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Solara’s June 2017 Surf Report
The Expansion of the True New Reality

Review of May 2017

May brought us a powerful infusion of the New Reality of AN. This has opened the floodgates of the New Paradigm. The Activation of the Tower of Light of AN opened our access into previously unseen Worlds within Worlds. This has triggered a profound RESET which is more fully aligning us with the Blueprint of the New Reality.

May was a deeply transformational month in which many of us emerged from the whirlpool of the past few months and many things finally come to fruition. May brought us unprecedented opportunities to unhook ourselves from duality and anchor our beings in the New Reality.

Many of us reached the top of the summit of a huge mountain in May. This was actualized by the long awaited Activation of the Tower of Light of AN on May 23. When this happened, it flipped a switch which enabled the Tower of Light to serve as a transmitter / receiver of the New Reality of AN. Now the resonance of AN will be greatly magnified so it can be felt all over the world and beyond. A totally new vista has been revealed. New segments of the LARGER, TRUER PICTURE are now moving into their new positions, revealing an expanded reality that we forgot existed.

This changes everything. With our enhanced perceptions, we can now make new, truer choices in our lives. Many of the major pieces that were missing are being revealed. We have been irrevocably transformed. Arriving at the summit has triggered a Mega RESET that is affecting all aspects of our lives. Many of us are now emerging from the Matrix.

Just like climbing a physical mountain, we don’t all arrive at the summit at the same time. If we tried that, we would be in a state of gridlock. Some of us always have to go first to clear the path. Now, the Fast Track path to the summit has been cleared and is wider and more visible than ever before.


For those of us who are still in the midst of their arduous climb out of duality, May was an extremely challenging month full of turmoil and shocking events. This is often how it is during the Final Miles. The summit is so tantalizingly close, yet the final climb to the top requires the most focus and effort. The summit push is the most dangerous part when people can give up or die.

If you are still making your summit push, please don’t lose hope. The path into the New Reality is now wide open! You are almost there! Set your internal compass to Trueness; make haste to unhook yourself from duality. Put your entire focus on moving into the New Reality. As soon as you do this, you will be on the Fast Track and everything in your life will dramatically change for the better.

The Ultra Greater Reality and the New Reality


Anchoring the Ultra Greater Reality during the 11:11 First Gate Activation at the Great Pyramids in Egypt.

Many people think that the Ultra Greater Reality and the New Reality are interchangeable terms and realities, but they are not the same thing at all. Since, I’ve never fully explained it before, I’ll do my best to clarify the differences.

Ever since the beginning of Time, the Earth has experienced an overlay of duality. This imposition of the illusion of duality was so strong that it didn’t take long before we forgot that we had ever known a more expanded reality. Throughout our passage in duality, there were heightened states of awareness presented to us through religions and spiritual practices that we strived for, such as “enlightenment”, “past life recall” and the “development of our light body”. But this was all part of the Spirituality of Duality which could only take us so far. Yes, we could make an ascension, but only within the parameters of duality.

During our awakening process, some of us remembered that we were Angels and Stars, yet this awareness proved difficult to integrate into our duality-based world. Many of us knew that we were here at this time to birth a New World, but had no idea how to do this when duality was so all pervasive and dense. Some of us tried to do this, but in spite of our earnest efforts, it felt like the planetary consciousness was stuck in an immovable sludge that could not be shifted.

From 1989 – 1995, I facilitated a series of eleven Star-Borne Reunions, week long events that were for the purpose of remembering Who We Are and Why We Are Here. The Great Awakening began in earnest. This is also when I realized that we could not birth a New Reality directly into duality. First, we had to bring to Earth the frequency band of the Ultra Greater Reality, a supra normal reality beyond duality.

This was the main purpose of the Opening the Doorway of the 11:11 in January, 1992. What this major Planetary Activation did was to create a Zone of Overlap between two very different evolutionary spirals ~ that of duality and Oneness. To do this, we needed the participation of over 144,000 people on the planet, and this was before the easy communication of the internet.

Miraculously, the resonance of the 11:11 rapidly spread from heart to heart all over the world and over 144,000 participated in this momentous event that would greatly accelerate our evolutionary timetable. This first 11:11 Activation marked the beginning of the end of the long reign of duality. It also heralded the first anchoring of the Ultra Greater Reality upon the planet. This was seen by many of those participating in the 11:11 Master Cylinders and Anchor Groups as a powerful beam of light or Yod which entered the center of our ceremonies at universal 11:11 am when all the groups around the planet aligned together as ONE.

The Ultra Greater Reality had now pierced the membrane of duality, but it still had to be made much stronger before the New Reality of AN could enter the planet. Thus followed twenty years containing sixteen 11:11 Activations, each held in a different part of the world. With every 11:11 Activation, the energy of the Ultra Greater Reality became stronger.

The 11:11 Activations were completed in November, 2012. There were now two superimposed realities on Earth ~ duality and the Ultra Greater Reality. This finally made it possible to create the Heart of AN, the anchoring point of the New Reality of AN.

I had long known that the Andes Mountains in Peru was the right place for this. The Andes have a very strong concentration of AN energy, plus the Egyptian Book of the Dead had talked about a Tower of Light of AN located in the An-tes ~ the copper covered mountains across the world from Egypt. And I knew that both the Inca and Egyptian lineages had derived from the pure essence of AN.

After two and a half years living in the Sacred Valley of the Incas in Peru, we finally found the right land to establish the Heart of AN where we could anchor the New Reality into the physical. We also knew that this would serve as the future site of the primary Tower of Light of AN.

2017-05-18fc-1002 copy

The New Reality made visible at the Heart of AN in Peru.

We have now lived on this special land for two and a half years and have felt the energies of the New Reality of AN grow ever stronger while they expand all over the world. None of this would have been possible if the Ultra Greater Reality hadn’t first been anchored on the planet by the 11:11 Activations.

The New Reality is completely new; it hasn’t been on the planet before. It is full of LOVE beyond measure, unbridled CREATIVITY, absolute TRUENESS, great BEAUTY and contains the long missing element of PERSONAL FULFILLMENT where our Wildest Dreams can finally manifest on the physical.

The Ultra Greater Reality has been here since 1992 and is much more neutral than the New Reality. The Ultra Greater Reality is still here, only now it is infused with the New Reality of AN. This infusion of the New Reality is what enables increasing numbers of us to now unhook ourselves from duality and reweave ourselves as True Ones into True Lives, which can only found Off the Map of the Known in the New Reality of AN.

The Original True Worlds

Two days before the Activation of the Tower of Light of AN, we had an afternoon full of various work parties to tend to practical details that had to be done before the Ceremony. We split up into several groups. One went through our assortment of solar lights and put the good ones outside for charging. Two of us painted the wooden posts around the Tower gold and silver. One group made costumes for the Fire Rooster Ceremony. And another strung tin stars on fish line to hang from the entrance to our new land.

Little did we know when we divided up into work parties that we were about to unexpectedly experience a pivotal moment, not only for us personally, but for the New Reality itself.

My group’s task was to wash the crystals and special rocks which people had brought from their various countries as offerings for the new land. To do this, we sat outside in a circle in a beautiful natural area. We each had a plastic basin of water in front of us. We had a group that constantly changed. People would join us for awhile and then leave, to be replaced by another.

Each crystal and rock was washed individually, one at a time. The person who had brought it would begin by dipping it in their basin of water and singing to it in star language, then it would be passed to the next person, who repeated the process. Many stones were being passed around in this manner at the same time, so we were all constantly singing, washing, passing the stones. When a crystal returned to the person who had begun with it, it received a final washing and then was placed upon a cloth in the center of our circle to dry.

Shortly after we started doing this, the energies dramatically shifted and we moved into another world. This was a pure, timeless world which we had long forgotten, but knew so well. We all remembered this pure, timeless world where activities like washing crystals while singing in star language was a normal occurrence. It was deeply touching to suddenly find ourselves fully in this pure, timeless world while also fully present in the HERE and NOW at the Heart of AN. While continuing to sing and wash the crystals, we looked at each other with a sense of wondrous awe. It was beyond magical. IT WAS ULTRA REAL.

We all experienced a powerful activation in our Cellular Memory Banks of these other worlds ~ so long forgotten, yet so profoundly familiar ~ that are worlds of great purity, love and Trueness. These Original True Worlds aren’t from previous lifetimes or simultaneous, parallel worlds; they are our natural state of being. And as these Original True Worlds become visible, a whole new depth of Who We Really Are and of the depth our relationships with our True Family ~ the Family of AN ~ were revealed.

The New Reality is a greatly expanded reality of a scope that is presently unimaginable. It isn’t crammed full of objects, emotions and energy, but contains infinite free space within it.

The Original True Worlds are the quintessence of ancient worlds that served as the seeds or templates for manifestation of Pure True Love on the physical plane. The part of us who resides in the Original True Worlds is who created the Earth by singing alive the mountains, oceans, rivers, trees, and animals in the language of the stars. This was before the Beginning of Time and the subsequent imposition of duality when the planet was still a paradise.

But after the overlay of duality which wound up the Clock of Time, the residue of the Original True Worlds that remained on the planet encountered the distortions of duality and began to lose their purity. Many of our natural practices were twisted until they devolved into magic and manipulation. For example: Instead of singing to the crystals while opening ourselves up to learn from them, we began to program them so we could manipulate and control nature. Yet even after this happened, after we were drawn into the illusion of duality and forgetfulness, deep within the core of our beings we carried the remembrance of the Original True Worlds.

Now that everything is going through the Great Sieve of Trueness, all the false layers of distortion are being removed until only the pure true essence remains. At the same time, the New Reality of AN is becoming ever more visible. More people are seeing and feeling it for the first time. This is why the Original True Worlds have now begun to merge with the New Reality as it was ever meant to be. This is what happened when we were washing the crystals.


An unimaginably vast reordering of the cosmos is now taking place. Some worlds will collapse; some worlds are disappearing into pockets and folds in space and some Pure True Worlds will merge into the New Reality of AN, like spiral galaxies that dissolve into each other to form a completely new entity.

The True New Reality is now being seeded with components from the ancient Original True Worlds. As many old worlds are now reaching their appointed conclusion, seeding the remnants of Pure True Worlds actually preserves their essence and plants them in the fertile ground of a vastly expanded reality. It’s somewhat like saving plant seeds in a seed bank. As long as the True New Reality remains viable, these seeds will continue to exist and flower once again.


This intersection of the New Reality with the Original True Worlds is what enabled us to flip the switch and activate the Tower of Light of AN. They had to start merging before this could happen. Now, the seeds of the Original True Worlds are descending into the center of the Tower of Light of AN like falling stars and from there, the enriched New Reality is spreading outwards.

The rediscovery of the Original True Worlds which are now merging into the New Reality gives us a major key to how to live on Earth in a state of Trueness. There is an eternal part of us who never left these worlds and who still resides there. This is the part of us who already knows how to live in the New Reality. This is our true nature.

By connecting with our original true nature, we can discover sacred songs of creation that we didn’t know that we carried within us. These songs of creation can be used to bring the Earth back to its natural state of wholeness. We can live in true harmony with the Earth as One Being. We are weaving the pure thread from the most ancient times into the vibrant New Reality of AN. We can stay free of the clamor of the collapsing world of duality and anchor the True New Reality in every moment.

And now I understand the true meaning of Worlds within Worlds.

• • • • • • • •

The vortexes of concentric circles that I’ve been seeing for many years rarely appeared during the six days of the Activation. They also didn’t appear for several days afterwards and I thought that perhaps, now that the Tower of Light of AN was activated, they wouldn’t appear again. But now, I’ve been seeing them again, only there is no longer just one set of concentric circles. Several rings of concentric circles are overlaid over each other at various angles. This represents the blending of the Worlds within Worlds that is now occurring.

Becoming Anchors of the New Reality

“Arriving at the summit will trigger a mega RESET that will affect all aspects of our lives. This is when many of us begin to emerge in earnest from the Matrix.”
…. The May Surf Report.

When we inhabit the New Reality, we do everything in a sacred way. This is because EVERYTHING IS SACRED. The way we sit, the way we talk, the way we move, the way we act, the way we respond to every tiny detail of our life. Everything is sacred. Every moment is the chance of a lifetime. This is true even when we’re by ourselves, when we’re at work or when we’re in a social situation.

A shower is the same as a purification under a waterfall. A Fire Ceremony is not a marshmallow roast, but a marshmallow roast can be a Fire Ceremony. Why do we love to go swimming, but hate to get wet in the rain? Are they not the same? When we apply our newly expanded awareness to all aspects of our lives, everything is transformed. The most simple and mundane aspects of our lives suddenly deepen. This gives us a sense of deep, inner fulfillment that we haven’t felt in a very long time.

It’s again time to take a clear look at our lives. What are we doing now? Are we returning to our expired, duality-based responses and activities? Are we lamenting the ever worsening world situation in a state of grief or numbness? Are we in permanent reaction mode like a puppet whose strings are being constantly pulled? Or are we now putting our full focus on openly being True Ones living True Lives? The Bottom Line is: Are we feeding duality or anchoring the New Reality?

If we’re still feeding duality, it’s really time to cut the cords, all the cords, even the most comfortable, well worn ones, even the shimmery, glamorous ones. The tide of duality is on its way out and we really don’t want to be swept away with it,

If we’re still clinging to the perceived comfort of our familiar old lives in duality, than we might realize that there is absolutely nothing more comfortable, or that fits us better, than living our Trueness in the New Reality of AN.

As the Chinese Book of Changes, the “I Ching” states,
“The best way to fight evil is energetic progress in the good.”

All that is occurring in the outer world is igniting a necessary and radical Awakening, although for some it may feel like waking up in a burning skyscraper, stuck on the top floor without an escape route. Even if we are already awake and aware, we are still being bombarded by the anguish of the collective, while constantly having to navigate through layers of reaction and distortion. As duality fights for its very survival, the stakes are continually being raised by even more shocking and terrible events, all designed to put us into fear and take our attention away from anchoring the New Reality. And this is exactly what we must not do.

Things will continue to get increasingly worse until WE, both individually and collectively, decide that “Enough is Enough!” and pull the plug out of duality. That is what will trigger the shift we’ve been waiting for and that’s why duality is still around. When enough of us willingly remove the threads of our beings from the Tapestry of Duality, it won’t be able to hold itself together. And when enough of us reweave the threads of our beings into the Tapestry of the New True Reality, it will become our predominant reality on planet Earth.

The more we live our Trueness, the more we sing in star language as we do our daily tasks or walk in nature, the more we see the sacred in every moment, the more we see the Unseen, the more will the illusory energies of duality dissipate. We will be anchoring the New Reality with every breath we make. THIS IS WHY WE ARE HERE and THIS IS WHAT WE NEED TO DO.

June 2017 Overview


Many of us entered the month of June feeling a lot like the Incredible Hulk. We’ve just experienced such an amazing expansion of our beings that the seams of our old clothes have split apart and are falling off of us. We can no longer cover up who we really are. And we have grown too large to fit into our old perceptions, old limitations, old activities, old jobs and old lives.

June is about integrating the massive, in depth transformation that has just taken place. It’s about unhooking ourselves from our old ways and taking decisive steps into the New Reality. Fortunately, it’s now become obvious what lifestyle changes we need to make. It’s rather impossible to fit into the clothes we wore as a child, or perhaps even last week, so we might as well look for new ones which fit us properly, align with who we are, and make us feel beautiful.

In June, we will be both introspective and proactive. We will be reviewing Who We Really Are, What We Really Want and How We Can Take Decisive Steps into our True Direction. Then we will take the needed action to actually do this!

Whenever we experience a deep transformation, it’s important that we go through everything and declutter, reorganize and recalibrate it all. This is not only essential to do, but it will feel good as we make space for the new energies.

If we still have too many attachments to duality and try to continue traveling on our same old road, we may experience road blocks, unexpected accidents, oil spills, bad weather and continuous obstacles. We need to get off the old road IMMEDIATELY! Some will not be able to remain on the planet or will choose to leave at this time, and graceful release is required.

If we do try to force ourselves to fit back into our old lives, it will be like a giant trying to squish itself back into a doll house. It’s just not possible! We cannot cut off parts of our being to squish ourself back inside, nor can the doll house take the pressure of being so expanded without being damaged.

Since we don’t fit into The Way Things Used To Be, we might as well turn our attention to aligning ourselves to a much deeper, truer part of Who We Really Are. This will be much more successful.

Some of us may feel like we are traveling on the Celestial Barge as we move through Worlds within Worlds. We enter this state whenever our consciousness is experiencing a massive acceleration. We may need to frequently lie down and be quiet. We may feel icy cold at times. We may develop flu like symptoms. These are all signs of the profound transformation we are experiencing.

We are the True Ones who chose to be here on planet Earth at this momentous time to hold everything in Pure Heart True Love as we transit the caldera rim of this super volcano, anchoring and embodying the New Reality that will turn the tide during these wild times where absolutely anything could happen.

June is truly an entry point into something very new and exciting. It will be a major Turning Point that literally points us into our True Direction with flashing lights that are hard to miss. In June we will walk with light steps, walking in our Love, Compassion and Trueness. As we do, everything will feel sparkling fresh and new.

All month long, we will move more firmly into the new authenticity, knowing which way to go with absolute clarity. We are also experiencing a growing neutrality to the increasingly surreal events in the outer world which enables us to feel less stressed or manipulated by them. A personal strength is returning to us, stronger than we have ever known, which gives us a tremendous courage to do what we came here to do.

For some, it may feel like they are moving through the eye of a needle, as the final residue of resistance burps up its last vestige of excuses, limitation and even old comfortable indulgences to entice us back to our old life and the systems of dependency. If this is occurring to you, it is time to take action and respond to your true heart’s call.

June is a very powerful month. It is a month of Quantum Deep which enables us to make a Quantum Leap into embodying our Truest Selves and the New Reality of AN. The Activation of the Tower of Light of AN moved us into a vastly expanded new landscape. We are going through an immeasurably deep transformation on all levels. The final parts of our being which have been asleep are now waking up. We are going to touch the core ~ the real true center of our being.

The Activation of the Tower of Light in the Heart of AN is also the activation of Towers of Light of AN within us. From now on, it’s all about LOVE. It’s about becoming Towers of Light of AN within our own beings. It’s about embodying the New Reality wherever we are, whatever we are doing. We are the Insertion Points of the New Reality. We can create the June we most want. Lets put all our focus to anchoring the New Reality of AN.

All things are possible. The doors are wide open….


With True AN Love,

With deep Gratitude and Love for the brilliant insights from:
Alaena, Belinda, Cher, Darity, Denise, Dian, Diane, Emanaku, Eyona, Ganesha, Indigo,
Inger, Keenuane, Lea, Lili, Malcolm, Michael, Milli, Nenad, Rodaan, Shaataan.



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The magnificent Activation of the Tower of Light of AN
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