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Solara’s October 2017 Surf Report
If It Happens to One of Us,
It Happens to ALL of Us

Review of September 2017

In September, many of us encountered a series of strong Red Lights in various sectors of our lives. These Red Lights brought us to a complete, and totally unexpected, standstill. The Red Lights triggered a total RESET of our inner beings and outer lives. Many of us felt in between the worlds and were frequently flattened. It felt as if we were spiraling through a Black Hole with so many expired parts of ourselves spinning away. Our greatly expanded awareness took us into previously unseen New Realms.

September was extremely intense. We were besieged with numerous shocking events and Perfect Storms, one after the other. September brought widespread destruction and no matter where we were, we shared this collective upheaval, knowing we all are subject to the same forces, These times will continue to be unprecedented and unpredictable in every way. The ripping of the fabric of our old reality accelerated until it was undeniable to many.

Many of us went into a state of High Alert as we experienced an immense shattering of the Way Things Used to Be. At the same time, we were often bombarded with the anguish of the collective and the cries of our Mother Earth. Often we felt on the point of collapse.

We alternated between Holding the Beam for the entire planet, feeling shattered and collapsing, then withdrawing to replenish our energy. Fortunately, we are taking turns doing this, so that some of us are always Holding the Beam while others collapse and replenish.

Seared in the Fires of Transformation

I don’t usually write much about myself in the Surf Reports, but this time I have to…. What we just experienced here is a small glimpse of what so many are going through.

Last June, I had the urgent feeling that we needed to make the Tower of Light of AN stronger and have another Activation in October. I didn’t know the details of why we needed to do this, but felt that by October it would be greatly needed.

In August we started buying building materials and arranged for the reconfiguration of the Tower of AN to begin in the second week of September. We also discovered that few people were interested in participating in our October Activation which I had felt was so important.

On August 29, the Red Lights unexpectedly turned on when I sprained my ankle and suddenly couldn’t walk. When this happened, I was plunged into an extremely expanded New Realm of the New Reality. I experienced a deeper connectedness with everything than I had imagined possible. I felt as if I was traveling through a Black Hole in the Spaces In Between, in a state of vastly altered consciousness which continues to this day.

Since the normal recovery time from a sprained ankle is around two months, we made the decision to cancel our events. And even though we were counting on the money from our now cancelled events to pay for the reconfiguration of the Tower of AN, I felt such an urgency to do this that we decided to proceed anyway.

During the last three weeks of September, the Tower of AN was totally taken apart, except for the center, and then put back together in a stronger, truer manner. The five inner circles were raised; the river rocks of all the eleven circles were placed in cement, along with special stones and tiles. Eleven inner rays were added, extending from the center. Additional river rock paths were constructed. Each day, the energies became more powerful and the Tower of AN more clear and beautiful.

We made it that far by spending any money we could manifest, along with your donations and orders from the AN•Mercado, (Thank you!), but we finally ran out of money and reluctantly decided to stop the work for a few weeks. We were prepared to tell our workers on the next Monday that we had to stop, but they didn’t show up. When German, the supervisor in charge of the work on the Tower, finally came a few days later on September 29, he apologetically asked us if it would be all right to pause the work here for a few weeks so they could finish another job. This is when we started to see the perfection of what was in play.

The very next day, September 30, a huge wildfire broke out high upon the mountains, spreading quickly in our direction. By the first of October, the fire had reached the top of the mountain directly above the Heart of AN!

For most of my life, I have had a fear of wildfires. Many years ago I was living by myself on 120 acres in Montana when wildfires broke out nearby and the air was full of burning cinders, I actually threw as much as I could into a small moving truck and abandoned my house. And even though the house survived, I only returned once to get the rest of my things and put it up for sale.

Now I had to quickly master my old fears of fires because I knew that if I didn’t, there was a far greater chance that the fires would come to the Heart of AN. For the next few days, each time my fears came up, I had to forcibly reach inside myself and dismantle these old fears. Then I would literally stand up and calmly state to the fire with my full Heart’s Knowingness and great Love, “THIS IS NOT AN ACCEPTABLE REALITY!”

All my life, I’ve been able to talk to the wind and start and stop the rain. When I tried talking to the wind during the fire, it only became stronger. When I called to the rain, it remained warm and sunny. This is when I realized that some things which we’ve relied upon for a very long time, suddenly don’t work anymore. Since we have become more expanded, true beings, we have to find deeper ways to align with Pachamama and nature that are on a totally new level. These new relationships take place in the Timeless True Worlds of the New Reality. And I don’t yet know how to do this.


For three nights of little sleep, we watched the fire come ever closer. I felt very vulnerable since my sprained ankle is still not fully healed and I cannot walk much. Neighbors called the local firefighters and they refused to come. Other neighbors were plowing their fields as if it was a normal day. No one was in charge and there was no one to ask for help. Although several of the people living in this valley tried to get help or put out the fires themselves, It felt like there was no strong One Being in our valley. This is when we realized that help would not come from an outside source.

When something like this happens, we can either see ourselves as victims or we can be proactive and do something. There are various levels we can work on. We can go fight the fires ourselves. We can lend tools or make lunches for those who do. We can call government agencies to try to get more help. We can notify the media in the hope that they will get the attention we need. We can prepare our land by putting water on the trees, fences and ground.

We can sit as Silent Watchers and hold everything in Trueness. We can push aside our fears and state in our full knowingness that THIS IS NOT AN ACCEPTABLE REALITY. We can get in touch with the fire, or whatever crisis is at hand, in order to see what is going to happen. We talk to it. We give it love. We become ONE with it. This core connection with the fire or other crisis, takes us directly into the Timeless True Worlds. Once this happens, we do not return from it unchanged. And we did all of this.

I also started calling to our One True Being via Facebook and What’s App to encircle the Heart of AN and our valley in Love and Protection. When our One True Being responded, we could instantly feel your powerful presence with us. This gave us much strength. (THANK YOU, a thousand times!)

On Sunday afternoon (October 1st), Emanaku and I went to the Tower of AN and sat as Silent Watchers of the Heart of AN, putting our full beings into holding everything in Pure True Love, while not knowing if we would ever be able to do this again.

On Monday, the fire was descending down the mountain to our valley. While Emanaku and Pedro watered our land, fences and trees, I began to pack some suitcases, in case we really had to evacuate. This was a poignant process. There were the obvious practical items to pack, but then there were all the sacred objects. I chose carefully and apologized to the objects (living beings) which could not be packed. I thanked them and kissed them with great love and tenderness.

Throughout this time, both Emanaku and I strongly felt that if we stayed here, the Heart of AN would be safe. Neither of us wanted to leave nor felt it right to do so. We were committed to doing our utmost on all levels to protect the Heart of AN.


I have certain agreements in place that enable me to be on this planet. These were set long before I came here. There are things like I’m not allowed to publicize myself; I can’t wear fancy jewelry or sit on a throne, actually I can’t even sit on an oversized chair. These things are easy, since I have no desire to do so. I’m also not allowed to call myself a spiritual teacher. Some will know and many will not. And that is fine with me.

But there’s also the agreement that things won’t get too harsh or weird on Earth while I’m here. And we’re getting close to that point. Living at the Heart of AN in the energies of the New Reality is what allows me to remain on Earth during these Final Days of Duality. Without the Heart of AN, I would probably not be able to stay, so much was On the Line last week.

Late Monday afternoon, we had a visitor arrive to spend the night at our guesthouse, AN•Wasi. This had been arranged a few weeks before. We met David from New Zealand at our front gate before his taxi left and gave him the choice of staying or leaving. Fortunately, he chose to stay. This gave us a huge sense of relief, especially since I could do so little and Emanaku was doing so much.

That night the fires stretched out and descended down the mountain towards us. We kept going over to the Tower of AN and watching the fire, mesmerized by the electrifying power of the Fire Dragons stretched across the mountain, until they finally transformed into a magnificent Phoenix. Late at night, the three of us went to the upstairs AN room in our house and sat as Silent Watchers, then did a very strong PA’A as we watched the fires right outside the windows. After that, it felt that everything would be all right.

In the morning, the danger had passed. The fire had come all the way down to the edge of our valley where there are a lot of trees and miraculously gone out before igniting them, just fifty meters from our house. For the next few days, there would be flare-ups of the fire, but we knew we were safe. That’s when I unpacked, trying to put our things in new places to reflect the immense changes that had occurred.

Although all is well here, we are irrevocably transformed. It feels as if the Fires of Transformation have thoroughly scoured our internal beings, burning away so much within us, stripping us down to the core and beyond. Nothing will ever be the same. I am still between worlds, going through the Black Hole and healing my ankle.


There are some moments which are now indelibly seared within us. For me, it was standing at the Tower of AN during the night when the fire came ever closer. These moments were beyond Time and Space. They belonged to the Timeless True Worlds and are like a permanent tatoo on my core being. When nature is unleashed so strongly, it creates a new place where all realities merge within us.

In a few days, two of our close friends are coming for visits ~ Sebastian from Germany and Keenuane from Mexico. Even though our events were cancelled, they still felt the need to be here. Maybe we will be able to make the ceremonies that I so strongly felt needed to be done here in October. Or maybe that happened during the fire. And a week later, we will resume reconfiguring the Tower of AN.

After Effects

When we are experiencing a major crisis, we become part of something EPIC ~ something that is way beyond our individual selves or the life we were living before. After the crisis has passed, it’s hard to remember what was important before the crisis. Our priorities have been instantly reshuffled. Everything has been burned away in the Fires of Transformation. If we do remember something that we were doing before, all motivation to do it is gone.

What remains is a profound physical and emotional tiredness. This is when we realize that the fires / shooting / crisis / earthquake / flood / false flag event / hurricane / volcanic eruption has irrevocably stripped and seared our beings. We have been burned up in the Fires of Transformation and have no idea who we are now or what remains.

Everything that was before can barely be remembered. Things that we used to get upset about, don’t matter anymore. Our past feels almost completely erased. Fortunately, we don’t all have to directly experience a wildfire, earthquake, hurricane, flood, volcanic eruption or shocking event to experience this. If we are sensitive to the collective and if we are connected with our One True Being we will feel it and we will also be transformed.


When the crisis situation hits us, it wipes out that part of us that used to get up in the morning and casually ask, “Oh, what shall I do today?” This is the part of us which doesn’t exist anymore. Instead, what we face are the things that urgently need to be done. So, we do our best to get into a certain type of flow and just do what is needed, even though we are deeply tired and still between worlds. And if we are really lucky, we might get a small break between tasks.

Many people all over the world are facing situations where they are losing everything. Others have come close to losing everything. It doesn’t matter if we have a lot to lose or little to lose. It’s all that we have. Each time this happens, our priorities in life undergo a dramatic reordering. We become more stripped down and more real. This happens in an instant.

Right now, many of us feel shell shocked and in need of a time out. It’s almost like Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome. There are days when we feel completely flattened. Our beings are being scoured through and through. Numerous illusions that we previously thought were real are shattering all around us.

We are experiencing an unprecedented transfiguration on all levels. We are in the midst of shifting reality systems. We can suddenly see a completely new, expanded view of everything. We are thinking about things which we haven’t thought of before. This creates new, infinitely truer choices in our lives. We are now on a much truer track than ever before.

If It Happens to One of Us, It Happens to ALL of Us.


In 1992, we arrived at the point where the Greater LOVE was so strong and so huge that our personal heart chakras weren’t enough to handle it. This is when we had to make the shift over from our individual heart chakras to our One Heart, which is the Heart of the ONE. This is an infinitely stronger and vaster emotional body.

Now, it’s gotten to the point where we need to make another huge shift. This time it’s from our individual selves into our One True Being. Our physical body is a perfect map of our One True Being. It’s composed of individual and unique body parts that, together as One, form a fully functioning body. If something affects part of our body, it affects the whole. For example, if we have a toothache, the rest of our body will not feel good. The pain of our tooth will influence everything we experience. When we finally take our tooth to the dentist, we can’t just send our mouth ~ our whole body has to go.

The same is true of our One True Being. If part of our One Being is suffering, we all feel it. If part of our One Being is starving and we have lots to eat, we will develop a sense of hunger in another area of our being, such as hunger for love or a hunger to be understood.

Just as we don’t say to our tooth, “Oh, that’s your problem. Too bad for you. Deal with it by yourself”, we also can’t say that to the parts of our One Being who are having their houses flooded, burned or collapsed by earthquakes. We can’t ignore those of us who are struggling to survive in immensely challenging times. If it happens to one of us, it happens to all of us!

As a parent we are always aware of the well being of our partner and children, even when our children live far away. As a neighbor, we are also aware of every movement on our street or in our neighborhood. Some of us are already serving our One True Being through protecting the animals, the oceans, in environmental organizations, prayer and meditation groups. Now we need to unite on an even vaster scale. As starry / human beings on planet Earth, we need to carefully monitor how our entire One True Being is doing at all times and continually observe what is happening everywhere on our planet.

We have to expand our consciousness to always encompass our One True Being. We have to constantly deepen our Compassion to fully embrace all of humanity, especially those who are going through challenging times. It’s time to realize that we are indelibly interwoven with Pachamama and all of the natural worlds as One True Being. To hold all the Worlds within Worlds into positional alignment with Pure True Love. And then, to bring everything into the Timeless True Worlds of the New Reality.

It’s not time to disengage from what’s going on in the world. It’s also not time to fall into reaction mode where we are continually battered and weakened by every small, irritating detail of what is happening. It’s no longer appropriate to be focused solely on our individual “spiritual” development or personal desires. We don’t have the luxury of being self absorbed anymore. It’s not the time to look for the next distraction, strive to make lots of money or buy the latest gadget.


There’s no more pretending that places like Puerto Rico don’t exist. There’s no ignoring that right now in Northern California, thousands of people are losing their homes, their loved ones, their animals, their livelihoods and the entire history of their lives. IF IT HAPPENS TO ONE OF US, IT HAPPENS TO ALL OF US!


We all need to be in a state of permanent FULL ALERT. Out of sheer necessity, Holding the Beam has now become our New Normal. There isn’t a moment when we should stop encircling the planet with Love, Compassion, Protection and Trueness. It’s time to become much, much LARGER! We have to expand our beings so we can feel the entire planet, all of humanity and Pachamama residing within us. AND WE HAVE TO DO THIS RIGHT NOW!

Let’s feel, nourish, love and protect our One True Being and our beautiful, besieged planet. Let’s help those who are going through hard times in any way we can. Let’s hold the energetic field of the New Reality for one other. The energies are simply too intense and too real to try to get through it by ourselves. This is exactly what we need to be doing. This is why we are here!

All of these planetary crises and shocking events call us to align ourselves with our One True Being. Sometimes, this happens almost effortlessly, such as in Mexico after the earthquake when we witnessed the One True Being of this entire area of the Planet rising from the ashes like a mighty Phoenix to a whole new level, leaping into action, embodying love and compassion. A whole ocean of people moving as One True Being with their full attention on how to serve, showing their greatness. Other times, like in our small valley in Peru, our One Being never quite came together. But even when others aren’t aware of our One True Being or aren’t ready to consciously take their place in it, we must be there!

This is how we strengthen the resonance of the New Reality in every moment, with every breath we take. We need to become ever more unhooked from duality and consciously interwoven into the ONE. This isn’t something to do later; we must do it right now! This is how we serve as anchor points for the upcoming shift of reality systems.



October brings us more tumultuous change and shedding of what no longer serves us. Much of this is being triggered by shocking events and Perfect Storms, which perhaps we should be getting used to by now, but we’re definitely not. Many of us are being hit hard, again and again. This includes not only those who are in the direct path of these Perfect Storms, but those who are deeply attuned to the collective.

Old structures continue to break down, bringing much confusion and chaos. At the same time, the New Reality becomes noticeably stronger. New values and new priorities are becoming increasingly visible. The extensive fallout from all the hurricanes, wildfires, earthquakes, floods and volcanoes we’ve been experiencing will have profound impacts for many months to come. These events are stripping away layers upon layers of all that is untrue and bringing us a major shift in what we have previously considered reality. This is unleashing massive change.

October is full of amazing opportunities for profound transformation. Not a stone will be left unturned as we make it through the final months of this year. It is incredible how much is shifting every single day. As we make our way forward into a New True Reality through the obstacle course of these super challenging times, everything built on a false foundation is crumbling.

As the month begins, many of us feel a sense of battle fatigue. We are like deeply saturated ground that cannot hold another drop of water. We really need an extended rest, but know that this will probably not happen. What we really don’t want is to experience any more drama or Perfect Storms. We don’t want to be pushed into action or to deal with another crisis.

We are still in a state of unprecedented expansion, located somewhere in between our old known world and the New World that is being born. This makes everything much more challenging to deal with. It also causes unexpected moments of vertigo and dizziness when we lose our balance. Some of us are being stopped by injuries or illness. Some of us feel almost broken. Many are having their lives as they knew them, completely stripped away.

Others are still blocking out what is happening in the world, thinking that if they simply concentrate on their own lives and personal desires that all the rest will magically disappear, but it won’t. Sooner or later, they will also be touched by the upheaval and will need to step into our One True Being and serve the One.

I would love to say that everything will be calm and peaceful in October, but it won’t be. It will continue to be super intense for the rest of the year since we are in the midst of an ongoing process that is triggering a Mass Awakening in much of humanity. We and our planet are being totally RESET and reconfigured so we can live in a New Reality.

Since there are two strong tides this month that are calling for our attention ~ the outgoing tide of duality and the incoming tide of the New Reality ~ this creates a lot of Choppy Surf with erratic waves. We can’t assume anything is set into stone in October since any situation can flip over at any moment. This means that we have to use our biggest surfboards and demonstrate our mastery in everything we do.

Because so much is in the midst of unprecedented change, it’s essential that we learn a new way to navigate through the swirling chaos of mixed energy that is all around us. I cannot yet tell you what this new navigation entails, but I am urgently seeking it.

October contains both Red Lights and Green Lights which change back and forth when we least expect it. It’s like a broken traffic signal which has its own unique, very strange rhythm and timing that is completely out of sync with what it used to do. These erratically changing lights can’t be predicted or prepared for. All we can do is stop when there’s a Red Light, go quickly when there’s a Green Light, stop when it’s Red again and be ready for absolutely anything.

There continues to be a growing great divide between those who are Real and True and those who are asleep and unconscious. It’s like what I wrote about in my book, “11:11” so many years ago. The awakened ones and the unconscious ones are becoming ever more invisible to each other. This will continue until we no longer continue to inhabit the same planet.

There are also the increasingly desperate attempts by those in control on the duality level to keep humanity asleep and powerless by tightening the screws of duality. Yet now, many of us can see far beyond these obvious and transparent manipulations and have become too large to be screwed back into duality. We simply refuse to react to duality anymore and instead turn our focus to anchoring the New Reality until it becomes the predominant reality.

The Elements have entered into a new dance ~ a dance where the Earth – Air – Water – Fire are interweaving. The reconfiguration of our evolutionary labyrinth is taking place. All of this motion and upheaval, in the oceans, the air, the friction of the tectonic plates, the cosmos, the stirring of the volcanic fires in the womb of the Earth are part of Who We Are. There is nothing that is separate from Pachamama, our Mother Earth and us. Together as One, we are One True Being.


Layers upon layers are falling away. The clock of duality is running out. We now see deeper. We love deeper. We have a deep compassion with all those who are experiencing hardship and trauma which makes us care more deeply. When the time comes for the old world of duality to totally collapse, we will not be afraid. We will not try to rebuild the old world on its collapsed foundations, but will build the New using a completely different template.

Some are already feeling a great enthusiasm for their New Life. Lots of people are coming together with the common goal of being Guardians of the Earth. Even though there is much to be done, they are excited. Their old clothes have been stripped off, their old stories have turned to dust and now they can run around in complete freedom. Authenticity and Trueness feel so good!

The state of Ultra Alert is the new way to operate ~ to be doing at the moment what needs to be done, without distractions, without wasting time, because Time is the least there is. Being fully expanded into One True Being is how we are able to sustain and provide real help.

This is not the time to postpone what our heart calls us to do any longer. It is not the time to stay where there is no longer a future; instead we must go where life is more vibrantly alive and real, where the doors are open with many new and fresh possibilities.

The Right Time exists and it is now. It reminds us of the promise we once made that this time we would not fail….


Once again, I apologize that the Surf Report is late again, due to circumstances far beyond my control. Thank you for your understanding. Here it is, sent with my deepest Love in its Perfect Timing!

Beside You in our One True Being,

With deep Gratitude and Love for the brilliant insights from:
Denise, Inger, Keenuane
Ann, Bradley, Cher, Dian, Donna, Emanaku, Ganesha, Jessica, Karen, Kiki,
Melanie, Merrilyn, Rodaan, Sandy, Sara, Tracey, Ursulai



Solara’s 2017 Year Surf Report

Stepping In and Living True




It’s time for the Heart of AN to expand to a new level. This will happen if our Family of AN now steps in to share the responsibility for the Heart of AN and our work here as caretakers of the New Reality of AN on a regular basis, such as a monthly donation or supporting some of our impending projects. This would be such a huge breakthrough for us and the Heart of AN!

What we envision is a torus ring of support created by the Family of AN that encircles the Heart of AN. This will make the Heart of AN energetically stronger by having a wider base. And it will free us to do more of what we came here to do.

Become part of the Circle of Support for the Heart of AN.

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Solara's Surf Report for 2017 - Stepping In and Living True

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  1. Your clarity of vision and your remarkable ability to maintain a coherent field under almost any circumstance are nothing short of miraculous, dearest Solara. I was with you pretty much throughout the wildfire crisis, even though I was focused on seeing Ahau sail through his surgery with minimal trauma – but I knew the Heart of AN would be spared, because too much is riding on its physical manifestation on this planet. With this episode over, I know the energies will soon be flowing again, bringing all that is required for the next phase. May you soon be dancing again, ecstatically, and enjoy the sense of accomplishment and fulfillment you so richly deserve! <3 <3 <3

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