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Solara’s May 2017 Surf Report
At the Summit

April 2017 Review

April was a super intense month that challenged us beyond measure. The intensity of the shifts coming at us felt like an ongoing bombardment. We were stretched and overstretched far beyond our previous boundaries. Our old limitations fell down one after another, like a row of dominos that stretched into infinity.

During the final weeks of the month, we passed through extremely strong Distortion Bands that suddenly made everything become strange and everyone go a bit crazy. These Distortion Bands brought us myriad glitches, shocking events and even accidents.

April represented our final push to the summit that many of us will reach in May. This push to the summit took massive effort and required our full focus. We had to utilize old skills that we learned throughout many lifetimes, while bringing forth numerous new skills which we didn’t know we had within us. As we made our arduous final climb, everything moved onto the Fast Track.

All month long, there was an impossible amount of things to do. Fortunately we were also riding a massive creative surge which pushed us along with great momentum, even when we had no more energy to take another step. And although we were traveling through extremely mixed energy, whenever we made true steps, our path was illuminated by numerous Green Lights.

April brought us change and more change which affected us on multiple levels. Since the energies were so intense, we felt ultra overstretched, stressed and thoroughly exhausted. Some spent the month completely flattened by an intense, transformational flu, similar to what I experienced last August. Some of us had our Wildest Dreams shattered and were thrust back into a place of emptiness. No matter what, we had to continually bring forth our mastery to deal with all that was happening.

Many of us felt extremely fragile, as if we were clinging onto the physical by an extremely slender thread. One puff of the wind, one moment of being unaware, and our tenuous hold to life could be unexpectedly severed. This heightened our sense of the preciousness of life and made us feel that we have to make each moment count. It also reminded us to be ultra aware in every moment. No more sloppiness and automatic pilot.

As events unfolded throughout April, there were collective gasps of fear for the planet, fear of the irrational, uncaring people in positions of power who could set disastrous conflicts in motion, fear for the preservation of our environment and fear for our very survival. This was especially difficult for those who haven’t yet learned to see beyond the surface realities of duality. They felt isolated in a place of hopelessness where no answers or solace exist.

The Sliding Puzzle


We are in the midst of a time when our old beliefs are rapidly dissolving and we are seeing what could not be seen before. Much that has long been hidden is rapidly being revealed. This allows us to finally see how many layers of endemic corruption have been deeply ingrained into our society for a very long time.

At the same time, our expanded perspective enables us to see more of what is real. New information which is coming to us in May and beyond will change us personally and globally.

I wrote in one of the April Surf Updates that it’s like one of those sliding puzzles in a wooden box in which much of what we previously thought was true is sliding out of their old positioning from what we considered a “solid” reality. We slide a puzzle piece over to the right and a certain picture appears. Then, we try sliding it over to the left and a totally different picture appears.

When this happens, some of the key components of our known landscape are so vastly altered that they are no longer recognizable. Some of the foundation stones which carried the load of our previous reality are revealed to be hollow. At the same time, new parts of the larger, truer picture are sliding into their new positions, revealing greater truths that we never knew existed.

We begin to notice how everyday understandings of our past and present “facts” need to be rewritten with the rush of new information that is accelerating and spinning into the mass consciousness. The base of the triangle of the Third Point continues to stretch all polarities to unbelievable intensities. Aspects of society hidden until now move about in broad daylight. A tender awareness begins to dawn in many of how fragile life can be.

These shifting puzzle pieces are closing the gap between Who We Really Are and Who We Are in our Everyday Lives. The gaps between What We Thought We Wanted To Do in our lives and What We Are Actually Doing are becoming smaller. Many of our old dreams are now being revealed as too small and hollow. As the puzzle pieces move into truer positions, they push aside many of our old, expired dreams, enabling us to more fully see what is already present in the Expanded HERE and NOW.

Now is the Time!


We had the opportunity to unhook ourselves from duality for many years, but we didn’t. If we had done this before, the world situation would not be in as dire a state as it is now. If we had stopped feeding duality earlier, things would not have gotten to this crisis point.

We liked our material comforts. We liked being entertained and distracted. We liked the illusion that everything was all right. We liked pretending that all was normal and slowly getting better. Now, we’re in this huge mess where everything has become so drastic that it cannot be ignored. Where our world leaders are ignorant and lacking compassion. Where money, oil and power rule. Where there were enough flowers growing up through the sea of weeds that we thought we could pretend the knotted weeds weren’t there.

Now, everything is absolutely ON THE LINE.

As the world situation continually worsens, too many of us are still trying to cling onto “normal” lives. Do we really want to live on a planet without lions, elephants and wolves? Without a Great Barrier Reef? Without clean, free water for everyone? With polluted oceans? Do we want to live in a dead environment that is crisscrossed with oil pipelines and poisoned by fracking waste?

If we don’t, then we have to walk away from the concept of “normal”, let go of our usual pursuits and leap into action. Most importantly, we have to stop feeding duality. We have to stop serving as feeding stations for the parasites of duality. And we do this when we stop believing that it is real.

We really have to be proactive and strengthen the new Third Point so we can triangulate duality. We need to unhook ourselves from all the seductive enticements and glamour of duality and start inhabiting the New Reality. This is what we are called to do right now and this is why we are here!

Embracing It All

In a few weeks, we will release a video of Part Two of the Triangulation Mudra. Part One ends when we unhook ourselves from duality and create the Third Point. In Part Two we bring our arms outwards and downwards from the apex of the triangle and hold everything within our heart.

We expand our LOVE and TRUENESS from the Third Point and embrace everything from this new position of true strength. We expand our Compassion so we can embrace everyone and everything. This is because Love and Compassion are powerful tools to diminish the hold of duality. When we do this, we can infuse ALL BEINGS on Earth with the energies of the New Reality which is BEYOND duality.

When we do this, we have to embrace ALL BEINGS, even those who are doing terrible things. If they are constantly infused with the energies of Love, Compassion and Trueness, they will also be unhooked from duality and transformed.

When we stand in our vastness BEYOND duality and put the entire planet in our heart, we can embrace everything and everyone with waves upon waves of Love, Compassion and Trueness. The next step is to expand our beings even more and place all the Worlds within Worlds within our heart, embracing them with Love, Compassion and Trueness.

When we do this, we are fully embodying True Ones. This is when we see that we are far more powerful than we presently realize. And if enough of us do this, we have the power to transform the world!

The Activation of the Tower of Light of AN!


“The Tower of Light of AN
is located across the world
in the copper covered mountains
known as the Antes.”
…. The Egyptian Book of the Dead

On May 23 is the long awaited Activation of the Tower of Light of AN. I’ve been waiting to do this for over 25 years and now it will finally happen. We couldn’t do it before now, because the timing wasn’t right. First, we had to create the Heart of AN in Peru, then we had to buy the special piece of sacred land which adjoins the Heart of AN. This new land has the right energetic positioning for a Tower of Light. Since we paid off the land in February, we’ve been working unceasingly to get it ready.

When we activate the Tower of Light of AN, a new type of vortex will be inserted into the earth which will serve as both a transmitter and receiver of the New Reality of AN. This vortex can already be seen and felt here at the Heart of AN in Peru, but it is not yet anchored and activated. Once it is, it will be like turning on a switch and the resonance of AN will be greatly magnified so it can be felt all over the world.

I have already seen this vortex hovering in the air above the Heart of AN and it is of a scale that is almost unimaginable. It makes everything else appear extremely small and insignificant. Our human minds know that we must pay attention to the world, especially the great injustices that are currently taking place, but this Tower of Light of AN is so massively powerful and it calls to us so strongly, that everything else feels small and greatly diminished.

Interestingly, on May 24, the San Bushman of the Kalahari Desert in Africa are making a sacred dance called Ignite the One Heart Fire in Cape Town, South Africa. The Khomani San of the Kalahari will be reigniting the most Ancient Fire of the Universe, THE ONE HEART FIRE. “The San understand their cosmic role as Keepers of the most ancient codes that have evolved our collective human tree to where we are today. They hold the ancient roots of the Cosmic Tree of Life. Through much sacrifice, the have held the memory true. This is all part of the Divine Plan that is shifting our world to live peacefully on a collective level.”

Also, some of the experts on the Mayan Calendar say that May 24, 2017 is a far more significant date than December 21, 2012 was. That this all is happening the day after the Activation of the Tower of Light of AN when we will still be in ceremony here, is no coincidence.

Arriving at the Summit

May is the month in which many of us reach the summit of the tall mountain we’ve been climbing for the past few years. By the end of the month a totally new vista will be revealed. It’s similar to climbing a mountain where a large peak blocks the view of the other side. It is only when we finally reach the top of the mountain that we can finally see the complete 360′ view that has long been hidden to us.

Once this expanded reality is revealed, it changes everything. With our enhanced perceptions we can make new choices in our life. Many of the major pieces that were missing will now be revealed. We will be irrevocably transformed as we step into unimaginably greater wholeness.

Arriving at the summit will trigger a mega RESET that will affect all aspects of our lives. This is when many of us begin to emerge from the Matrix….

May 2017 Overview


May is a deeply transformational month in which we emerge from the whirlpool of the past few months and many things finally come to fruition. It brings us brilliant opportunities to unhook ourselves from duality and anchor our beings in the New Reality.

This month brings us a powerful infusion of the New Reality of AN. This will open the floodgates of the New Paradigm. Once the Tower of Light of AN is activated, it will open our access into previously unseen worlds. This will create a profound RESET which will more fully align us to the Blueprint of the New Reality and move us over to our new operating system.

Once we switch over to our new operating system, it will signify the end of being tested, the end of preparation, the end of the search, the end of Sealed Orders. The end of receiving or passing sceptres. The end of developing mastery ~ for instead, we will now be LIVING our mastery.

As we begin the month, many of us feel energetically and emotionally stripped. And yet, there’s a sense of greater calm than we’ve felt in a while as well as a rising sense of anticipation and excitement. We have an increased fortitude to move forward and do what’s needed.

We are the True Ones who chose to be here on planet Earth at this momentous time to hold everything in Pure Heart True Love as we transit the caldera rim of this super volcano, anchoring and embodying the New Reality that will turn the tide in this time where anything could happen.

We are truly in the midst of the Greatest Paradigm Shift of Lifetimes! We are feeling amazing strength and compassion, especially for those who are utterly overwhelmed and disheartened by the chaotic debris flying about on the surface of this enormous Shift. Many of us are feeling a stronger and deeper sense of connection to one another than we’ve ever known. We have more vulnerability, more honesty, more love, more compassion and increased Trueness.

As many of us now can see the absurdity of the manufactured dramas of duality, we willingly choose to unhook ourselves and set ourselves free from the simulated scenario of the Matrix. What is emerging is the realization that WE hold the Map to the Ultra Greater Reality within us, and outside events are completely irrelevant reflections of expired mind sets. We now realize that everything is unfolding for the purpose of embodying Who We Really Are.

There is so much power in aligning with the REAL truth. As we do this, we create a Triangulation which sets the course on how our planet will proceed. It’s up to us to be strong stewards for Mother Earth. Love is all there is. Just imagine if everyone on the planet aligned with the love that is inside them. Duality would turn inside out and we would be ONE!

The happy thing is that so many are waking up, awakening to expanded levels of understanding what is really happening. We have never experienced such a profound shifting of consciousness upon this planet as now. Our main task for May is to continue to step out of duality and anchor the Third Point of the New Reality. Instead of being manipulated by fear, we are focusing on planting the seeds that we want to grow. The more we do this, the more new ideas and new ways of living will pour in.

Everything is possible in May. It’s a month of new growth, of positive changes and new ideas. There’s this huge underlaying energy of super optimism, of breakthroughs upon breakthroughs, of stepping free of duality as we anchor our beings into the Third Point.

Again, there is a new wave of people who are experiencing the 11:11. This is a reminder that the Doorway of the 11:11 remains open; that entering a New Reality is about choosing to live a True Life as a True One.

May brings us a lot of movement and breakthroughs. These are far beyond what we have experienced so far. We are the True Ones who are giving birth to the New Reality. We are creating, strengthening and building upon this New Reality. Oneness is our inherent nature and it’s time to recognize this and to feel it in every part of our being, in everything we do. This is when the nightmare of duality will be revealed as the hollow illusion it has always been.

May is a month in which to align with our Trueness as never before! In June, many of us will step fully into our personal position in the Template of Oneness ~ the one which has been waiting for us for aeons. We will start living our lives aligned with the blueprint of the New Reality.

With True AN Love,

With deep Gratitude and Love for the brilliant insights from:
Asha, Caly, Cat, Chad, Cher, Darity, Denise, Diane, Emanaku, Ganesha,
Inger, Jessica, Karen, Keenuane, Kim, Milli, Sandi, Sofia



Solara’s 2017 Year Surf Report

Stepping In and Living True


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Over the years, I’ve been approached by several movie producers and had meetings with them in Hollywood, but it never felt like the Right Time or the Right People. Now it is the Right Time. So we only have to find the Right People to make these films.

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Solara's Surf Report for 2017 - Stepping In and Living True

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