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Solara’s June 2019 Surf Report
The Cow

La Vaca

There’s an old Spanish folk tale from Argentina called “La Vaca” which was later published as “Once upon a Cow” by Dr. Camilo Cruz and became very well known. (If you wish to read the full story, it is available for download in Spanish and English on iBooks and Amazon Kindle.)

This story is very appropriate for the time we are in. Here is a very brief summary of “La Vaca”.

“Once a Wise Master and his young disciple were on a long journey. Late in the afternoon, they arrived at a small, shabby hut of a very poor family. The father invited them to stay for the night, if they didn’t mind sharing the small space with the impoverished family of eight. The Wise Master noticed that in this family everything revolved around the single cow they owned. Their neighbors respected them because they owned a cow and all of the family’s conversations and actions revolved around how the cow was doing. Had it eaten enough today? Did it receive enough water? Did someone take it out to pasture? Has the cow been milked? Was it tied securely for the night? Yet, the small amount of milk the cow provided them was hardly enough to keep everyone alive.

The Wise Master and his disciple slept together with the family on the floor of the small hut and got up quite early the next morning ~ well before the dawn ~ while the family was still sleeping. Before they left, they went behind the house to the place where the cow was tied. Then the Wise Master pulled out his dagger ~ and unexpectedly killed the family cow! The disciple was in a state of absolute shock and could not believe what he had just seen. “Master, what have you done?” he cried. “This cow was the only possession of this poor family! How will they survive without it?” Without an answer, the Master quietly walked away, and they continued their journey.

A year later, the Wise Master and his disciple returned to the same area. They looked around, but could not find the small hut of the impoverished family. Finally, they discovered that where the old shack had been, now stood a newer, much nicer house. The father of the family came out of the house to greet them, clearly in a much better condition than a year ago. He wore clean clothes and had a smile on his face. He told them how desperate they had been when the cow was found dead. “But then we realized that we had to do something, if we didn’t want to starve to death. So we immediately cleared some land behind the house and planted some vegetables. Soon, we could eat well and survive from our harvest, and the plants grew so well that we also had extra vegetables to sell to our neighbors and then more to sell in the market in the village. So finally we had some money, and then even more money came in, until we could afford to build this new house….”

I love this story because we all have a cow in our lives, in some form or another. Our cow is something that we deem vitally necessary to our survival, but it is actually something that holds us back. Once we can recognize what represents the cow in our life, we can’t imagine surviving without it. Most often, our cow symbolizes something that we cannot consider letting go of because we identify it with our financial security. Our cow feels irreplaceable and we cannot currently envision what could possibly take its place. Often, we feel that our cow actually defines who we are. Our cow also represents the excuses we make to ourselves (and others) why we can’t make the changes we most desire in our life. If we somehow lost our cow, we really don’t know how we could survive.

Yet, guess what! Right now we are in a time in which we need to let go of our old holy cows. This is a scary thing to do as there is no visible certainty that this will be to our benefit. Sometimes, our cow is killed for us ~ just like in this story. We get laid off from our job or the landlord sells out building and we have to move out of our home or our partner suddenly leaves the relationship. Something unexpectedly happens which we perceive as an unfortunate setback, which actually turns out to be a huge blessing in disguise.

Sometimes, we are the ones who need to release our cow and it’s not easy to let go of our known security in such a time of great uncertainty. This voluntarily letting go feels much harder to do, yet, we are in a time of FORCED CHANGE. This means that change in our lives is required right now. CHANGE WE MUST ~ one way or another! We may not like it; we may be frightened of the consequences, but letting go of our cow right now is for our ultimate benefit.

Once we decide to let go of our cow, we don’t need to try to replace it with another animal. (Things such as, “I’ll quit my job in this restaurant and try to quickly find a new job in another restaurant.) Instead, it’s like, “I’m going to let go of this thing that I think that I really need without knowing what’s going to take its place.” But at the same time, we know that we no longer have the option to keep it. FORCED CHANGE is at hand! Knowing this gives us a kind of weird, gutsy courage.

We also know that we have to release the cows in the collective before we can all evolve to the next level. At this point, this feels infinitely more challenging. What if everyone had to get rid of their televisions by tomorrow so that the planet could evolve? How many people could, or would, be willing to do that? Just put it outside on the street. And that’s only a television, not our most needed cow!

This FORCED CHANGE that is happening nowgives us a strong knock into the right direction. It frees up so much creative energy that was previously blocked by our continual focus on the care of our cow. It moves us right through the central nucleus of our fears, bursting them apart like a laser beam, and thrusts us into the Great Unknown.

We have to let go of our cow, both individually and collectively, but we can’t do it on a collective level until we do it within our own lives. When we finally do this, we will experience a huge burst of creativity and abundance coming into our lives. This is when we realize that carefully guarding our cow in the narrow, old ways was what actually kept abundance away from us.

Letting go of our cow shifts everything onto a totally different map. We move into a completely expanded, new scale from where we’ve been living our lives. We can’t see how any of the details of how this will manifest until we actually release our cow. Until then, we will continue to have the feeling that we’ve got to keep our cow, because we know from our prior experience that with this cow, we can survive.

After releasing our cow, we don’t always have to do something totally different. We may or may not; this cannot be seen from our present vantage point. It can just be moving into an expanded configuration. For example: If you are a carpenter specializing in windows and you have been making windows for years ~ and you always get steady jobs making windows, you might feel that window making has expired and is no longer fulfilling. You may have unexpressed longings to do something else, but not yet know what it is. Yet, you know that if you stop making windows, you might not get any more work ~ and window making is how you pay your bills. What to do?

The answer is go right through the center of your fears and insecurities and decide to stop making normal windows. It’s only after you do this that you will be able to see what lies ahead. You may never make windows again or you may start making absolutely exquisite windows that are entry points to the New Reality. And even though there are no physical signs of how our next step will manifest at this point, IT WILL BE THERE when we are ready for it!

Letting Go of My Cow

Six months ago, I wrote about changing the form of my Surf Reports and many of you were quite supportive of this. Yet, at that time, I was unable to make any dramatic changes. Now, I’m in a time of FORCED CHANGE and have no choice, but to do it.

At the end of May, I had a minor stroke (the second one since last August). Since then, I’ve found a new cardiologist who switched my medicine to a more effective formula that is finally lowering my blood pressure. I also have a new neurologist who looks like the Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan’s younger Peruvian brother which makes me smile. At the same time that I’m going to medical doctors, I am being careful not to get hooked into Western medicine and doing much self healing by transforming my life.

This was a huge wake up call and a harbinger of the need to make some drastic changes in my life. Since it occurred at the time that a Surf Report was due, it became obvious that the Surf Reports represent my cow and I needed to change what I do and the way that I do it.

The first thing that will change is the form of the Surf Reports. They are now going to be much more spontaneous and flexible. They will sometimes be shorter and won’t be written on a set schedule. There will probably be some Surf Updates, but not every week unless the energies compel me to write them. I may well send you some sample stories from my new book each month or reports from our EL•AN•RA Ceremonies in June, as well as photos of what we are doing at the Heart of AN.

I really don’t know how everything will manifest yet, but I do know that I need to create much more free time in my life. I really want to complete my new book soon which is already 810 pages long. I feel a strong calling to work more closely with Pachamama and the Stars on a vaster true level to transform the tumultuous energies barraging this planet and for this, I need to be unpinned from deadlines and schedules ~ from things that I have to do. I will continue to do my utmost to facilitate the flip over of reality systems from duality into the New Reality ~ for that is one of the reasons that I am here. And I really want to live longer….

It’s scary and uncertain to let go of my holy cow of the Surf Reports which has been my main form of financial support for over twenty years, but I really don’t have a choice anymore. I’m going to have to pull out all the weird courage I can muster. But now there are too many things that I need to accomplish in whatever time I still have here on this planet~ be it long or short ~ and to do this, I must untether myself from the rigid schedule of the Surf Reports.

I dearly love my Surf Subscribers. Many of us have traveled together for numerous years and I would love to continue this journey with you. I have such deep love and gratitude for all of you and that will not change. You all have the choice whether to cancel your Surf Subscriptions or to continue on with me on this wild and magnificent journey that we have long been traveling together. If you stay with me, I will send you as many communications as I can and be ever grateful for your continuing support. If you decide to cancel, we will always remain consciously connected in our One True Being. With or without your support, I will still serve as a Sacred Pagoda of the New Reality upon this planet as I always have been.


June is a month of massive shifts ~ a month to expect the Unexpected every day. It’s a powerful month of completion in which we will release many old ways of doing things and let go of long held responsibilities so we can create the space for exciting new opportunities that we couldn’t envision before. Everything has become so transparent now, and with so many people on the planet who have been stretched to their maximum limits, anything can happen. In June, intense huge waves are bringing changes that will push us out of our pasts and expand our reality. The intensity will be growing all month long. Much depends on the conscious choices we make right now. Months of completion always bring massive shifts into our lives. And if we are willing to let go of our old cow, we will experience an unprecedented acceleration of our evolution ~ taking us to levels of awareness previously unimagined.

This month is full of momentous changes. Some of these changes will be embraced by us, while others will be forced upon us by outer influences. However these changes manifest in our lives, it’s important to realize that they are happening for our greater benefit. This is why it’s essential to continually meet any challenges from these changes with great openness and flexibility.

The Final Days of Duality are in full force. Breakdowns of the old systems are all around us. This planet has reached the crisis point on so many levels. Numerous elements are now ON THE LINE ~ the climate, economic and social structures, the imposition of a 5G network, the survival of many species, the profusion of plastic garbage all over the world, the very preservation of life upon this planet ~ The list is nearly endless…. The climate changes we are experiencing are just an externalization of what we’re going through collectively as humans. The extremes are visible all around us and everything is coming to a head.

There’s a growing distrust against politicians that is becoming more apparent every day. Increasing numbers of people have reached the realization that “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!” and “Out with the Old, In with the New”. When supposedly solid structures collapse all around us, we need to remember that these crumbling structures were created and established in the illusory world of duality and thus lack true substance. We can choose to live in despair about what is falling away, or view it as a positive change. Remember, we have to break a few eggs to make an omelette.

We need to gather our courage and strongly follow our Heart’s Knowingness with our full integrity. These are the times for the fearless, for those who dare to openly embody their Love ~ for the True Ones whose only option is to constantly LOOK LARGER, LIVE LARGER and LOVE LARGER. There can be no more passively waiting for something to change without our participation. We can no longer sit on the sidelines as a detached observer. CLEAR, DECISIVE ACTIONS FOR THE GOOD OF ALL have to be made by us ~ not just for our own personal gratification.

June may bring a few surprises that will cut deeply. At times it may feel like crossing a busy highway with our eyes closed. What matters is how we react to what happens. We need to be ready for anything while staying focused on WHAT IS REAL. We cannot allow ourselves to be pulled down into fear, drama and inertia, no matter what! We may not be able to see or fully understand everything that is going on, but we will be able to feel it. We know that our Heart’s True Knowingness will always lead us into our True Direction.

At the same time, June brings sparkles of Greater Trueness emanating from the New Reality of AN. These are like star lights which suddenly appear glimmering on the surface of a lake. Around mid month, there will be a surge of visible sparkles that appear at the periphery of our vision, then move closer to us. All month long, the New Reality will become stronger and increasingly visible to more and more people.

This coincides with the time when we are making our second series of EL•AN•RA Ceremonies to loosen and remove the pins which hold this dimensional universe into duality. We have purposefully kept these ceremonies small and quiet, but even so, they will be strongly felt ~ especially between June 19 – 23. Please align with us around this time if you wish and you will definitely feel them.

June is the half way point of the year. Something about this feels momentous and exciting. It’s time to remain focused on WHAT IS REAL at all times and be IMPOSSIBLE to distract. Holding the Beam requires constant commitment. If we are the Bringers of Change and the Agents of Transformation, and we continue to feed duality in our daily lives, then we are failing our appointed task.

By the end of June, many things will have changed. Some of us will notice that we now have brand new threads of our beings that lead us into wondrous, new directions. New doorways and exciting new opportunities will open up right in front of us. This is when we will realize that we are now walking on the Pillars into the Unknown. We won’t see the whole path in front of us; sometimes we won’t even see our next step. We may not see exactly where we are going. But we will know that if we make each step a True Step, that we will be going into our True Direction.

As we walk on the Pillars into the Unknown, we will have unexpected new experiences that we had no idea were coming into our lives. These new experiences will arrive along with exciting new information and new kindred people. Many elements will gracefully land into their True Positions, along with a heightened sense of synchronicity as we feel we have finally landed in our RIGHT TIME – RIGHT PLACE. As we take more and more True Steps into the Unknown, a wondrous New Landscape that we couldn’t see before from our old vantage point, will be revealed.

Everything has to move forward into Trueness now. The natural world cannot wait until later. WE cannot wait until later.


With True LOVE from AN!
Solara • Anani • Anamani

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