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Solara’s April 2017 Surf Report
The Push to the Summit

March 2017 Review

March was a strong month of letting go, Ho’o Pono Pono and attitude adjustment. All of this helped us to see that we need to reprogram our duality-based reactions so we won’t be constantly pulled back into reaction mode which is the exact OPPOSITE of what we need to do. It is now necessary to completely transform these old trigger reactions by stepping BEYOND the linear patterning of duality.

We do this by creating an expanded Third Point which triangulates duality. From this Third Point, we can further expand our energy BEYOND duality. Our responses become circular, rather than linear. When we do this, we can meet any situation with greater strength, clarity and love because we have become LARGER than duality by stepping out of it. Our beings are now anchored in the Third Point. As we reprogram our responses from being linear (duality-based) to being circular (coming with great Love and Trueness from the New Reality), it shatters an old shell that needs to be broken.

Although we had much to do, March was a month of Yellow Lights. We could proceed with caution instead of zooming along with Green Lights. We did the best we could to complete old projects, for we could feel the massive creative surge that was approaching in April.

All month long, we had the feeling that our entire landscape ~ both inner and outer, was in the midst of being greatly reconfigured. Even though some things outwardly appeared to be the same as before, we could feel that they weren’t. We received glimpses of the Blueprint of the New Reality and began aligning ourselves with it.

Meeting the challenges of March deepened and expanded our beings. We saw with heightened clarity the places where we still hold onto duality and saw more of Who We Are BEYOND duality. This enabled us to see more clearly where we are meant to be.

Living our Vastness in the Physical

We are aware that we are physical beings who need to eat, sleep, earn money, be constantly entertained or distracted, love and be loved, while occasionally serving our fellow humans. But we are also seeing more clearly that we are vast beings composed of pure energy who exist on a far vaster scale than the physical plane. And we are now realizing that our presence is needed to do things on this vaster scale.

The problem is that we often judge ourselves that we’re not doing anything practical or useful when we are working solely in the realms of pure energy. Yet, these realms of pure energy are an important part of Who We Really Are. We have the old belief Imbedded into our linear thinking that when we’re not keeping busy on the physical plane that we are being lazy and unproductive. This now needs to be discarded, since it’s not true.

When we are dealing with everyday tasks, small practical details and urgent tasks, we think we are doing well. But this is not the whole picture of Who We Are since we are much more than that. This doesn’t mean that we should isolate ourselves, meditate and be quiet all the time, but rather that we need to incorporate and honor ALL that we are. We need to deal with the practical details of life while maintaining our vastness at all times. We need to have periods of Not-Doing on the physical without feeling guilty about it.

The same is true for those who spend most of their time floating around in a disembodied state, believing that the physical realms aren’t “spiritual” enough to be important. We are the merger of the physical and vastness and need to fully honor all of who we are.

Such a tremendous sense of balance is required of us at all times. This is especially true when we are in the midst of shifting reality systems where everything requires more effort. There’s the balance between being vast light beings while in a physical embodiment. There’s also the balance between being aware of and feeling the anguish of the collective during the collapse of duality, while putting our primary focus on birthing a New Reality.

There’s the need to make money to pay for our physical needs and desires, as well as the numerous distractions which try to keep us hooked into duality, just when we are becoming increasingly aware of the need to step free of the linear programming of duality.

We now need to consciously inhabit the physical world of form, as well as the realm of pure energy. Both are vitally important. It’s just the way it is. Love is the common denominator between our human self and our vaster being. It is present everywhere and is the air we breathe. Our task is to find that subtle point of dynamic equilibrium where we can consciously operate on multiple dimensions simultaneously.

Shifting into a New Gear


By the end of March, we either finished the projects we’d been working on or had to set them aside. It felt like much of what we had been working on disappeared almost overnight, and a whole new wave of totally unrelated creative projects immediately took their place. Now we are in the midst of shifting into a new gear.

We’ve ridden a long journey; and now we’re ready to change to a fresh horse, just like they did in the Pony Express in the old American West. Or it’s like a train that is shifting from its old iron tracks to new, titanium express tracks.

This is what has happened to us at the Heart of AN in Peru. Last month we were dealing with fleas, cleaning and purifying everything. This month everything has totally changed and we are now focusing on preparing our new land for May’s Activation of the Tower of Light of AN. The new land is suddenly full of workers who are building a fence and creating the circles within circles for the Tower of Light. There is so much to do there that it will take us the next month and a half to get everything ready. All we can do is to embrace this massive creative surge and leap into action with a smile in our hearts. It is exciting beyond words to see everything become more beautiful and alive each day!

But what’s funny is that it really doesn’t matter if we are working with fleas or preparing for a ceremony, as long as we’re putting our full being into what we are doing. This is because Mastering Service is Doing What is Needed, When it is Needed! And maybe the flea clean up was a required part of preparing for the Activation of the Tower of Light.

As we shift gears, it is moving us to a totally expanded, new level. This is happening because huge shifts are coming in April and May that will usher in many strong, but quite necessary, changes.

When we shift gears, it can throw us into a temporary state of No-Mind. This is already happening. Whole chunks of our past are dropping away. Some of us are experiencing moments when our mind goes blank and we forget names of people, events and places. When this happens, it feels like a switch gets turned off and we leave our connection to this world and move into the vast realms of pure energy. Then suddenly the switch goes on again and our remembrance turns back on.

April brings us a massive creative surge full of inspiring things to do. We have so many creative ideas which we want to manifest that at first, it may be hard to choose which ones to pursue. It’s not necessarily the biggest ones or the ones which will bring us the most money, that we will choose to do. Instead, we need to look for the ones which come with the Green Lights and open doorways.

While we manifest our creativity, we need to remember that we are also building things far beyond the visible. This is why some of us have to spend so much time sleeping or Not Doing. Often we can’t see exactly what we are doing when we’re not “here” because they are on such a vast scale that they aren’t physically visible. But this doesn’t mean that they’re not significant. Often these are the most important things we are doing!

The Push to the Summit


April represents the final push to the summit which we will reach in May. It’s similar to climbing a tall mountain such as Everest. We are now leaving the various base camps stretched out along the mountain. The push to the summit takes massive effort and requires our full focus. We have to utilize old skills that we have learned throughout many lifetimes and bring forth new skills which we didn’t know that we had within us.

While making the final climb to the summit, sometimes we have to jettison old gear (empty oxygen and water bottles), old perceptions and expired behaviors. A critical part of this push to the summit entails removing ourselves from the old linear programming of duality, for if we don’t, we won’t be able to breathe the rarified air at the top of the mountain.

As soon as we begin our push to the summit, everything moves onto the Fast Track. There’s a great acceleration as numerous situations present themselves which call forth our true mastery. This can be the most challenging part of our journey, for if we try to reach the summit by doing things in the old ways with our old attitudes, we won’t make it. We have to make each step the truest step possible, for if we do, we shall not falter.


Once we arrive at the top of the mountain, we will be able to see many things that weren’t visible before. The expanded, new vista is far beyond what we can presently imagine and fills us with enhanced clarity. This is when we can know in the very cells of our being that we are no longer part of the old reality, that we chose to go beyond the old design a long time ago, that chaotic and shocking events call for our greatest love, and that these events cannot control us; they cannot exceed us; they cannot be greater than our own greatness.

This is when we can choose to step BEYOND our old lives if we want to, and create the True Lives we have always wanted.

Stepping BEYOND the Linear


In the March Surf Report, I wrote about Repatterning our Responses. Yet I’m not sure if everyone understood what I was saying. We’ll make a video of this next month when more people are here. Repatterning our Responses and removing ourselves from the linear patterning of duality is a key element for us right now and it’s vitally important that we understand it and put it into practice until it becomes our New Normal.

Shocking events are part of the collapsing of duality and will be occurring all year, so we might as well prepare ourselves not to get thrown off of balance by them. We have to train ourselves not to go into reaction mode every time that something terrible happens. Instead, we need to let it trigger us to reconnect with our True Core Essence, then expand our being into the new Third Point and make it stronger.

We don’t ignore what has triggered us. We don’t pretend that it didn’t happen. We don’t react on a duality-based, linear level of “US” versus “THEM”. We don’t let it diminish or disempower us. We don’t go into fear. We don’t collapse into grief. We don’t run away and hide. We don’t go numb. We don’t attack. We don’t seek distractions. We don’t take endless selfies of ourself to reassure ourselves that we are worthwhile.

What we do is to expand our LOVE and TRUENESS into the Third Point and embrace everything from this new position of true strength. This is how we triangulate duality! And this is exactly what is most needed at this time.

Everything is being transformed and with this all the old memories are undergoing a redesign. We know that we have been everything, but the most important thing at this time is WHO WE ARE IN THE PRESENT MOMENT. All the rest of who we have been is now turning into dust. We are so close to meeting our True Being, to finally emerge into Who We Really Are – HERE and NOW – in this New Reality – on this New Earth, that even our names will be transformed as well.

When this happens, much of what we thought we were called to do here will be shattered. There is much that has already been completed; now our presence is required on a new level from where we can serve and create in very different ways. Here the old Instructions and Sealed Orders that accompanied us throughout our many lifetimes do not apply anymore.

During April, we will align ourselves deeper into the Centerpoint of the Blueprint of the New Reality. As we do, more of the seeds in our concentric circles will become visible and germinate before our very eyes. From here, we will be able to strengthen and give firmness to the nucleus of the New Reality, as it expands even more, reaching the darkest corners and furthest extremities of the entire planet and far beyond.

As we increasingly inhabit this new Third Point which is BEYOND duality, we will receive a new operating system that is aligned with the New Reality. When this happens, we will know for sure that we are succeeding in becoming free of duality. At first, it will not be fully operational as it will take us a while to become familiar with it.

From Anara WhiteBear:

“To receive a new operating system you must be willing to let go. This new operating system many of us are receiving is unlike any system we have known in this life. We are learning to operate from a non linear – non human place of existence while still being in body. The key here is to stop trying to do anything in the old ways and to allow yourself to fully embrace the unknown of this miraculous new program.

You may feel as if you no longer “fit in” at all. I have found myself experiencing being “locked out” of 3D and trying to open the door to get back so I could still “belong”. It is time to allow this new operating system to teach us how to use it. We must choose for the Higher Self Program to be maintained as our natural normal. This means stop making the old system be your comfort and be OK with being uncomfortable for awhile until you have learned this new operating system.”

Being the Change

There are many situations which we wish to change in this world. There are many changes that we want to happen in our lives. But instead of waiting passively for them to come to us, we need to be proactive and become the agents of change.

We have to now live our Trueness, not just talk about it. We have to stand up for what we believe. We have to be ready to leap into action at any moment. We may unexpectedly find ourselves in a situation that we haven’t been in before and we need to be aware of when we are needed.


This happened to us a few nights ago when the bell on our front gate rang at a late hour. One of our neighbors whom we didn’t know, had broken their leg and needed to be taken to the hospital. Without hesitation, Emanaku leapt out of bed, threw on his clothes and drove them there. Or an opportunity might come when we need to speak our truth, because if we don’t, it will not be spoken. We need to be ready to step in at any moment.

This is the time that we have been waiting for. We have been trained for lifetimes for this very moment. Please don’t hesitate, but leap forward and step in. Focused action connects our vastness with the physical. It enables us to manifest our greatness. If we want the desired changes to come, let’s BE THE CHANGE!

April 2017 Overview


April is a super intense month that brings us CHANGE and more CHANGE on numerous levels. There will be many endings as well as wondrous New Beginnings. April is full of extremely mixed energy which continue to be mirrored in our weather. A warm sunny day can turn into harsh rain and wind in seconds. Some things will be surprisingly easy, while others may be deeply challenging.

For the changes that we most want to manifest into our lives, we first have to make the changes within ourselves. If we want new, more loving and more true energies in the world, then we must become new, more loving and true. The most important thing we can do is to unhook ourselves from the linear programming of duality and anchor ourselves in the Third Point BEYOND duality. From this position, the desired changes will definitely come!

April will be about discovering diamonds in our own back yard, turning things inside out, with some upheaval and more integration. We will have a deeper appreciation of ourselves while coming together with others to create social change.

April is a month where everything and anything will be possible. Where we put our focus will determine what each of us experiences. Be prepared for the Unexpected! Many of us will experience dramatic pushes into our True Directions.

The chaos which precedes change is usually messy, but we can make it smoother by supporting ourselves and others with love and compassion. April will usher in a need for seeing things as they truly are at all levels. It’s a key month for letting go of old linear programming, rerouting ourselves onto a Truer Path and preparing for May’s profound RESET which will more fully align ourselves to the Blueprint of the New Reality by giving us a new operating system.

It’s long been said that “Duality is a play and all men and women are the players” Yet as we stand in the deepest truth of Who We Are and step into the New Reality, the Final Play of Duality starts to feel increasingly absurd and irrelevant. But if we allow ourselves to be drawn back into the illusion of the play and start reacting to the drama, we pour more credibility and energy into duality to keep it alive, while forgetting that duality only exists for the purpose of our learning to choose to step free of it!

Even though everyone is not yet ready to make a total shift into the New Reality, there are those of us who are already anchoring ourselves there. By our doing this, we become Beacons of Trueness. And just like a Sacred Pagoda, we can affect the entire resonance of the entire landscape, both near and far.

It’s time to shift from being shocked, enraged or saddened by the events playing out in duality so we can be proactive. If we are constantly reacting to all the wrongs in the world, we are like pawns who get tossed this way and that in the wind. But when we anchor our beings BEYOND duality, we can bring about the changes in the world which are most needed.

It’s exciting to see the extent that humanity is waking up. People are fed up with been marginalized by the forces of greed. We are helping each other more than ever. We are starting to stand up against the endemic corruption all over the world. The world feels super weird right now. Yet in the midst of the surreal strangeness are big pockets of Trueness and Deep Love that are filled with creativity and new impulses.

It’s vitally important that our words and actions are filled with integrity. Our communications need to be honest. Everything we do needs to come from Trueness. Otherwise, it’s like having leaks in our ship. If we don’t repair them quickly with Honesty, Trueness, Love and Integrity, our ship might sink. If we are merely patching our boat with more layers of lies and half truths, we might miss some brilliant opportunities. If we are preoccupied with bailing out our boat, we may not be able to hear the call of our True Direction.

At times, we may feel deeply tired. Sometimes, it feels as if we spend half of the day here and the second half of the day flattened so we can more fully inhabit another reality. Much is going on, on so many levels, that it’s really important for us to have times when we are absolutely quiet and still. This is when we can work on the pure energy level which is so greatly needed right now.

All month long, the Call of AN will become stronger and be more deeply felt by increasing numbers of people around the world. This Call of AN is a Call to True Action that we can no longer postpone. This deepening and expansion of the New Reality will greatly increase in May. The beloved energy of AN is now manifesting in many places and is being recognized as the Trueness and Love beyond Time and Space.

With True AN Love,

With deep Gratitude and Love for the brilliant insights from:
Alma, Anara, Antares, Ariel, Craig, Denise, Emanaku, Ganesha, Inger, Isai,
Keenuane, Milli, Nina, Rodaan, Ursulai



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Stepping In and Living True




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