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Solara’s November 2018 Surf Report
Monolithic Shifts

Review of October 2018

October was an absolutely brilliant month in which many of us experienced Quantum Breakthroughs. Many of these breakthroughs were triggered by the OPEN DOORS we encountered. We felt freer from our Past than ever before, that enabled us to move onto a greatly expanded new realm of the New Reality which was previously hidden in the Invisible. We became more REAL and TRUE than ever before.

During October, we moved deeper onto our New Timeline. It felt like parts of us were still lodged within the Old Timeline, while other parts of ourselves were holding a place for us within the New Timeline. Since the two Timelines cannot directly align with each other, we turned our focus to disengaging and detaching all the parts of us which were still stuck in the Old Timeline so we could sync ourselves with our New Timeline. The more we did this, the better it felt.

Being stretched between two totally different Timelines caused major health issues for some, including me. We expanded and deepened immeasurably so we could straddle the Worlds within Worlds. We searched for new ways of grounding. Our consciousness moved to a level we hadn’t been before, as our physical bodies began adjusting to the heightened frequencies of the New Reality. Everything was imbued with a heightened sense of poignancy as it was uncertain how long we would be here.

Some of us had our first experience of an OPEN DOOR. This happened unexpectedly when we saw something that triggered us on a very deep level or visited a place that we hadn’t been before. Sometimes this reawakened an old dream that we had given up on or activated a new dream that we never knew we had. But suddenly this OPEN DOOR showed us that this dream was now possible. We instantly felt expanded and empowered. We were inspired to be creative in wondrous new ways.

As soon as we encountered this OPEN DOOR, our priorities were immediately rearranged. We knew that we had to start going through the OPEN DOOR as quickly as possible.

At the same time, a wave of people moved out of our life and a new wave of people came in. These are the new passengers on our new Express Train who provide us with inspiration, support and practical help.

October was a rather amazing month full of major movement and Quantum Breakthroughs. These were transformational breakthroughs that are life changing! These breakthroughs reconnected us with previously undiscovered parts of ourselves. This enabled us to see more of what was previously hidden and gave us a deeper, more intrinsic, connection with all that was around us.

And October was only the beginning of three absolutely Off the Map months full of unprecedented transformation….

New Openings into a Truer Reality


We are in a monumental time in which the mighty Winds of Change are blowing holes into the Fabric of Time and Space. These holes are openings which didn’t exist before. The openings create new OPEN DOORS which bring us sudden, unexpected changes of a far greater magnitude than what we can presently imagine. There are now enough cracks in the tapestry of duality that the New Reality is visible as never before. This is what is creating the huge OPEN DOORS during this time. These OPEN DOORS are going to affect many who weren’t affected before. They are creating massive openings into the New Reality.

Some of us are receiving strong wake up calls that jolt us out of the last vestiges of our complacency. This is why the frequency band of 11:11 is returning at this time to move our Wake Up Call to a totally new level. Why so many people are seeing these Master Numbers again.

As soon as we encounter an OPEN DOOR, long ingrained habits can be jettisoned in an instant. Priorities are completely rearranged. Many of the accepted, normal components of our daily life simply don’t work anymore. Some of the very foundation stones that we’ve been standing upon for a very long time completely disappear! These are some of the very elements that kept everything in balance and brought us a sense of false security. Now, they are gone! Everything is suddenly quite different ~ only we can’t yet see the full scope of how vastly different it is. We have to immediately learn how to walk along a very fine razor’s edge with true, true steps, without falling into the chasm of duality far below. We have to start listening carefully to the sounds which we couldn’t hear before.

This is when rows upon rows of dominos begin to fall out of their old positions ~ one after the other. The old configuration is suddenly dismantled and irrevocably changed. All this can be triggered by either seemingly random events, or by natural disasters such as earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, wildfires or hurricanes. They can also be triggered by unexpected health challenges. When the triggering takes place, our life is immediately changed. Our Past is irrevocably shredded by the Winds of Change. Certain habits, favorite foods, long standing beliefs and established behaviors can disappear within moments. Yet the direction that is calling us is a True One.

These OPEN DOORS give us the opportunity to reconnect with a previously undiscovered part of ourself. There’s the feeling of extending our arm through the OPEN DOOR and meeting an important part of our Self who wasn’t in physical embodiment before. Our Undiscovered Self stretches out their hand towards us and when we clasp hands, something is indelibly fused between us. Once that connection is made, it creates an inviolable bridge between the worlds. We experience a completely unexpected sense of heightened wholeness. We will never be separated again! After we’ve reconnected with our Undiscovered Self, they will keep the DOOR open for us and help pull us through.

Encountering an OPEN DOOR is a strong call to immediate action. We may suddenly be called to do something unexpected or to create a new project. We may have no idea of the details of how it will actually happen, how things are going to unfold and what we will actually do with it later. But it’s undeniably exciting and our whole being calls us to manifest this dream. This urge is so powerful that it cannot be denied.

Everything which appears through these OPEN DOORS has an enhanced resonance of Trueness. It comes directly from the New Reality and contains concentrated pure AN energy. These OPEN DOORS will have a much stronger impact than what we can presently imagine. We don’t need to see the full scope of what we are doing ~ all we need to do is to manifest them on the physical, then all will be revealed.

Once we are triggered by an OPEN DOOR, we immediately enter another world. It may take us a while to go through our OPEN DOOR, but as soon as we can see it, the process begins. The domino effect becomes ever more powerful. The energies will spread out and influence everything around us ~ then spread even further out into the world. The dominos will fall, one after the other ~ yet not in a linear manner. They could occur in any direction ~ realigning everything in their path, bringing changes of a magnitude that cannot presently be imagined. This will continue through the end of the year and well beyond.

Monumental November


November is a powerhouse month, full of MASTER NUMBERS such as 11 • 22 • 33 • 44. These MASTER NUMBERS emanate from the New True Reality. November’s MASTER NUMBERS are reconnecting us with previously undiscovered parts of ourselves by pushing us into the full remembrance of WHO WE REALLY ARE. They are shattering our illusions and breaking apart the old systems while awakening us to what is REAL and TRUE as never before.

Each of the days in November with MASTER Numbers is an OPEN DOOR and since there are so many of them this month we all have unprecedented opportunities for Quantum Transformation. November brings us life changing shifts in perception, Monolithic Shifts and MEGA RESETS on multiple levels. It is Beyond Monumental!


1 November

7 November
7:11:11 = 11

10 November

11 November
11:11:11 = 33
(Taking Responsibility Individually and Collectively
for the Well Being of the Whole.)

16 November
7:11:11 = 11

19 November

22 November
22:11:11 = 44 !!

25 November
7:11:11 = 11

28 November

29 November
11:11:11 = 33
(Taking Responsibility Individually and Collectively
for the Well Being of the Whole.)

Although everyone likes to focus on the obvious date of November 11, the most spectacular day this month is November 22. It’s an extremely powerful day in a powerful month in a powerful Eleven Year. It’s the day which has the potential to catapult us out of duality and into the New Reality of AN as never before.


Since there are so many potential OPEN DOORS in November, the DAYS-IN-BETWEEN the MASTER NUMBERS remind us that the Old Timeline and the New Timeline do not mesh. When we are holding onto the old and trying to move deeper into the New, it produces the discomforting sensation of grinding gears. Everything that is not in its True Position is calling out to be moved. Even though there is a lot of effort being made to go forward, our wheels are simply spinning in their old positions, creating deep ruts. This brings a certain sense of friction and dis-ease.

Some of the DAYS-IN-BETWEEN the MASTER NUMBERS are interlaced with concentrated pockets of static distortion and deep pits of despair in which everything is imbued with a sense of hopelessness. We may feel that we are caught between the worlds and don’t know how to get out of it. When this happens, it feels like everyone is speaking a language we don’t know and we can’t understand anything that is being said around us. We may also go into a state of extreme No-Mind where we can’t remember anything and it feels like maybe we’ve come down with dementia, but we haven’t.

DAYS-IN-BETWEEN like this are when it feels like the clear frequencies of our alignment with Pure Source are jammed and it’s a painful sensation. These days may appear when we least expect them and can be totally devastating. In the midst of everything going well and a series of expansive revelations, we may suddenly be plunged into the feeling that we are in the midst of dying, with weird sensations of fading from this reality. This is happening because the tendrils holding us to certain aspects of this dimension have been unhooked. This is similar to when we make a parasite cleanse and reach the days when the parasites inside us are dying. This is what is happening now, but on a much larger scale. Many elements which cannot continue this journey with us are dying away.

Other DAYS-IN-BETWEEN are neutral in nature and bring us a much needed respite from the intensity. These are the days in which we can either get a lot done or simply have a bit of a rest in order to integrate.


Here is a link to our new video of the Sun-Moon-AN Meditation. This is a simple, but powerful practice that is extremely effective in dissolving duality, while keeping us grounded. If we do this meditation every day, it will have a powerful effect. When we do it on the Master Number Days, it will bring forth OPEN DOORS and create Monolithic Shifts. And it only takes a few minutes to do.

The Emergence of the Timeless True Worlds

The Timeless True Worlds are the eternal, magical worlds which we know so well on a deep, inner level from other times, other places and parallel worlds. Until very recently, visiting the Timeless True Worlds was a rare and special occurrence. Now, they are becoming more visible and tangible than ever before. This is happening so we can inhabit them in the Expanded HERE and NOW.

In many ways, the Timeless True Worlds are Places of Refuge for those of us who are leaving duality. That’s why in order to find them, we have to unhook ourselves from duality. Living in the Timeless True Worlds is what is going to see us through. It is what will enable us to flip over reality systems.

Although most of us have experienced the Timeless True Worlds at various times in our lives, especially when we were out in nature or during a sacred ceremony, it is only recently that we have realized that we need to bring them onto the physical and fully live in them. The Timeless True Worlds are meant to be our New Normal. To enter the Timeless True Worlds, we have to perceive every facet of our daily lives as sacred and put our full consciousness into everything we do.



The Timeless True Worlds first became visible at the Heart of AN a year and a half ago. Interestingly enough, they didn’t appear when we were doing a ceremony, but instead made their presence known when we were engaged in work parties doing practical tasks. This is when we realized that putting our full beings into doing something practical is what now brings them here.

The Heart of AN has a strong connection with the Inca site of Moray. The official explanation of Moray is that it was used for agricultural experimentation. Although this is true, they are ignoring the fact that Moray is such an obviously sacred ceremonial site. This is an example of the old duality-based split between Spirit and Matter. Agriculture is deeply sacred as food gives us life and provides nourishment, yet now food has become so artificial and adulterated by poisons that it is perceived as simply a commodity ~ with no connection to anything sacred.

The Heart of AN is a experimental center in many ways. It took us a few years of constant work in order to fully anchor the New Reality of AN here. Then during our Special Events in May 2017, the Timeless True Worlds unexpectedly came in during an afternoon when we formed work parties to do some practical tasks. This was a complete surprise.

At our Special Events in May 2018, we tried to bring in the Timeless True Worlds, but it didn’t happen. One reason was that some people still carried the belief that everything had to happen during a ceremony while we were being “spiritual”. Some even questioned whether we were “using” people by asking them to participate in practical tasks.

When we look at our lives and see how much time we spend in ceremony versus how much time we are doing mental tasks and how much time we are doing practical tasks, we can easily see that little time is spent in ceremony. Yet, everything is sacred, so why don’t we treat it like that?

At the beginning of April, we slowly started creating a vegetable garden here. Work was stopped during our Special Events in May and in June when the workers had another job so it has been preceding slowly. In July, we decided that instead of putting in a standard plastic water tank in our garden that we would build one ourselves using river rocks and glass tiles. And that’s when a massive, wondrous Timeless True World was revealed!

Now, we are slowly planting our garden and with each planting, the energies become stronger. Yes, it is a vegetable garden in the form of a mandala, but it is more than simply a sacred garden. It is a true merger of the sacred and the practical ~ created with so much love. A magnificent Timeless True World has blossomed like an exquisite, other worldly flower in the midst of the New Reality that is already here. And it is totally visible on the physical! I’m sure that the food grown in it will have special qualities that will provide us with true nourishment.

In October, we experienced a powerful and completely unexpected OPEN DOOR. It happened when we saw a friend’s small workshop for the first time. It was like a sonic boom to our hearts which we both felt instantly. We knew that we had to immediately build a workshop and knew exactly where it wanted to be on our land. Last week, the construction began. The morning after the foundation was built, it was visited by a flock of exquisite small violet / magenta butterflies, whom we had never seen here before. They knew what was being anchored here and gave their blessing.

And thus, another Timeless True World appeared…. These projects are just the tip of the iceberg of what is being born here. They are the tiny visible part of an intricate interweaving of Timeless True Worlds that is beyond words. Since the visible manifestation of these Timeless True Worlds, the energy here has moved to an amazing new level.

Healing from a Place We Haven't Been Before


When we are living in a “normal” world and we are not “normal”, this isn’t healthy for us. This is when we need to consciously choose to live in the New Reality since it is much healthier for us. We can no longer breathe the stale air of duality, eat its lifeless food or fill our lives with hollow, superficial pursuits. We can no longer pursue our old goals, for we know that they are not why we are really here. We need to find fresh air that fills our lungs with LOVE, CREATIVITY and TRUENESS.

It’s time to become aware of our old, ingrained patterns, then to step out of them. It’s like a dog who has a cute trick of catching snowballs while turning a somersault, but who now lives in the tropics where there is no snow. We have to adjust to where we live now. We need to adjust to the new energies and the new requirements of these exceptional times and stop trying to do our old tricks in new circumstances. When we take our old behaviors with us, they no longer fit into our expanded reality. Don’t worry ~ there will be new, cute things we can do ~ but they will be the natural, endearing expression of our True Beings.

Being a round peg in a square hole can literally make us sick. Being a True One while living in a duality world, doing duality-based jobs and being surrounded by people who believe duality is the only reality, can be extremely challenging. This is why we need to make drastic changes in our lives in order to stay on the planet. We have to refuse to continue playing out the old stories and step free of the karmic patterning. We really need to move our consciousness beyond the world of duality.

This is why many of us are currently experiencing serious health issues ~ some of which are life threatening. This puts everything ON THE LINE. We treat each day as if it may be our last which rearranges our priorities and makes everything precious. In order to find true healing, we need to move ourselves to an enhanced reality BEYOND where we’ve been before. We need to fully embody our LOVE. We must become awakened True Ones who now live Off the Map of Duality in the New Reality. We need to recalibrate everything around us into this resonance. This is where we are already whole beings.

We move forward and backwards at the same time. As we welcome more of the New Reality into our immediate surroundings, this also highlights what needs to be removed from our environment.

There are innumerable ways to bring healing and recalibration. Some of them are quite simple. A few days ago, we replaced an outdoor couch in our bedroom with an older, but prettier one. Just by swapping one piece of furniture and moving a reclining Buddha to a new position, the energy completely changed. Suddenly our bedroom became larger and more sparkly. The resonance of the New Reality became so much stronger.

The next day, we found wood worm in one of the window blinds of our guest house which had to be immediately burned. This is all part of the same process. Removing what is rotten while welcoming the New Reality.



November brings us Monumental Shifts. For those who welcome change, it’s full of amazing opportunities and rarely experienced 11:11 frequencies as well as stunning 360′ shifts in perception. For those who still avoid change, it will bring numerous hard knocks until we respond to the Wake Up Calls. No matter what, it’s an exceptionally powerful month full of OPEN DOORS and Quantum Breakthroughs. It is a life changing month that can lift us totally out of our old stories and deposit us into our New Timeline within the New Reality that is full of wondrous new experiences.

November is the middle of an outstanding three month cycle which began in October that changes the very fabric of our reality. These three months have the potential to catapult us out of our past ~ out of our old limitations and behaviors ~ and deposit us into our True Position for 2019. The choices we make and what we do during these final two months of 2018 will greatly determine what we will experience after this. It’s now time to completely shift our awareness so we no longer perceive things from a duality perspective.

With enhanced clarity, we will be able to revise many of our old dreams. We can suddenly see that some of the old projects or dreams that we carried with us for a long time have now expired, become too small for who we are now or disappeared. Maybe it’s an old project we made in the past which was never used for its intended purpose, that has now become obsolete. Now it’s time to take a clear look at it with our expanded perspective and see what it wants to become. We can release it energetically; we can tear it down or we can transform it into something totally new. What we can’t do is let it remain how it was. A new, truer vision wants to be born. This is all part of the massive course correction that we are making.

Whatever we do from this point forward, we don’t need to compromise or go part way. The energies are perfectly set up for us to go the full distance and to manifest our Wildest Dreams. We don’t have to settle for anything less. Let’s give ourselves permission to do the things that we know are True. Let’s give ourselves permission to finally live True Lives!

Since there’s such a profusion of things happening at the same time this month, it’s easy to become exhausted and overwhelmed. Yet, we don’t need to respond in old ways. Whenever we start feeling overwhelmed, if we align with our Timeless True Self we will be able to see the Quantum Surf all around us as exciting, rather than difficult. We will be energized, rather than exhausted.

Throughout November, there’s a sense of increasing transparency that affects everything. It’s not just that the veils are dropping; it’s much more than that. The very worlds that maintain and sustain the concept of veils are disappearing. If we’re not distracted by the shimmering illusion of duality, we will be able to see the True Reality that lies beyond the tattered old veils. We no longer need to look back at the Past for a sense of what is real as the visible manifestations of the New Reality are becoming stronger all the time. Let’s not put our focus on the dying world of duality, for if we do, we will keep it alive. Instead, let’s put our attention on the magnificent True World we are creating.

The Great Divide amongst people is becoming ever stronger. Right now, it feels impossible to bring everyone together as One. This is when I remember that the I Ching says, “One must separate in order to reunite.”. Think of a ball of yarn that is tangled. The only way we can get it untangled is first to completely undo it. And even though many of us have a deep yearning to bring everyone together in Oneness, this isn’t the time for that ~ it’s the time to let go of those who are choosing to go into another direction. To put our total focus on making sure that we are going in our True Direction and to aid those who are going in a True Direction with us.

We used to be able to trust what we were told by those in authority. Now everything is so twisted, manipulated and distorted, it’s often difficult to discern what is real. When this happens, the best thing to do is to realize that this is all a game of duality to keep the population confused so they can’t think for themselves. This is when we need to let it go and not get drawn into the confusion. Align with your own Heart’s Knowingness, run everything through your internal truth filters and step out of the game.

At this time, we all need much more rest. Living with our old routines and doing things in the old ways is simply no longer possible. The sooner we adjust and allow ourselves to sleep more, to take a siesta during the day, change our work hours, eat small meals more regularly and drink more water ~ the better we will feel. This is very helpful right now, especially when many of us are having the rug pulled out from under our old lives.

From this point forward, we are surfing a vaster, deeper wave. What used to be gigantic waves or tsunamis aren’t accurate forms of measurement for us anymore. The entire scale of our landscape has drastically changed now that we are moving Off the Map of the Known. A tsunami is now like a drop of water and our trusty old surfboards are like toothpicks. Until we become fully aligned with the new waves, constant course corrections are required. At times, it may feel like there are small devices all around us which are continually adjusting the path we are traveling ~ nudging us to the right or left, up or down ~ making our direction ever truer.

Everything that we do to anchor Trueness, makes this a better world. Each hook into duality that we remove from our being weakens the hold of illusion for all. Every step we take into the New Reality of AN makes it more visible to others. We are entering the ultimate expansion into authentic Trueness. We are the Beacons of True Reality. And this is WHY WE ARE HERE!

With a TRUE HEART from the NEW REALITY of AN,
Solara • Anani • Anamani

With deep Gratitude and Love for the brilliant insights from:
• Denise • Emanáku • Inger •
• Andrea • Ashtara • Darity • Ganesha • Judith • Julia • Lea • Milli • Nina • Timothy • Tracey • Vera • Wendy •



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