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Solara’s August 2018 Surf Report
Reshuffling the Decks of our Lifes

Review of July 2018

July went by in a blur. Part of our focus was reuniting the parts of our beings which were still living in duality with the parts of us who had already moved into the New Reality. There was a strong emphasis on completing the old, so we would be ready for miraculous changes to unfold in the coming months. We prepared ourselves to inhabit a totally new level for the rest of the year. We swept away the residue of the past so we could live the rest of the year unencumbered by old energies and emotional residue.

July was a month of action with an undertone of deep internal quiet. Even though we were busy, we spent much time in contemplation. Surprisingly, we got a lot done on some projects, while others that we wanted to complete, slipped into a state of hiatus. All we could do was surrender to the flow and do what we could, while releasing any sense of urgency to accomplish the things that suddenly had a Red Light.

Everything felt like it was ON THE LINE as never before. There was a strong sense of urgency to finally align ourselves with our True Position and our True Purpose. Finally, we were ready to walk with new, True Steps!

As we did, we were allowed some glimpses of previously unseen sectors of the New Reality. These were so exquisite that they filled us with wondrous awe.

Reshuffling the Decks of our Lives


We have entered a time of profound, in depth, transformation when a Great Shift is taking place. This Great Shift is monumental and is affecting everything. Many elements are moving out of their old positions. This includes those of us who are in the midst of physically moving or preparing to move to new locations ~ sometimes to a completely new country across the world. Even if we don’t physically make a move, internally a Great Shift is taking place.

One of the effects of the Great Shift means that if we continue to look for things in their old places, we won’t find them. If we continue to do things in old ways, we won’t have the desired results. We have to do things in new ways. Even our mastery is in the process of shifting to new areas where we didn’t expect to find it.

To see what is really going on, we have to look in new places. These new places are not only located in new positions, but they are found on a greatly expanded level, sometimes in completely unexpected areas. We can find them by removing our filters of duality and looking with the expanded vision of a True Being.

It’s like shuffling a deck of cards and watching several of our old cards fall out of the deck and quickly disappear. When this happens, the old decks which we’ve been using our whole life, are no longer complete. Perhaps, instead of fifty-two cards in our deck, we now have thirty-three. At first, we may lament the cards that are gone. It may feel as if we are missing something important. But actually, it’s helpful because from this point forward, we don’t need our old decks anymore.

Some of our missing cards may be significant ones ~ like the loss of our home, our old job or the loosening of relationships with family or friends. This is especially true in this time of major “natural” disasters such as floods, fires and volcanoes which are dismantling our known landscape. Although I’m not sure how “natural” they are.

All of this highlights the fact that we cannot try to continue on in the same manner as before, for now we only have part of our old deck. Instead, we can reshuffle the cards that we have left. We can use this opportunity to completely recreate our lives ~ aligning them with what is truly important to us.

While this is happening, new cards are being revealed. Perhaps we couldn’t see them before because they were hidden under the old cards or maybe they have just recently appeared. Many of these new cards are Wild Cards which we absolutely didn’t expect to receive. They arrive like Melons from Heaven, bringing with them fresh, new energy, brilliant insights and exciting new possibilities.

Look for the new cards coming into your life. When you find a Wild Card, put it into a prominent position in your new deck ~ don’t just tuck it under the remaining familiar cards and forget about it. Use it. LIVE IT. It’s yours!

These newly reconfigured Decks of our Life are of infinitely greater Trueness. They are aligned with Who We Really Are. They come from a completely new level, bringing us new people, new experiences, new forms of creative expression and wondrous new opportunities. This is just what we need to live a True Life as a True One in the New Reality.


Here at the Heart of AN in Peru, we are smiling because one of our new Wild Cards is Alpacas! We always wanted to have two alpacas, (sometime in the future), but at the present moment, we suddenly have ten ~ one adult and nine babies! Although I have always thought that alpacas were cute, I never realized until recently how deeply attuned they are to the New Reality of AN. Now, the Alpacas of AN have arrived to help us anchor the New Reality at the Heart of AN. It is absolutely perfect and a great Wild Card.

The Eclipse Corridor

We have been traveling through an especially powerful Eclipse Corridor since July 12. The third, and final, Eclipse will be on the New Moon of August 11. This Eclipse Corridor is like walking through a very strong wind tunnel where we are being bombarded with huge blasts of the Winds of Change.

Sometimes, the mighty Winds of Change propel us forward quickly. Other times, they stir up dust devils that pelt us with pulverized debris, showing us places where there are still hooks into duality, either in our own selves or others or in situations that we are involved in. When the Winds of Change meet duality-based obstructions, they can create Distortion Bands that cause an overlay of weirdness and turn the world into an unfriendly and hostile place. At the same time, numerous expired elements are flying off of us with a huge Whoosh. So much is changing all around us!

This Eclipse Corridor is a significant Transition Zone where, if we are making True Steps, each step is making us vaster, more real and True. I can see this so clearly ~ True Ones walking through the Eclipse Corridor becoming larger and larger with each step. Expanding into our true size and our true magnificence.


At times, it feels like we are one of those old Transformer toys which originally looks like a car, but as it is unfolded and expanded, it becomes something larger and totally different. This is exactly what is happening to us. As I wrote in one of July’s Surf Updates, “We enter the Eclipse Corridor as a sparrow which morphs into an eagle. Or will we remain a sparrow? The choice is up to us.”


The choice is entirely up to us; it’s not determined by any outside factors. We are the ones who need to choose to be sparrow or eagle. We can choose to be disempowered and fearful or loving and true. It is up to us to determine what’s important to us and what are our main priorities. It is our choice where to put our energy and place our next steps. We are the ones who decide whether to remain where we are and maintain our old behaviors and duality-based beliefs or to start living in the New Reality.

What happens when we emerge from the Eclipse Corridor on August 11? This is when it will be clear what choices we made about our trains. Are we still on our Old Train on our Old Track? Are we on a New Train on the Old Track? Or have we put ourselves on a totally New Train on a New Track? Lots of changes to our trains are taking place this month as they are continually loaded and unloaded, carriages are detached and attached in new configurations, while many passengers are in the process of changing trains.

This reconfiguration of our trains is vitally important because it will determine what we will experience next, as well as how we respond to all that is happening in the world. No matter where we are, profound changes are all around us. These cannot be avoided.

As we emerge from the Eclipse Corridor, we will clearly see what course corrections need to be made to align ourselves with our truest coordinates. There will be the sense of shifting gears into a new, higher gear which we will use for the rest of the year. Everything will speed up, accelerating even faster once we reach September.

If we have walked with True Steps, we will be sufficiently expanded and transformed to be able to see how much the landscape around us has altered. This transfigured landscape is where wondrous New Beginnings await. And this is the moment when the rest of the year truly begins….

Dismantling the Bridges to our Past

All year long, the Bridges to our Past are being dismantled. We have been sifting through our past and doing lots of Ho’o Pono Pono so we can make peace with our Past. We’ve been saying goodbye to family and friends who are leaving the planet. We have been seeing the areas that are filled with old trapped stories from the old timelines. Now all those expired energies are calling out for our assistance to be shifted, repatterned and released.

As we unpin our old stories from their duality-based interpretations, they start to take on a completely new meaning. This enables us to see more clearly what really happened in the past and gives us an expanded perspective of our entire journey. As these old stories and timelines are cleared, a truer version of what really took place arises, and the new timelines are born.

I’ve definitely noticed this while writing my new book about the stories of my life. I’ve now written 320 pages and am perhaps, half way through. I’m seeing my old stories through the eyes of who I am now, not who I was then. This gives me a completely new understanding of my journey so far.

As the Bridges to the Past are dismantled, we move into the state of NO DOWN – NO RETURN. This means that we cannot go back to the Way Things Used To Be. The only clear path is the one in front of us.

Using our Superpower of LOVE


When the dark gets tough,
the light gets strong!

…. Jose Argüelles

Many of us are shocked and saddened at the great injustices and terrible wrongs taking place on our planet. We get upset. We feel powerless or depressed. Sometimes, we cry buckets of tears. We write impassioned letters to our governments or sign petitions which no one reads. We get frustrated and angry. At times, we feel hopeless and want to leave the planet. We want people to show more love and compassion. We want new governments that actually serve the people. We want to help one another, but aren’t sure how to do this. We want to protect the environment. We want to break this horrible cycle of excessive selfishness, runaway greed and destruction. WE WANT CHANGE! But we don’t know how….

All the while, the Great Divide is becoming wider and deeper. At this point, it feels like there are those who are real and those who are unreal. Those who care and those who don’t care. Those who are true and those who are untrue. Those who have compassion for others and those who only think about themselves.

All of this is a classic symptom of the sifting which takes place during the Final Days of Duality. This is the time of the Great Separation between what is True and what is False. Between the Awakened and the Unawakened. Between flesh & blood, real Humans with hearts and robotic, unconscious Humans without hearts. These are true divisions which are happening now and they will only get stronger with time. Yet, this feeling of separation between US and THEM is helping to keep the world pinned into duality so that we cannot shift reality systems.

I need to make clear that it’s not our responsibility to awaken everyone. When the shift in reality systems does happen, the ones who aren’t ready to move into the New Reality will continue on at their current level in another location. They won’t notice that anything has changed, except that some of us are missing. Then we will soon be forgotten….

This is the same thing that happened at what I call the Door Before ~ our previous opportunity for planetary ascension a long, long time ago. That was when many evolved beings chose to leave the planet, while others of us, who could have ascended, chose to stay here and serve.

So while we don’t need to bring everyone with us into the New Reality, we do need to step into our full mastery so we don’t become polarized. We need to start inhabiting the New Reality in the HERE and NOW ~ right now! We also need to let go of the feeling of separation between US and THEM which keeps the world pinned into duality, so real change can happen.

We have to begin within ourselves by replacing the feelings of fear, disempowerment, frustration, hopelessness and anger which cause separation and division with the stronger emotions of Love, Compassion and Oneness. We stand in our expanded True Beings and infuse everything that is duality-based with the Pure True Love of the New Reality of AN. We blast it with TRUENESS and LOVE BEYOND MEASURE.

This is infinitely more effective than hating some of our politicians and corporations while getting increasingly angry and sad at many untenable situations on the planet. If we continue to simply react to what is happening, all it does is to keep everything and everyone (including ourselves!), stuck into their old opposing positions within duality. When we do this, we feed duality and keep it alive. Instead of lamenting the state of the world, let’s actively transform it by inhabiting the Third Point of the New Reality of AN which is BEYOND duality and using our Superpowers!


Infusing everything with the PURE TRUE LOVE of the New Reality is actually one of the most revolutionary things we can do to catalyze a monumental shift of reality systems. Let’s strengthen the resonance of the New Reality and send it all over the world, especially to the densest, darkest pockets of stuck energy. Let’s send it to those whom we feel DON’T deserve it. To those who are doing terrible things ~ for they are the ones who need it the most.

Let infuse Pure True Love into the core of those who lack Love and Compassion. Remember that everything / everyone needs this, especially the energies that we really don’t like ~ including the ones who are constantly manipulating us to keep us under the control of duality. As we do this, these elements will either transform or they will have to leave the planet because the LOVE emanating from the New Reality of AN will be too strong for them.

For a long time, I’ve been giving a lot of thought on how we can facilitate this much needed shift of reality systems from duality to Oneness. I feel that I hold some parts of the key of how to do this, but I also know that it has to be done in alliance with other, strong True Ones who hold other essential parts of the key. We have to come together as One True Being and put our pieces of the key together. I also don’t feel that enough people are interested in doing this at this point. To do this effectively, we need the participation of a lot of people all over the world. I’m willing to serve, but not to push things to happen. Of course, if things keep getting worse, that may change.

All I will say for now is:

Our greatest Superpower is PURE TRUE LOVE. We have an infinite capacity for PURE TRUE LOVE. This is our natural state of being. This is Who We Are.

We can do this. We’re grown ups. We are Masterful True Beings with amazing Superpowers! Let’s rise up in our Trueness and come together as One True Being so we can unleash the power of our LOVE. Let’s infuse the entire planet with it. Let’s do this every day, in every way we can. Let’s manifest the New Reality into the physical and see what happens.


August is an extremely strong month. On the very first day of the month, there was the entrance of a powerful cosmic shockwave. This was followed by a series of aftershocks, much like echoes. These cosmic shockwaves are still coming in, although they are slightly diminishing. For those who felt this cosmic shockwave, it has been extremely flattening. When you feel it, it propels you into a cocoon-like, almost trance state in order to work on a pure essence level with the incoming energies.

I felt it so strongly here while we were doing a ceremony for Pachamama and the Andean New Year on August 1st, that when the ceremony was over at midday, I lay down and slept deeply for three hours! Then I got up in the afternoon and we ended up doing another, completely unexpected, ceremony for Pachamama.

This cosmic shockwave is happening both on energetic and physical levels. It is a precursor of what is to come during this powerful month. August will be full of unexpected and surprising events. It will be like a wild roller coaster ride that will bring immense changes and upheavals to the status quo.

In July our primary focus was on completion. We were taking apart many elements of our old lives, while preparing ourselves for a huge New Beginning. As we enter August, we are still in a state between worlds. Our stage is still being reset. After the Eclipse on August 11, our focus will turn to building the infrastructure of the New.

Even though our old systems are breaking down to make room for the New, many of us are still reluctant to let go of what has been familiar. The question is, how bad does it have to get before we do something? Do we want to cling onto our familiar comforts at the price of irrevocably destroying our environment? Do we want to keep our familiar comforts and our illusory security at the price of losing our freedom?

There is a trapeze bar coming towards us with our name on it, but we have to let go of our current one and leap across the void of unknowing that holds all possibilities, knowing that we will catch the next trapeze bar mid flight with no safety net other than trust. And we can do this!

August ushers in a time of powerful potential as many more awaken. It’s an intensely strong month, bringing many unexpected changes. Because of this, it’s best to make as few plans as possible, or at least to keep our plans open and flexible. This is because so much of the Unexpected is coming in and we need to save space for it.

The exquisite New Reality is manifesting in the skies and in nature. It is visible all around us. The world around us feels very new, fresh and a bit empty. There is a need to align more deeply to it so we can see and feel what is truly here. It’s so fine and pure. It’s important to give ourselves enough space and time to really dive deep and integrate. If not, we could easily miss out on things that would be important.


I love the magnificent Moai statues in Rapa Nui (Easter Island). For years, we always thought that they were just stone heads. It’s only in recent years that they have discovered that they also have bodies that were long hidden under the ground. This reminds me of how we really are. We are so much more than we thought we were for most of our lives. Now let’s excavate what’s really there ~ who we really are. It’s time to uncover our full beings for all to see.

With TRUE LOVE from AN,

With deep Gratitude and Love for the brilliant insights from:
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• Dian • Diane • Ganesha • Lili • Nick • Oleg • Sally • Shaataan • Thilo •



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