asunder the fabric of what we previously assumed was real. This will mark the end of pretending that these are normal times.

Fortunately, the incoming tide of the New Reality is infinitely stronger than the outgoing tide of duality. The New Reality is becoming more visible and more tangible every day. And it calls to the true core essence of our beings, even louder than the Fire Rooster.

The challenge for some is that the New Reality isn’t the same as what we are used to. It vibrates at a totally new frequency. It doesn’t come with a guidebook or a map to show us where to go or how to do things. We discover what is there by making steps that are True and Real. The New Reality is not a place where we can use our old skill set. Some of our known areas of mastery will be unnecessary and drop away. This scares some people because they still have fear of the Unknown.

Inhabiting the New Reality does require a whole new way of being and a totally new way of doing things. We need to step far beyond our old well worn, familiar comfort zones. For some, this brings up a lot of ingrained fear and resistance. Often these aren’t even fears or resistances that we were aware that we had. But, boy, do they want our attention now! Whenever they rise up, it’s super helpful if we are consciously aware of what’s affecting us, rather than being unconsciously influenced by them. The next step is to courageously dismantle them and follow our True Knowingness without hesitation or doubt.

Manifesting our True Lives in the New Reality is one of the best things we can do now. There’s a huge difference between living a “normal” life and living a True Life that many people don’t yet get. A “normal” life is still anchored in duality, while a True Life isn’t. This is true even when we are living good “normal” lives and eating healthy food and doing spiritual practices. All of this is helpful and positive, but it doesn’t move us to a level beyond duality.

Once we enter the New Reality, we discover that it’s a wondrous new world that is surprisingly comforting and familiar. It’s not scary at all! Yes, it’s not familiar in the same way that our old life in duality was, but it is familiar, comfortable and inspiring because it is so deeply aligned with who we truly are. Familiar because it is infused with Pure True Love. The New Reality of AN feels like the Home we have always yearned for. And it is!

The Story of Boma

Many years ago, I used to do lots of guided meditations. This was an important phase in my self discovery process. Here is my story of meeting Boma:

One time, I encountered a huge, Tibetan wrathful deity who danced menacingly in front of me, totally blocking my path. He was truly terrifying and wore a necklace of skulls that dripped with fresh blood.

Following the form of self guided meditation, I asked him his name. “BOMA!” he bellowed. Then, I asked him what he represented in my life. “IGNORANCE!”, he growled. Next, I asked him what he wanted from me in order to allow me to pass. “I want ALL your aspirations, ALL your wisdom, ALL your most precious and sacred longings!” he demanded.

This I could not do. So I sat down, somewhat confused and perplexed. Finally, I asked my guide, who is the Ancient Egyptian God Ptah, what to do? He gently suggested that I might give Boma something yellow.

Something yellow? What did he mean? This didn’t make any sense. Then I received an inner prompting to look in my pocket and discovered that there was a banana in it. A nice, YELLOW banana!

I had some trepidation about giving a mere banana to this huge, menacing deity who wanted all the best aspects from me, but it was all I could find. And it was yellow. So, I stood up and with all the courage I could muster, said to Boma, “I can’t give you my aspirations, my wisdom or my most precious and sacred longings, but how about this nice, yellow banana?”

Boma snatched the banana out of my outstretched hands, stripped back the peel and stuffed the entire banana in his mouth. As he did, he moved aside to let me pass.

From this experience, I learned the great lesson that you never have to give ignorant people your most precious gifts. They are quite happy with something as simple as a banana ~ something obvious and quickly consumed.

And I share this story with you because it might be useful during these times when Ignorance is trying so hard to assert its control over us. Let’s remember that despite their scary appearances, we don’t need to be intimidated by these apparitions of duality. Boma was quite easy to pass by.

Choose Your Battles!

Many people would rather fight against something, rather than fight for something. Like “Stop War!” rather than “Live Peace”. When we fight against something, we turn our attention to what we are fighting, instead of focusing on what we want to happen. By doing this, we become pawns on the chessboard of duality, when what we really want to do is to throw the entire, ugly chessboard into the trash!

If we choose our battles, we act when and where we can be most effective. We don’t allow ourselves to be seduced into the emotional highs and lows of reactions. If we do, we become polarized by duality and become part of it again. This is how duality cleverly continues to be fed by us.

Please remember that there are never any Final Battles in duality. The linear dynamic of duality is not set up for a decisive victory. The only way to truly vanquish it is to step out of it.

It’s time to be like Warriors of Love and Trueness and pull all our energy back into the center of our beings ~ into our Heart’s Core. We need to be ultra alert and ready for anything at all times. Our energy is concentrated in our heart, but our senses are extended. We are at rest, but ready to leap into action.

A True Warrior always knows what is going on behind him and what is happening in the unseen worlds. The Warrior gathers their energy until the right moment for action. They don’t dissipate their energy by reacting to every tiny mosquito that flies by. They watch. They listen. They are ultra alert. They stay centered in Love and Trueness. And when the moment is right, they leap into decisive action!

Triangulation is the Key


The world of duality is becoming so unpleasant, so dangerous and unreal that we really don’t want to live there anymore. We have to be proactive and pull the plug out of the bathtub of duality so that all the dirty water will drain out. And we need to do this now.

Whether or not we like our politicians, the policies of our governments and the greed of the bankers and corporations, they are all serving us by making visible the numerous elements which are out of balance and need to be drastically changed. All the terribly unjust things that they are doing are catalyzing change at an accelerated rate. It is becoming increasingly obvious that it is totally up to us to bring forth the changes that we desire to be implemented. We are the ones who have to reinsert Love, Compassion and Truth into the world. We are the ones who have to protect our Mother Earth. No one else is going to do it.

We are the Midwives of Healing, Compassion and Transformation. We all need to stand up for what is right in whatever ways we can. (We are all Standing Rock!) And this is already starting to happen.

There are many levels that we can do this on. And we can work on several levels at once. They are all helpful, but have differing degrees of effectiveness. If we want to be most effective, then our task is to step out of duality and create a new Third Point of Oneness. By doing this, we will stretch and expand the linear patterning of duality by triangulating it into a totally new configuration. This Triangulation creates a Third Point that is OUTSIDE of the linear patterning of duality. It brings forth a totally new dynamic and births a New Paradigm. Triangulation creates the new matrix of Oneness.

As I wrote in the Year 2017 Surf Report, Triangulation is the Key!

The New Mudra of Triangulation: Part One

Here is the new Triangulation Mudra explained by me. The second part of the Mudra will be revealed in a few months.

1. Place your hands on your heart so they form an X. This shows that we are heart centered beings. Breathe in and out deeply, feeling your Love.

2. Put your hands into fists in front of your heart. Feel the dynamic of duality. Suddenly your two fists are in opposition to each other. (You can make growling sounds when you do this, if you like, to more strongly feel duality.)

3. Pull your fists outwards to the sides of your body as far as they will go. Feel the force of duality in your whole body. (When I do this part, I sometimes feel like snarling or roaring.)

4. Now, make a conscious decision to flip over duality. Turn your fists over so your closed palms are facing upwards.

5. Open your hands so that your open palms are facing upwards. As you do this, feel yourself releasing all the duality from your body. You should feel so much lighter as all the tension of duality leaves your body.

6. Raise your open hands upwards until your fingertips touch in the air above your head. Your arms and hands will form a triangle above you. While you do this, please have the sides of your fingers touching on each hand.

7. Focus your energy and position your being into the new Third Point. This Third Point isn’t just within your arms, but the triangle you’ve created extends all the way downwards.

8. Breathe in and out the energy of the Third Point. Feel how free of duality you have become.

Please practice this Triangulation Mudra frequently until the energy of the New Reality, of Oneness, permeates your entire being.

The Paradox of Living in Two Realities

What’s very interesting at this time is that while outer appearances are showing us a rather ominous scenario with a corresponding set of threatening experiences, if we go into our Heart’s Knowingness, our true feelings are showing us a completely different reality with a totally different set of experiences.

The Paradox is that while we can see that the outer world situation is super bizarre, somewhat terrifying and completely off balance, it is feeling increasingly unreal. Some things are so bad that it is almost to the point of absurd ridiculousness. While we unquestionably don’t like what we see in the world of duality, many of us are surprisingly filled with waves of creative inspiration and boundless enthusiasm. We feel strangely excited and optimistic about the future. How can this be?

When we are connected with our True Heart’s Knowingness, our overriding feeling is great excitement and a sense of awe at the fresh energy and deep Love of the New Reality that is pouring in. The New Reality of AN continues to become stronger and evermore visible. This gives us a viable alternative to inhabiting the collapsing world of duality. And for that, we can only be grateful.


This shift of realities that’s taking place is more than merely moving from the black, white and grey world of duality into a technicolor world. It’s like moving to a New Reality that is full of unimaginably vibrant colors that are beyond our known spectrum.

The choice between inhabiting duality or the New Reality is not a linear veering off into different directions, like a fork in the road. Rather it’s the choice of staying where we are in the tired dynamic of duality while trying to hold onto our rapidly crumbling known world OR of expanding into Trueness and soaring like a Golden Phoenix.

If we choose to become Phoenixes this year, we will take flight from the burnt ashes of the dying world of duality. We will spread our wings while expanding even further and fly right into the Heart of the Sun, coming out the other side, then flying through all twenty seven Suns beyond the Sun, flying to our Great Central Sun, flying through all thirty-three Great Central Suns and arriving at the Greater Central Sun where our feathers sparkle with a thousand iridescent hues and the Phoenix can finally expand into its full size. This is when we discover that HOME is HERE. NOW. On this physical planet Earth.

With so much energy swirling around us, we know that the path is wide open for us to create a bright, new future, a wondrous New True World. By wholeheartedly taking this path, we will inspire many others to make this journey.

For many years, the best position where we could place ourselves was in the Eye of the Storm. But I’ve now realized that this is no longer true. We need to position ourselves, not in the Eye of the Storm, but in an expanded position ABOVE and BEYOND the storm. We have to BE LARGER than the storm! We need to stay neutral and centered in our Heart’s Knowingness that on the infinitely vaster level beyond duality ~ ALL IS WELL.

February 2017 Overview

“I prayed for twenty years,
but received no answer until I prayed with my legs.”

….Frederick Douglass


February feels a lot like giving birth. There is such an intensity, but no option of stopping what we are doing. Just like when we are in the midst of labor giving birth to a baby, we can’t suddenly pretend that we’re having a normal day and decide to go out and see a movie. We have to put our full beings into the present moment of the HERE and NOW. Yet, even though everything is super intense and concentrated, there’s also a sense of exhilaration and great excitement about the impending birth which spurs us on.

All month long, we will be surfing a massive creative surge. February is full of unlimited possibilities and boundless energy. The energies are intense and there is way too much to do, but we are excited to do it! New creative ideas are pouring in and we want to do them all. This is when we have to focus on the most urgent tasks and place the other ones on the back burner to simmer.

We are in a time when everything is being greatly accelerated, passing from one shocking event to another while myriad cracks are developing in all aspects of the old paradigm and an infusion of fresh, true energy is entering. While much in the outside world tries to separate us, we are creating bridges, rather than building walls. A bonfire has been lit in humanity and is spreading like wildfire all over the planet.

February feels like a defining moment when so many of us will reach greater clarity about what is true and decide to stand up as conscious catalysts of change. Collectively, we are far different and much stronger then we were a few months ago. We have a greater ability to not be pulled into the manufactured dramas of duality. We are now ready to demonstrate and expand our Love and Compassion to protect our people and planet.

Each step that we take this month is like making a footprint into soft mud. It either pulls you in deeper or you barely touch it. This is why all our steps need to be true ones. Fortunately in all this seriousness, there are insertion points of humor when we least expect them. Those who are addicted to the drama, who aren’t acting as dedicated pillars of Truth and who aren’t taking self-responsibility will find it the hardest.

Many of us are connecting with our True Direction and moving to new locations to begin living a True Life. These are often simpler lives, close to nature. Those of us who have had to do it alone for a long time may, all of a sudden, find kindred friends. And we all have the possibility of encountering allies in unexpected places.

While our True Path is open and clear, the outside world is becoming increasingly crazy. The crazier it becomes, the easier it is to get drawn into opposing it. We have to be careful, for if we do this, it will keep us hooked into duality. This doesn’t mean that we don’t take stands; it’s important to do so. We definitely cannot sit passively on the sidelines as observers, but we also have to be alert that we keep our expanded perspective at all times and don’t allow ourselves to be polarized.

What we don’t need are more New Age platitudes that will make us feel better for five minutes, like eating a piece of chocolate or putting on a band-aid. We also don’t need more fear based reactions. Instead, what we do need is to constantly nourish the TRUE and REAL in all areas of our lives. We can do this by manifesting our creative inspirations into the physical world. We can recalibrate our immediate environment so it serves as an anchor point of the New Reality.

When we are constantly barraged with too much input coming from myriad sources on many levels, it disperses our energy. This is when it’s essential that we don’t turn ourselves off and avoid what is going on in the world of duality. It’s important that we don’t shut down, become numb or are paralyzed with inertia. We need to be aware of everything, yet not hooked into it energetically on a duality-level. We do this by being LARGER than whatever is going on. Silent Watchers.

Even though many of us are filled with enthusiasm and bursting with fresh energy to fully birth the New Reality, we are also feeling a sense of profound exhaustion, as if we haven’t slept for weeks. This is being caused by the off the chart intensity of the energy all over the planet, combined with the anguish felt by the collective because of so much uncertainty in the world, as well as the far reaching scope of the creative projects that we are bringing to birth. When we do fall asleep, it’s like falling into a trance. Our sleeps are extremely deep with long, involved dreams which disappear as soon as we wake up.

Chaotic times give us myriad opportunities to show the brilliant lights of our Firebird feathers. Let’s shine brightly! We Were Made For These Times.

With True AN Love,

With deep Gratitude and Love for the brilliant insights from:
An Xahel, Ariel, Belinda, Bertrand, Carmen, Darcy, Deane, Denise, Diane,
Emanáku, Florencia, Ganesha, Giselle, Indigo, Inger, Keenuane, Kimah, Lea,
Monique, Rodaan, Sally, Sandra, Sarah, Sieghilde, Tracey, Trinity



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