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Solara’s September 2019 Surf Report
True Decisions


Many people are hovering on the brink of decision. These are vitally important decisions that have the potential to be life changing. If we make True Decisions, they can change the course of our lives by dislodging us from the places where we’ve been stuck on our old tracks. True Decisions can dissolve all the places within us that have kept us locked into the old Template of Duality.

In September, decisions need to be made. This cannot be avoided, even though some of us might try to pretend that this isn’t necessary while doing our utmost to remain in our permanent state of indecision. When we are stuck in indecision, it’s like a deer being caught in the headlights. We become frozen into our old position and can’t see where to go. This is when all our old fears and blocks become distorted and magnified. We might be able to feel the importance of making a decision, but don’t know what to do. We are afraid that if we make a True Decision, that it might not happen. It might not be real. This is when it feels “safer” not to make any decision at all. We camouflage our state of indecision by saying that “We’re going with the flow”, while what this really means is that we’re blocking the flow and not allowing it to come in.

When we are unable to make a decision, we can easily slip into default decisions. Not making a decision is actually making a decision TO REMAIN WHERE WE ARE. Fortunately, September’s energies are greatly supporting us to make conscious True Decisions from the depths of our Heart’s Knowingness. September almost pushes us into making decisions that move us into a totally new track that is aligned with our True Coordinates.

This is a time of critical choice because it will affect the rest of our lives. If we don’t make a True Decision now ~ when it is so vitally necessary ~ we may not have such a great opportunity to do it later. We may regret missing September’s wondrous opportunity for Quantum Breakthrough for the rest of our lives. We could remain stuck for a long time on a plateau where our evolution is greatly slowed down.

In September, as never before, we are being called to move beyond our old comfort zones, out of our passive complacency and manifest change by making decisions from an enhanced level of Trueness. This is when we decide if we stay on our present trajectory or do we now go far beyond where we are now into completely unimaginable levels of being a True One living a True Life?

Some of us have already made our True Decisions and are supporting you in any way they can, waiting for you to join them so together as One, we can birth a New True World.


At the end of August – beginning of September was THE FIRST GREAT ROAR OF THE WINGED LION….

The mighty Aslans (the huge Golden, Winged Lions) are awakening and starting to come closer. They are encircling the planet with the immense power of their LOVE. This is a momentous occurrence, as they have never done this before. The Aslans are calling to us to leave duality behind and step forward to join with them as ONE TRUE BEING.

If we make True Decisions in September, we will experience a quickening of our true destiny as we strongly align with our True Purpose. There will be a sense of RETURNING HOME TO OUR AUTHENTIC SELVES on a level which we have never experienced before. This is what we’ve long awaited. The time is finally here!

In September, our True Decisions will initiate a total RESTART. This has to be initiated in the right timing of September or we will miss our chance. This RESTART ushers in a completely New Beginning. A massive clicking into position will start happening on level after level ~ like dominoes falling over, one after the other ~ affecting all aspects of our lives. We will connect with our previously unknown Superpowers as never before and this will feel natural and comforting ~ as we finally step into our true forms.


This very loud roar will resonate strongly throughout this dimensional universe and far beyond as it rips asunder the Fabric of Time and Space so it can never ever be put together again as it was before. It will completely repattern and reset the codes of the EL•AN•RA which have long held this planet into the Template of Duality. This is when we will experience a dramatic shift onto a completely new track. October will be full of quantum breakthroughs ~ far beyond our present imagining.

In November, we will implement these mega changes into our everyday lives that are now being moved onto an infinitely vaster and truer reality. This is when we will be able to undeniably feel the RESTART energy.

By the end of the year, the dye will be cast. We will know if there’s a chance for the planet and humanity to survive and flourish. Will the Earth be liberated, destroyed or abandoned?


We will now be in position for the momentous year of 2020. Our position will be based either on fear or Trueness. By whether or not we remain bound to the constraints of duality or follow our Heart’s Knowingness so we can fully inhabit the New Reality. This will be determined by the decisions made in September and the actions we take in October.

After that, There is NO DOWN – NO RETURN.


We are in a time of shock upon repeated shock. Many parts of the planet are burning with uncontrolled wildfires. Devastating hurricanes are destroying entire landscapes while bringing much suffering. And of course, there are the constant mass shootings for no apparent reason by ones who simply can no longer handle the energy. The disasters pile up, one upon the other, until it all becomes too much to absorb.

In one of my Surf Updates from last month, I wrote about how when the Amazon was first on fire, that we came forth with a new response. We didn’t ask for rain or pray for rain, but WE SAW THE RAIN ALREADY HAPPENING. We flooded Facebook with photos of rain, rather than fire. This didn’t solve the problem that created the fires, but it did bring much needed rain to put some of them out. This was our first attempt at coming together and working on the level of an expanded reality and it was successful. This showed us how to do things in the future and this is just the beginning….

I realize that even if we create rain, that it’s only a temporary measure. It’s not enough to solve the problems that exist on this planet during this very crucial time. But just by doing that, many people moved onto a much vaster level ~ and this is just what is required. It’s become so obvious that our very survival is now on the line and we simply cannot continue to pretend that we’re in “normal” times. The devastating, man-made fires in the Amazon were the trigger for many of us to reach the Turning Point of ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! This “Enough is Enough” wave is growing stronger every day.

And just like when the many photos of fires on Facebook transformed into photos of rain, let’s not speak of what we don’t want or put our focus on the terrible things that are happening, for by speaking it we increase it. Instead, let’s focus on what we do want. Every moment demands a choice of where we want to put our energy, what we choose to support.

It has shown us is that it’s time for us to step onto a totally new level ~ that of the New Reality ~ for this is the only way for us to transform what is happening. The only lasting solution is to unhook ourselves from duality, step into our powerful true vastness and shift reality systems. That is why we are making our vitally important EL•AN•RA Ceremonies in October.

The success of these ceremonies depends on the right people stepping forward and participating in the physical with us in Peru. For this, I was told that we needed twelve men and twelve women ~ which makes eight people in each of the three stars in the Belt of Orion and a balance of Sun and Moon energy. This is not such a huge number from Earth’s population, but so far we do not yet have the commitment of this many.

I am astounded by the lack of response and it makes me feel deeply disheartened. I really thought that we were ready to do this. What could be more important? Perhaps people just don’t understand the scope of what we are really doing in these EL•AN•RA Ceremonies? Maybe I have not explained it well enough?

We are doing these special ceremonies out of our immense love and compassion for the whole planet and the well being of all. The story of this magnificent service to the Earth and humanity done by a small handful of True Ones with open hearts and their full being will become legends that will be sung throughout the Timeless True Worlds for eternity. Participating in these ceremonies will transform our beings and our lives into greater Trueness like nothing else. And if we fail because so many have “other” things to do or are stuck in their fears or hindered by financial considerations, it will make me very sad. Because we came so close….

I know that if we have our twelve men and twelve women, the success of these ceremonies is assured, but with a smaller group, even though it is already a strong one, it’s not sure if it will be enough to flip over reality systems. But of course, no matter what, we will put our full beings into it and do what we can. We do have strong anchors of the New Reality all over the World who will be aligning with us.

If you feel that you can work on this very true level of pure energy with us, then please come.  It’s really NOW OR NEVER on so many levels.

Information and registration:

These unprecedented EL•AN•RA Ceremonies are our best opportunity to turn the tide and flip over reality systems before it is too late. And October is the only Window of Time in which this can be done.


A few times in the past month, I have gone somewhere special and when I returned home, I realized that there was something that I had missed there. I really wanted to go back and do what I had missed, but it was no longer possible. This happened again last week when I was in Cuzco at the annual book fair.

As I was passing by a random booth, a book on the very back shelf drew me inside to look at it. This was the only booth that I had fully entered. It was a small book in Spanish called, “Leyendas del Lago del Oeste” ~ (Legends of the Lake of the West) sitting by itself on the top of the back shelf. For some reason, this book intrigued me. I could see from glancing at the cover that the legends were from China.

I stood in front of the book without touching it, then I left the booth. As I continued to walk past the other booths, the call inside me became stronger and stronger. “Go back and buy that book!” came with every step I made. Finally, after walking past five more booths, I went back and bought the book which is a real Hidden Treasure. I’m so happy that I finally paid attention to my Heart’s Knowingness.

This isn’t just about listening to our Heart’s Knowingness. It’s about missed chances. There are lots of amazing opportunities being presented to us right now and it’s important that we stay alert so we don’t miss them. Since these missed chances are only available in a specific Window of Time, they will not be offered to us again. There are no second chances for these rare and precious opportunities.


An excerpt from my new, (as yet untitled), book.

The following year, I returned to California for the annual gathering of the great Taoist Master Ni Hua-Ching. The gathering was held at the Shrine of the Eternal Breath of Tao which was a large house up in the Malibu Hills.

I am usually quite shy at social gatherings and followed my usual method of walking in the front door, immediately exiting through the back door and then finding somewhere quiet to sit by myself in the garden. This is exactly what I did this day.

Within just a few moments, a man walked up to me and asked if he could sit with me. Before I had even mumbled OK, he had sat down and started talking with me. He said that he recognized me the instant that I had entered the house and immediately felt that he knew me and saw that I was very special.

He was a good looking, long haired, American man who was a successful writer and artist. He currently lived in Tuscany with his girlfriend who was a Danish ballerina. We talked a little bit and then I excused myself and rejoined the group. Several times during the day long event, he would find me and come up and ask, “How can I help you? Do you need money? I really want to help you. What can I do for you?”

I replied “Thank you, but I don’t need any help; I am fine.” At that time, I lived very simply as a hermit in the Chiricahua Mountains of Arizona and didn’t feel that I needed anything.

He said “I know I am supposed to help you. What can I do for you? I have lots of money and am able to help you with anything you need.” He implored, “I have to see you again; when do you leave California?”

I replied, “Tomorrow morning”. He wanted to meet me later that night or for breakfast. I told him, “Oh, I can’t. I’m with friends”. The man gave me his phone number and address which I stuck into my jacket pocket and then repeated, “Please if you need anything and I can help you in any way, let me know.”

I don’t know why I was so hesitant to accept this man’s help. His energy was good and he really wanted to help me. But for some still unknown reason, it was not meant to be. I left California the following morning and unfortunately, I quickly lost his address. And it turns out that I could have really used his help and, of course, I never heard from him again. Another missed chance….



An excerpt from my new, (as yet untitled), book.

I had a very good friend named Maria who was from Germany, but lived in Santa Fe. One time, while someone was doing a healing on me, I suddenly burst into tears. “What is it?” the healer asked with concern. “I just had a vision that my friend Maria has cancer and is going to die,” I said between sobs.

And so it was. Maria had been sick for some time, but had been going to several New Age healers, who had diagnosed her with various ailments, everything, except for cancer. Within a few weeks, Maria called me. She was in California staying with her parents and had just discovered that she had terminal cancer. As a last attempt to heal her, she was going to have major surgery the following week.

Without hesitation, I immediately told her that I would be there in a few days. And I knew that I would be. I unquestionably knew that I had to be there with her when she had her surgery. Now, I had to figure out how I would do this on practical levels. I quickly found someone to stay with my daughter. The big challenge was money, as I didn’t have much, but probably had enough for gas to California and back. This journey would take all the money we had for food and survival, but it didn’t matter. I knew that Maria needed me.

Then there was the matter of our car, which wasn’t in great condition. It’s a very long drive across the desert from Arizona to California and I wasn’t sure whether or not my car would make it. But that also didn’t really matter. If my car broke down somewhere, I would simply hitchhike. Nothing would stop me. I knew that somehow I would get there, because I was meant to be there. I totally resolved that I would be there ~ no matter what happened along the way.

About an hour after I had made my full commitment to visit Maria, the phone rang. It was Maria again. She said that she had talked to her parents and they didn’t like the idea of me driving so far, all by myself. They insisted on paying for airline tickets for me. They also said that they would like to pay for a hotel room for me. And that they had an extra car I could use while I was there! This was a great relief.

When I arrived in California a few days later, I was met at the airport by Maria’s very kind parents and taken to a beautiful, oceanfront hotel in La Jolla. The extra car I was given to use turned out to be a Jaguar! It was the only Jaguar I have ever driven in my entire life. The important thing about this story is that none of this would have happened if I hadn’t first made my full commitment to go ~ no matter what (based on rightness, not on practical 3D considerations).

If I had just passively sat back and said that if Spirit wants me to go and gives me the money, I will go ~ it would not have happened. If I had said that I would go only if someone would buy me airplane tickets, pay for a beautiful hotel and lend me a Jaguar ~ it definitely would not have happened!

It’s only when you make your total commitment to DOING WHAT YOU KNOW IS RIGHT ~ without any visible support system ~ when you put your full being and everything you have into it ~ that’s when the miracles happen! And that’s when ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE.


September is a powerful month of great movement that begins on one frequency band and ends on another. We may enter the month with a certain perspective and think that is what’s really happening, but exit the month with a greatly expanded awareness that reveals to us a whole new reality. This is happening because it’s time for many of us to make True Decisions that realign us to our True Path and True Purpose. For some, this shift will be so strong that it will feel like we have become more of our True Selves than we ever imagined possible.

The month of September will bring many issues to a head. The truth is coming out very fast now. Everything that has been hidden for centuries is being blown wide open. Light is flooding into the secret areas of darkness. We need to get our heads out of the sand right away and see what is really happening. We are all collectively and individually facing the things that most push us to our evolutionary breakthrough. It is an intense time, a wild roller coaster ride, the choppiest surf we have ever ridden ~ and yet it is exactly what is preparing and pushing us onto the next level. This is no game.

The outer turmoil in the world is becoming increasingly stronger and any inner turmoil within ourselves will also be magnified. While this is happening, many of us are getting overwhelmed, stressed and even sick from it all. Some people will experience breakdowns and others breakthroughs, or possibly both. Much of this depends on our perspective of what is going on, as well as the decisions we make.

Many of the sacred places on the planet are under attack right now. The magical, old growth forests are being cut down at a rapid rate. Many species are on the brink of extinction. We cannot allow this to continue for we are the Protectors of Pachamama and now must leap into position. It is up to us to end this suffering and we must do this on a completely new level ~ from the New Reality.

Every month on my Facebook page, I ask for people’s feelings about the upcoming month. This month, several people responded with how calm and peaceful this month would be. But I don’t feel this at all. For me, everything has greatly accelerated. I am ridiculously busy and don’t have time to get everything done. Once September began, everything became even busier. In September, the Surf is a very powerful with quantum waves, but also very choppy. It requires being ultra aware, with unexpected, minor glitches being thrown into the equation when we least expect it. All we can do is be like water, constantly flowing over any surprise obstacles that pop up in our path.

We really have to pull out our previously hidden inner strength ~ our magnificent Aslan courage ~ and move our beings onto a greatly expanded level to survive it all. Some people say that if we find our inner peace, all will be well in the outside world. This is true to some extent, but now that the tide is turning so strongly during the Final Days of Duality, collective action is what is most required. One person can make a huge difference. Look at Greta; look at all that I have done. But today, one person is not enough. We all have to become that one person and make our presence felt. Then, we have to come together as One True Being.

As we make our True Decisions, our Superpowers will be revealed. These will be Superpowers that we never knew we had. Just like we were able to make rain in August, we will start to realize just how powerful we really are. And this is very needed at this time.

September feels like such an important month because of so many energies are making a dramatic shift. It’s a month where we can prove to ourselves that we can do whatever we choose to do. ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE. The entire energetic field is working with us ~ responding to our choices and true intentions. All we have to do is keep our heart-centered focus.

Everything has to move forward into Greater Trueness now. The natural world cannot wait until later. WE cannot wait until later.


With True LOVE from AN!
Solara • Anani • Anamani

With Great Gratitude and Love for the brilliant insights from
• Denise • Emanáku • Inger •

• Antara • Aumanarius • Ganesha • Ingrid • Julia • Lynda • Rosa • Sylvia • Wendy •



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