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Solara’s May 2018 Surf Report
Insertion Points of the New Reality

Review of April 2018

The mighty Winds of Change blew strongly in April, bringing immense movement that thoroughly scoured our beings, enabling us to release many of the illusory beliefs which have clouded our minds for some time now.

The Winds of Change blew away much of the debris that had obstructed our way forward, clearing the Path into our True Position. This clearing of our True Path was a major theme of April.

April was a month with so many varied experiences that it felt like a year. As we stepped deeper into our inherent mastery, the way we looked at the world shifted; the way we used to do things shifted; the way we work shifted; the way we relate to others shifted. At times, the pendulum of our emotions swung wildly back and forth, from one extreme to the other ~ seeing and inhabiting the New Reality fully one day – then mourning and crying over our dying planet and paradigm the next!

Waves of the Past kept folding into the HERE and NOW, bringing us numerous interactions with family and friends from the past. It felt good to relate to them in new ways, bringing forth Who We Are Now. And in some cases, a much needed healing took place.

April provided the opportunity for the most intense sifting and panning for the Real Gold, separating it from the Fool’s Gold. Panning for Truth is a matter of discernment between what is real and what is false, observing when and why we are being played or manipulated, then reclaiming our Truth.

Around mid-month, we entered the Fast Track, zooming along from breakthrough to breakthrough at an accelerated speed! There was a noticeable shift of energy which illuminated our path into May.

An Insertion Point for Those of the First Wave


The letting go we have been doing for the past several years is massive. We are releasing our entire journey on planet Earth. And for some of us, that’s an extremely long one. We are totally reconfiguring the belief system which we have operated on since the Beginning of Time. We are letting go of long cherished dreams and realigning ourselves with our Wildest Dreams which we never thought possible. We are refining, recalibrating and resetting ourselves onto our True Path.

But as we release our entire journey so far ~ through our tears ~ through our sadness ~ through our profound weariness ~ through our endless letting go ~ through being thoroughly fed up with The Way Things Used To Be, we are also erasing all those tired, old footprints that were left in the sand behind us. These footprints are the map of our journey through duality and we don’t need to carry this old map, or the emotional imprints on it, with us anymore. Our time of traveling on the old map is over. As our journey through duality is dissolved, we are liberated as never before. Not only us personally, but the entire collective of this planet is being released from duality.

The last item left to do is to empty out our Well of Deep Sorrow. We need to pour out all our broken hearts, shattered dreams and lost loves. Empty out our weariness, judgments and disappointments. Release the concepts of struggle, lack and hardship. Wash off the caked-on dirt of the journey and heal our hearts.

This is most strongly felt by those of the First Wave who have been here since the Beginning. They are the ones who had to struggle to remember Who We Are and Why We Are Here during times of greatest density. They are the ones who toiled for lifetimes to get us all to this point. Now it’s time to empty out our Well of Deep Sorrow ~ letting go of the struggles and the sadness, letting go of all we have ever seen and experienced ~ of all we have been up until now.

This is exactly where some of the First Wave have gotten stuck, (and some First Wave Bridge people as well). Some are still living inside their Well of Deep Sorrow, shedding endless tears, feeling powerless to step out of it. For them, life has become nearly unbearable. All they want to do is to leave the planet as soon as possible.

Yet all around them, are shining tendrils of New Life, emanating from the radiant New Reality, which some don’t yet see. Instead, you may feel that you have failed, despite all your dedicated efforts to be good, to live a “spiritual” life, to serve humanity. But you haven’t failed; it’s just that you stopped from sheer weariness during the Final Miles and haven’t yet found the strength to go the full distance off the map of duality.

I have deep compassion for these weary ones, since I am also of the First Wave and was there with them during the entire journey. Yet somehow, I have made it to the other side, to my True Life in the New Reality of AN. But, try as I may, I haven’t yet found a way to help them pull through.

By emptying out the Well of Deep Sorrow, our Years of Tears can be used to water the Earth. From this, our sacred tears will merge with the soil to birth the most exquisite, long awaited flowers of a New, True World.

This is when we realize that our Time of Struggle is past! Our deep sadness is gone. Our broken hearts are healed. The New Reality is here! And our hearts begin to sing….

An Insertion Point from Antares

Each month, I ask my Facebook friends to share their feelings about the upcoming month. These insights are helpful since they show me the spectrum of human awareness at the present moment. Sometimes, they are so perfect and brilliant that I must share them with you in their fullness.
Such is this month’s jewel by my dear friend from multiple lifetimes, Antares of Malaysia.


The Time Compression Effect seems to be blurring my sense of future while stirring up long-forgotten memories and turning my present into a single continuum of letting go and letting go and letting go…. of everything! So much sadness, even emotional pain ~ yet it’s only my Limited Ego feeling those side-effects of the never-ending human drama.

Back in my default setting of Unlimited Ego, everything’s absolutely fine and the story we’re living ~ my story and yours ~ all stories, the miraculous mystery of life itself, is unfolding in multiple timelines revealing more evolutionary possibilities than our rational minds can comprehend.

There are days I feel like a spent force, that I have done my bit and can now allow myself to heave a huge sigh of relief and surrender to zero expectations and minimal desires. Other days, when I suspect I’m going through a necessary hiatus, recharging my psychic battery, letting things develop in their own fullness of time, just feeling grateful for all that has happened up until now and blessed to be Who I Am, Where I Am, What I Am and shall always be.

On the surface level, where geopolitical games are playing out between those attuned to Apocalypse and those facilitating a cosmic-scale Epiphany, I sense that a vast number of humans will be rudely shaken out of their cultural trances in May by a spectacular array of unexpected and unforeseen events that will tear down the final veils between the worlds.

Passing through Distortion Bands

Since May is a month of mega transformation, we might experience Distortion Bands this month. Distortion Bands always surround new, truer levels of energy. We have to pass through the Distortion Band to get to the next level.

Once we’ve entered a Distortion Band, we experience a huge magnification of our fears and ingrained resistance to change. Any attachments we still have to remaining in duality will become stronger and more enticing. Our tired old lives will suddenly look extremely appealing. Often it feels like we are perceiving everything through one of those distorted Funhouse mirrors. If something is actually tall and thin, it will appear to be short and fat. Many elements suddenly have a sinister overtone. Situations and people around us may appear to be threatening, when they’re actually not at all.


This is happening because we simply cannot go forward carrying our old fears and resistances within us. They have to be completely released in order to go deeper into the New Reality.

When we find ourselves in a Distortion Band, at first we don’t realize what is happening. Why did everything suddenly turn so weird? This is when we are presented with an important choice. We can turn back and grab onto our old familiar ways of being with a sense of relief. “Oh, this is something we already know! We don’t have to make any changes!” This will take us out of the Distortion Band, but it will also stop our breakthrough.

Or we can realize that we are being tested by the Band of Distortion and refuse to fall for its tricks. We can strengthen our resolve to move forward on our True Path by willingly moving through our fears and resistances. If we do this, the Distortion Band will immediately disappear liked a popped bubble, revealing itself as a mere illusion. We will be freed to go deeper into the New Reality, lighter and truer than ever before.

An Insertion Point of the New Reality: The Infusion of AN


One essential component that needs to be released right now is negativity, for we simply cannot bring change if we are still in reaction mode. When we hate some world leaders, when we feel angry and frustrated at what is happening on this planet, when we want to go into battle against duality, we hold these beings and situations into their old positions. Not only that, but our reactions keep us mired into duality.

This doesn’t mean that we should be passive and accepting of what’s going on. Instead, we need to be proactive, but on a infinitely vaster level than that of duality where the problems reside. This is the only way to bring lasting change.

During April, many of us started to realize that we have Superpowers. In May, it’s time to utilize our Superpowers to bring total transformation.

This month brings us an unprecedented infusion of the New Reality of AN. This infusion isn’t just for immersing our own selves. Once we have been infused, we have to extend this infusion all over the world and immerse the entire planet with the resonance of the New Reality.

Everything gets infused with the Pure True Love of AN. This is how we can use one of our Superpowers to create a new, True World.

A few days ago, I experienced an Insertion Point from the New Reality that showed me a brand new practice that helps us do that!

First do the Mudra of AN. (Within a few days, we will put a link here to our new video which shows you how.) At the end of the AN Mudra, turn your hands so that your palms are facing upwards. Then visualize a large Sun-Moon of AN above your head. Now, place a small Sun in the upraised palm of your outstretched right hand and put a small Moon in the palm of your left hand. Next, the planet Earth goes inside your heart.


While we are in this position, we feel immensely balanced and grounded. Everything becomes infused with the energy of AN. We can do this for the whole planet at once or we can do this for specific purposes, such as certain people or situations. This new practice, while seemingly simple, is extremely powerful and it really works. Please try it!

(We will make a video of this in the next few weeks during our May Events at the Heart of AN.)


With deep gratitude to Keenuane for letting us use her MANDALAS again!
More amazing MANDALAS by Keenuane are for sale on Facebook: Keenu En Amor Arte

May brings us a great acceleration with many Breakthroughs, major Turning Points, some shocking events and numerous opportunities for Quantum Leaps. All of these have the potential to greatly alter our direction and reroute us into our True Position.

May is a momentous month which presents us with an open doorway to an expanded level of the New Reality which is now ready to be entered and explored. Our True Path has been cleared and the Green Lights have turned on. We have moved onto the Fast Track.

As we zoom through the month, we will experience a series of Insertion Points of the New Reality into the HERE and NOW. These Insertion Points arrive from Beyond the Beyond and bring in fresh, new energies which were not here before. Whenever we experience an Insertion Point, our task is to ground it into the physical ~ both into our physical bodies and into the physical earth. This will deeply strengthen our connection with the New Reality of AN.

During this month, we will start surfing a huge wave of new creation, full of stunning potential and we will surf it with sureness and great joy. We are traveling on a huge Tsunami of Change where everything is now possible and where we can manifest our Wildest Dreams and beyond.

There’s a strong sense of newness this month. It almost feels as if we have stepped onto a totally new calendar. The book of our life story up to this point is now turning into dust. It feels like all our experiences, all we have ever been have suddenly dissolved into the ethers. This isn’t just a Blank Canvas; it’s a whole New Beginning, a true Mu’a ~ the Beginning of a Major New Cycle!

Throughout the month, many elements that have been in temporary positions or simply floating in the air, will click into their correct positions, one after the other. They will be joined by some totally new elements which we’ve been waiting for. Each time this happens, we will breathe a huge sigh of relief because it will feel so good. As this clicking into position continues, we will reconnect with our Right Places and our True People while aligning ourselves with our True Purpose.

The foundation stones that we base our life upon have undergone an extreme reconfiguration. We have removed many of our old foundation stones since they can no longer support us. Other stones have completely disappeared, while new ones have appeared. Because our foundation stones have moved into new positions and even the shape of our foundation has changed, we can no longer remain in our old position standing on our foundation. If we try to stay where we were, we will just experience the same old – same old, until we quickly fall. This means that we have to reposition ourselves right away into our new, True Position.

In May, there is the possibility of life changing events that arise completely unexpectedly. These events can be so powerful that they completely transfigure our known landscape. An example of this is the recent meeting between the leaders of North and South Korea near the end of April. This momentous meeting made it clear that the Turning Points are now happening in unexpected and totally different ways than before ~ without subterfuge or drama. It is exciting to see how the opposing points of duality can suddenly move into a state of mutual support.

Another example of life changing events that completely reconfigure a known landscape is the unforeseen collapse of the Pu’u O’o crater at Kilauea Volcano on the Big Island of Hawaii at the beginning of this month. In just a few days, the massive pool of lava which has been in the crater since 1983 has unexpectedly drained out from the bottom of the crater. It’s like pulling out the plug in a bathtub.


Full lava lake in the crater.

This means that there’s a massive river of lava now traveling underground to an unknown destination in the eastern part of the island. Numerous fissures have opened up in the midst of a subdivision and are already erupting in the form of tall fountains of molten lava. At the same time, the great pressure of the underground lava is causing multiple earthquakes. (On Friday, I took much of the day off to be with the Big Island, so that is why the Surf Report is a day later than usual.)


Within three days, the level of lava dropped by more than 500 ft (152 meters). And within another two days by another 200 ft (71 meters).

This isn’t just a normal volcanic eruption. This is a total rerouting into the Unknown from The Way Things Used To Be! The massive river of lava that is underground has to come up to the surface. Yet, at this point, no one can predict where the lava will go or when, where or how it will emerge.

This situation is similar to what is happening within our own beings. Great potential power is stirring within us and traveling to a new position. Where and how will we finally unleash our Superpowers?

But no matter what happens, we have been inwardly prepared for these shocking events. We have the determination not to turn back towards “How Things Used To Be”. Instead, we are learning how to flip over our fears so we can utilize them in new ways. Instead of being afraid to make a Quantum Leap, we are now becoming afraid NOT TO MAKE A QUANTUM LEAP! And instead of being afraid to openly be our True Selves, we are now realizing that we should put our fear into the position of being afraid NOT TO OPENLY BE OUR TRUE SELVES.

It’s essential that we maintain our honesty, integrity and Trueness, no matter what is happening. By doing this, we will strengthen the resonance of Trueness all over the world. Our steadfastness will become an authentic call for the emergence of more True Ones on the planet.

Waves of the past continue to fold into the HERE and NOW, providing us with great opportunities for resolution. Dealing with difficult family members and old friends who are still stuck in duality gives us a chance to bring out our Vast Love and demonstrate our Trueness.

There is a continual procession of heartfelt farewells as some of our loved ones either leave or prepare to leave the planet. At the same time, new kindred people are entering our lives. We are now able to Repattern our Past and step out of the sticky bonds of karma as never before. As we do, the Past, Present and Future are all merging into the Expanded HERE and NOW. This is realigning everything to vibrate in accord with the new template so we can fully inhabit the New Reality.

In May, many of our old systems are going offline because they simply don’t work anymore. This includes our belief systems, reality systems, our old duality-based values and priorities and the way we do things. It’s similar to when we upgrade our computer to a new operating system and discover that much of our familiar, old software doesn’t work with the new system. Some of our old software which will no longer function are the outdated programs of sorrow, of struggle, of loneliness, of ego, of selfishness and fear. Other internal software which will no longer work are the programs which fed duality ~ the lure of glamour, materialism, greed and worldly success within the old methods and standards. We may try to use these old programs, but all they will do is to continually send us an error message.

Throughout May and beyond, there will be a noticeable stirring of our One True Being. It will feel like a huge bird which is shaking out its wings and preparing to fly. When it does, we will fill up the sky. Numerous situations will enable varied groups of us to come together as One Being in Action. Whenever this happens, it feels so natural and good and enables us to achieve the Impossible!

Some people cannot yet handle the heightened resonance of the New Reality. This is not because it’s unpleasant or too strong, but because it is so exquisitely beautiful, sweet and real. We have noticed this at the Heart of AN in Peru. While most people love the energies here and feel a true sense of being home, we have had some people visit who couldn’t feel it at all. They simply couldn’t see what was all around them.

I remember one visitor, an old friend of mine whom I hadn’t had much contact with for years. When we walked across the land, I casually pointed to the right and said, “There’s the Tower of Light of AN!” My friend just kept on walking, engrossed in her own world, and didn’t even glance at it.

Some people really want to come here, for they know that being here will bring them a major breakthrough, yet they are afraid to come, because they are still attached to what is blocking them.

A few people absolutely LOVE the energy of AN when they are here. They can’t wait to come back. Then a few days after they leave in a very happy state, they completely shut down and we never hear from them again. It’s so strange….

But it does show us that not everyone is ready for the New Reality. We can now see that there’s a certain amount of willingness to unhook from duality that is required before you can fully step into it. Or perhaps, they simply need to experience it in another form….

The sense of division between the New Reality and the old world of duality is becoming increasingly stronger and this will only continue to deepen. There are those whom we thought would be making this journey with us, but they are simply not here; it’s as if they’re on another planet which is full of a completely different set of experiences.

Yet the phrase, “Something has changed.” is being heard often now, even from people who have not yet awakened. Many more people are now able to see what’s real and what is out of balance. There is also a growing interest in true spirituality. Not the packaged, commercial spirituality, such as religion and New Age beliefs, but the real one which reminds us of the intrinsic interconnection as One True Being of humans, stars and earth.

Throughout May our Superpowers will become more fully expressed. The many who are still asleep will continue to feel shock tremors to their inner and outer systems, urging them to step out of the crumbling world of illusion. Others will join together to migrate out of their old comfort zones into the New Reality which holds the key to a new way of being ~ Living the True Life as a True One.

This month will also have a sweet gentleness that enhances our lives in a beautiful way, reminding us that we are here not only to serve, but to enjoy life.

Welcome to a monumental New Beginning MU’A!


With deep Gratitude and Love for the brilliant insights from:
Antares • Denise • Emanáku • Inger •
• Alaenura • Alberto • Carmen • Diane • Edward • Ganesha • Johnson • Kimah • Rodaan • Sally•



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  1. This message is so true to my recent experience and knowing, I could have written it myself. In fact, I’ve used many of the same words and images recently–especially about the winds of April that came to wipe negativity from our world (an unexpected communication from Gaia)–and also the distortion bands, and even what I called the Well of Sorrows, or Sisters of Sorrow. I am having to pull back from some very close relationships with old souls because they are fixated on the negative. I simply can’t linger there, with them, anymore! Judgment is a stubborn one, though; it is my anchor to duality and a byproduct of a lifetime of activism. When I’m free enough from duality, I’ve been able to glimpse it all through the Creator’s eyes. The veil of judgment falls like a scrim on stage, and then, how perfect it all is! The dirty clothes and unwashed dishes … perfect … the arguing heads on CNN in a doctor’s waiting room … perfect … the wind and abrasion of flying dust … perfect … it was all perfect, and right on time. Dropping judgment is my May goal. Thank you, Solara, for all of this brilliant, deep, shiny, pure, authentic viewing and reporting of where we are, and for your enthusiasm regarding our place on the evolutionary timeline now, despite appearances. I value it far more than these words, but wanted to share with you my heart, as best I could, in the inspiration of this moment of ecstatic wonder that you created. Bless you, Solara! My heart reaches out to you in a soul family embrace. “There’s not a word yet for old friends who’ve just met.” ~Jim Henson

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