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Solara’s October 2019 Surf Report
Break On Through To The Other Side


October brings in a massive Quantum Surf that unleashes lots of energy with great intensity. So much is happening all at once that it’s impossible to see the full scope of what is going on. Intense energies are coming in from all directions, while at the same time, we are besieged with myriad trivial details that need our attention. And this is happening on multiple levels!

It’s a paradox because while we are dealing with so many small matters interlaced with large activities, we might think that we don’t see the bigger picture, yet so much of what is happening all over the world has become so glaringly obvious that we can’t deny what we are seeing. The overgrown weeds of in-depth corruption that have covered over much of our known world have now become impossible to overlook. They’ve become a dense jungle! This endemic corruption is being exposed in every single corner of the planet. There’s no place that is untouched or “safe”. Every single place has their crises and challenges. Everyone is feeling besieged in some form or another.

And this is just what’s taking place on the duality level. There is massive movement on the levels beyond duality. An unprecedented, beyond monumental changing and rearranging is occurring on a core level within the inner control panels of this dimensional universe. This hasn’t happened before and is pushing all of us into totally unexplored territory.

I remember when I was a child that I would lie in my bed and suddenly become so very tiny. I would become smaller and smaller ~ until my mind couldn’t even envision being that small ~ then I would become even smaller. It felt very overwhelming and almost painful ~ as if I might implode at any second.

Suddenly, when I was beyond small, I would reach a turning point, and my entire universe would collapse into itself. This is when I would start becoming immeasurably vast. Vaster than I could possibly perceive ~ far beyond any known definitions of vast. This also was a horrible sensation because it was beyond what I could presently envision. I thought that my being would explode at any minute. It was the most awful feeling….

Then the process would repeat itself. I would again become increasingly smaller and smaller ~ going from the macrocosm to the microcosm at lightning fast speed. It was so uncomfortable and disorienting that I really didn’t like it when this happened.

These childhood experiences remind me a lot of October. Because suddenly, it’s like living right within the extremes of the microcosm and macrocosm at the very same moment. We are sub atomic and we are infinite. This makes us dizzy and exhausted. It takes us to the edge of overwhelm. It stretches us far beyond any dim memory of a comfort zone. It goes way past our boundaries of what’s possible. If we could choose to live either in the microcosm or the macrocosm, it would be much easier. But to live in both at the same moment is really too much.

The same is true of living in two reality systems at the same time. The entire world around us has suddenly become a Butterpillar / Catterfly world in which we can no longer do things in our old, tried and true ways, yet we cannot fly unhindered. Suddenly, it’s not a choice between worlds. It’s not an EITHER OR. We are in ALL WORLDS AT THE SAME TIME! When we first experience this, it feels extremely awkward. It’s uncomfortable. It’s confusing. It’s too conflicting to reconcile within our minds. We just want to get out of this strange and disturbing Transition Zone as quickly as possible.

In October, it will become obvious to some of us that we are now living in a greatly expanded reality. We are still interacting with duality and doing what needs to be done there, but duality has become very small and we have become extremely vast. Situations, events, people and opportunities come to us from both realities ~ all wanting something from us. How do we react? Which reality do we want to give our energy to? We would love to completely let go of the duality world, but it’s still here and so many are still caught in it. There are still many elements within it that we can’t ignore. We do what we absolutely need to do in duality, as lightly as we can, while at the same moment, we are inhabiting the exquisite New Reality as deeply as we can.

This microcosm / macrocosm in effect isn’t an EITHER OR; it’s an ALL AT ONCE! We don’t choose to be a Butterpillar or a Catterfly. WE ARE BOTH OF THEM at the same time! Plus, we are already the unborn Butterfly who has already been birthed on the vaster realms! And this is precisely what makes it so challenging and uncomfortable right now.

Perhaps not many people are feeling this yet; some are definitely feeling it, but don’t know what it is that they’re feeling. But we are feeling it strongly at the Heart of AN! This started around the beginning of October and it’s a very intense and somewhat disconcerting energy.

And it’s related to the EL•AN•RA Ceremonies that we will be doing this month….


In October we are holding our final EL•AN•RA Ceremonies. We will have four days of preparation at the Heart of AN in Peru, followed by four days of ceremonies. Our ceremonies will take place from October 19 – 22. These ceremonies will be totally different than anything we’ve done before.

Because of this, it’s best to focus on the entire flow of the eight days, rather than specific times or days. Our ceremonies here will be totally spontaneous and we won’t know what we will be doing until it happens. We won’t be doing these ceremonies as individual people, but as PURE TRUE ENERGY.

If you would like to participate with us, the most effective thing you can do is to serve as an Anchor Point of the New Reality. You will be the ones who will be holding the planet in balance and anchoring the New Reality of AN while twenty-one of us step out of human embodiment into pure energy to do the ceremonies. This is what is most needed.

We are making these ceremonies to shift reality systems from Duality to the New Reality. In times past, when an old world ended and a New World was born, the Native and Natural Tribal People all over the world always served as Anchor Points of the New World that was being born. Anchor Points are essential whenever a New World is birthed.

In this present time, many of the ancient Tribal Groups have been broken up or weakened in various forms, so anchoring the energies of the New Reality of AN is up to you ~ the True Ones. If strong Anchor Points are in position as stabilization pinions during our four days of EL•AN•RA Ceremonies, the changeover of reality systems will be much more gentle. These Anchor Points are greatly needed during our ceremonies.

These ceremonies are happening on a completely different level than anything we’ve done before. This is why it’s impossible to create some kind of set schedule of how you can align with us. Here are some suggestions on how to create your own ceremonies:

If you are by a lake or body of water, you can sing to it in Star Language. Put pure water in the water while singing to it. If you have a drum, you can play it to the water or to the stars. If you have a hula hoop, sit in it. It instantly plugs you into to the energies of AN. This might sound silly until you try it, but it really works! Or you can make a small circle with ribbons, ropes or stones. At the end of your ceremony, you can fill your bottle with water from the lake.

If there are three of you or a number which is divisible by three, each of you can represent one of the stars in the EL•AN•RA. EL in blue, AN in magenta and RA in red. The number of people representing each star must be equal. Any extra people should be dressed in white or the colors of AN ~ magenta and green ~ so they can represent an Anchor Point of the New Reality.

You don’t need to take time off of work or meditate or do special practices all the time in order to align with us. Simply immerse yourselves in the energies of the New Reality of AN. Embody AN whatever you are doing, wherever you are. Be PURE TRUE LOVE. This will actually be the most effective because it brings the energies of the New Reality into everyday life.

The best day to align with us would be on the early afternoon of Tuesday, October 22 during our final ceremony at the Heart of AN. This is when we return to human embodiment and can join with you as One True Being. This is when all of us will strongly feel the energies of AN on a completely new level.

Here are some links to various processes which will help get you into the energy of the New Reality. They can also be used while you are aligning with the ceremonies.


• THE 11:11 MUDRAS



While all these practices will help bring in the AN energies, the most important thing is to become an embodiment of AN. Whatever you do, let it be with an abundance of LOVE, JOY, DEEPENED WISDOM, EXPANDED TRUENESS AND VASTNESS.

The energies of AN will be very strong and if you attune with us, you will definitely feel them. We are deeply grateful for your presence throughout this special time keeping the planet steady and stable for all.

Throughout this time, watch for the forty-four mighty Aslans who will be encircling the planet during our four days of ceremonies ~ for you will be working with them as One True Being.



The magnificent Aslans (the huge Golden, Winged Lions) are returning. They are encircling the planet with the immense power of their LOVE. This is a momentous occurrence, as they have never done this before. The Aslans are calling to us to leave duality behind and step forward to join with them as ONE TRUE BEING in the New Reality.

In October during our EL•AN•RA Ceremonies, forty-four huge, majestic Aslans will take their appointed positions encircling Planet Earth. When they do this, they will form the inner core (base foundation) of the Crown ~ for the level of consciousness which we still haven’t reached that is known as the Jewels in the Crown. (I first received the vision of the Jewels in the Crown in 2006. When the Jewels finally go into the Crown, it will signify the final flipping over into the New Reality.)

At a preordained moment during our EL•AN•RA Ceremonies, the mighty Aslans will roar with their full power. They will roar all at the same time! We don’t yet know the exact time or day that this will happen. It could be a prolonged roar which lasts for several days or a concentrated roar which lasts for an instant. The simultaneous roar of the forty-four Aslans will create a Quantum Roar which will cut through and dissolve layers upon layers of long calcified density ~ like an ultra sonic sound that can go through anything.

This very loud roar will resonate strongly throughout this dimensional universe and far beyond as it rips asunder the Fabric of Time and Space so it can never ever be put together again as it was before. It will completely repattern and reset the codes of the EL•AN•RA which have long held this planet into the Template of Duality. This is when we will experience a dramatic shift onto a completely new frequency.

In 2020, there is a strong possibility that the Aslans will return again ~ only next time there will be eighty-eight of them.



• ∆ • ∆ • ∆ •

“Something HUGE is happening on subtle levels. It feels like our regular compass is being completely replaced, at the same time that the cosmic clocks and wheels are being repositioned. Ripples are flowing back and forth throughout the various cosmic time lines.

It’s like Oneness and Duality are push pulling each other. We seem to move into Oneness and then we crash land in Duality. It feels like more Duality death throes. A big recalibration is in order. Then we can watch how it begins to manifest physically. It also feels like lotuses are forming as buds from the work we did on the 11:11 through a kind of reverse mirror. Recognizable cosmic time lines and unfoldings are different at the moment, like ripples running back and forth. Words kind of fail here, but I am feeling it, whatever it is. You just have to trust in it.”

• ∆ • ∆ • ∆ •

October is full of Quantum Breakthroughs ~ far beyond our present imagining. Many long awaited components are suddenly arriving and clicking into position. What’s is happening in October feel completely different than anything we’ve felt before. Sometimes it feels strange because we are moving so far Off the Map of the Known. Everything from every time, every world, every reality, every realm of possibility is HERE NOW, all at once, in the present moment.

Something is changing in the very Fabric of Reality. Those of us who have already anchored ourselves in the New Reality find ourselves occasionally doings things in duality, but we don’t go back and forth, like we used to. We are like travelers from AN who make forays into duality while not losing our connection to the New Reality. This brings us a new kind of acceptance of duality because it’s now become so small. Duality still appears real to many, but it’s not. It’s full of holes and is losing its grip upon us. We are feeling a new level of tiredness because we are now inhabiting an infinitely Greater Reality. We’re not used to this and it makes us feel uncomfortably overstretched.

In October, some of us will leap far beyond where we have ever been before. This will be so strong that it will require a total reordering of our lives and of our previous belief system. We may find ourselves in places where we’ve never been before. ~ both physical places and energetic levels.

We all have the opportunity this month to BREAK ON THROUGH TO THE OTHER SIDE. To go where we’ve never gone before. To merge with long lost parts of our True Selves. It’s like the invisible barrier that kept us in our old positions suddenly dissolves and there’s no more artificial boundary to keep us from going into new levels of Greater Love and Trueness. This makes October a monumental month of RETURNING TO TRUENESS. Of doing what we came here to do, on previously unaccessible levels.

As this happens, the old structures are demolished. The newly created rubble of the Past becomes the compost for our True Lives. It’s like smashing the huge old puzzle of all we knew before, of all that we ever experienced, in countless lifetimes on this planet and beyond ~ with a sledgehammer. The broken fragments of our old puzzle creates newly shaped puzzle pieces ~ those which we will now place together in a completely new configuration to form our New True Landscape. When the time is right, we will enter this New True Landscape victoriously, riding upon white horses.

The Star of Completion by Solara.

It’s a time on this planet for heroes and villains. but there will also be some shape shifting taking place. Some heroes will be revealed as villains and some villains will transform into heroes. There will also be some people who will emerge from the hidden corners and suddenly play a pivotal role which will help to turn the tide.

Fear is still running wild. The flames are fear are constantly being fanned by those invested in maintaining the reign of duality, no matter what. Some people are turning to religion for comfort to help them through this time. However, religion doesn’t have the keys we need. All it will do is to entrap us right at the moment when our freedom beckons. We won’t find our needed new keys in any old places.

October is a forerunner of 2020 that will brings us hints of what is to come. There’s an energy interlaced in October ~ a frequency band that we will encounter for most of next year. This gives us the opportunity to hone our navigational skills for surfing the merged microcosm / macrocosm energies in preparation for 2020 when these energies will be much stronger

The pace is ever accelerating. There’s a strong sense of expectancy all around us. The seeds of awakened awareness are sprouting everywhere and this brings us much joy. The awakening is happening even in places we didn’t believe it would. We feel that everything could change at any moment ~ in any direction, yet know that on a much vaster and truer scale ALL IS WELL.



• ∆ • ∆ • ∆ •

“This October will see the culmination of countless lifetimes of dedicated effort (especially by First Wavers) towards the raising of vibrations that will help humanity transcend the lethal clutches of Duality. Although I will not be physically present in Peru for the realignment of the Orion Stargates in mid-October, I have no doubt that Solara will once again accomplish ~ aided by a small core group of True Humans ~ a feat beyond current human comprehension!

I don’t fully comprehend Solara’s intention to realign the Three Stars in Orion’s Belt ~ the EL•AN•RA, but I intuit that accomplishing this will be the Cosmic Game Changer, facilitating a planetary transformation so vast and rapid that it will take a whole generation to process and integrate. In effect, I am focusing my attention on energetically supporting this monumental and momentous event from my physical location in the heartland of Malaysia and anchoring the totally new stellar downloads that will swiftly follow. Infinite blessings, endless gratitude and boundless love to Solara, Emanaku and everyone who will be present at this unprecedented magical operation!”

• ∆ • ∆ • ∆ •

With True LOVE from the New Reality of AN!
Solara • Anani • Anamani

With Great Gratitude and Love for the brilliant insights from
• Denise • Emanáku • Inger •

• Antara • Antares • Ganesha • Indigo • Wendy • Wiki • Yuliya •



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