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Solara’s August 2017 Surf Report
Forged in the Fires of Transformation

Review of July 2017

July was a month of Transition in which we continued our journey from our old life to a True Life. As we let go of what used to be with greater acceptance, we also opened ourselves to a whole new set of wondrous opportunities. Every day, more expired patterns and limiting behaviors showed themselves and then migrated out of our beings, weakening the structure of the old matrix. As we aligned ourselves with the new elements entering our lives, we were aligned with our True Position.

Our truth filters became more activated and starting working all the time. Whenever any duality hooks were thrown at us through very simple things, such as a comment, an old belief or attitude, a careless judgment, an emotional trigger or an expired way of doing things, our whole being went on alert. And instantly, our truth filter system did not allow these untrue elements to enter.

In July, we learned that we needed to move out of linear time since it was becoming increasingly chaotic and exhausting. When we did this, we were able to connect with the Greater Love, Green Lights and Fast Track of the New Reality.

As wondrous new opportunities were presented to us, we were given the choice of either embracing them or of reacting from our old conditioning of fear and distrust, while pushing them aside because they would take us beyond our comfort zones. Some stepped forward with courage and enthusiasm, while others did not.

Many of us felt that the energies were continually building up for something big. There was also the strong feeling that something has to give soon. We felt ultra aware at all times. We were quiet and contemplative, but rarely relaxed. We found ourselves in a state High Alert, while bracing ourselves for something unexpected to happen. We were ready to leap into action, although we don’t know why or what we would do.

Surprisingly, Time felt as if it had suddenly become more elastic and stretched out, rather than compressed. This gave us extra time to do things, more time to be contemplative, more time to integrate the intense internal and external changes that are taking place.

There was also the strong sense that the trains which we’d been traveling on had come to a halt. Many old carriages were being unhooked and would no longer travel with us. At the same time, we were waiting for the new carriages full of new people and new opportunities to arrive. In August, our newly reconfigured trains will start moving forward again…..

Seeing the Unseen

For the past few months, many of us have been feeling greatly expanded and at times, almost transparent. Even when we are busy, we are enveloped in a deep state of quiet. This contemplative state has enabled us to scan our lives like never before. We not only see our entire journey of lifetimes with a heightened clarity, but we are able to see everything around us with a new freshness. This allows us to see more of the Unseen.

There are days when we look out at the world around us and everything looks like it’s being projected upon a movie screen that is full of holes. The action in the film feels surreal, uninteresting and sometimes heart wrenching. Yet we can see through the holes behind the screen that there is another movie playing on a much larger screen that is more vibrant and colorful. And it is this second film of the New True Reality that needs our focused attention, for it is infinitely more true and real. It shows us what is really happening. And it’s the best, most exciting and inspirational film we have ever seen!

May’s Activation of the Tower of Light of AN brought us a profound infusion of the New Reality. As the Timeless True Worlds integrated into the New Reality of AN, our beings expanded exponentially. And as we expanded, the New Reality of AN expanded as well. Since then, the Timeless True Worlds continue to reveal themselves in surprising ways, constantly reminding us that EVERYTHING IS SACRED!

Since then, we’ve been scanning our reconfigured evolutionary landscape and seeing what we couldn’t see before. Some of these elements have been long hidden in plain sight, while others required us to greatly expand our awareness in order to see them.

It’s kind of like those Hidden Object puzzle games in which an elephant is hidden within the branches of a tree or an hour glass is embedded within the walls of a temple. Seeing the Unseen is essential now, for that is where we will find the needed components of our True Lives ~ the ones which we’ve been looking for.

As we scan our expanded landscape, we are also discovering totally new elements that weren’t there before. This is extremely important and is happening because we now have access to the Timeless True Worlds. Amongst these new elements are numerous Hidden Treasures on many levels ~ elements which resonate with and are touchstones of Who We Truly Are.

The arrival of these new elements which weren’t there before, alters our perspective and causes us to rearrange our known landscape to accommodate these important, new components of our reality. They feel like the missing seasoning to our soup and trigger a recalibration on multiple levels. As these new components of our expanded landscape are discovered, we must now learn how to incorporate them into our lives

Putting Together the Jigsaw Puzzle of our One True Being


We are experiencing heightened polarities as humanity splits into various divisions. There’s the ever growing separation between those living in the two reality systems of Duality and Oneness. There are the obvious divisions between religions, races, political beliefs and between the rich and the poor. Splits within splits are taking place. Then, there are the increasingly acrimonious division between those who are for or against mandatory vaccinations. This division creates a new fault line between people with basically similar ideals, which didn’t exist before.

It’s become increasingly evident that we now live in a world where most world governments put corporations and personal greed above the well being of the people and the preservation of our natural environment. This makes it essential that we now strengthen and enliven our One True Being.

Our One True Being is currently like a dragon’s egg being quietly and carefully tended by awakened ones all over the world. When our One True Being is fully born, it will bring transformation on a massive scale. When we finally stand up as ONE, the power of our One True Being will be fully unleashed.

In order for our One True Being to become alive and viable, we first have to find our right place within it. Our physical bodies are a perfect map of our One True Being. Each part of our body has a unique function and the body wouldn’t work if all the parts were all the same. It is only when our various unique body components come together as One, that our physical body is complete.


If we really want to step into our One True Being, we all have to find our true place within it. We come together as a jigsaw puzzle comes together, piece by piece into its correct position. Some pieces go into the puzzle at the very beginning, like corners and edges, while others go in later when their true position is finally revealed. We don’t all try to cram ourselves into the upper right corner. And we don’t expect any of the pieces to be the same or to fulfill identical functions. That simply wouldn’t work.

What are the special qualities, talents and skills of our piece of the puzzle? Some of us can build rock walls or even houses. Some of us are musicians; some can sing, while others can dance. Some of us have special connections with animals, while some are adept at growing food. Others are natural healers. Some of us are visionaries who are able to see far into the Invisible, while others know practical skills such as plumbing. Some are kin of the tree beings or commune with the rocks. Some of us have the ability to make money, creating much needed financial abundance to share with others. Others create art which manifests the New Reality into the physical. Some of us can sail boats, while others can drive trucks.

Some of us are weavers of cloth, while others are weavers of Oneness. Some write books; others write poems or songs or sing to the stars. Some of us are strong embodiments of Pure True Love; others have computer skills. Some of us are excellent organizers; others are brilliant cooks. Some are sewers of clothes; others are sowers of seeds. Some are story tellers, while others are excellent listeners. Some of us thrive in cities, while others need to be enveloped in nature. Some birth children; others birth worlds. Some embody gentleness, while others are clean instruments of power. Some of us sit in the silence, while others love to communicate. Some carry ancient wisdom; others bring new methods, solutions and ideas to restore the planet and build the New.

Our piece of the puzzle isn’t limited to just one thing; we all carry many of these qualities within us. Often we think that we need to do everything, to be everything, but we don’t. We don’t all have to be artists, builders, money makers, cooks, musicians, truck drivers and visionaries. This is because others carry the talents, skills and qualities that we don’t have. And this is what makes it so much fun when we come together as One Being in Action!

All of these skills and qualities are needed to put together the jigsaw puzzle of our One True Being. Even though we might live separately, we are interdependent and need to rely on each other, just as the blood, bones, muscles, organs and skin work together in our physical bodies. And it doesn’t really matter if we are the heart, the spleen, an elbow, eyelash or a fingernail ~ all of us are important. All are necessary to bring our One True Being fully alive.

There are some common qualities that we share. We all embrace humanity with our deepest compassion. We are all Sacred Pagodas and Towers of Light. We all chose to be on Earth right now during this momentous shift over of reality systems. We are all loving beings who are wise beyond our knowing. We are all True Ones yearning to be in our True Homes with our True People.

In order to flip over duality, our One True Being must be fully enlivened. We now have to combine our skills by placing all our puzzle pieces into their correct positions within our One True Being. It’s time to share our skills and talents with one another. To value each person’s contribution to the whole. We hold the doors open and we hold our hearts open, to all True Ones. Let’s love and support one another in every way possible. We are already energetically connected to one another like ley lines around the planet, creating a vibrating network of Love and Trueness.


Be ready to throw out lifelines to those who need it in these challenging times. Help all those who are True and Real, who are courageously anchoring and embodying the New Reality, in any way you can. We really need this and some of us can’t continue doing this on our own. (This is definitely true at the Heart of AN where we have taken on a huge task for the benefit of the entire planet.)

This is how our One True Being is quickened. And this is how we fully step out of duality and create the New Paradigm anchored in the New Reality of AN.

Forged in the Fires of Transformation

Many of us have a strong desire to make that final push to completely change our lives by stepping out of our expired beliefs, thought forms, old ways of living and modes of doing things so we can live truer, more fulfilling lives. In August, the chances of doing this are greatly multiplied.

There are two eclipses this month ~ a partial Lunar Eclipse on the Full Moon of August 7 and a Total Solar Eclipse on the New Moon of August 21. Every eclipse is a Wild Card of sorts, but these two are especially strong ones. We are already passing through the powerful eclipse corridor which will be felt all month long.

Like a massive display of fireworks, August’s eclipses are going to set off a series of triggers on multiple levels. There will be numerous breakdowns, as well as breakthroughs. The playing fields of duality definitely won’t be quiet. But at the same time, many will be thrust deeper into the New Reality while experiencing Quantum Breakthroughs.

The Total Solar Eclipse on the 21st feels tailor made for the United States as it crosses the entire country, going from Oregon to South Carolina. It’s the first Total Solar Eclipse to be visible in totality solely from the USA since the nation was founded in 1776. It also is directly on the ascendant of the current American President who is playing his role perfectly, hastening the collapse of the old systems which need to fall in order for the New to be born.

This is a time in which absolutely anything could happen ~ the good, the bad, the impossible, the miraculous, and all the spectrum in between. There will be completely unexpected infusions of energy from “Off the Map of the Known”. The veils are being lifted, one after another. Layers of disguises, subterfuges, conspiracies, corruption and manipulation are coming out in the open to be clearly seen. All those preconceptions we had about how it might be, how things might turn out ~ just forget them. The TRUTH is finally being revealed.

Even if we get occasionally slammed around by the energies, know that everything is happening for the purpose of dismantling the corrupt old systems. The Hall of Distorted Mirrors must be completely broken! All the feeding system tubes must be dismantled. This is exactly what needs to happen so we can birth a New Paradigm, fully anchored in the New Reality. And even though August might bring some Null Zones, it’s important to remember that Null Zones create the most fertile ground for birthing the New and True.

The August Eclipses will affect us, not only on the days of the eclipse, but throughout the entire month. This eclipse cycle seems especially powerful and heralds a time when everything which needs to be restructure, realigned, recalibrated, reset and released will go through the mighty Fires of Transformation. It feels like the Sun is burning away anything that is untrue and artificial.


Since this is a Fire Rooster Year, it makes the eclipses much stronger. August is when the Fire Rooster is forged within the Fires of Transformation and emerges as a reborn Phoenix. This marks an immense Turning Point for all of us. This apex of the Year of the Fire Rooster brings such searing intensity that much of our old, unnecessary emotional baggage is released. Our patterns are broken, never to be repaired. Our expired old stories are burned into ashes as we jump onto a completely new and infinitely truer timeline.

The Volcano Card from my Cards of AN describes this very well: “The magma is building up and the volcano is about to explode. Tempers are rising. Energies are becoming so intensely volatile that something is about burst open. And then it comes ~ immense release and breakthroughs.”

Many of us are ready to become free from our past. To be birthed anew by the Fires of Transformation. Then we are ready to rise like the reborn Phoenix from the ashes of the old world, ready to receive our sceptres of True Life, ready to take on the responsibility to birth a New Reality for all.

While all this is happening, it’s important that we stay focused and True. Be on High Alert and strengthen your Love. Sit as a Silent Watcher and hold everything in balance. Align with our One True Being, knowing that ALL IS WELL.

The Detour

Detour to right sign

All month long, things will happen differently than what we expect. This may feel temporarily unsettling or upsetting, but in the end, we will see that everything is OK. If we’re not being tossed around by duality, there’s actually a lot of synchronicity happening in August. There’s an abundance of those magical moments of clicking into position in a state of Right Time – Right Place. There’s also the element of serendipity which arrives unexpectedly and brings us breakthroughs and melons when we least expect it.

It’s time to bring out our flexibility and release our expectations that things need to happen in a certain manner or within a specific time frame, because that’s probably not going to happen….

It’s like going on a journey and suddenly encountering a detour. At first, we’re not happy about this. Our original road is shorter and faster and well known to us, while the detour is curvy and some parts of it are unpaved. We think that we’ll never get to where we were going. But after a while, we go over a mountain pass and everything is different on the other side. The energy becomes sparkling and fresh.

We finally arrive at the most beautiful, magical little town, nestled in the mountains, that we never knew existed. We decide to stop here for lunch and find a sweet cafe with delicious food and such friendly and real people. Everything feels authentic and vibrantly alive here. It sings to our soul like nothing before.

When it comes time to leave, we are suddenly filled with sadness. How can we leave such a beautiful place with our kindred people? We try to remember where we were going to and why it felt so urgent to go there. Our original destination now feels hollow and unreal. Actually, our old lives feel hollow and unreal.

Do we choose to stay or do we choose to leave? Do we travel on to our original destination? Do we return to where we came from? Do we hold onto our old plans and old dreams? Do we go back just to close out our lives there, so we can move to the village? What would you do?


August is an extremely full, super intense month containing numerous breakdowns and breakthroughs. It’s one of the key, transformative months of the year that will move many of us out of our comfort zones and bring us completion on many levels. It’s an “Expect the Unexpected” month that will bring huge change. August is full of Wild Cards in which anything can happen. And at this moment, we don’t know which Wild Cards are going to be dealt to us.

As August begins, it feels like we are on the runway, revving our engines for takeoff to a unknown destination. There is this feeling that something huge is about to happen. August is like one of those “Mystery Flights” that some airlines offer. This is when you show up at the airport with a “Mystery Flight” ticket which is super cheap and you don’t know your destination until the plane lands. This is how this month will be.

In July, I felt a sense of dread about August, but now something has changed and instead, I feel excitement. This month gives us the opportunity to shift timelines and rewrite our story. This enables us to Repattern the Past, for we are no longer the same person who lived in the illusory past of duality. By inhabiting the Expanded HERE and NOW, we will become free of our old stories and our True Story will fully begin.


August is a major Turning Point of NO DOWN – NO RETURN. Many of us will realize that we’ve reached the obvious end of a long cycle and can’t return to The Way Things Used To Be. This will cause everything we’ve known to undergo an immense restructuring and will require us to make lots of internal and external adjustments. Every so often, we may encounter sinkholes when segments of what we used to believe as true suddenly drop away. After August, nothing will ever be the same.

It’s funny how more and more people are becoming internally free, while at the same moment, we have less and less external freedom. This perhaps, should disturb us more than it does. I myself have the feeling that we will grow too big to fit into the confinements that are being imposed upon us and will burst out of our illusory shackles. Vast beings like us cannot be contained. It’s like trying to put handcuffs on empty clothes.

Because the intensity levels are so high and everything is accelerated, we can expect to be frequently flattened by the energies. We may experience problems with our digestion and have to change our eating habits. We may be super tired at times. Even now, I find that I have to lie down each afternoon for several hours, if at all possible. Our senses have deepened and everything feels magnified. Sometimes we feel extremely sensitive and vulnerable, it’s as if we are a crystal and even the slightest noise makes us feel irritable. The deep cleansing of our emotional body that is taking place is sometimes mirrored in the physical as plumbing problems.

There are some who are finding it increasingly difficult to keep going due to their profound weariness, even those who know this is the defining moment for this planet and that we consciously chose to come here during the Final Days of Duality. This is especially true, and especially difficult, for those who come from the Angelic Realms. We can help them by embracing them with love, gentleness and compassion, while holding open the door for the to enter the New Reality on Earth. And some are choosing to leave so they can work with us on other planes and that’s OK too.

Many of us may feel a desire to exit the Matrix right now, but as we insert ourselves as True Ones into the collective whole, we are like yeast, deeply affecting the mass of unfinished dough by adding the missing ingredient of the New Reality of AN which causes everything to expand and rise far beyond the confines of duality.

August is like flying over a vast landscape with lots of tumult going on. There are erupting volcanoes, earthquakes, forest fires and floods. There are wars and struggles. Yet, there is also a shimmering river system below us which looks like veins of a leaf. These are the rivers of the New Reality.


Many things will affect us, but how it affects us is our choice. We can be temporarily knocked over or totally devastated or we can expand our beings and bring out our biggest surfboard to ride the Quantum Surf with exhilaration and mastery. There may well be some shocking events in August, but if we focus on those shimmering rivers of Pure True Love that run through everything, we will be fine. We need to remain aware of everything that is going on, but at the same time, we need to keep our beings anchored in the New Reality so we can continue to put our focus on birthing a New True World.

August is a momentous month in which we are forged in the Fires of Transformation. Nothing will happen as we imagine it to be and the Unexpected abounds. And yet everything will happen just as it is needed to happen, even when it doesn’t feel like it. The two eclipses trigger another wave of Great Awakening and another Mega RESET. As the dross of duality is burned away in the Fires of Transformation, many elements will click into their True Positions.


With True AN Love,

With deep Gratitude and Love for the brilliant insights from:
Denise, Inger, Keenuane
Bradley, Darity, Diane, Emanáku, Ganesha, Jenna, Johnson, Kimah, Merrilyn, Monique, Rodaan, Tracey



Solara’s 2017 Year Surf Report

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