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Solara’s July 2019 Surf Report
Changing the Codes of the EL•AN•RA


June was a powerful month of completion which brought us huge shifts in awareness. Many of us found our cow and released it, along with some of our long held responsibilities so we could create the space for exciting new opportunities that we couldn’t envision before.

Most of my month was spent organizing our four EL•AN•RA Ceremonies. I had thought that I would have some free time to write on my book or create some Surf Updates, but these Ceremonies were of such importance that they superseded everything else and took all of my attention.

In June, intense waves of energy from the New Reality washed over us and greatly expanded our reality. This propelled us into what often felt like a brand new world. This encouraged us to make necessary and often unexpected changes on multiple levels. We realized that much depended on the conscious choices we are making right now. And if we are willing to let go of our old cow, we will experience an unprecedented acceleration of our evolution ~ taking us to levels of awareness previously unimaginable.

June was an incredible breakthrough month. The energy of June has done its very best to shake up everything that needed to be shifted, within and without. Another wave of people started waking up to what is really going on. All of this felt like a preparation for July’s energies, which will be mega intense and full of unexpected surprises.

As July began, I was still integrating our extremely deep EL•AN•RA Ceremonies, while in the midst of creating five photo journeys. As I gazed around me at my reconfigured internal and external landscapes, I saw my cow looking at me with huge brown eyes. “Why are you still here, Cow? I let you go last month.”

“You need to write another Surf Report,” the cow replied softly. “There is new information that needs to be shared.”

So in spite of my best intentions to set this aside, here I am again…. This time without a set schedule, without pressure ~ but with my whole heart.


The three stars in the Belt of Orion are what hold this dimensional universe into the Template of Duality. In traditional astronomy they are known as Mintaka, Al Nilam and Al Nitak and in the vaster realms as EL • AN • RA. Since March, we have made seven ceremonies to loosen the pins in the Belt of Orion. The pins are already quite loose and feel like they could pop out at any moment. Yet, there are four more ceremonies to do this year ~ which will make a total of eleven ceremonies.

June’s four ceremonies were both powerful and sweet. We purposely kept our ceremonies small and had a handpicked group of twelve people from six countries ~ four embodying each star in Orion’s Belt. We quickly formed into a strong One Being and everyone held the energy brilliantly. We made a ceremony at each of the three sacred lakes near here which correspond with the EL•AN•RA. Our final ceremony merged the reconfigured EL•AN•RA energies into the New Reality at the Heart of AN.

Part of the emphasis of these ceremonies was to change the codes of the EL•AN•RA and all of us could feel this happen. The codes need to be changed so they will allow the flipping over of reality systems. Whenever we do something of great importance like this with only a handful of people, it always reminds me of the “Lord of the Rings” where a small group of beings comprised of hobbits, elves, gnomes and kings joined together to achieve a great task. Together as ONE, we went Off the Map of the Known into the expanded realms of the Timeless True Worlds where we could access the inner control panels of the Template of Duality.

Although this loosening of the pins of duality and changing the codes of the EL•AN•RA could perhaps have been achieved in one powerful ceremony, there are other considerations that we need to be aware of. If it all happened abruptly, it would be too rough for both us and the planet. The world might be plunged into chaos instead of a smooth transition between reality systems. How this shift in reality systems takes place depends on us.

Previously when we reached the end of an old world and the beginning of a new one, the native and natural peoples were the ones who held everything in balance during the transition between worlds. But many of these ancient tribal groups no longer exist and of the ones remaining, many of them have been broken through conquest or internal discord and strife. This means that this time, WE will have to serve as the anchor points of the New Reality.

When duality flips over, WE have to be in position so we can serve as stabilization pinions for the New World. Without these anchor points, the world might collapse into a state of chaos. We are the only ones who can do this. It’s essential that we get ready to do this now.

We need to find a place where we can sit undisturbed as an anchor point of the New Reality. It can be out in nature or inside. A dear friend of ours has a magenta hula hoop which she places on the floor and sits inside when she wants to align with AN. We’ve tried this ourselves and it’s actually a brilliant idea! With a hula hoop, you can instantly leap into the AN energy. If you don’t have a hula hoop, any circle will do. You can make one out of stones or a piece of string. But please get your circle ready.

Whenever something intense happens in the world, go sit inside your circle and consciously anchor the New Reality of AN. The Sun • Moon • AN meditation will do this quickly.

Sitting inside our circle is mainly for practice right now, but it will be needed for real very soon. Please tell others who will understand to prepare their circles. Let’s get used to doing this now, while we still have time. Whenever anything shocking happens, leap into position inside your circle and strengthen the resonance of the New Reality. Then send it out throughout all the Worlds within Worlds.


At the beginning of July, there’s the feeling that we are in the midst of a massive tempest ~ not just a worldly storm, but far vaster than that. Many elements have been catapulted up into the air ~ the air is full of them ~ and the energies are churning away. Much is becoming unpinned from their old positions on multiple levels. It may feel like there are more elements flying through the air than ones that have landed into their True Positions. ~ this is because so much is getting unpinned from duality. Yet more and more elements are clicking into position than ever before.

There’s also a lot of debris that is washing up from the hidden depths ~ from places that we couldn’t previously access. Some of the debris that is being brought up to the surface are strange things that we have never seen before. We’re not even sure what they are? Rather than try to sort through this mountain of litter, one piece at a time, we need to hurry up and move through it. It’s far more efficient to simply clear it all away with a huge XUA!!! (A tsunami of Pure True Love!)

It may feel that Time itself is warping and dissolving all around us. Because of this, surprising connections from our past are being revealed. We may suddenly discover that people from our present were also in our past, although we weren’t aware of this at the time. (Example: a few days ago someone posted on Facebook an old photo of me on a white horse taken in Egypt in 1992. Then, an Egyptian Facebook friend of mine commented that he was also in this photo at age fifteen on the donkey right behind me!) And this happened on the exact day that another friend was at the Great Pyramids doing the Sun • Moon • AN Meditation and gathering sand for our next EL•AN•RA Ceremonies.

Stunning synchronicities are taking place all around us. All of this signifies the dissolving of the membranes between the Worlds within Worlds that we are currently experiencing. Actually, it’s more of a merger between the eternal Timeless True Worlds and the HERE and NOW.

Many of us feel in a permanent state of exhaustion. This is not a tiredness that comes from lack of sleep or from too many activities ~ rather it’s a deep exhaustion from all that is happening on the planet on myriad levels. This exhaustion doesn’t go away; it remains with us all the time. Sometimes we can do things in the outer world and sometimes all we can do is to stay quiet. When we lie down and slip into the stillness, it feels like we are entering a hidden compartment between the worlds that is beyond duality and by doing so, we are also strengthening the creation of the third point that is triangulating duality.

The foundations of duality are shaking wildly and will continue to do so until they finally collapse. Just like our state of exhaustion, this is something that we just have to accept. Things that have long been hidden are now being revealed. There’s a public viewing of a loss of heart. This realization sometimes shakes us to the core. This loss of heart and compassion is something that we never, ever thought we would experience in this world. We find it hard to accept that there are those who are capable of doing things like caging innocent children and demonstrating a shocking lack of compassion towards the sick and homeless.

All of this is part of the Great Divide which is taking place. Since our natural inclination is to promote harmony and Oneness, this growing split amongst people is extremely disturbing and hurts our hearts. Yet, the Great Divide isn’t going to suddenly evaporate, but will only grow stronger. This is exactly how it is meant to play out right now. I remember writing about this over twenty years ago in my book, “11:11”. How there would be a growing gap amongst those who awakened and those who chose not to awaken at this time. I wrote that these groups of people would become increasingly invisible to one another ~ as they separated into two very different reality systems. I used the example of a couple who lived together, but who increasingly moved into separate realities, until one day the man woke up in bed alone and the woman woke up in the same physical bed alone.

The Great Divide is happening and we cannot stop it. Instead, we have to turn our attention to moving deeper into our chosen reality. If we want to live in a New Reality, then we have to start doing it now and put our full focus there. As we do this, it will strengthen the resonance of the New Reality for all. There’s no more time to try to have a foot in both worlds.

July is a month to move beyond our Past and start walking in a new way on a greatly expanded New Landscape. The more that we do this, the more we will experience a surge of new energy that makes everything easier and more fun. All over the world, more and more people are starting to take a stand for what is True. An inspiring example of this is the German boat captain in the Mediterranean who risked everything to do what she knew was right.

July is a ONE month in numerology ~ the month of New Beginnings. Yet at the same time, Mercury is going retrograde. This gives us a simultaneous STOP and GO energy which can be confusing until we learn how to successfully navigate through it. We need to discern what needs to STOP and what needs to MOVE FORWARD.

Mercury Retrograde also shows us the places within our own lives that need to be sorted through, reorganized and recalibrated. As we do this, we will discover that this sorting isn’t just taking place on outer levels, but deep within our beings. We are reordering and recalibrating our beings on deep, core levels. This helps us return to our natural state of Trueness. Only this time, we aren’t just returning back to where we were before, but going far beyond what we have ever been while in physical embodiment.

I remember lifetimes where my chosen task was to keep alive the holy flame of Pure True Love at a time when it was very fragile. During a lifetime in Egypt, I remember crouching down and hiding in the reeds by the River Nile while search parties were looking for me. The only way I could keep the sacred flame alive then was to hand feed it tiny pieces of dried grass. I did this day and night to keep the fire burning ~ for there was no one to help me. Now, in spite of the chaos all around us in the dying world of duality, the flame of Pure True Love is strong. It is a beacon for all of us to align with our True Directions. And it is only now that I realize that my physical form is finally looking more and more like my True Self in the eternal Timeless True Worlds.

Right now, many of us are standing at a major Crossroads. We have to make a conscious choice as to our direction. Will we continue on with tired old steps, doing what we have always done? Or will we make a bold decision to step into our True Direction ~ the one that gives us happiness and fulfillment, the one that is tailor made for us?

If we choose to keep going on our old pathway, it will be lit with yellow lights. We can move forward, but always with caution. At times, we may feel like we’re sinking in quicksand. Yet even so, we can change the course of our lives in any moment, simply by choosing the things which bring us true joy and by doing small actions that clear the path in the direction of our Wildest Dreams. As we do this, the pathway will become clearer and more open.

And if we courageously follow the pathway of our Heart’s Knowingness, we will discover that it is illuminated by a steady progression of Green Lights. The path is wide open!

All month long, things will move very fast. There is an almost impossible amount of things to do. A lot of energy is moving around us. A whole New Reality is opening up and now we have to ground this new vision onto a completely reconfigured new foundation. The Great Shift is already happening. Let’s be part of it!

Everything has to move forward into Greater Trueness now. The natural world cannot wait until later. WE cannot wait until later.


With True LOVE from AN!
Solara • Anani • Anamani

With deep Gratitude and Love for the brilliant insights from:
• Denise • Emanáku • Inger •

• Diane • Ganesha • Indigo • Julia •Julie • Kim • Nina • Tracey • Yao Wei •



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