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Solara’s January 2018 Surf Report
Ice Skating on a Blank Canvas

Review of December 2017

December was an important bridge into 2018 which aligned us deeper with what we know is True. This was made easier since many of the bridges to our past have already crumbled. We realized that we’re not even the same people we were at the beginning of the year. We also understood that we can no longer find the things we’ve been looking for in their old places so we had to expand our vision so we could look in new places.

December also brought the culmination of the RESET process which we’ve been experiencing all year. We felt more grown up, more serious, more focused and more real than we ever had before. The veils of illusion continued dropping at an accelerated rate, revealing the completely rotten, core level corruption of the failing old systems.

We also managed to finally step out of reaction mode, seeing that all the terrible injustices happening all over the world were simply symptoms of the Final Days of Duality that are showing us the great need to transform the world. This helped us make the momentous decision to stop feeding duality and instead turn our attention to being part of the solution, by anchoring and nurturing the New Reality of AN.

We carefully washed off the dust of our journey. We tenderly turned our attention to healing any illness or hurts we acquired along the way. We sifted through our memories and set many of them free. We released our limited, old dreams and opened our beings to go into the realm far Beyond our Wildest Dreams in the New Year. We shed our old skins and occasionally pulled up our drawbridges. All the while, we could feel our Love and Compassion expanding, expanding….

Somehow, we also managed to complete many outstanding projects, some of which we had been working on all year long. This gave us a wondrous sense of accomplishment!

Then we turned our attention to getting into our right Entry Point for 2018. We could feel that we were now connected to the landscape we inhabit in a new, and very different, way. Our old landscape has also undergone an expansion and deepening. And we suddenly knew that It was no longer possible to walk within our known landscape in a linear or mental way.

Ice Skating on a Blank Canvas

From the very beginning, January definitely feels different. There’s the sense of arriving at the shore of a new land with a sense of wonder that we made it this far. At the beginning of a New Year, we are always presented with a blank canvas. This is when it’s better to carefully feel things out, rather than rush into action. We are sensing where we are, while still in the midst of a somewhat messy mixture containing the residue of our old, duality-based ways of being mixed with Who We Really Are ~ our emerging Authentic Self.

This January is like ice skating on a blank canvas. We are gliding along with grace and confidence and then suddenly hit a patch of rough ice and lose our balance. We never know when we’ll slip or slide or crash hard onto the ice. Balance is more important than ever. Or we may unexpectedly encounter a section of very smooth ice and zoom forward when we least expect it.

Underneath the ice we can sense that there are patterns in brilliant colors. We can almost see them, but even though they’re not quite visible, we know that they are there. They will start appearing around the middle of January and this will bring us a new clarity as to where we are going and what we need to do next.

As these colorful new patterns emerge, the True parts of us will become ever more visible. This will feel both natural and deeply fulfilling. It will give us a much welcomed sense of joyous calmness and harmony.

Inside the Pressure Cooker


At times, it feels like we are in the midst of a pressure cooker where the build up of pressure is constantly growing. This rising pressure is pushing on some of the hidden pockets of old energy we still carry within us. They are ready to come out and be released.

Now, there’s a new energy coming in which was designed to go directly to the core of these stuck energies and explode them from the inside out, like dynamite, creating new routes for these old energies to leave. Hidden pockets of expired and stuck energy residue can explode at any time in any areas where the pressure is already past its danger level. This can happen on a personal or political level, as well as a planetary level through extreme weather conditions.

As the pressure rises, the hidden, untrue parts of our beings are becoming glaringly obvious. As they bubble up to the surface, ready to explode, the pressure levels go off the charts. This can create unexpected misunderstandings and divisions amongst people that come with no warning.

Some family members, friends and associates are suddenly getting very touchy. (This may also be happening within us.) They are easily irritated over nothing. They may unconsciously unleash oblique attacks at us which have no basis in reality. At times, it may feel that we’ve innocently walked into traps that were set up for us to fall into.

When this happens, we have the choice of ignoring their petty reactions, or we can bite the bait and react back or we can do our best to smooth out the misunderstandings ~ which sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t have any effect at all.

We know well that these often surprisingly mean spirited reactions from others aren’t coming from who they really are. It’s just an explosion of a hidden pocket of expired, duality-based energy that came in our direction because we were accidentally there. They are not personal attacks, although they may feel like it. It’s just old stuff coming out, often in an unexpected and shocking manner.

The best way to deal with these type of occurrences is to simply expand our compassion to see that we are all under a lot of pressure right now. These petty outbursts are acting as a valve to release some of the pent up inner pressure. Then we simply continue to love and love and be the Love….

These hidden pockets of stuck duality-based energy and unacceptable behaviors are being exposed in various ways. In Boulder, Colorado USA, a 44 year old homeless man who had been banned from the shelters because he was an alcoholic, froze to death on Christmas in the midst of an affluent community which prides itself on being spiritually aware. Hopefully, this was a shocking wake up call for the people there.

We can’t continue to be so self absorbed that we don’t even notice the people or animals sleeping outside in freezing temperatures and don’t make any effort to help them. They are not separate from us; THEY ARE US. They are all part of our One True Being and cannot be ignored! We simply cannot allow things like this to happen. Not in our community. Not on our planet. Not on our watch!

When the ˮhealingˮ ends, the TRUE Healing begins


While we are traveling through the two Full Moon Portals of January, it would be the perfect time to release our attachment to the feeling that we need continual healing. Healing can be surprisingly addictive. It’s like the constant quest for more educational degrees, more new clothes, more money, more credentials, more workshops. Only now, we continually seek out more healing as we feel that we have never received enough. We need more plant medicine sessions, more healing ceremonies, more Reiki, more massages, more Tantra, more shamanism and to learn more methods of healing. This is when “healing” become self indulgent.

When do we realize that we don’t need constant healing and declare ourselves healed? Are we going to spend the rest of our lives sampling different healing modalities? If these forms are so effective, then why are we still needing more of them? Why aren’t we already healed? When does our self absorbed healing process end and when can we turn our attention to something much larger and more important?

Yes, we have all experienced broken hearts, deep wounds and disappointments. We have all been shattered and broken. But when do we realize that all of this only happened to a small fragment of Who We Are Now? When will we turn our attention from our small selves to our One True Being and start serving the planet? When we do, we might find that serving with our mastery is exactly what heals us.

I’m not talking about TRUE HEALING which is much needed at this time. TRUE HEALING is far different from the endless search to constantly heal ourselves through numerous techniques. TRUE HEALING takes place when we live True Lives as a True One. This is what brings TRUE HEALING to the entire planet and is so greatly needed.

The Final Call of the Fire Rooster


The stalwart Fire Rooster isn’t finished yet. He / she is still in charge of the year until the New Moon on February 16 when the sceptre is passed to the Earth Dog. There are still many people to awaken. There are still more old energies to burn up in the Fires of Transformation.

Any old residue of duality that we still carry within us can create obstacles which prevent us from going forward in a real way. This makes it vitally important during January to release everything that doesn’t allow us to freely move forward. This has to happen before we can fully step into the new energies and leap into action.

The reign of the Fire Rooster has been intense, but it has also been extremely effective. The Fires of Transformation have purged us all the way down to our cells. The calls of the Fire Rooster have awakened us to the point where many of us can now see what is really going on. And soon we will ground our reborn Phoenix selves into the earth and walk with absolute Trueness as we begin afresh.

Folding Waves Upon Waves


The energies around us right now are like giant waves. These huge waves travel great distances. They travel beyond Time and Space. They fold themselves around us and embrace us. And they bring to us many new elements which we have long awaited.

When one of our parents dies, at first we go through sadness and shock until, a few months later, we realize that we feel different. We have received a previously missing part of our True Man or True Woman that was carried by our parent for us. This is especially true when a man’s father dies or when a woman’s mother dies.

Up until it happens, we didn’t know that there was a significant part of us which was missing. We didn’t even know that this missing part of ourself existed. But when one of our parents leaves the planet, a transfer takes place from our parent to us and we become more of our complete self than before.

Something similar to this is happening with the giant waves that are folding into us right now. Elements are being brought to us that we didn’t know belonged to us. They are merging within us, making us not only more whole, but more multi-dimensional ~ giving us access to other worlds, other realities. It not only makes us truer, but adds some much needed new threads to our being which enable us to go deeper into the New Reality.

During January some lost components of our beings are being folded back into us. We don’t need to go looking for them, for they will naturally come to us. Some of these lost components come from people and places that we have deep connections to, while others originate in the Beyond the Beyond. The huge waves are also bringing to us people from our past, as well as people from our future. New information which will enable us to align with our True Direction is embedded in the waves.

We are also being given opportunities to measure how far we have evolved during the past year. This is similar to when some of us used to measure the height of our children and make a marking on the side of a doorway with the date and age of the child. Then a year later, we would measure them again and make a new mark.

Returning to our old living places, old situations, old jobs and visiting family, old friends and prior relationships allows us to measure the distance we have traveled since we saw them last. A lot of this will happen in January, showing us that we have grown far beyond the measures of the past.

This brings up the question: What are we going to do next? Are we going to try to fold our expanded New Self into our small Old Life or are we going to fold our Old Life into our expanded New Life?


January started with a strong Full Moon and ends with another potent Full Moon which is also a Blue Moon. These Full Moons serve as bookends for the entire month and bring powerful energy of change. They form energetic Portals on both sides of the month through which we must pass with openness, honesty and Trueness. And on the far side of these portals, the True Year of 2018 begins….

The New Year begins with a strong pause. There’s an overlay of stillness covering us like a heavy blanket. On the surface, it may feel that everything has stopped, but this doesn’t mean that nothing is happening. There is monumental movement taking place within the depths and the ice is cracking under our feet. We are building up to a big acceleration which will start being visible around the middle of the month when movement and change begins.

The major storms in many parts of the world are stopping whatever we thought we were going to do. We may feel like a car that is stuck in the snow; we know that we will get it free sooner or later, but it will take a little time. It will require both patience and effort to get free.

A deep shift is taking place within the planetary platelets. It’s similar to the movement of ice shelves that break free of their old positions and move to a new position. While this is happening, there are many things that we cannot yet see. This is why we have to wait for more elements to move into their True Positions. Only then, will we be able to see our New Landscape clearly enough so we can move deeper into it.

We can utilize this time of pause to create a calm and solid foundation which will greatly serve us for the rest of the year. We are realizing that we need to develop a whole new way of walking this year which is deeply grounded and vastly expanded. This will give us a different rhythm to our walk. If we can’t walk correctly, then our whole body goes out of balance. When we enter a state of calmness, balance returns and walking is easy. This is why it’s important for us to attain a calm and deeply grounded foundation in January.

At the end of last August, I sprained the ankle of my left foot, which required a lot of rest and made walking difficult for a few months. During the final days of December, I suddenly developed a condition called Plantar Fascitis on my right foot, (probably because I overused my “good” foot), making it painful to walk upon, especially in the morning. The funny thing about this new condition is that walking makes the pain go away.

This is the total opposite of a sprained ankle which you are not supposed to walk upon. And this feels very true for all of us for 2018. When we are active, when we take responsibility, when we are serving others and when we are living our mastery, the pain goes away. Everything is easier and more fulfilling. But if we are just sitting around, the pain gets worse and everything is more difficult.

This is why it is essential that everyone needs to find their way to serve the planet. We don’t all have to serve in the same way, for each of us has an unique avenue of service. But we have to find our path of service and make it an integral part of our life. Doing this will enhance our lives in numerous positive ways. And without serving to our full capability, our path will be much bumpier.

January is the time to commit ourselves in every way possible to Living our Mastery in the New Reality. The Sacred Pause gives us the space to release our internal hindrances, let go of our ties to limiting beliefs and excuses and to stop trying to cross the raging current with our feet in two different boats! We need to plant both feet on the ground, taking full responsibility to change the paradigm.

A new consciousness is emerging and miraculous solutions are appearing where roads were previously blocked. There’s a deep expansion of Love and genuine Compassion spreading across the planet. As this happens there will be massive upheavals on every level, because old, stuck, traditional ways hate to change, so we need to stay true to our Heart’s Knowingness at all times. Many of us are super energized to speak and live our truth.

The giant waves that we are surfing are of a scale that they feel like our natural environment. They are very effectively crashing and collapsing the old structures. At the same time, these huge waves are lifting us up and taking us all the way into the New Reality.

As this happens, we are realizing that our True Legacy as Humans is much more in the natural worlds, rather than in the ones we create. The amazing capacity for plants to heal us, instead of using a chemical medicine is a great example. We are increasingly realizing that the designed world of human creations is now becoming less of a priority and has less of an impact and importance than it did, even a few months ago. The things of the old world that used to be important are fading away…. in some ways, almost like a bad dream!

January is the start of an intensely grounded, human year. With no unicorns or balloons, but an abundance of rainbows, no self indulgence or infantile wishful thinking, but the whole spectrum of what it means to be HUMAN on a planet on the verge of a mega evolutionary shift.

Let’s continue to Hold the Beam as Silent Watchers. Let’s get’s ourselves ready for a momentous year!

With huge LOVE from the Heart of AN,

With deep Gratitude and Love for the brilliant insights from:
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