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Solara’s March 2017 Surf Report
The Blueprint of the New Reality

We are all well aware of the troubled times we are living in, with new challenges arriving each day. Because of this, I have chosen to put the main emphasis of this Surf Report on being proactive, focusing on the very effective practices we can do to bring duality to an end by triangulating it so we create a New True World.

We haven’t yet created the video of the Triangulation Mudra since we’ve had several weeks of rain. But as soon as we can, we will make the video and put it online.

February 2017 Review

February was an intense month that brought many of us a series of completely unexpected Shock upon Repeated Shocks. This was especially apparent as we moved through the corridor between February’s set of eclipses on the 10th and 26th.

In the first month of the Fire Rooster, the Fires of Transformation started to burn. Many things which have long been hidden were starting to come up to the surface and often, this wasn’t a pretty sight! Some of the fuel for the Fires of Transformation were not elements which we thought we wanted to burn away, nor had we previously realized that they needed to burn. This is what gave many of us a profound sense of shock. As many of these expired elements continue to burn, this creates the ashes for the reborn Phoenix to arise. A bonfire has been lit in humanity and is spreading like wildfire all over the planet. And this is just the beginning!

We are in a time when everything is being greatly accelerated, passing from one shocking event to another, while myriad cracks develop in the old paradigm. At the same time, we are experiencing an infusion of fresh, true energy.

February felt like a defining moment when many of us reached greater clarity about what is True and decided to stand up as conscious catalysts of change. Collectively, we are far different, much stronger and more awake then we were a few months ago. We have a greater ability to stand true and not be manipulated by the manufactured dramas of duality. We are now ready to demonstrate and expand our Love and Compassion to protect our people and planet.

Shock upon Repeated Shock - Part Two

Since this year began, we’ve been experiencing a series of Shock upon Repeated Shocks. Some of us have felt shattered and traumatized for several months, especially since the US presidential election. This is likely to continue until enough of us triangulate duality by anchoring our beings in the newly created Third Point so duality is no longer the prevailing reality upon the planet.

Sudden, shocking events always lead us to a totally unexpected, major letting go. When Shock happens, it’s undeniably shattering. This shattering cannot be avoided. Yet somewhat surprisingly, the shattering has a positive effect. It breaks apart what needs to be broken.

When shock occurs, we may try to put together the pieces that have just shattered and return to the Way Things Used To Be, but this cannot be done. Shocking events trigger off the usual duality-based emotional reactions within us until we realize that there are truer, more expanded ways of perceiving what is happening. Once we do this, we realize that on a deeper level, ALL IS WELL.

In our Heart’s Knowingness, we know that letting go is what is most required. New doors, new experiences, new opportunities and new people are waiting for us. It’s important to remember that we’re in a time when outer appearances tell us one story, yet in our inner knowing, we sense the unfoldment of a totally different, infinitely vaster story, which is our True Story.

Shock cuts us open down the middle of our being, much like open heart surgery. When there’s Shock upon Repeated Shock, even deeper layers open up. This makes us feel stretched open and extremely expanded. The old boundaries of our beings disappear, yet we don’t feel vulnerable ~ just wide open. When we are so vastly stretched open, it’s difficult to focus on something small. It’s nearly impossible to do any kind of detailed, mental work, especially at a computer.

Many of us feel split open and shattered. The positive effect of shocks is that they crack us open in places that were closed before. They shatter the old paradigm. Much like an earthquake, shocks effectively collapse our limiting beliefs and remove many untrue elements of our old lives. After the loosening has taken place, it only takes a minor aftershock to trigger more layers to tumble down.

Shocks upon Repeated Shocks are happening to expand us far beyond our previous comfort zones and to take us into totally new territory. And even if we try to close ourselves up, we can’t. Being wide open is our new way of being.

The Planetary Wobble

The Wheels of Time are spinning faster and faster until it feels like they will soon fall off. Time is now like a gyroscope which is spinning wildly out of control, much like a washing machine load that is so full and heavy that it can’t spin smoothly. Since the load is unbalanced, it starts rotating wildly with jerky movements until it goes completely out of balance and the machine stops. That’s when the alarm goes off!

This is all a sign that the long awaited Pole Shift is on its way and we are already in the gyration stage. The planetary wobble that is loosening the pins of our planetary poles is being felt by us both internally and externally as everything all around us is being loosened from their old positions.


As we know, space is not linear, but contains numerous pockets and folds. Now is the time when significant movement is taking place in space. This is why new planets are being discovered in neighboring galaxies. Various pockets are unfolding, revealing new sectors of our galaxy and beyond. Here on Earth, there are certain, special physical locations with specific combinations of energy which are aligned with the frequencies emanating from the opening of new pockets and folds in space. When these pockets and folds open up, new energies that were previously inaccessible to us are finally revealed.

At the same time, there are some distorted energies which are in the process of being removed from this planet. They are being retracted into newly created pockets or folds. This includes some of the artificial life support systems being utilized by those who have usurped control on Earth which are now being dismantled. This process is being greatly aided and accelerated by those of us who are consciously removing the threads of our beings from the Tapestry of Duality and reweaving them into the Tapestry of Oneness, for this cuts off their sustenance. And this is why some of the entities who don’t belong on our planet are becoming ever more desperate.

Reprogramming our Responses

March brings us a disciplined approach to healing our old trigger responses. We need to learn how to reprogram our duality-based reactions or we will get constantly pulled into reaction mode which is the exact OPPOSITE of what we need to do. We now have the opportunity to completely transform them by taking them out of and BEYOND the linear patterning of duality.


When a hostile energy comes at us within the linear patterning of duality, we have a variety of available responses. Here are a few:


We can retract our energy back into ourselves, feel hurt and shut down.


We can feel intimidated, go into fear and allow ourselves to become weak and disempowered.


We can go into reaction mode and lash out at the person / situation that caused our distress. But when we do this, we have been polarized by duality and become a part of it.

These are all examples of the programmed responses of duality that we were taught from an early age. These reactions always work in a linear manner, between US and THEM. When we are triggered into duality-based responses, we give our power away and remain hooked into duality.


There is a more expanded, true way of responding which is not hooked into duality. Instead of reacting in a linear manner, we expand our energy beyond duality. To do this, we let the momentum of the duality-based energy that comes at us push us back into the center of our being. Here we reconnect in our heart with Who We Really Are, gather our strength and recenter ourselves in Trueness.

Then instead of a back and forth, US versus THEM linear movement, we bring our energy forward by making a circular movement which goes backwards, outwards and upwards and then forward. It’s like a circular embrace, rather than a confrontation.


When we do this, we can meet any situation with greater strength, clarity and love because we have become LARGER than duality by stepping out of it. Our beings are now anchored in the Third Point. Please try this and you will feel the difference this makes.

As we reprogram our responses from being linear (duality-based) to being circular (coming with great Love and Trueness from the New Reality), it shatters an old shell that needs to be broken….

The Blueprint of the New Reality


The Unknown is full and pregnant and the new birth is imminent. Although we are now infinitely more aware of what is really going on, there is much which we still don’t see. It’s important that we see it soon. Many of us can strongly feel something massive building up on the near horizon ~ huge revelations of new information or an uncovering of something which has long been hidden or the arrival of something which we couldn’t see before.

We are in the process of stepping into a whole new realm of awareness. When we expand our beings to encompass more of our True Being, some ingrained habits naturally fall away and new, healthier behaviors arrive. Many of these are things that we may have been aware of wanting to do before, but now we can finally incorporate them into our lives.

We may have the feeling that we already have many of the elements which we need or most desire, but they’re not quite ready to be utilized yet. It’s not because we’re “saving” them for later, it’s just that their right time isn’t here yet. Or we may feel our desired elements hovering just out of sight, almost within reach.

We are standing in the centerpoint of the Wheel of the Expanded HERE and NOW. As we become more authentic and true, more concentric circles appear around us. There are circles within circles within the Wheel. These concentric circles create the Blueprint of the New Reality. They are our Key to stepping out of duality.


When we stop seeing ourselves as simply normal people living normal lives and instead see ourselves as sitting in the centerpoint of the Wheel of the Expanded HERE and NOW as the King or Queen of our realm, a great shift takes place. Not only are we balanced and empowered, but we have positioned ourselves OUTSIDE and BEYOND duality. This is the position where we can be the most effective in bringing positive, lasting change to the planet.

As we increasingly anchor our beings in Trueness, new, larger circles appear. This isn’t simply an expansion of our core self ~ there’s an element of exciting newness about who we are becoming. We are expanding our awareness into totally new territory that is totally Off the Map of the Known.

Seeded in these rings of concentric circles are the elements which we want or need to manifest in our lives. The Crystal Arrows of our True Purpose are there. These show us the unique ways in which we can best serve the planet and humanity. Our True Partners, True People and True Homes are also seeded within these circles. But if we currently have four visible circles in our Wheel and what we want to manifest is located in the eighth circle, we can’t manifest it until we expand our awareness to encompass the eighth circle.

We can’t leave the centerpoint of our Wheel and run around trying to find the eighth circle. We can’t reach out and try to grab it out of thin air and pull it to us. Searching or trying to force it to happen won’t work. We cannot clearly see or access the larger circles that we aren’t yet fully living. We have to incorporate them in our every day lives. If we are currently inhabiting three circles and what we want or need is in the ninth circle, how do we get there?

We must stand strong and true within our Wheel of the Expanded HERE and NOW until it naturally expands. We cannot allow ourselves to be smaller than we really are and just inhabit one or two of our circles. And I might add that if we don’t honor the circles which we already have by fully incorporating them into our daily lives, they may well disappear back into the Invisible.

It like starting to build a house and yearning for a nice, warm bubble bath. First we need to clear the land, build the foundation, put in the plumbing and electricity, build the walls, put on the roof, make the floors, install windows and doors, create a kitchen and put fixtures in the bathroom. Then we need to move in and actually live in the house we have built. Only then, do we have the possibility of a bubble bath.

The same is true of the rings of concentric circles that form our Personal Blueprint within the New Reality. We must put our full focus on where we are in this moment and expand into the circles which have already appeared by fully incorporating them into our daily lives. We need to live in all the visible circles at once. When we do this, more circles will appear and more of our Blueprint will be revealed.


Seeded within our unmanifested circles are everything that we most desire in order to fulfill Who We Are and Why We Are Here on every level possible. These seeds are like jewels scattered on a thread, sparkling in the Sun. These seeds on the concentric circles around us on the Wheel of the Expanded HERE and NOW replace our Sealed Orders which have become too linear, since we are now leaving the linear patterning of duality. They are also different than what was encoded into our Cellular Memory Banks right before we first came to this planet which were the instructions and remembrances which brought us to this point, but will not take us much further. The seeds of the New and True come from the New Reality of AN which is what brings in the element of new freshness. We haven’t encountered these seeds before.

We can see this clearly here at the Heart of AN in Peru. With the help of the Family of AN, we finally bought the beautiful piece of sacred land which adjoins our property. Yet at this moment, our existing land and our new land are still separated by a fence and a public path which the neighbors use to go to their fields. In order to merge everything together, we first need to finish making a new public path at the far side of our new land. Then we need to build a fence around three sides of our new land. After this is done, we will be able to take down the fence which currently separates the two pieces of property.

All of this is already seeded in our circles. We have finally expanded our awareness to reach the circle which held the purchase of our land. Now, we have to reach the outer circles in which the two lands of the Heart of AN are reunited. There are many more seeds that we can feel in our rings of outer circles which aren’t yet visible. But as we continue to LIVE OUR TRUENESS, they will become visible.

We want to merge our two properties before May so the expanded Heart of AN will be ready for the vitally important, Activation of the Tower of Light of AN. During this event we will create the Tower of Light on the ground in the form of a series of circles within circles made of river rocks laced with crystals. These circles already exist energetically; it’s just that we haven’t expanded our beings sufficiently to make them physically visible. We know that when this finally happens, the AN energy will spread out all over the world in wondrous ways.

March 2017 Overview

March is a strong month which brings us profound change on many levels. After the tumultuous past few months, it’s not going to get calmer. This is just how it is during the Final Days of Duality when layers upon layers of endemic corruption are exposed and old edifices crumble. Even though we will continue to experience days when everything feels so immensely surreal that many of us wonder if it is possible to continue staying here, we are getting more used to surfing through the chaos and distortion. It’s become obvious that we chose to be here at this time, because this is when our presence is most needed.

March will bring us huge waves of Quantum Surf, both on personal levels and for us as a collective. We can already feel the energy building up for this. As we now know, all shifts aren’t necessarily easy or pretty. They demand us to constantly take off the distorted glasses of duality and look BEYOND all outer appearances. Quantum Surf challenges us to continue to be ultra alert of where we place our focus.

People everywhere are waking up and seeing the mess we’re in. This is actually energizing us to stand up and take responsibility to clean it up and create a better world. We’ve learned to no longer rely on governments, institutions, corporations or leaders to do it. This creates lots of practical organizing around social issues, as well as a coordinated resistance movement which is popping up globally that addresses the most pressing concerns about our planet, for the environment and humanity.

There’s the feeling that our entire landscape, both inner and outer, is being greatly reconfigured, even though some things may outwardly appear to be the same as before. Every month of this year brings us more elements which are On the Line. We know that we have already gone well past the Point of No Return.

Before, we might have had a well ordered, somewhat predictable, life; now it feels like almost anything could happen at any time. This makes us feel extremely unsettled and requires us to be ultra aware at all times. Many of our comfortable, normal daily habits are being broken and our complacency is being continually shattered. But just like being freed from a prison, this also makes us feel more awake, excited, energized and alive!

Because of the profound changes occurring and the barrage of jarring energies we are experiencing daily, we may find it tricky to navigate through our continually transforming landscape. Using our expanded perception, we need to constantly develop new skills and new “Out of the Box” solutions in order to get through each day. We need to set our coordinates to Stepping Free of Duality and Fully Inhabiting the New Reality. It also greatly helps when we put our focus on the world we want to create, rather than on all the things that we know are wrong in duality.

March begins with mixed energy as a profusion of elements come in on numerous levels. This creates patches of extremely Choppy Surf. Often we can’t see the Choppy Surf until we encounter it, then like stepping on slippery ice, we are propelled into unexpected directions.

In the midst of this are short periods when the Green Lights turn on brightly, without any warning. Whenever this happens, we must leap into sudden action and get as much accomplished as possible. March is a month that requires lots of effort because there is much to do.

We experienced this last week during our regular shopping trip to Cuzco. We’ve been wanting to go to the largest building supply store there for over six months, but never had time. This is the store where we had bought the beautiful solid glass blocks from Italy which we had used in our AN•Chakana and labyrinth. We had bought them almost two years ago and weren’t certain that they would still have any. But my inner voice kept urging me to go there and buy some more before they were completely gone, as we knew that they would never have them again. We have the strong feeling that we will need them for some special project that we can’t yet see, since it’s in an outer circle which isn’t visible yet.

On that day in Cuzco, the Green Lights suddenly went on and we leapt into action and immediately drove to the building supply store, where we rushed to the glass block section. And there they were! The very last ones with signs that read: Final Closeout! Last Stock! Half Price!!! It was perfect synchronicity.

Inside our beings much activity is taking place. It’s similar to one of those virus scans on a computer which zooms through all the files to see which ones are corrupted and need to be either repaired or deleted. The same process is going on within us right now. It’s time for spring cleaning, no matter where we live in the world. We are finding the doors that squeak and oiling them. Each squeak shows us where the energy is stuck. All month long, we will be scanning our beings and releasing expired beliefs, behaviors, old ways of doing things and duality-based perceptions. We will also be cleaning and reorganizing some of the hidden corners in our living spaces, such as storerooms and closets. This will open us up to receive an increased creative flow.

Instead of looking at things in the old ways, if we look at them with fresh eyes we will be able to see what is REALLY going on. Discernment is a major Key in this time. We need to constantly check out where people, situations and energy are coming from. Do they come from duality or from the New Reality? Do they make us feel good or put us in a state of confusion and hopelessness?

This is why we need to be authentic and expanded at all times so we can see the larger and truer picture of what is really going on. And why we need to stop looking at all outer events in the world through the distorted eyes of duality. All this will do is to keep us imprisoned in it. And now is the time to become truly free!

Often it’s not the actions that we are doing that are out of alignment, but it’s our attitude to them. Here’s an example from my life: Right now, our cats have lots of fleas. They’ve never had a flea problem before. We’ve tried lots of natural remedies and so far, we haven’t been able to get rid of them. Emanáku has taken on the task of flea combing the cats several times a day.

On top of everything else he has been doing, this was a bit too much and I could tell that he was getting frustrated with doing this. But I could also see how loving he was with them, how calm and reassuring he was to the cats during the combings. When I mentioned this, he could see that these flea combing sessions were actually an opportunity to demonstrate his love to the cats. This is when everything transformed and the frustration disappeared.

It’s time for us to let go of HOPE. HOPE and POTENTIAL are both passive and hollow words. HOPE is an empty yearning that will never get anything done. We can HOPE that something happens, but in doing this, we are turning this over to an outside force, rather than being proactive and connecting with our own knowingness that it will happen.

This doesn’t mean that we should try to force things to happen by using our will. Rather, it’s an internal alignment to rightness and Trueness. We place ourselves into the centerpoint of the Wheel of the Expanded HERE and Now and if what we HOPE for is real and true, it will happen.

POTENTIAL is unfulfilled greatness. As long as our POTENTIAL is unmanifest, it means nothing. POTENTIAL needs to be lived and manifested in the physical, not hidden away.

March is the month to for us to march forward with Love and Courage…. one foot in front of the other. March forward and live a True Life as a True One in the New Reality. Yes, there is much turmoil in the world right now, but what is most needed is to march forward with LOVE in our hearts and hold the Beam of Trueness wherever we may be.

It’s time for us to fully align ourselves to the Blueprint of the New Reality.

With True AN Love,

With deep Gratitude and Love for the brilliant insights from:
Ariel, Aumarius, Cher, Denise, Diane, Emanaku, Ganesha, Inger, Julie,
Keenuane, Lynda, Marianne, Morganna, Rodaan, Solange, Tracey



Solara’s 2017 Year Surf Report

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Solara's Surf Report for 2017 - Stepping In and Living True

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