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Solara’s February 2019 Surf Report
Making a Better World

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January ushered in a New Beginning ~ a new Mu’a which is the beginning of a major new cycle. Whether or not we have yet experienced this New Beginning depends entirely on us. For we, ourselves have to become New in order to experience it. If you don’t have this feeling of a New Beginning yet, it could happen at any moment.

January brought us a powerful set of Eclipses between January 5 and January 20. Many of us experienced strong breakthroughs. Around the time of the second Eclipse, some of us felt unsettled and unbalanced, while experiencing an energy which felt like a glitch in the matrix. Without any warning, there was an infusion of chaos which hit us hard. This made some of us get sick and knocked loose some old stuff within us.

Throughout the month, we had a strong urge to clean, clear, repattern, reposition, reorganize, recalibrate and reset everything around us. This was also taking place inside us. This was a direct result of the Mega RESETS we experienced last November and it aligned us deeper with our New Template. We were also busy acquiring new skills and bringing out those which we already had.

In January, some of the results of this clicking into position became visible, both energetically and physically. This is when we discovered that every small thing we do which puts things into their True Position has a much larger effect than what we expect. Just by moving a simple object to its True Place or clearing out a forgotten, dusty corner, it dramatically changes the energy around us. Each time that something was put into its True Position, it created an oasis of the New Reality which became ever stronger.

The strange thing about January is that it felt quiet and peaceful, yet it wasn’t at all….

Welcome to the Year of the Brown Earth Pig!


Whenever we arrive at a Pig Year, it means that we are completing a twelve year cycle of the Chinese Zodiac and that next year we will begin the Chinese Zodiac anew. In the Japanese and Tibetan Zodiacs, this is the Year of the Boar and in the Gurung Zodiac of Nepal, this is the Year of the Deer. It’s a Yin Year in which the Feminine energy is strongly on the rise, in both women and men.

Since this is the last year of the Chinese Zodiac, much will be completed this year. It also means that we are completing old ways of living, long term projects and releasing whatever cannot go forward with us into our new, True Lives.

Of all the Chinese horoscope signs, the Pig or Boar has the purest heart. This makes it a year of returning to the Heart. It’s time to walk out of the realm of illusion and return to AUTHENTICITY and PURE LOVE. In order to do this, we have to go back into the core of our heart to reconnect with our Heart’s Knowingness, so we will be able to discern what is REAL and TRUE.

The Earth Pig represents the germination of seeds and the birth of a New Life. And this is exactly what is happening. The seeds of a New World and New Reality have been germinating within us. Now, they are already starting to become visible in the physical world around us. It’s also a good year for creating a garden and growing our own food. And to cultivate nourishing relationships with our True Family, True People and Community.

Pigs are smart and intuitive. They find the treasure in the roots, rather than just looking at the superficial surface of things. Because of this, they want to get to the core of the problem, find the solutions, and help implement these solutions. Since the Brown Earth Pig represents mud which rises up to dry in the Sun, this means that much of what has been long hidden beneath the surface must come out and be revealed.

As long as they don’t fall into a state of dreamy complacency, the Earth Pig likes to manifest his / her projects into physical reality through effort and action. If we are complacent this year, it will be much harder for us next year. This has to be a year of ACTION. Yet our action won’t be just hard work; it will be laced with fun, relaxation and a deep sense of fulfillment that will make it much more balanced than what we are used to. The Earth Pig also brings abundance, especially to those who are riding the Creative Surge.

The Earth Pig is gentle, generous, kind and compassionate. They care deeply for people and are very loyal. These are qualities that we need to bring forth within us this year ~ yet on a much vaster scale. We need to care for our planet, for all of humanity and serve those going through troubled times with DEEP LOVE and COMPASSION.

Earth Pigs love to bring everyone together in harmony, whenever possible. This will be a year of doing things with others, rather than by ourself. We will be coming together with our True Family and uniting with our community as ONE TRUE BEING as never before.

While pigs are very intelligent, they also have an aspect which is associated with the heavy, dense energy of ignorance. This means that we will hear the crude, loud voice of the ignorant ones this year, clamoring for our attention. Our challenge is not to put our attention there, but to focus on the sweet, smart aspects of pigs like in the movie, “Babe”.


The Year of the Earth Pig will be an eventful and sensitive year, full of momentous change. We will see a lot of mud this year ~ being thrown around in anger and also being used as healing clay. Dialogues to create balance, unity and change between opposing factions will be sought. But if these aren’t successful, ~ if the 1% don’t voluntarily relinquish some of their hoarded resources to the people ~ then we might see a new form of solidarity amongst the 99% to transform all forms of social inequality ~ beginning with arrogance, ignorance and greed. Unprecedented numbers of people may call out for improvements in their living conditions and for the preservation of our environment.

In 2020, the Chinese Zodiac will begin anew with the Year of the Metal Rat. Because of the lightness that the Earth Pig brings, it will be much easier to flip over reality systems this year.

Making a Better World


“There are definitely open doors,
but it’s up to you to look into the right direction!”

….. Katharina Bless.

It’s easy to look at the nightmare world of duality and feel that there is too much going on and we are helpless to turn the tide, but we are not. There is actually quite a lot that we can do and we need to start doing it now.

One of the first things we can do is to set aside our old karmic story. We don’t live there anymore. We have a wondrous, new story to create which we will like much better than the old one and we better get started.

We can also choose to step out of duality’s tired scenario ~ the manufactured story that is presented to us by our governments, educational systems, media, entertainment, medical establishment, etc. as real. This scenario is less real than a fairy tale and has very little correlation with what is really happening. In this tired scenario, we are presented with false heroes and heroines ~ modern day celebrities and role models ~ whose flimsy pedestals are all built on quicksand that will quickly fall as soon as the earth shakes.

Next, we need to unhook ourselves from distraction. This is one of the most sticky hooks of duality. “But what will we do with our time if we don’t have Netflix or television or internet or parties or alcohol or drugs? What will we do if we can’t get upset at the news so we can react to every little incident that is going on?” Whenever we unquestionably accept what is being presented to us from obviously biased outside sources as truth, we don’t use our own inner sense of discernment. We set aside our internal truth filters and our truth filters are vitally important. We really need to use them now. When we get excited about manufactured events such as sports events and awards shows, we are feeding the illusion. We are keeping duality alive and we simply have to stop doing this.


Perhaps you think that these are harmless distractions that won’t really make a difference? But all duality-based distractions are connected. They all serve to keep us hooked into the illusion of duality. They all serve to keep us small, separate and disempowered. They are all based on falseness. We can’t choose to let go of some and hold onto others. We have to let go of the entire reality system of duality in order to create a True World ~ anchored in a New Reality.

You might think that if you let go of distraction that you will get bored. Yet, there are many things we can fill our time with that bring us true nourishment. I lived for years without television or internet and was never bored. What about using your free time to create things coming directly from the New Reality? You can create art or music; you can recalibrate your living space and make it an oasis of AN. Look just outside your door and find a way to serve those who need help. This is much more fulfilling than dulling yourself with distractions, plus it strengthens the resonance of the New Reality for you and the planet and sets you free from duality.

Many of us have been deeply tired for the past few months. No amount of sleep will make us less tired. What we are really tired of is the denseness of duality. We are tired of living in the false energies of duality. We are tired of living without true nourishment that feeds our entire being. What we need is to find activities that fill us with enthusiasm and freshness. Something that makes us excited to get out of bed in the morning. And they are here; we just have to look for them in the right places.


Let’s break our old patterns. Do things differently, take a different path to work, go to a part of your city that you’ve never been before. talk to a neighbor whom you’ve never talked to. Buy your food at a different shop or eat at a restaurant you haven’t been before or read a book or article that you “normally” wouldn’t read. Instead of wallowing in the boring SAME OLD, leave your familiar bubble, volunteer to use your skills to help others, teach art or music to those who would really benefit from it. Do something life changing ~ for yourself and others!



We can start making decisive steps RIGHT NOW to become more REAL. We can align our actions with our beliefs and live the values that we believe in. Every time we do this, we step deeper into our True Life. This makes us feel more vibrantly alive, happier and fulfilled.

If we don’t like the horrendous factory farming of pigs spending their entire lives in body hugging cages; IT’S SIMPLE. Don’t eat bacon or ham!

If it hurts our sensitive nature to see baby calves wearing muzzles with spikes so they can’t drink their mother’s milk ~ then stop drinking cow’s milk! We are not cows.

If we don’t like seeing chickens living in huge warehouses in inhumanely crowded conditions just so we can eat their eggs ~ either buy real free range eggs at a farmer’s market, get your own chickens or stop eating eggs.

Do we really want to put this kind of energy into our body for the sake of a few minutes of temporary satisfaction? Once enough of us stop supporting these terrible things, they will stop. Let’s start taking responsibility for our actions and live according to what is Good and True!

Support the GOOD! Support what is REAL! Support the TRUE ONES!


I am becoming increasingly aware of the difference between thoughts or creations that come from a person’s individual mind, and that which comes directly from the New Reality. Since the New Reality of AN is already so strongly visible, we no longer have to flounder around trying to create things with our minds. Instead, we can create directly from the New Reality. This makes it REAL and TRUE, rather than something that was birthed from duality-based human thinking. When we encounter something that comes forth from mental thinking; it feels artificial and keeps us in duality, rather than the New Reality.

We need to discern the difference between what is authentic and what is a replica. The casinos in Las Vegas are full of replicas ~ such as the casino which looks like Venice, Italy, complete with gondolas. There are beautiful hotels in the Sacred Valley of Peru that are full of replicas of ancient statues and Inca walls. They are very impressive, yet they don’t feel real. We need to surround ourselves with what is real, rather than settling for replicas.

When something comes directly from the New Reality, it carries the deeply comforting resonance of TRUE HOME and goes directly into the deepest core of our being and clicks into position there.

This is why I constantly find myself seeking out what is REAL. I don’t need embellishments. I don’t need ruffles on reality. I require Honesty, Trueness and Love both in my surroundings and in all my interactions. This makes life simple and meaningful.


In ancient times, when musicians started to play sacred music, they began by tuning into the ever present eternal music. These are the different music cycles of various duration that continually play in the Timeless True Worlds. Some are seven years long; some go on for hundreds or thousands of years and some are eternal. When the ancient musicians attuned themselves to the desired music cycle of the Timeless True Worlds, then they could begin to join with it.

Now it’s time for us to attune our beings to the resonance of the New Reality ~ which is continually playing our True Song in the Timeless True Worlds. We can stop mindlessly humming along with whatever random tune is playing on the radio. We can even turn off the radio! It’s time to align with our True Song ~ the Song of ONE. This is the one song that sings to the core essence of Who We Really Are. And it’s the one song that we have most longed to hear.


The energy of the New Reality of AN is like a rainbow that stretches across the entire sky. Let’s leap onto this rainbow; let’s catch a starwave and reconnect with Who We Really Are. Seek out the frequency band of AN and whenever you encounter it, jump onto it and ride it into your True Life. It is all around us and much easier to find than we can imagine.


Put on your best clothes.
Wear them for a minute so you feel good.
Then change into something less good.
Gather with your friends. Oh wait! They’re not here yet.

Everything is getting stirred up. Mixed up. High and Low.
Everything is getting touched. Repositioned. Until nothing is left undisturbed.

Stir it up. Mix it up. High and Low.
Touch it. Move it. Transform it.
Stir it up until it becomes something new!

…. A strange poem heard in the middle of the night.

January and February are transitional months which lead to a dynamic and intense March. February emphasizes REST, RESET, REPOSITIONING and PREPARATION. We are still sorting through everything, cleaning it all and moving things to their True Positions. It’s funny that January felt calm and gentle, but it wasn’t. February also feels quiet and peaceful, but it’s not. Perhaps we are getting used to the intensity or maybe our expanded, true beings are operating on a totally new level.

Even though it’s seemingly quiet on the surface, underneath the surface are huge waves. Even though we can’t see them, when these waves get strong and somewhat chaotic, we can feel them. They feel disturbing and this makes us super sensitive. This isn’t like our usual sensitivity ~ it’s a new level of ultra sensitivity that is triggered off by things we cannot see, at least on a visible, surface level. The waves are very subtle, similar to the sound of a dog whistle which we can’t consciously hear. Whenever we are affected by this disturbing resonance, we need to realize that it is not emanating from us and take steps to neutralize its influence.

Since so much around us is being unpinned from its former position and seeking its True Position, this creates small pockets of swirling chaos. Sometimes it’s like walking through a landscape full of hidden obstacles ~like the ground is strewn with disguised banana peels just waiting for us to slip on them. We know that there shouldn’t be hidden banana peels here, so we’re not expecting to encounter them. Suddenly we start sliding across the floor….

We need to be ultra aware of the possibility of these hidden obstructions and watch out for them. We need to be fully conscious at all times or we might lose our balance on the stairs or a glass may jump out of our hands while we are washing it. During times like this, I always remember the Chinese saying, “Chaos precedes Birth.”

Since January’s second Eclipse, some of us have been having trouble going to sleep at night or have been waking up in the middle of the night ~ sometimes with disturbing dreams that represent our deepest fears. This puts us into an altered state of tiredness during the day. But this is actually helpful to move us into a completely new rhythm where we have to do everything differently than before.

If we have sufficiently unhooked ourselves from duality, February is when we can ground ourselves deeper into the New Reality while adjusting to the vastly expanded perspective that comes with this alignment. At the same time, we are releasing more karmic baggage than we’ve let go of in lifetimes. It’s still essential for us to hold the vision of the New World being born and to anchor the New Reality within us, as never before. When we do this, it gives us the sense that all things are possible.

We are in the final, fine-tuning stages of completing some of our major projects and it feels very good to be this close. Instead of getting frustrated at not being completely finished, we can enjoy doing all the small details that are still necessary. Going step by step, doing simple, small things with Love and Trueness is one of the themes of February. The steps may be small, but they are true steps which are taking us to where we most want to go. Small steps forward are infinitely preferable to sitting passively on the sidelines.

In February, a new level of our Superpowers are being revealed. This is especially apparent in the area of healing. Since many of us are still dealing with major health issues, this is pushing us to discover new approaches to well being and wholeness. We are learning to hear the medical diagnosis, then let it go so we can listen to our Heart’s Knowingness and follow its advice. We are all Master Healers, whether or not we realize it yet. This is a very important Superpower that we now need to bring forth.

The past few months have brought some major changes at the Heart of AN. We are still making refinements to our new constructions, but this process is almost finished. Our outer constructions are just the visible manifestations of the major RESET that is taking place here. And everything is now sparkling!

The New Reality is visible all around us and life is becoming easier since we don’t have to exert as much effort to anchor the energies of AN anymore. We are surrounded by great beauty and the energy of creativity is strong. We still have too much to do, but we are in the midst of restructuring what we do and how we do it.


Emanaku’s new workshop, Kusi•Wasi was built on the site of our old compost pile, next to our carport. This was not an area that we considered to be special energy on our land which is full of magical areas. It had more of a practical, utilitarian energy. Yet, once we saw that Kusi•Wasi was meant to be there and started building it, a mighty transformation took place. The more that the construction progressed, the more that the energy revealed itself.

Now that Kusi•Wasi has been built, this small workshop feels like a mighty castle. Its placement is perfect. It surveys its realm like it has always been there. This has shown us that there are no insignificant or low energy areas. (Within ourselves or on the land.) Everything is waiting for us to see what it really is and to manifest the right vision for them.


During this period, more and more people are awakening and beginning to question the validity of the world they have lived in. They are choosing to step out of the game. We are becoming more accustomed to our incredibly upgraded operating system. Our navigation through former obstacles that seemed difficult was only perceptional, rather than real. Polarities of black and white thinking have opened up to the REAL full spectrum of COLOR.

We don’t need a violent revolution but one which is anchored in our True Hearts, which understands that change can be allowed, not forced. If we force change, it’s just the same old game. We don’t need to fight situations, but to come up with new solutions.

Everything has to move forward now. It can’t wait until later. We cannot wait until later. Now is the time.

With HUGE LOVE from AN!
Solara • Anani • Anamani

With deep Gratitude and Love for the brilliant insights from:
• Denise • Emanáku • Inger •

• Avril •Diane • Ganesha •Manuela •



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