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Solara’s September 2017 Surf Report
Red Light ~ RESET ~ Rebirth

Review of August 2017

August was a major Turning Point of NO DOWN – NO RETURN. Many of us realized that we’ve reached the obvious end of a long cycle and can’t return to The Way Things Used To Be. August was an extremely full, super intense month which moved many of us out of our comfort zones and brought us a huge dose of the Unexpected. There was an abundance of things happening at the same time; it was full of challenges, inspiration and change.

We were definitely Forged in the Fires of Transformation, again and again. At times, it felt like fire penetrated every molecule of our being. It also triggered off a massive letting go, for we cannot pretend to inhabit the New Reality while we still carry old emotional residue and expired behaviors. We are now seeing the ways that we sabotage ourselves and finally dismantling them. We are stripping away layers upon layers of illusion such as what we were taught about history, manners, aspirations and what is important in life. We are shedding our broken hearts, disappointments and shattered dreams while returning to our natural state of Love and Trueness. The very fabric of our reality is being ripped asunder.

We are realizing that it’s now time to follow our truth and joy. We will continue to be transformed in the Fires of Transformation until we finally reach a more authentic level of being.

This process is causing everything we’ve known to undergo an immense restructuring and will require us to make lots of internal and external adjustments. August’s two eclipses triggered another wave of Great Awakening and another Mega RESET. As the dross of duality is burned away in the Fires of Transformation, many elements will click into their True Positions. After August, nothing will ever be the same.

Infused by the Eclipse

Since June, we’ve been feeling discomfort in the areas of our lives that need to change. Expired elements that need to be released have become increasingly obvious. This has been especially noticeable in our expired living situations, jobs, friends, activities and ingrained habits. We are discovering that we can’t carry our old baggage with us for one more step; nor can we continue to live out our old stories. A massive bonfire is taking place with many elements of our past ~ our old stories, our old preferences, our old beliefs and our old dreams burning away.

We have been questioning everything. Is this still my Truth? Am I living in my True Place? Is it time to quit my expired job? We been scanning and sorting through everything. To aid this process, all the old stuff which needs to be released has been coming up to the surface and clamoring for our attention. We been alternating between feeling excited or flattened.

We have also been aware of the need to move our lives onto a more true rhythm. This new natural rhythm is more in harmony with the Timeless True Worlds and allows us to more deeply integrate ourselves with the cycles of nature. At times, moving into a new pace can be challenging, especially for those of us who have long been workaholics. We have to learn to allow ourselves times of not-doing and not feel guilty that we’re not working all the time.

August’s extremely powerful Total Solar Eclipse brought a powerful acceleration. This was such an amazing eclipse! Many of us experienced a powerful infusion of Pure True Love and Oneness, while at the same time encodings of the New Reality were activated that opened up a doorway into a vast New Realm which we never knew existed.

As the Sun and Moon aligned, the energies of AN intensified and we were expanded and reconfigured. The pins which long held us hooked into duality popped out, one after another, until we experienced a new sense of expanded wholeness. With this release came a deeper awakening.

This amazing August 21st Solar Eclipse was a profound cosmic RESET for all of us, ready or not! We cannot underestimate the significance of how this providential event impacted all of us in a powerful and positive way, absolutely exposing the illusion of duality and revealing the code of the Matrix of the New Reality of AN to a much greater degree than ever before.

Immediately after the Eclipse while we were still euphoric at the infusion of Pure True Love that we had just experienced, it felt like all of elements of our lives were suddenly thrown up into the air, without knowing where they would eventually land, or even if we would ever see them again. We are still in this unpinned state which is helping us to further unhook ourselves from duality and greatly aiding the TOTAL RESET of “Life as We Knew It.”

This is when the Green Lights began to flicker and fade until they finally went out and the Red Lights turned on….

Red Lights to RESET

After August’s Eclipses, we really hoped that September was going to be a quiet month of much needed integration. Instead, many of us encountered a series of strong Red Lights in various sectors of our lives. These Red Lights brought us to a complete, and totally unexpected, standstill.

For me, my most significant Red Light occurred on August 29th when I fell and sprained my ankle. Suddenly, I could not walk. It wasn’t just a physical injury, but it was a powerful trigger that plunged me into such a vastly altered, expanded state in which I was barely here. A few times, I thought that I was close to dying, but I am still here. I slept a lot, both in the day and night and had strange dreams which I didn’t remember. I felt lifetimes slipping off of me like a slippery silk kimono that no longer had anything to hold onto. I had numerous revelations of the New Realm within the New Reality that is being revealed. Even though I was in pain, I felt disembodied. This is why I could not write the Surf Report until now.

Now two weeks later, I still feel vastly expanded and at times, barely here. I can walk a little, but only short distances wearing a brace. My ankle still needs a lot of healing. (The doctor said it will be five more weeks before it is healed.) But throughout this time, I have not felt that I was sick or that spraining my ankle is a “bad” thing. Most of the time, my focus has not been on my physical ankle, although I do give it lots of love and healing. I know that my Red Light is for the purpose of triggering a total RESET of my being and I have no resistance to this.

The Red Lights that we are experiencing are not hindrances. They are allowing us the time and space to thoroughly repattern ourselves and to reroute our lives onto the Truest Path possible. They are enabling us to explore previously undiscovered realms and work there undisturbed on the level of pure energy.


While we are being stopped by the Red Lights, we may feel that we are located somewhere in the Spaces-in-Between, which is neither HERE nor THERE. This makes us feel profoundly expanded and formless. We feel like a fish out of water, uncertain of where we are or how to breathe in this unfamiliar environment. Certain areas of our lives that we knew how to do well, may suddenly have disappeared. The things that we normally rely on now no longer work.

Some of us are being greatly tested and challenged. Just like the profusion of hurricanes, floods, earthquakes and wildfires all over the world, we may be in the midst of a Mega PERFECT STORM. This is definitely what I’m experiencing. I cannot walk; our internet didn’t work for a few days, we had server problems that shut down some of our websites, and the latest one is that our Peruvian bank has decided not to accept withdrawals from foreign bankcards at their ATM machines.

The Red Lights are not happening because we are doing anything “wrong”. They are not a misfortune. It may often feel like we are traversing an endless obstacle course, but for some reason, it doesn’t feel hopeless. It’s just part of the massive RESET that we are experiencing. This is why we need to simply accept these Red Lights as actually being just what we need and offer no resistance. Then drink lots and lots of water, throw water on your face often, then lie down and let go.

Fortunately, not everyone is experiencing Red Lights at this time. There always need to be those who are holding the Beam for those going through challenges. Deep gratitude to those who are doing this much needed service!

We are still trying to see more of the new components which arrived in our expanded landscape after the Activation of the Tower of Light of AN last May. We know that they are there ~ we can strongly feel them, but they’re not all fully visible yet. Our Hidden Puzzle game has now evolved to the point where it’s like we are looking for a hat and can’t find it anywhere, even after scanning our puzzle in great detail for ten minutes. Then we suddenly get the strange idea to pick up the newspaper on the bench and there is the hat!

Once we find these new components which are laced in the landscape all around us, the next step is to incorporate them into our lives. They are bringing us exactly what we most need. This is where we will find the needed support which we’ve been looking for which was previously Off the Map of the Known. Now they are finally becoming visible.

Arriba de Arriba

In Spanish, the word Arriba means above. Arriba de Arriba is not a Spanish phrase; it’s a Solara phrase, which refers to what is above and beyond our previous limits.

What is happening now is the dissolving of our artificial ceilings and self created limitations. Artificial ceilings have been created by limited beliefs, things we were told were true which turn out to be false, “facts” which we learned in school or erroneous information which is presented to us by the mass media. Artificial ceilings give us a limited and false view of what is really going on. They keep us small and hooked into duality.

We weren’t born with these artificial ceilings, but they were developed while we grew up in a duality-based reality. Drugs and alcohol are very efficient in creating artificial ceilings where none existed before. When we “get high”, we rise to a certain level, then we drop back down. This level of “being high” isn’t really the limit of how far we can expand our awareness; rather it’s delineated by how far the drug can take you. It’s an imaginary boundary.

Each time we take a drug or drink alcohol, it only takes us so far, then we return back to where we began. After repeated use, the artificial ceiling becomes stronger and appears more real. We think that it’s as far as we can go, but it’s not. The same thing happens every time that we are told that we can’t do something or that we’re not a good person or that something is impossible to achieve. The false boundary becomes stronger.

What’s wonderful right now is that the artificial boundaries that have kept us from being free True Beings with unlimited potential are shattering and dissolving. Often this doesn’t even require any effort on our part; they simply disappear because the resonance of Trueness has grown so strong. This is a huge liberation for us as we suddenly realize that we are no longer bound by false limitations. We are powerful beings and when we unite with our One True Being, we are even more powerful. All things are possible!

The Phoenix Rises!

We are still in the mighty Year of the Fire Rooster. This year brings us a unprecedented Wake Up Call. All of the events of this year are carefully formulated to wake up as many people as possible. August’s Fires of Transformation forged the Phoenix and now it is time for the Phoenix to rise from the ashes of the collapsing world of duality.

We all have the choice of whether to be a chicken or a Phoenix. We demonstrate this choice in our responses and actions to the challenges and chaos that are thrown at us each day. We can cower in fear or we can stand strong in our love. If you have too much to do, don’t let it weigh you down. We really don’t want to continue as a chicken being constantly pecked at by life’s challenges.


Throw off any sense of burden or heaviness as soon as it appears. Phoenixes love being capable and carry responsibility with ease. Spread wide your powerful Phoenix wings and dare to be huge and magnificent! As the Phoenix rises, they are not weighed down or burdened by anything. All the obstacles that previously blocked our path are now like tiny pebbles that get naturally kicked out of the way by the large talons of the mighty Phoenix as we rise up in our Trueness.

It’s now time to demonstrate our true mastery. Not so we can show off, but because it feels fulfilling and natural to bring forth our greatness.

Releasing and Reconnecting


The seemingly endless process of letting go is of a far greater scope than we can presently imagine. It’s way more than letting go of the duality-based concept of karma, releasing our old roles, memories of previous lifetimes, ancient vows and acquired habits, although it encompasses all of these.

It’s a letting go of our entire journey over countless embodiments to arrive at this present moment in the Expanded HERE and NOW. It may not yet be a letting go of everything, but it feels like pretty much everything. And all of this releasing is for the purpose of reconnection to an infinitely greater reality.

We may or may not be close to our Birth Family on Earth. Either way, that’s fine. We can love them wherever or however they are. But even if we love them deeply, we also don’t have to remain hooked into the limited concept that they are our only family on Earth.

In another life, we may have been the parent of our parent or even the sworn enemy of our parent, so to focus solely on this current relationship in one single lifetime, only keeps us smaller than we are. We’ve all met people in this lifetime whom we recognized as being our father or mother in another lifetime. It would be a bit shortsighted if we hold our current relationship to our Birth Family in this present life as absolute in all times and universes, for they are not our only parents. Ultimately, we have no fixed parents, except perhaps for Earth and Star or Sun and Moon.

We don’t have to get hurt by the criticisms or judgments of our Birth Family. We don’t have to remain bound to the expectations that they have for us. Instead, we can discern from our own Heart’s Knowingness what is our real True Purpose for being here on Earth at this time. We can align ourselves with what will make us happy, fulfilled and True.


“We were designed to love one another.” …. Chad Roche

We need to expand our beings so that we are also deeply connected with our True Family. This is the kindred family who have been with us beyond Time and Space. Our True Family is not tied together with us with the sticky threads of karma, but through our star lineages and a shared purpose. We’ve worked together as One for aeons! This is our 11:11 Family of AN.

The connections with our True Family reach back to the Timeless True Worlds. It’s like the Mayan’s understanding of the True Sun beyond the Physical Sun. Each time we see beyond what is visible in the physical, we discover greater Trueness. With each step we take going deeper and truer, our True Family is there with us.

We will continue to gain strength from our True Family, reminding one another what is really happening on the much vaster scale and that we are not alone. Now it’s time to support, honor and love one another as never before!

More and more people are realizing that there’s an immense power to our One True Being. When we come together as ONE in Pure True Love, anything can be achieved. We have a connection that is more than telepathic ~ it goes straight to the Essence of the ONE and is felt by all. This is the level that we need to work on in the times to come.

Since I sprained my ankle, I’ve been thrust into a totally New Realm of awe-inspiring vastness that I never knew existed. Here, I have been able to see an immensely expanded level of interconnectedness that is far beyond what we can see on the earthly sphere.

Once we connect with this New Realm within the New Reality of AN, we begin to understand the depth of our organic interweaving with Pachamama (Mother Earth) and the Stars. We begin to align with our True Parents ~ the Sun and Moon and with our Starry Brethren. We connect directly on a core level with all of humanity, (or at least with the part of humanity who is either awakened or real.) It’s one thing to hug a tree, but it’s another thing to know that they are our true brothers and sisters. We may love swimming in the ocean; but it’s another thing to feel that all oceans reside within us.

We have so much to release and so much to reconnect with on a deepened core essence level. There’s a whole New Realm of Trueness waiting to be rediscovered, then dived into. It’s beyond breathtaking. Yet we cannot expect to arrive there all at once. We can start by continually unhooking ourselves from duality, step by step. This year is full of golden opportunities, challenging situations and unexpected experiences which enable us to do this.


In September, we begin to realize how much we have changed as a greatly expanded, new way of perception becomes normal to us. We can feel that a deep shift in the Fabric of Reality is taking place.

September is definitely a month of much integration. It feels as if our beings have gone through an unpinning and disassembly of all the parts, until we feel that we are formless, almost nothing. Now, the new elements are coming in that will give new life to our being. Many of these new elements are being created right now and will be inserted in the days to come. These new elements which are coming to meet us are also part of the integration. When we least expect it, we will rise into full flight as a reborn Phoenix, and the ashes of our searing Fires of Transformation will become a faded memory.


September feels like we are spiralling through a Black Hole with so many old parts of us spinning off. It actually feels very liberating to be propelled through the Black Hole without a mental plan of what we should do next or urgent deadlines to meet. This state of being between worlds gives us time to continue integrating so that we will be ready to go to the next level of our evolutionary journey.  Some of us are already in the waiting room with bags packed, ticket in hand, waiting for our new Express Train to arrive.

September brings rebirth, especially after the Equinox. Fire always creates fertile ground for the new to be born. Many of our True Dreams will be blossoming from the ashes and this will be greatly welcomed. All along our journey we’ve encountered hidden treasures and touchstones which sing so strongly to our True Being. These are now merging within us like a piece of cotton candy that dissolves when it touches our tongue.

September moves us to new ways of doing things with our vastly altered perceptions. We do not know at this moment how things will happen, but we know that we are moving towards the realization of much of what we have wanted. This is an emptiness with a special sense of sacred pause.

During this time of immense change, many people will feel the urge to move to new locations. Some of these moves come about quite suddenly; some are to unexpected places, while others are returning to areas where they lived before.

Many are finally realizing the old duality-based system has been feeding them empty calories with no nutritional value for lifetimes. The old system was designed for superficial satisfaction to keep everyone asleep, without any long term sustenance or growth. Now, everything is finally being exposed and those who were previously mesmerized by the superficial reality show are hungering for something else, something much more REAL.

The time we are in now is like a race to the Finish Line while traversing an obstacle course full of holes, land mines, natural and artificially created disasters. We must be doing well in our awakening since the misguided forces which have long controlled this planet are becoming desperate and making frantic and increasingly obvious attempts to hold onto their control. The usual political shenanigans are accelerating, as is the desecration of our beautiful planet.

Final Days of a reality system are never easy times. They are chaotic, messy and often not fun. They challenge us to the core, again and again. Yet, this is why we are here. We’re not here to be entertained, distracted or diverted. We’re not here to make lots of money and have successful careers. We’re not here to endlessly struggle to survive. We’re not here just to fulfill our personal whims and transitory desires.

We are here to step free of all illusion and remember WHO WE REALLY ARE. We are here to reanchor Trueness. We are here to embody Love and Compassion. We are here to flip over duality and birth a New Reality! And as long as we keep our focus on this, rather than on the tumultuous chaos of a collapsing reality system, we will be fine.

There is a lot of creativity involved in birthing a New Reality and this is where the fun and excitement come in. This is when we feel truly fulfilled and vibrantly alive. This is when we know why we are here. So let’s not try to grab onto the massive outgoing tide of duality for illusory comfort. Watch it going out to sea with gratitude and then turn our focus onto birthing the New and True.

Let’s not be knocked over by the shocking changes taking place every day. Let’s welcome the breakdown of the old system, knowing that the old system must go to make room for the New. Yes, it’s often uncomfortable and sometimes even heartbreaking, but let’s not get pulled into the drama or broken by the tragedy. Let’s stand strong as compassionate True Ones who are no longer seduced by duality. We are the Sacred Pagodas of the New Reality.


Quickening our One True Being is the Key. Standing in our unified field as ONE enables us to express the inherent Love and Trueness of our One True Being into realms far beyond this physical reality. We have the collective power to stop the storms, to halt the devastation, to regain dominion over our beautiful planet and to flip over duality into the New Reality. And as more us of step into our One True Being, this will only become stronger.

I see the manifestation of the quickening of our One True Being all the time now. It’s especially visible on social media like Facebook when someone asks for prayers and suddenly many people jump in with love and healing. This isn’t like the old, religious form of prayers, when as disempowered individuals we ask a greater being outside ourself for help. This is us as ONE leaping into our greater One True Being and creating miracles.

We can no longer wait for the energies to change without our full participation, both individually and collectively. September brings us the challenge to see that WE ARE the True Creators of the New Earth. We can flip over duality and birth a New Reality if we do it together as ONE. If we hold to the trueness of the vision and stand in our Pure True Love, we can create the most needed shift ever! From now until the end of the year, we have the opportunity to turn things around by making the powerful presence of our One True Being felt.

I thank you deeply for your love and understanding while I’ve been healing. I apologize that the Surf Report is so late, but also know that it is being sent out in its perfect timing. And I especially thank you for all the deeply loving and supportive emails that I received from you. I have always known that my Surf Subscribers are a very special group of my True Family and I love you all so much!

From the True Heart of AN,

With deep Gratitude and Love for the brilliant insights from:
Denise, Inger, Keenuane
Anara, Chad, Donna, Eirios, Emanaku, Freeda, Ganesha, Kim, Lea, Naomi, Rodaan, Sandi, Theresa Tracey



Solara’s 2017 Year Surf Report

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Due to Solara’s sprained ankle
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Over the years, I’ve been approached by several movie producers and had meetings with them in Hollywood, but it never felt like the Right Time or the Right People. Now it is the Right Time. So we only have to find the Right People to make these films.

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    We get the needed rest as we transform.

    All of us are brilliant and aligned with One True Vast Heart.

    Love, Ongralea

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