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Solara’s September 2018 Surf Report
Moving into a new Timing Chain

Review of August 2018

After we passed through the Eclipse Corridor on August 11, a Great Shift took place and we started emerging into a vastly altered New Landscape. Many of the details of where we were weren’t totally visible yet, but we could strongly feel the shimmering New Landscape all around us. Something on a core level had deeply changed.

The Great Shift brought us the revelation that if we continue to look for things in their old places, we won’t find them. If we continue to do things in old ways, we won’t have the desired results. We have to do things in totally new ways. To see what is really going on, we have to remove our filters of duality and look larger with the expanded vision of a True One.

All year long, we’ve been moving out of our old mindsets of struggle, hardship and sadness to embrace the knowingness that ~ on a truer, vaster level ~ ALL IS WELL. And we’ve had to do this while the conditions in the duality-based world around us continue to deteriorate. Some of our old mindsets we’ve had to purposely dismantle, while others dissolved on their own accord.

We began to realize that life doesn’t need to be as difficult as we have long assumed. All True Ones have an invisible safety net that supports us in viable, real ways which we just didn’t see before. We can fully live our love and don’t have to wait for the perfect partner to appear in order to do it. We are always surrounded by Love ~ we just need to see it and allow it to be felt. Instead of feeling disempowered and helpless, we can all make a huge difference on this planet just by strengthening the resonance of the New Reality of AN.

Part of the dismantling of our old, duality-programmed mindsets entails the repatterning of our automatic responses. For example: When an elderly person dies, our automatic response is, “Oh, I’m so sorry. How very sad!” Why is there always a chorus of condolences when someone leaves the planet, rather than a joyous celebration of their freedom? They have simply moved to another reality; they haven’t ceased to exist. This is even worse when an elderly celebrity dies; this is when we tend to turn them into a saint. An example of this was the death of Michael Jackson’s father Joe, who was widely regarded as not a very nice person. But instead of simply marking his passing, there was an outpouring of, “Oh how sad! Such a great man!”

When my Mother died many years ago, every time that I would start to miss her, I would use my LOVE to propel her deeper into the heart of the Greater Central Sun, telling her to fly freely! I didn’t try to keep her spirit tied to the Earth, and I did it out of Love.

Another thing we do when we are in our duality-based mindsets is to put our adulation into all the wrong places. We emulate celebrities and turn them into role models and look at politicians as if they were truly serving the people. This usually isn’t true and these people often don’t deserve our respect. We’re always happy to give our attention and throw our money at those who don’t need it or deserve it. Meanwhile, we’re ignoring those who are quietly doing the most good on this planet. This misplaced adulation just keeps us stuck into duality.


We have been seeing the places within us which are filled with old trapped stories from the old Timelines. Many of these are pasteurized stories that have been fed to us for our whole life which aren’t even real; they are made up fairy tales. I remember a family picnic in Wales many years ago in which my Mother-in-Law at the time made it an unpleasant experience by constantly complaining and criticizing everything while creating lots of emotional drama. Years later, she loved to reminisce about what a lovely family picnic it was. Nice memory, but it wasn’t what any of us experienced. The truth of what had actually happened had been turned into a nice, happy fairy tale.

In duality, it is easier for us humans to see or remember something as completely “good” or completely “bad”. There’s the ever present polarity of what really happened versus the whitewashed stories of what we pretend happened. The true story has been turned into a false myth and it doesn’t take long for this false myth to replace what really happened. What’s needed is to honestly look at things as they really are ~ whether or not they are “good” or “bad”. Truth is always better than fiction.

As we start to unpin our old stories from their duality-based misinterpretations, they began to take on a completely new meaning. This enables us to see more clearly what really happened in the past and gives us an expanded perspective of our entire journey. As these old stories and timelines are cleared, a truer version of what really took place arises, and the New Timeline is born.

In August, there were several intensely strong cosmic waves that affected us greatly. Many people changed trains / tracks during this time. We received many lessons in not making rigid plans and discovered new ways of living in the NOW with openness and flexibility. The cards in the decks of our lives were thoroughly reshuffled, causing many old cards to disappear, while new Wild Cards appeared.

By the end of August, the energy had become so intense that many of us felt deeply exhausted. Our bodies felt like they had turned into heavy sacks of potatoes. It felt better to lie down as much as possible, rather than try to carry around this heavy weight.

We had so much to do, but everything was moving so fast it all became a blur. All around us, numerous elements were continually arranging and rearranging. Plans needed to be constantly rescheduled. Unexpected people arrived, while some dear ones seemed to be fading out of our lives. Passengers changed trains. More cards fell out of our old decks. Wondrous new Wild Cards appeared.

Then, we stepped into September ~ the ELEVEN month of the ELEVEN YEAR.

Lessons in Obedience, Integrity and Being Responsible


Major life lessons regarding Integrity, Obedience and Taking Responsibility are being presented to us right now. Some of them are occurring through perfect set-ups that touch directly on our core issues. This is happening so we can finally master these lessons and won’t have to endlessly repeat them. These are lessons that perhaps we should have learned a long time ago, but for some reason we didn’t. So here they are, right before us, RIGHT NOW.


The Integrity issues that are coming up now are either within ourselves ~ our own Personal Integrity or lack of it, or with other people. If the Integrity issues are with other people, usually these are long-standing issues which even though they have always felt wrong, we have continually set aside for the sake of maintaining peace within our relationship.

Sometimes, these people are not being honest ~ with themselves and with you. Other times it can be a simple lack of respect. Integrity issues are always laced with the components of Honesty, Trust, Responsibility and Respect ~ or the lack of them. It’s been hard observing this lack of integrity in people whom we care about and not being able to help them become more aware of it.

The universe has created some perfect set-ups at this time. They present us with a great opportunity to learn our needed lesson and set things right. These set-ups are much more obvious than the previous transgressions and are impossible to ignore. Now, these behaviors have crossed an invisible line and can no longer be accepted or tolerated. Something has to shift or we will have to remove ourselves from these people and situations. This is true even when we love and respect these people. But if the honesty and respect isn’t mutual, the relationship is no longer viable. All we can do is to hold the Beam for them so that they will finally be able to see what is rightful behavior.

We also need to take a long hard look at our own Personal Integrity. Are we are being Honest, Real and True with ourselves and others? If not, why aren’t we? Or are we in a state of denial? Do we constantly dilute our Integrity? Do we talk about certain ideals or ways of being and then live in a totally different manner?

No matter where the Integrity issues come from, they now have to be transformed. Our integrity and the integrity of those with whom we interact on a close level has to become rock solid. Without full Integrity, we cannot inhabit the New Reality.


We all need to take responsibility for our actions. If we don’t, we will be weakened. Some still can’t face doing this and would rather put the blame on others rather than placing the responsibility on themselves, were it belongs. All of us need to honestly ask ourselves, “Are we taking full responsibility for our actions?” If not, why not?

We all also need to take responsibility for what is happening on the planet and step forward to do something about it. This really isn’t the time to avoid being responsible and just to focus on our own personal experiences. We are all part of what is going on. The areas of us that still feed Duality are part of the problem and we need to all become part of the solution.


Some of us are experiencing an inner struggle between being obedient on an old level of obedience or doing what we feel is right. Here is an example from my life: On Monday, I went to a well respected Andean healer to heal the inflammation in my foot which is still giving me problems. He is a bone setter and a traditional Andean healer, as well as a medical doctor.

My first appointment felt ultra surreal. There was a huge crowd waiting to see him. Even though I had an appointment for 10:00, I waited for half an hour until they told me to go around the building and get an X Ray, which I did. Then I waited a half hour more until I was ushered into a tiny room which already had two patients in it. Both of them were indigenous Peruvians. One woman had come from Cuzco and the other one all the way from Puno on Lake Titicaca which is eight hours from here. They both had been to this doctor several times and said that he was very good.

I waited for an hour more in this tiny room that was very cold with no fresh air. I knew that I had to take care not to get sick from being there. The two women were very nice, but were both moaning with pain the entire time. Finally, the doctor arrived. along with three more patients and two assistants. Now we had nine people crammed into this tiny room! Everyone was being worked on at the same time. Three of the patients had injuries to their upper bodies, so they were topless ~ one woman and two men.

The doctor glanced at my X Ray and noted that I had an inflammation in my foot and something else that I didn’t understand with my imperfect Spanish. Then, he went to work on another patient while one of the assistants wrapped some long strips of wet tree bark around my foot. So far, so good. After fifteen minutes or so, the tree bark was removed and the doctor began to massage my foot which started out gentle and then got progressively rough. Next, he adjusted my foot with a series of extremely painful jerks.

Finally, a piece of brown paper containing a mushy poultice of herbs and mud was wrapped around my foot and covered with a bandage made of strips of flour sack material. Then the bandage was sewn onto my foot! This same process was happening to all the other patients in the room. After painful adjustments, they were having bandages sewn onto them by two assistants carrying large balls of white thread. Even though I was assured that I would be able to put on my boot afterwards, it wouldn’t fit over the bandage, which meant that I had to walk with a plastic bag tied onto my foot to protect the bandage. For the rest of that day, I walked without much pain. The only thing that hurt was the tightness of my bandage. And every time I took a step, whatever was inside the bandage squished around loudly.

By Wednesday, I was tempted to remove the stitches on my bandage so I could wear comfortable shoes. I was also beginning to question if I wanted to go to my next appointment the following morning. I really wanted to love this doctor like everyone else did, but somehow his healing methods didn’t feel right for me. I liked the wet bark and the herbal mud wrap under the bandage, but the violent adjustments didn’t feel compatible with my being.

I looked to see where my resistance was. I had a huge inner conflict because I felt that I should give the renowned healer a second chance, yet inside my own inner knowingness, I really didn’t want to go.

I struggled with this up until the last minute, then finally accepted that although he is undoubtedly a good healer for many people, this was not the right method for me. Subtle healing, rather than brutal adjustments works much better for me.

The whole issue of Obedience came up strongly while I was trying to decide whether or not to return. Why did I feel that I had to be obedient to going to this doctor, rather than being obedient to my own knowingness? Why did I feel that I needed to go to someone else for a method of healing which didn’t feel right for me, rather than healing myself? Why did I feel that I had to force myself to go to the next appointment, when my whole being really didn’t want to?

After I made my decision not to go, I felt totally liberated. I also realized that if I didn’t go to the second appointment, that I would have to make the full commitment to heal myself. I know what to do; I just need to create the space to do it. This is how my Obedience changed from being obedient to what others expected from me to being obedient to myself.



During the last two weeks of August, it felt like we were in a car whose motor was revving up and whose wheels were spinning on a slick surface. There was a lot of energy, but we weren’t going anywhere. Now in September, we are no longer stuck. We are set free to move into the direction we choose.

September brings us many choices. Not only that, but it moves us further along the path we have chosen. Our path will accelerate in either Forward Motion or Reverse Motion. It’s entirely up to us in which direction we will go.

This is the Month of Returning to our True Selves or the Month of Losing Ourselves. Will we go deeper into Duality or finally Break Free? Will we sink deeper into the illusion or will we free ourselves from it? Will we move into Right Action that serves the planet or will we seek to acquire more power, more control and more wealth for ourselves? Will we move our Honesty and Integrity to a new level or will we set it aside? Will we step free of our limiting behavior, outdated beliefs and old ways of being or will we stay mired where we are?

What’s tricky is that unless we are very, very honest, clear and True, we might think that we are zooming forward when we are actually zooming backwards. We might be dazzled by the powerful thrust of the engine and forget to notice where we are really going. It’s not enough to make decisions just to spur us into action. We have to make decisions based on Trueness and whatever we do has to be Right Action. Any action we take has to be in alignment with the Greater Good. It has to strengthen the energies of the New Reality. If not, it will only move ourselves backward, pushing us deeper into the underbelly of Duality. We cannot allow ourselves to just go for a fast-paced, thrilling, joy ride, while forgetting Who We Really Are. And if we simply stay where we are, it will take us backwards.

This is why we need to ultra aware of everything we are doing. Why are we working so hard just to survive? To make lots of money? Or because we love serving humanity? If we’re still in survival mode, working hard and making barely enough money to live on, it’s time to step off the hamster wheel and find a wildly creative solution to supporting ourselves before we collapse from exhaustion. We all have a creative solution that will support us that is waiting to be discovered. We don’t have to hate the work we do. We can all do something we LOVE.

If we just want to make lots and lots of money, then we need to realize that we have probably become poisoned by it. That’s right, money in itself isn’t harmful ~ after all it’s not real; it’s man-made. Money is simply an energy like the wind. As long as we let it pass freely through our fingers, as long as we use it to further the Greater Good, money is a benign, positive force.

It’s only when we try to grab onto it and accumulate it, that the energy of money becomes distorted. (The same is also true of Love.) Energies are meant to flow freely, just as the wind and water does. They are not meant to be put into boxes or hoarded in banks or cyber currency accounts where they serve no one, just so we can take pride in our rising balance. If we try to put Love in a box, it becomes distorted. And if we try to grab onto money, it actually poisons our entire system like a rotten tooth. The only problem is that we don’t usually discover this until it’s too late and we’ve already lost our integrity and our connection to Trueness.

We really don’t have to live in a state of lack, nor should we be taken over by greed. Both of these duality-based approaches will put us onto a Reverse Motion Path. We can be clean instruments of power. We can be financially supported by living True Lives. We can Love and Be Loved with our full beings. We can give ourselves permission to live lives which actually serve humanity and strengthen the New Reality. That’s how we move forward on the Fast Track in Forward Motion!

The Timing Chain


The Timing Chain is the timing sequence within the New Reality.
We enter the Timing Chain through the One Heart.
It takes us to the Eye of ONE.

The old Timelines are collapsing all around us. The measurement of Time itself is imploding and becoming compressed. This makes it feel like the hands on a clock are spinning out of control, going faster and faster around the dial until it feels like they may fly away at any moment. The days and nights feel drastically shortened. This gives us the sense that we have no time to do anything; we must hurry, hurry, hurry!

We are in the process of moving onto a New Timing Chain. A Timing Chain is like the chain of a necklace. Each segment is linked together. There are more parts of the Timing Chain than are shown in my drawing, but this gives you an idea of what it looks like. Each time that we shift to a new link in the chain, it represents a profound expansion in our awareness that is deeply felt.

The new Timeline is totally different than what we have been used to. This is why so many plans and meetings we try to do have to be constantly rescheduled. The match-up of the cogs within the various gears of the Timing Chain are being completely reset and have to be matched up in totally new ways within the new configuration, cog by cog, gear by gear, wheel by wheel.

Even if you’re still living in duality and not consciously moving into the New Timeline, you are being affected by this. You will notice that when you’re doing something that’s not in alignment with the new Timing Chain, there’s often the jarring sensation of gears grinding, rather than synchronizing. This is not only an unpleasant feeling, but it brings us a lot of frustration and stress.

The New Timeline is connected with eternal No-Time, rather than our old earthly time. Earthly time is an illusory measurement that was artificially created during the imposition of Duality. It has never been real. But for a long while, earthly time was a useful tool that divided our days and nights into small, regimented segments so we could function efficiently within the tight underpinning of Duality.

What we have to do now is to find the new entry points into the Timing Chain so we can fully enter the New Timeline. Whenever I think of finding entry points, I always remember playing jump rope at school ~ the kind where two children spin the rope and you had to find the entry point to jump in without getting slapped by the rope. To do this, we had to stand next to the rope until we became a part of its rhythm. Once we did that, we could easily jump inside the rope. We had found the entry point.

Entering the new Timing Chain requires the dismantling of our old timing mechanisms. We have to learn how to do everything in a completely different rhythm than what we have been used to. We need to disconnect ourself from the old patterns of Time and reconnect ourselves to the natural flow.


Once we are inside the new Timing Chain, our lives are greatly altered. The cogs and gears turn smoothly. The new rhythm is established, changing the way we do everything, changing our very approach to life. Suddenly, time stretches out and transforms into the eternal No-Time. This brings us deeper into the Timeless True Worlds of the New Reality.

I’m seeing how this alignment with the new Timing Chain is being applied into my life. I was somewhat stressed over having so many things to do. We are trying to get our garden finished and I also had to write this Surf Report before a group from Europe arrives at the Heart of AN on September 5th. It all seemed impossible to accomplish.

That’s when I made a conscious decision to do what I could, but not to force anything. I let go of the sense of pressure. If the Surf Report was late, it was late. I knew that most of my Surf Report subscribers would be understanding. That’s when something totally unexpected happened. I found an entry point into the new Timing Chain. The Surf Report began to flow effortlessly, as if it was writing itself. This has never happened before! And I’m so enjoying doing it this new way.



September is an ELEVEN month in an ELEVEN Year, which makes it an 11:11 month. This makes it a potent, pivotal, transformational month for us to shift reality systems from Duality to the New Reality of AN. Our New Landscape is becoming increasingly visible. This is happening in measured increments and helps to propel us deeper into our True Position.

The month begins with some surprising outer changes ~ some of which are to our liking, while others are not. Surprisingly, the changes which we don’t like aren’t bothering as much as they would have in the past. In addition to the outer changes taking place, we ourselves are also initiating profound changes ~ completely changing the way we do things, altering our attitudes, dismantling artificial limitations and expired beliefs, seeing beyond duality-based mindsets, aligning ourselves more deeply with the natural flow, incorporating more of our vastness and becoming much more REAL. So much is going on, on so many levels that this makes us get easily tired, needing more quiet and less input than usual. That’s why we get so exhausted by too many interactions with people. I’m discovering that I can get a lot done in the first half of the day, but by the afternoon, I really need to be very quiet.

Our trains are filling up with passengers, but in the midst of so much going on, we can’t yet see who is on our train and who isn’t. All month long, people will be choosing their trains and deciding which track to travel upon. Some might choose a train, get all comfy in their seat, and at the last minute, realize that they are on the wrong train and run to their correct one.

September is a month that calls us not only to action, but to Right Action. We will be very busy this month as we try to keep up with all that is happening. The entire month will be full of fast paced days that run together. As we put our full concentration on the HERE and NOW, each day will be immediately forgotten after it has passed. September is full of major breakthroughs and wondrous opportunities. Help that we have long needed suddenly arrives at our front door. New, true friends are entering our lives. At the same time, more layers of hidden evil in the world of Duality are being exposed.

This month brings answers that we have waited for our whole lives. It is an eye opening time in our world and the world beyond. We are being presented with an unprecedented opportunity to move beyond our old existence and see the universe in a whole new, positive way.

Throughout September, we will be dealing with a multitude of things, giving us much to do. The last hidden issues are coming up to the surface which allows us to finally move beyond them. We are getting everything in order so we will be ready to make decisive steps. There’s a sense of deep gratitude as many elements finally click into position.

We are still getting familiar with the newly reconfigured cards in our deck. We wonder how we will be able to do things without some of our newly missing cards, but then we discover a whole new way. New Wild Cards are continually appearing ~ some of them quite surprising. We never would have expected to receive these cards, but here they are! Once we accept that they really belong to us, it brings a smile to our heart.

This month we will choose the vantage point from which we will perceive all that happens from this moment forward. Whether we have a vast perspective or a narrow one, how we choose to see our life, will greatly determine what we will experience for the rest of the year and beyond. This is the time for us to shift perspectives and see things as they really are.

Karyl Jackson of Alpha Life Trends ( describes it perfectly in her September / October newsletter ~ which I highly recommend:

“September is universally an ELEVEN / TWO month. ELEVEN is the higher pathway of the TWO, which brings the ELEVEN awareness of the spiritual perspective into our life, as if we are flying high as the Eagle. With this Eagle vision, we see life from a vaster perspective and see all situations from this expanded vision. The TWO is the mouse on the ground. The requirement of the ELEVEN is to have this Eagle vision, while being the mouse on the ground. September enables us to review situations from this expanded perspective so we can see those situations where we became entrenched as a mouse on the ground, rather than living in the expanded reality of the ELEVEN. It means to detach from the outcomes, but be as emotionally present as the mouse on the ground.”

This is why, if we as a mouse, suddenly can see as an Eagle, we may realize that we’re on the wrong train with the wrong people, pursuing the wrong priorities. After this massive shift in perspective takes place, our lives may suddenly change in extraordinary ways!

Choosing an expanded perspective enables us to see the new methods which need to be implemented into our daily lives. It triggers a major attitude adjustment as we jettison illusory beliefs and transform the ways we do things. Once we place our being on an expanded vantage point, we are able to perceive all aspects of our life with an infinitely vaster understanding. We will clearly see the areas that need course correction and be able to make any necessary adjustments. This is when the wondrous new opportunities will pour into our life.

New cosmic waves will be coming in during September. They will help us to find our True Homes, True People, True Work and True Purpose, if we haven’t already. But of course, we need to be ready and willing to surf these waves with our full attention. They will help us all to step into our True Positions so that the gifts we personally carry within us can be shared for the benefit of all.

It’s time to move our entire beings into the new rhythm of the Timing Chain. Let’s stop breathing the stale air of Duality and fill our lungs with the freshness of the New Reality. We need to merge into the flow of the clean energy that is all around us. Let’s make true steps with our natural presence of being. We need to be flexible and open to the Unexpected at all times. Let’s not forget that we are embodiments of Love and Trueness. And let’s turn off the cacophony of Duality and align ourselves to what is REAL and TRUE.

We’re creating our New World – let’s get on with it and do it! It’s time for Right Action. The door is open for Grand Adventures to take us out of the collapsing world of Duality so we can explore the boundless energies of the New Reality of AN.


With deep Gratitude and Love for the brilliant insights from:
• Denise • Emanáku • Inger • Karyl Jackson •
• Adriana • Dian • Diane • Ganesha • Lea • Merrilyn • Rodaan • Sandy • Sarah • Shaataan • Tanja • Tracey •



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  1. Dear Solara,
    As I was reading the part where you speak of earthly time being attached to duality I recalled that some years ago I wrote a piece (I called it a rant at the time) called Ode to Time. I thought you might
    enjoy reading it so here it is. Enjoy…

    Ode to Time

    When its light its light
    When it’s dark it’s dark
    When I’m tired I’ll sleep
    When I’m hungry I’ll eat.

    These are the cycles that existed when human-kind entered this world.
    At that time there was no time and we had all the time.
    Universal time, geologic time, natural time.
    Our curious minds began tracing the natural cycles of the stars and earth,
    And gave them the constraints of time.

    Now time is too short or too long.
    Time is on our side or not.
    New times, old times, good times, bad times.
    Right time, wrong time, timing is everything.

    Time on our hands.
    Time crawls by in anticipation of what is coming in time.
    Sometimes, all times, all the time in the world.
    Timeless time, time out of time, end times.
    End of time as we know it – that’s what I’m waiting for.

    Time to eat, time to sleep
    Time to get up, time to go to bed.
    It’s downright exhausting!

    Work time, sick time, vacation time.
    Time piece, time clock, punch in, punch out
    You can be early, but don’t be late.

    Whose time is it anyway?
    Your time, my time.
    So much time it drives us crazy.
    Crazy times.

    Keepers of time.
    You can’t keep time,
    It just keeps moving on.
    Keeping up with the times.
    Time keeping.

    Today is the tomorrow we wished for yesterday.
    No time like the present.
    So be here now in this time, this moment,
    For there will be no other exactly like it that will ever come again in any time.

    The seconds and minutes, hours and days, months and years.
    Calendars and calendars are the man-made constraints of time.
    The Mayan, Jewish, Gregorian have sliced and diced and carved up time.
    As some of us are told what time it is by changing our time pieces forward and backward
    I hope you will take to heart and ponder these words.

    Time might have been the first of the natural cycles that was privatized to control our connections to the earth and each other.
    The powerful needed time to enslave the rest of us.
    The time came to move off the land.
    To Forever relinquish our personal ebb and flow with true time,
    Circular time, cyclical time, the spirals of time as it has always existed in space time.

    So I say there is no Greenwich Mean Time, Standard time, Daylight Savings Time.
    You can’t save time like money in a bank account.
    Now with the move of the hands on the clock we can shift time at our will;
    Shifting time as the sands in the hour glass disappear on the elliptical plane of time.

    You must use time wisely because it’s always there moving along.
    Ever expanding, going faster as the Universe expands the cosmos.
    Time travel is the only time change I am interested in.
    So just remember as you change your timepieces (or NOT):

    When it’s light, it’s light,
    When it’s dark, it’s dark.
    When I’m hungry I’ll eat,
    When I’m tired I’ll sleep.

    Dian Griffith
    March 10, 2008

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