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Solara’s July 2017 Surf Report
Becoming Truer, No Matter What

Review of June 2017

The Activation of the Tower of Light of AN in late May moved us into a vastly expanded new landscape. This triggered a Mega RESET which has been spreading outwards, like waves upon waves, transforming everything it encounters.

Since then, our focus has been on integration, expansion and reorganization. We felt a strong urge to reorder, realign and sort through everything, removing old dust and releasing pockets of stuck energies. As we did, unexpected new opportunities appeared. We began to see new methods and creative solutions to be implemented into our lives in the months to come. Since we were now seeing everything with fresh, clear eyes, our perception expanded immeasurably.

We felt deeply introspective and quiet inside, while at the same time, wanted to leap into action to take the necessary steps to move forward. Many of us realized that we have become too large to fit into our old lives. This set off an in-depth inner review of Who We Really Are, What We Really Want and How We Can Take Decisive Steps into our True Lives.

June was a powerful month that propelled us into our True Direction. We willingly embraced our new authenticity. And we welcomed a heightened sense of courage, confidence and clarity.

We felt increasingly more real, open, clear and transparent. In many ways it felt like we were now inhabiting a new planet. Our ways of seeing, feeling and loving have undergone a profound change. Our love and compassion have deepened immeasurably.

Throughout the month, there was a strong sense that the fabric of our old lives was falling apart at the seams. Not only that, but it can’t be sewn back together. This is when many of us realized that our only option is to create a brand new garment that will not only fit us perfectly, but that will make us feel beautiful and True.

The Timeless True Worlds

From the Inner Control Panels of this Universe

Deep within the inner control panels of this multi-dimensional universe, wheels, gears and cogs are ever turning. Here is a red gear revolving. If we look far, far away at the distant horizon, we can see a purple gear spinning in the mesh of Time and Space. Very slowly, they come closer and closer until finally they meet and interlink. They have arrived at a Major Intersection of Right Time – Right Place. When red gear and purple gear click into position and turn together as One, their colors change to magenta ~ the color of the Sacred Union of Sun and Moon!

But something else is required….

As we start Seeing more of the Unseen, as the Invisible becomes increasingly visible, long forgotten elements such as the blue and yellow gears of the Timeless True Worlds finally come into view from Beyond the Beyond. Oh, we had forgotten about them! But now we remember. We remember them so well; it’s as if we never left them. (And perhaps we never did….)

Blue and yellow gears align and click into position. They transform into a vibrant green. Now the magenta and green gears seek each other, just as we do with our One True Love and all things that are meant to be together, traveling across the vast expanse of Time and Space until Time and Space no longer exist. When green and magenta meet in the Expanded HERE and NOW, they merge at last, and create pure AN. It is this pure AN composed of the Timeless True Worlds blended into the New Reality that ignites the long awaited Turning Point.

The merger of the Timeless True Worlds with the New Reality that began during the Activation of the Tower of Light of AN in May was completely unexpected, but vitally important. For the Timeless True Worlds is where we reside in our original true state of being. They are an essential component of the New Reality, for we have to return to our true natural state of being in order to fully reside in AN.

The Timeless True Worlds have been long forgotten, but when experienced, they are totally familiar. They help us remember Who We Really Are and Why We Are Here. They magnetize and call forth our True Family of AN. They activate our inner codes and present us with the Keys we most need on how to live on Earth in a state of harmony and Trueness.

Accessing the Timeless True Worlds will become easier with time and practice. Even though we can enter the Timeless True Worlds wherever we are, right now it’s much easier to step into them if we are out in nature. We can begin by turning off the news, closing our computer and stepping out of duality into the fresh air of the New Reality.

We can utilize some of the navigation techniques of the Hawaiian sailing canoe, the Hokule’a by carefully observing the weather ~ feeling it with our body, reading the ever changing cloud formations, by feeling the Sun and wind upon our faces and the earth under our feet. This is when Time slows down and our senses become heightened. The more we become aware of what is around us by seeing the Unseen, the more we listen to the promptings of our heightened senses, the more we will feel.


As we enter the Timeless True Worlds, Time expands into No-Time. Our body starts to move more slowly and consciously. We tune into the deep sacredness of all things. We become One with all that is around us. We listen. We watch attentively. We feel a deep sense of calm. We are filled with love and gratitude. Our thoughts naturally move to an expanded new level. We feel interwoven into the ONE. We may feel like a True King or True Queen surveying their realm with the focus of maintaining peace and well being for all who live there. A True King or True Queen who is working in alignment with the other True Kings and True Queens scattered throughout the world.

This immersion into the Timeless True Worlds is just in its beginning stage. Long walks in nature and singing in star language while doing simple tasks will also help take us inside the Timeless True Worlds. We would love to hear from you about what triggers you into the Timeless True Worlds.

(An Insertion Point) True Partners / One True Love


“Quickening the Spaces in Between” – Painting by Solara

Many people at this time are yearning to be reconnected with their True Partner. We scan the faces of those whom we pass by on the street. “Are you here?” “Is this you?” We feel that we cannot be whole and complete until we reunite on the physical and have our True Partner by our side.

Sometimes we encounter a person who has many of the qualities of our One True Love. Our One True Love is our beloved counterpart who usually doesn’t fully incarnate into the physical. But even so, they are able to enliven a person on Earth with their pure essence.

In those magical moments when someone embodies our One True Love, everything could not be more perfect! We love and are loved as never before. We are finally seen, appreciated and deeply understood.

But then, we often discover that this person cannot sustain the energies of embodying our One True Love. Or perhaps, we are the one who cannot sustain them. Fear comes up. We try to grab onto our individuality so we don’t lose ourself. We feel the need to stay in a position of self control. The Human Condition presents itself. They leave. They return. We leave. We return. We feel torn apart.

Some of us are lucky and when we meet an embodiment of our One True Love, we are both in a state of readiness and right timing. This makes it easy to become True Partners and commit to going the distance together, no matter what.

But often, this is not the case. One or both of us cannot sustain the energies of embodying our One True Love. This is when we often become fixated on trying to make a relationship happen with a specific person, rather than remaining true to the essence of our One True Love. Remember, if this person is meant to be your True Partner, they will be ready and they will be available. There won’t be resistance to the relationship and you won’t need to convince them that they are “The One”. They will know it too.

Our One True Love is able to energetically manifest through several people, not just one person. If that one person whom you are experiencing this energy with isn’t able to sustain it, don’t try to hold onto them. Simply be grateful for your experience, the deeper opening of your heart, the massive awakening of your love. The love energy is true, but this may be only a taste of what is to come, but perhaps not with this specific person.

Also it’s important that we don’t look for a certain type of person to embody our One True Love. We all have personal preferences as to the characteristics that we expect our True Partner to have. These days, our True Partner may arrive in a completely unexpected form. There may be vast age differences, cultural differences and educational gaps. They may not be your preferred physical type. None of that matters.

What matters is our alignment of essence. And sometimes this alignment doesn’t begin on the physical level. Initially, there may be no strong physical attraction between you. Instead, this alignment of essence may begin on a deep core essence level and will work its way down to the physical. The important question is: Can they fully embody your One True Love? Are they willing to put their whole heart into your relationship?

Of course, we don’t want to go through life feeling incomplete. But continually yearning for a True Partner and feeling lost without one, only scatters our energy. Instead, gather all your energy from all the Worlds within Worlds and place it into the Expanded HERE and NOW. Put your attention on being True and Real. You are already whole and complete! Next, Create a True Life and live your Trueness. This is how you will find each other.

Our One True Love resides beyond Time and Space in the Timeless True Worlds. This is where we are eternally together as One. Their presence is always with us. They are always loving us. While we are incarnate in physical bodies on Earth, they are always searching for a vehicle to physically express their love with you. Focus on the essence of your One True Love, rather than searching for an individual person.

What we really need and truly desire will come to us. Our True People and True Partner will come to us naturally. This will happen as long as we align ourselves with our true vision, our true values and inner integrity. This will create the synchronicity to allow those things to manifest on the physical.

Into the HERE and NOW

By Keenuane and Solara


For a very long time we have been looking outwards into the far distance. And in that search we tried to touch all the Worlds within Worlds. Many times we felt that we had to stretch through the worlds to be able to access what was there for us. Many of us did this, for example when we called for our One True Love – we stretched through the worlds calling to our Lover from Beyond the Stars. But now this is changing.

As we brought the Ultra Greater Reality to this planet, we were also bringing the Worlds within Worlds to be inserted here. Now that the New Reality of AN has been anchored and we are beginning to build upon it, it’s time to position ourselves inside the central nucleus of this New Reality, into the Expanded HERE and NOW. Here, all that we have ever been and all that we will be is merging into the present moment. We enter into this point of Trueness, keeping ourselves aligned in the middle of all this.

When we do this, nothing is outside of us and there is no more looking somewhere else. There is no past and no future. Everything is within the eternal NOW. From where we are in this present moment, we can enter, access and live within all the Worlds within Worlds. This is really huge.

It’s now time to bring all the parts of our being that have been residing in multiple dimensions and realities into the HERE and NOW. This creates an inward integration, making everything go through a whole new redesign, anchored into our True Home. From here, everything is projected outwards on a new level and continually expands, as we experience a new alignment with ALL THERE IS.

Our perceptions feel wide open. We are finally Seeing the Unseen – even that which long felt distant – in a more real way, without there being filters in the middle of all this. We are becoming aware that there are no empty spaces; nothing is separate. The membranes that separated the worlds dissolve away. The Timeless True Worlds have merged with the True New Reality of AN in the Expanded HERE and NOW. We are being immersed within them. We are residing within them at the same time that we carry out our daily tasks.

It will take a time of adjustment before we can be fully integrated into the totality of the Timeless True Worlds at the same time that we are being physically active.

Like the Hawaiian canoe Hokule’a that, after sailing the world’s oceans for three years, has finally returned home to Hawaii, we are also finally returning home. The long awaited Canoes of the New have now arrived. The Navigation Keys live inside us and we are the ones who are bringing that fresh energy of the New Reality to influence everything.

Sitting Inside the Tower of Light of AN


July is full of massive changes with lots of ups and downs, pockets of chaos and rising fear. Because of this, much of the focus of this Surf Report is about entering the Timeless True Worlds and positioning ourselves in the center of the Expanded HERE and NOW which is BEYOND the turmoil. For this is where we will not only be safe, but where we can most effectively serve.

When things become wild and chaotic, it’s important that we have an actual physical place where we can center ourselves and stay calm in the midst of great intensity.

Two weeks ago, the energies were super intense at the Heart of AN. There was no possibility of getting any work done in such strong energy. I considered going back to bed and spending the day there. Instead, we decided to go to the most powerful place here, the Tower of Light of AN itself and sit there as Silent Watchers of the Heart of AN. As soon as we did this, there was a deep sense of calm and a feeling of clicking into position. The intensity was easily integrated and transformed. It was extremely powerful working WITH the energies, rather than being flattened by them. This actually felt the most comfortable action of anything we could do.

This showed me how important it is to have a sacred space to go to when the energies become ultra intense. We can create a representation of the Tower of Light of AN wherever we are. This can be as simple as a circle drawn on the floor of our living space or a circle of rocks in the garden. It could be a circular rug that we sit upon. However we do it, it needs to be circular in shape.

This is where we can go and be in the sea of serenity, where we can sit as Silent Watchers of AN ~ (of AN, not the Heart of AN because this is a specific location in Peru) ~ while we embrace the Worlds within Worlds with the reassurance that ALL IS WELL. Where we can embody Pure True Love, where we can strengthen the resonance of Trueness and call forth the True Ones to emerge. It’s a sacred space where our energies can be replenished and realigned to the New Reality of AN.

There is much anguish and fear within the planetary collective right now and those of us who are sensitive feel it deeply. It doesn’t feel right to totally detach ourselves from it, yet it also isn’t healthy to let ourselves get engulfed by it. What we need to do is to expand our beings and become LARGER than the turmoil of the collective. From this vantage point, we can embrace humanity with our Love and Compassion. We can sit as Silent Watchers and birth a New Paradigm. And within our sacred circle is the perfect place to do this.

This is how we activate ourselves as Towers of Light of AN. When we do this, we are loosening the hold of duality upon this planet. We are strengthening the resonance of the New Reality so that it can be felt by more and more people. This isn’t being passive; it’s being proactive. And it is exactly what is greatly needed at this time.

Here’s a link to our Silent Watchers video so you can learn how to do this:

July 2017 Overview

AN-Mandala – Painting by Keenuane

We are now entering the second half of this wild, wild year when the pins that hold duality in position are popping out all over the place. This is when:

The screws will either tighten further on humanity
and we will lose more of our freedoms.

Or we will choose to unscrew them
and loosen the hold of duality.

The outcome depends on us….

July brings accelerated change, challenging situations and yet more shocking events with lots of bumps and adjustments. It also gives us numerous opportunities to learn a lot ~ both what to do and what NOT to do.

July and August go together as a pair. Something big happens in July and something even bigger happens in August that will send shockwaves all over the planet. The final semester of the year will be quantum leaps Off the Map, as we choose in a real way the reality in which we want to live. Duality will continue to implode, while feeling increasingly distant and surreal, as well as unacceptable.

July isn’t a linear month in which things happen in a logical, linear progression. Instead, it is crammed full of swirling, spiraling circular energies which are laden with the unexpected. If I was to make a drawing of July, I would fill my paper with a multitude of messy circles in all sizes and colors. These circles wouldn’t be in any order; they would be all over the place, overlapping each other in a chaotic profusion. Immediately we might wonder, “How in the heck am I going to navigate through THIS?”

If we try to move according to linear time, everything becomes chaotic and exhausting, but if we connect with the Green Lights and Fast Track of the New Reality, we surprisingly won’t feel so much pressure and distress. In addition, a sense of deep certainty permeates us, knowing that we are doing the right thing in the Right Time and Right Place, whether or not we are doing simple or very complex tasks. Everything we do, if we do it with Love and Trueness, will end up aligning us with something much bigger.

As we continue to integrate the accelerated energy that the Activation of the Tower of Light of AN brought us in May, we are making and implementing major decisions that will greatly affect our future direction. We are no longer afraid to make these decisions because they are made from our Heart’s True Knowingness. Because our true decisions are imbued with a strong sense of rightness, we have the needed courage to move forward ~ without the need of having a visible safety net. We will fully embrace the momentous changes that these decisions bring, which is something we haven’t done before.

We are finally ready to assume total responsibility for creating the life we really want to live, as well as being clear as to the kind of life that we don’t want. Then we are taking the needed steps to make it happen, putting our Love and Trueness into everything we do.

The decisions we are made and implemented in June and July, as well as our newfound ability to embrace change rather than resist it, will usher in breakthrough after breakthrough. Our true decisions are magnetizing myriad new elements, exciting opportunities, new creative activities and more true, kindred people into our lives. All of this is propelling us deeper into our True Direction within the New Reality.

As we implement these true decisions, it will trigger another wave of the Mega RESET that is affecting all levels of our lives. This will enable us to go deeper into the Timeless True Worlds and see more of the Unseen ~ that which has long been hidden in plain sight in the Expanded HERE and NOW.

We will experience significant course corrections as we reroute our lives onto truer paths. We are looking at everything with fresh new eyes and realigning it all to match our expanded perspective. There is a fresh flowing clarity that is redirecting those who are ready to welcome change.

One of the after effects of the Activation of the Tower of Light of AN is that it pushed many previously hidden elements to the surface. This enables us to start perceiving ourselves differently. We can let go of a lot of our old misconceptions of our self that we’ve been carrying with us for a long time. It’s a good time to take another clear look to see Who We Are Now.

Once we do, we will be jettisoning numerous misbeliefs, self judgments and false perceptions that we have acquired along the way. We will be looking through hidden layers of illusions and be surprised at how long our bodies have carried these old, untrue patterns. Whenever we try to express these false beliefs ~ that actually were NEVER true ~ they now have an empty echo of hollowness which make them easy to see and discard. This process of releasing will become increasingly easier as we continue to strip ourselves of false judgments while honing and refining our beings.

Ancient splits are healing now in people – in noticeable ways. More and more people are stepping out of the dualistic drama of the old conflict bound, duality world of separation and opposition. We are seeing through lifetimes of ingrained illusions and choosing to walk away from them. As we do, it makes us wonder, how could we ever get that deeply embedded within the illusory nature of duality? How could we ever believe in those distorted patterns of duality? How did we fall so deeply into the illusion of separation? These realizations help us to let go of duality even deeper.

If we turn on the news, it’s no longer something that we’re able to relate to. It’s like a strange movie being played out on the far horizon which doesn’t feel real. Instead, our focus is placed on anchoring the New Reality ~ on creating new solutions and new ways of living.


Multi-dimensionality becomes the norm for many of us as we begin to acknowledge expanded realities and reclaim our own Trueness. This clears the path for our entrance into the Timeless True Worlds within the New Reality.

There’s the feeling of growing into the New Reality together, as a unified field of resonance, a field of deep and honest Love. So many of us are waking up and moving forward; so many are helping others to awaken; so many are in support. This new, ultra real version of Who We Really Are allows us to go beyond anything that tries to stop us or slow our progress. We know that we can go through any challenge.

When we put our focus on the New Reality, we discover a surge of creative inspiration waiting for us. This is when new talents open up and there’s an abundance of creative ideas. Within us are special codings and designs which have long been dormant, waiting until we became our True, Authentic Selves. These are now emerging as we surf a massive creative surge. The air around us is permeated with the feeling that EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE.

And in spite of outer appearances, many of us feel excited and don’t know why!

We are becoming Truer, no matter what!

With True AN Love,

With deep Gratitude and Love for the brilliant insights from:
Denise, Inger, Keenuane
Anna Maria, Chad, Cher, Dian, Diane, Emanaku, Ganesha, Igor,
Johnson, Lea, Lili, Merrilyn, Rodaan, Sandi, Tracey.



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